Jeffrey Epstein case: Ghislaine Maxwell faces 35 years in prison

2020 7/06
Jeffrey Epstein case: Ghislaine Maxwell faces 35 years in prison

The former partner of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is facing up to 35 years in prison, for her alleged part in abusing young girls.
Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of playing a critical role in recruiting girls as young as 14-years-old for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.
Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo reports about her arrest.

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コメント一覧 (107件)

  • MRindependentTHINK says:

    No picture no video of her arrest

  • Jamie Johnson says:

    Let me guess, the CCTV in her cell has a tendency to malfunction.

  • Freches Ferkel says:

    So she’s will be the next who would found dead in her cell.

  • Consistently Random says:

    I wonder if Maxwell is receiving the same security and surveillance as Epstein, which was none.

  • Consistently Random says:

    So what usually happens is the prison guards or even inmates get offers/bribes to kill Maxwell.


    Yes. It was brilliant. Set em up and then blackmail them…you know they got the money to pay and the chance that they go to the police is very slim because the girls are underage. It’s an old scam but still a very effective one

  • Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 says:

    She can get 5 years off for every felony politician and public figure, like Bill Clinton, get outed for their crimes.

    • Nico Husky says:

      Lol she will be in credit then.

  • The Instigator says:

    Is there a way I could buy life insurance for her???

  • The Internet Is For Cats says:

    Preemptively saying Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself. LOLOL.

  • TAL H says:

    Queen Elizabeth still hasn’t decided if she’ll die in a car accident or suicide give it a few days

    • fαянαи яαнιм [*_FLOPPY DIKS_*] says:

      Hehe boi

    • David Hardaker says:


  • MaGo TRaFalGaLaW says:

    lol she going to kill her self just like Jeffrey Epstein lol to many power man are not going to let her open her mouth

  • Mark says:

    Billy Clinton better get busy eliminating ANOTHER witness.. ha.. What will this one make? Number 15? 20?

  • SkyLizardGirl says:

    A lot of powerful people going to jail soon. Watch them try and snuff her out just like Epstein.

  • Snoop Report says:

    Andy’s new nick name: Prince ewwwww

  • Ruth Schanuth says:


  • Ruth Schanuth says:

    Where is Hillary?

  • Jon says:

    $20 says she “commits suicide”

  • One love says:

    Now shes gonna mysteriously die of coronavirus.

  • James Garrett says:

    She’d better start talking.

  • J C says:

    She won’t make it court …. these people will kill her

  • R Baugh says:

    Press Release from the Hillart Clinton.

    Bill and I are deeply saddened to hear that Ghislaine Maxwell hung herself in her jail cell tomorrow.

  • Glyn Pereira says:

    Let’s see how creative the Feds can be in delivering her alive to tell tales. Ex Presidents, The Elite, all caught on videos, doing despicable acts, upon under aged, terrified girls. All those victims have high hopes once again, of justice being served. Imagine the shame, of having to relate every detail as it happened,the deep scars,mental and physical, that will be ripped open,yet again. How are these women ever going to heal ? Justice must be served,but how do you equate the horrors suffered, to the sentence served? Keep her alive at all costs.

  • Bahls Deepe says:

    JIZZlaine deserves life in prison✊✊✊✊

  • Examined Life says:

    the cadence of news reporting is so stupid and unnecessary omg

  • Eric Siggins says:


  • Skip Tiburon says:

    Her bladder is empty that is for sure!

  • jackk jackk says:

    The Bill & Hillary Clinton cleanup team are going to have their work cut out for them on this one. I mean getting her into the right New York jail they control, with the right guards. Deleting the camera footage ect… It may take them a few days.

  • Char Stevens says:

    They better fight to keep her alive!!!!

  • Michael Morrison says:


    Just like her father Robert!!!!!!

  • The Power of Zen says:

    I wonder if she will implicate Prince Andrew? Or disclose everything with supporting evidence (emails, letters, tapes etc) and bargain a more lenient sentence? If she really wanted to escape she should have went to Russia or some small unknown country. That was a very badly failed attempt at hiding.

  • Mark Llewellyn says:

    With all the information she has,,how long before she commits suicide,while prison guards step out for a few minutes and cctv get turned off

  • boyscout says:

    One of the reasons she let them catch her is her willingness to testify against Trump, not Clinton.

  • PrimeReal says:

    I think for her they will let her serve some jail time until the people forget , then she will serve at at “private prison “ for the rest of her sentence .

  • Ronnie Carroll says:

    The information that Maxwell knows is a threat to the national security of the United States, Israel, and Britain! IM SURE THAT THE FBI WAS LOOKING FOR HER! Im sorry, but consider her life to be in grave danger now that they have her!

  • Parris JuRay says:

    My question is… how do you get 150acres of property and a mansion for a million cash?? That seems CHEAP!

  • maddy d says:

    The fact that she was hiding proves her guilt. Same with her very good pal Prince Andrew.

  • kiubier says:

    Pirating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Yeah sorry that’s gonna be life in prison
    Being one of the main people involved in an international slavery ring that traffics children as young as 5 or 6 to millionaires over the world who molest them but not before they use their ‘virgin’ blood in satanic rituals : uhh yeah how about 35 years? you can leave in 20 with good behaviour

  • Jay says:

    Lol east coast hiding all the pedos and elites

  • chromium jesta says:

    She’ll “kill herself” before Christmas.

  • chromium jesta says:

    She’ll be iced in no time.

  • chromium jesta says:

    She’ll die of a heart attack probably or something “tragic” and “sudden”

  • Majtzy says:

    Either suicided or super secret closed doors court plea deal so no one ever will know the names.

  • Winston Smith says:

    Boy is there going to be some “plea bargaining” with this one. She will have limitless funds to help squirm and slide out of this. Three outcomes; 1) she dies before trial (extremely likely), 2) she “tells all” in exchange for a reduced sentence or (probable) 3) she carries the whole wrap and keeps quite about all the big powerful names (unlikely).

  • Marky Mark says:

    35 years maybe, could end in a death penalty depending on evidence they get

  • Marky Mark says:


    • So So says:

      Well being Barr and Trumps and also a high profile Republican lawyer ….your way off base whit your comment…you may be smart to do your homework before you post…

  • M. M. says:

    She will Clinton herself.

  • Jim Kubitza says:

    If Maxwell stays alive long enough to name names it will be a miracle. Unless someone shoots Dirty Hillary first.

  • Kelsey Johnson says:

    Make it longer !!!!!! For life !!!!!!!!!! No “suicides” like Epstein aloud !!!!!

  • Spartan Jones says:

    Search ghislaine maxwell arrested cnn. Nothing comes up😂

  • Days Kay says:

    She has got the little black book,I’d put money on it, names,places,times,the lot.this is her ticket OUT BECAUSE there are to many high profile names in it

  • pj duff says:

    Would happily give her a pass if she could give evidence against prince Andrew, clinton, and hopefully gates

  • pj duff says:

    She is under 24 hour surveillance with two guards addicted to sleeping pills and the cameras from the Pentagon

  • Harry Fire says:

    When Bill Barr visits her in jail she’s got two days before she commits suicide

  • F8L says:

    She’s gonna name like 1 or 2 celbs but she knows not to name out high levels of politicians or she’s done she will most likely be free while we all think she’s in jail and then they will shut it down in the media

  • Malih Bouquet says:

    Suisse side.

  • Chuck Weber says:

    How arrogant can she be to stay in the us.just shows that some rich people think they are untouchable.guess what have fun in prison.i hope she drops some names before she gets killed in jail.

  • André Linoge says:

    Why would ANYONE dislike this, unless they’re a f@cking nonce-case…?

  • Mysteryself - Fallout 76 says:

    What if the judge who decides her fate is also apart of the operation? Besides even if she rats on all these people, it won’t be on the news and no one will hear about it and we will forget. And then when its remembered it will be called a conspiracy theory

  • Thomas Alberto says:

    If she dies before trial then everyone in the top levels of the government should have to pay dearly. Or Americans themselves should just murder the people who were linked to epstein and Maxwell. Kill them.

  • Carpentry First says:

    They had Epstein’s flight logs. They had the thousands of hours of video tape. They knew what he was doing. I have to rethink the idea that he’s dead. They the “good guys”, know what the ” bad guys” are capable of. They fakes his death and took him somewhere safe. I would bet money on it. No way they just out the most important person to a case since MF ‘n Harvey. Let’s be real.

  • Living in the Forest says:


  • Don Juan says:

    “Slithered away..” Word, she should never see the outside again

  • Money Talk says:

    She’s finish

  • odalayme says:

    Hey. Hello. someone needs to wake the guards up again

  • Jorge Lopez says:

    Ghislaine Maxwell will be suicided, but not her it will be a look alike. This look alike will be sacrificed and then Maxwell will go under surgery change her name to “Maria Hernandez” and go live with Epstein who now lives in Costa Rica under a different identity and live happily ever after.

  • Harrison Morales says:


  • Etb Etb says:

    The ethnicity of the U.K’s grooming gang perpetrators & the ethnicity of their victims was & still is suppressed by the media & the state, however it did get out.
    The ethnicity of these grooming perpetrators & the ethnicity of their victims was & still is almost totally suppressed by the media & the state.

  • Rubber Ring says:

    0:30 – “Slithered away . . .”

  • Jon Atkinson says:

    She was hiding in Israel

  • Jon Atkinson says:

    She didn’t kill herself.

  • Jossy N. Marte says:

    I already want to see Prince Andres parading towards the court, although his mom will do the impossible to protect him 🤔🤔

  • Dark Knight says:

    How the fudge did these people get so rich?

  • Pat Saulnois says:

    Are the surveillance cams working? Any warden shopping online?

  • Bumber Clot says:

    Ice Bergs ? The tip
    Carpets ? Swept under 🇬🇧😔☝️

  • laksa girl says:

    Hey u… why did u turned off comments for the fake news on Malaysia ha?? Cant face the reality that u r just a gossip column? No credibility in your story… Shame on you… As a journalist, you should have an integrity to spread the truth… instead, u spread a fake news that u just read on a gossip facebook page… shame on u al-jazeera…

    Al-jazeera = fake gossip influencer…

  • TD Myers says:

    The feds have the video tapes of these powerful men raping teen girls, they need Ghislaine to explain the extortion.

  • Bombing Raid says:

    no planes, no virus, no Ghislaine; “she killed herself, trust us!”

  • Kevin L says:

    Just keep the Bunker Coward’s name out of this until he is voted out of the White house in November!
    Then go ahead and name names… and there ill be a chilling list of entitled elitists and celebrities in that list.
    Among those we already know or our suspect by their consistent appearances in party videos/photos: Prince Andy, Kevin Spacey, Trump, Les Wexner, Bill Clinton, Barclays CEO Jes Staley, Film publicist Peggy Siegal, the Saudi Crown Prince, creepy Elon Musk, MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito, Virgin Islands Gov. John P. de Jongh… it’s going to be a long list. Many of those people who claimed “innocence” have since resigned from their own businesses or employers!!

    • Windbag Jones says:

      Trump and Epstein were both wealthy men who had homes in West Palm Beach. As such, they had occasion to meet at social events for “rich people”. Trump has acknowledged that, and added that he never cared much for Epstein’s company. In fact, Trump had Epstein thrown out of his country club, and then banned him as well. That doesn’t exactly sound like a tight friendship. You’re obviously just another Trump hater grasping any straw you can.

  • blues man says:

    Looks like she didn’t pay off the “right” people.

  • So So says:

    If I were the girls to testify I would spill my guts now to anyone who will listen..they will be the ones who will put the nails in Her coffin ..

  • rolland mousseaux says:

    if epsteins scam was so well known that they gave it a nickname “lolita express”…..this means they all knew….get rid of the whole congressional JU crew~!

  • Peter OConnor says:

    If she wants to avenge Jeffys murder she needs to sing like a bird. The same team is gearing up to get her too, as a dead witness is no longer a threat. Might as well make them regret taking him out.

  • FNews says:

    nothing will happen to her or those involved.

  • Fredy Rojas says:

    I hope prince Edward and the crown doesn’t order her murder to silence her. Or Hillary Clinton

  • fαянαи яαнιм [*_FLOPPY DIKS_*] says:

    Maxwell is just the tip of the iceberg

  • Bryan S says:

    I don’t believe the US Government will keep her alive. She should be in FBI custody in a safe house under guard and she is not. She is going to same jail where Epstein was., that’s not by mistake.

  • Ed Weeks says:

    She’s been hiding from the Clinton death squad since Epsteins assisted suicide.

  • ribble simpkin says:

    Who else thinks that her lifespan, like Epstein, is about to become mysteriously and abruptly shortened?

  • Aguilar Deherda says:

    Now …about the “old Russian lady” that *Harvard TWIT Alan Dershowitz* already publicly admitted to . . . between her and Ghislaine Maxwell might we get a lawyer indicted as well??

  • James Ryan says:

    I hope she doesn’t die for a very long time and spends the rest of her life in a terrible prison.

  • Cherie McKinney says:

    She’ll be murdered too

  • mrzwerus says:

    35 years is 13 years for rich privilege scumbags

  • Jerrad Hendricks says:

    Where is the booking photo? Wake up people.

  • Bo Daniel says:

    lol she actually had her name on her gate.. doesn’t seem like she was hiding to me

  • John Coetsee says:

    Gislane — call her by her real name daughter of Jan Hyman Binyamin Hoch !
    She is simply part of a conspiracy ! Why is Cohen so embittered against Bar ?, how does Les Wexner fit in ?
    Where is Her daddy Hoch burried ? (Mount Olives)
    But prehap wr shouldn’t ask

  • Reginald Wigglebottom says:

    Suicide watch has the month off

  • Sugarbrown37 says:

    She about to sing like Aretha Franklin, with NO R-E-S-PECT … MFers about to go down starting 7-7-2020 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • SkyNet says:

    Gizzlaine is a gonner !
    Dead men tell no tales. Women in this case. 😂

  • Mark Olander says:

    How is it that we all seem to accept that “Royalty” is untouchable? That literally says that certain people are allowed to commit heinous crimes!

    • Windbag Jones says:

      It’s pretty much always been like that for the rich and powerful. Sad but true.

  • Ralph Boyd says:

    Check out how her father Israeli spy Robert Maxwell died.