Resort Communities Feel Devastating Financial Effect Of The Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/07
Resort Communities Feel Devastating Financial Effect Of The Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

For many resort towns across America, summer visitors are vital to maintaining the entirety of their economy. With decreased tourists because of the coronavirus, vacation venues have already seen a massive reduction in revenue that will have effects lasting far longer than just this summer.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Resort Communities Feel Devastating Financial Effect Of The Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (62件)

  • Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Very sad.
    We are all in this together.

    • amy benje says:

      Many don’t think that way,,,they are concerned about their NOT WEARING A MASK rights,,

  • NorthSA says:

    Trump casinos still can’t steal a break.

    • Patricia Manzi says:

      he doesn’t own any casinos anymore as he bankrupted them too.

    • Car U says:

      @Patricia Manzi , he may have, in the words of Ron White, been thrown out.

  • تزاوج الحيونات // Mating animals says:

    Subscribe to my channel, support me. Encouragement for me. Mating of animals. Please, I am a woman who needs to participate. Please.🙏🙏🙏

  • James Johnson says:

    I am voting Pro-Life. Jesus is Life. God Bless America! Trump + Pence 2020

    • ruth depew says:

      Trump is the most pro death president we have ever had. 130,000 dead Americans from his inept COVID response and there will be at least twice that number before we can evict the monster from the White House. Pray that America can still recover from all the harm he has done the last four years.

    • Patricia Manzi says:

      Trump and Pence are idiots and the reason why we are in this mess. Your president is also letting Putin murder our troops so where is your God? Ask him for some brain cells as yours are diminished.

    • ruth depew says:

      @JUSTICE ChargeD4Officers Jesus was an undocumented immigrant in Egypt. “Whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me.” Being unkind to immigrants is being unkind to Jesus. So just admit it, you are a Devil worshiper.

    • Guy File says:

      Yea have Trump and Pence say a prayer for you…

    • Christine Stange says:

      Trump is not “pro life”….think about it.

  • Kriz Heroldo says:

    everywhere facemask… how i miss the 90s now.. 😚

    • Just A Comment says:

      bill gates stupid 😂

    • Cannabis Farmer says:

      Lol….idk why but when I read your comment that song by Duran Duran came into my head, “I’m lost in the crowd, I’m hungry like the wolf…”

  • Pat Geren says:

    America is a cursed nation.

  • David Ellis says:

    Liquidation sales are the future. That’s KAG.

    • Jimiplayscobo says:

      @bill gates TROLL

  • Mark Harris says:


    • bill gates says:

      #FakeNews #KungFlu #WuhanChinaVirus #AllLivesMatter #FreeHongKong 中国强盗 #Trump2020 July 4, 2020

  • amy benje says:

    LOOK at that STUPID woman THE mayor WEARING a mask UNDER her nose,,why. bother.?? No wonder!!!#

  • bill gates says:

    #FakeNews #KungFlu #WuhanChinaVirus #AllLivesMatter #FreeHongKong 中国强盗 #Trump2020

  • Peace Unity says:

    before Covid -19 it wasn’t a healthy society think about it

  • Carl A says:

    Understand Bernie Sanders now?

  • OceanBlue Heart says:

    Your only hope. A Bunch of Americans who don’t giveASheit about wearing Masks and Stop Spreading The Virus wherever they go because a LUNATIC MORON TELLS THEM SO.

    • sarchie says:

      yes the world that we knew has gone 4=6 years before we get on top of covid 19 no cruses that is for sure and yes the only way to stop the virus is to isolate

    • N A says:

      If covid 19 containment is essential then the travel ban is a moot point and irrelevant.

      If containment is the key, travel should be suspended either way. No matter what nation.

      How do people not get that? There shouldn’t have been a single plane in the air or a single boat crossing the ocean AT ALL the last 6 months.

      What irresponsible selfish short sighted person would be upset that they can’t travel international right now?

  • Chris Sean says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t own a resort

  • ruth depew says:

    When your total income depends on mere whims, that income disappears in hard times. Essential workers may not be well paid, but they do get paid.

  • Patricia Manzi says:

    She needs to tell the president that.

  • Lucinda Waugh says:

    Dear Mayor…for heavens sakes the mask is useless unless it covers your nose 🤦‍♀️

  • Ndeye Delgado says:

    There’s people in the world that are DYING Kim

  • Pak De says:

    Everyone in the tourist industry knows they are the first to go and the last to come back during any turndown in the economy. It’s easy money when the economy is good but there’s no guarantee it will last. At 19 years old I had the experience of my families resort hotel auctioned off on the courthouse steps when the economy collapsed and interest rates went sky high back in the early 80’s. Not a good memory.

  • 6packter says:

    Those descendents if invaders and colonisers can go back to Europe and return the lands to native americans

    • N A says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • SHAZOM says:

    The border between Canada and the U.S. is going to be close for a while, so no Canadian tourists.

  • Treebeard Ent says:

    If we have a healthy society will have a good economy, if we don’t have a healthy society we won’t have a good economy. Ever think about running for president lady?

  • M L says:

    Tourism dead

  • Francis Sarmiento says:

    This once in a lifetime crisis experienced by us around the world should be solved asap. We are hoping that our researchers can find the cure in the shortest time possible. Fighting this virus by just going back to our jobs is a fruitless endeavor. I know that a cure will be discovered soon. One day, this bad real nightmare will be forgotten. And life will continue.

  • Matt Evans says:

    Aw, resort communities, awwwwww…

  • coin paradise says:

    Dont worry, everything is temporary,
    God is by our side, good day to everyone and stay safe

  • Mary Busan says:

    I want to visit that hotel is beautiful.

  • sarchie says:

    capitalism is imploding governments pay for these things that is why we pay taxes

  • Victoria Monah says:

    Covid 19 is destroying lives.

  • Suvan Phayomlatanasin says:

    God bless America

    • John Watt says:

      Suvan Phayomlatanasin: God isn’t known for blessing one country. He’s about all of our world.

    • Suvan Phayomlatanasin says:


    • John Watt says:

      @Suvan Phayomlatanasin: You didn’t have to apologize. I might pass for American or British, if I want to, but I’m a Son of the Gael, pre-Scottish ancestry.

  • Josh Parrott says:

    Start adjusting now — this is no going to get better.

  • KT MadeinTas says:

    You really need to wear your mask properly/ Wearing a mask correctly is important especially if you are a role model as a mayor should be.

  • Killroy was here says:

    They were conned into opening up by DON THE CON!

  • Prayer Anon says:

    LORD GOD thank you praise you ! We know that you are faithful LORD. Please GOD reveal yourself to all with eyes to see and ears to hear. Thank you ! We are asking in Jesus Christ’s Holy Holy Holy name Amen 🙏

    • ARJUN BROOKLYN says:

      Your God has been inflicting plagues upon humanity since biblical times.


  • Eugene Vaux says:

    Awwaahh. Rich people don’t have all the money they want. Nobody cares.

  • A Wood says:

    Trump and his Republicans have demolished what was left of the US economy. Republicans living in their bubble offer a $4,000 vacation tax credit to broke Americans. I would have liked to have visited.

  • Mark ! says:

    Democrats want the economy to fail because they are communist that hate the USA

  • Whut Now! says:

    USA is a plague on the world

  • Skeptical Chris says:

    This is why face masks are not symbols of tyranny, but symbols of freedom.

    The only way for these resorts to maintain business is if EVERYONE maintains safety precautions.

    Wear a mask, wash hands, maintain physical distance and your freedoms will be maintained.

  • Brock Madigan says:

    The World is feeling the Devastating Effect….Let me save you some time. No need for Baker’s Feeling the Effect, Working man feeling the effect, Barista’s Feeling the effect..etc etc….

  • Doc Tom says:

    If it’s so bad here, why do we have to keep people from sneaking in, but not sneaking out? As an aside, I can give u a good deal on Montana Oceanfront. Live next to Rachel.

  • robert hillis says:

    Simple a Pandemic is a War Zone , you can only dodge bullet’s for so long sooner or later one will hit you , if you follow very very simple instructions like social Distancing avoiding people and especially crowded places like beaches and bars restaurants , use your N-95 mask when you need to leave your residence more frequent sanitizing and self isolating if possible you may make thru this , every one wants to point fingers and blame officials for not doing more when it’s the people that should be doing less a lot less , remember your own stubbornness can and will Destroy you , if your incapable of thinking about your own safety remember the ones you come in contact with , and the safety and well being you will be taking away from them , friends neighbors colleagues and most of all Family , Good luck and use Good Judgement.