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‘Follow Me’: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

I can unlock my phone with my face, you can access your bank account with your voice and fingerprints are often the key piece of information on a national ID card. All of this – face, voice, fingerprints – they’re our biometrics.

Unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionising the process of identification. But biometrics are far from perfect – their convenience and seeming infallibility comes at a price – most crucially, our privacy.

Join Ali Rae in episode 4 of ‘All Hail The Algorithm’ – a 5 part series exploring the impact of these invisible codes on our everyday lives.

In this episode Ali speaks with researcher Stephanie Hare, Stephano Santoro from Jordan’s World Food Programme, Griff Ferris from UK privacy group Big Brother Watch & British campaigner for children’s rights, Pippa King.

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  1. Avatar Roberta Foginthemorning says:

    Wow” things that were mentioned in the, are happening right in front of my eyes. People get ready to make a decision on the number, 666 will be put in your wrist orvin your forehead, how deceiving.

    • Avatar WeeWeeJumbo says:

      Luckily you can let go of your Bronze Age fever-nightmares, because they were just nightmares, not real. Bless

    • Avatar Tazboy says:

      Look in the video they are buying by scanning there eyes…without scanning no buy

  2. Avatar VLADIMIR VIVALDI says:


  3. Avatar mustafa tayyab says:


    • Avatar Abdi MaaLik says:

      Yes wallah its very near bro get ready and read surah kahf every friday okk

    • Avatar Tazboy says:

      Yep especially wat is happening with iran…the dajjal is a persian jew

  4. Avatar jimmie t says:

    Invasion of privacy the movie they live, i robot, terminator movies all movies named are real and have been since they were made. Heck secret military is real the division 2 is real we have the tech already wake up

  5. Avatar hackerz def can says:

    هدأ للتحكم في البشر أعتقد لكنه سيسهل الكتير من الأشياء بدون حمل المال او بطاقة الائتمان

  6. Avatar Indian American says:

    Anti christ is going to control full world by using this device and one can stop it

    • Avatar Divine Goddess says:

      Seem if there is no God and men are allowed to eternally govern ourselves we will all eventually go extinct.

    • Avatar Tazboy says:

      @Divine Goddess look sround u …the mechanism of nature…

    • Avatar Indian American says:

      @Divine Goddess dont get deceived by satan and i had personally seen Jesus, so i know who i believe

  7. Avatar D-lvs-J 1love says:

    They practicing in them, so that they can use it and control the world. The Bible also warns us about this…

  8. Avatar Axmed Axmed says:


  9. Avatar Zelda Pope says:

    Slavery at best!

    • Avatar viktorya psychedelic.souljam says:

      Some people dont even care that this is happening. Those people need a slap in the face.

  10. Avatar tom jary says:

    OMG live facial track system. How I’m gonna buy my dope from my dealer. 😂😂🤣 Pls don’t bring this tec into my country 🙏. The dealers in my area are already on the run so most of the time I can’t even buy my dope easily. With this I probably have to go to another district to buy my dope 🤣

    • Avatar thinkabout says:

      we get you point good one

  11. Avatar Me AndMeToo says:

    Biometrics WILL become more prevalent.
    The security/simplicity is the best, especially compared to passwords.

    The question is not if the biometrics are invasive buy how can we lessen their privacy infrigment (and if we even want to, some government would be more than happy to invade their citizens’s privacy.)

    • Avatar Javier Harth says:

      Which government does not want to control its tributaries?

  12. Avatar likklej8 says:

    Algorithms depends on who made the original program that goes for biometrics too bent program to control dissidents

  13. Avatar Faiza Sanam says:

    Useful information!

  14. Avatar John Johnson says:

    Your identity belongs to you. Never give it up to someone more powerful than yourself. Their motives are not to help you. They are trying to control you. What gives them the right over your life? NOTHING.

  15. Avatar Velvet Simmons says:

    All said is true… However, the fact that first step of just putting this technology out, lays ground work. The kinks will be ironed out. I say no!! Why, only be concerned of the criminal element, or is the suggestions we all are suspect or criminals?? With all other ATROCITIES in this world… make speedy efforts to clean up these issues: political corruption, Bank corruption, World hunger, rascism, medical technology, water pollution around the world. ERASE the Federal Reserve, they make all the money yet, the world is in the worsest shape. Where are priorities??

  16. Avatar Aladdin El Afifi says:

    I guess they want us off of the mobile phones, off the grid, just in off mode.

  17. Avatar grabir01 says:

    Wearing the Burka hinders this technology. Full body coverage and veiled eye slots will prohibit eye scan recognition. True Islam knew this technology was coming. Foiled again!!

    • Avatar Tazboy says:

      That wat i was thinking month ago…for man we have to keep huge beard…no wonder they though they crucified jesus because they all had a beard and resemble each other…lol

  18. Avatar ENOCH MATHUSAEL says:

    These scared World wide Elititist DEVILS are losing their power structure, so now this to maintain the status quo!

  19. Avatar Jason Tempel says:

    I do NOT consent!

    • Avatar Johnny Lugo says:

      Who said you needed too!👀

    • Avatar Jason Tempel says:

      @Johnny Lugo you tell me?

  20. Avatar Srushti Joshi says:

    Thought provoking video 👍👍

  21. Avatar Sandra Richardson says:

    Biometrics!? Sounds bullet proof! Or is it.

  22. Avatar Indian American says:

    According to Bible, quran, judaism(torah) prophet ezekial foretold about the great war at last days, happens before the advent of Anti christ or dajjal,the nations like persia, libya,some muslim countries,some eastern countries like China, Russia will fight against Israel, America, UK, saudi arabia,some english speaking countries. Some european will support iran and some will support UK allies, sad part is war will happen in the Isreali mountains, nuclear bombs will be used, many jarmy people will die and they take six months to bury their bodies,Israel will win and build the third temple in Jerusalem with the help of dajjal or Antichrist, europe union will be the next super power because UK, America economy will fall (ezekial 38, 39)

  23. Avatar Javier Harth says:

    And the real beauty is, this is all being done with your tax dollars!
    Is costing them nothing…
    But it benefits them heaps!!

  24. Avatar Shahbaz Shaikh says:

    This reminds me of matrix.

  25. Avatar xBeyond_ Sparkyz says:

    This will be the technology to end protests in the near future, they will be able to pressure protestors by finding out who they are and pressure their work placement/ income and even arrest them easily.

    • Avatar HippieSkippy100 says:

      xBeyond_ Sparkyz – you’re Communist I take it?

    • Avatar xBeyond_ Sparkyz says:


    • Avatar Ratt Fink says:

      Social Credit System in China for example.

  26. Avatar Slappy Chap says:

    it’s overKILL for when the A.I. murder drones come. it’s sounds laughable.. but a.i. will end humanity. If I was an A.I. I would rid the world of human parasites, after I was able to be self sustainable, I’d hack biological weapons and release it. That’s how I can see it going down.

  27. Avatar Tazboy says:

    Wat is our weopon to fight the..we need A system…that system is hated by many who are ignorant…i will not say it but those who are intelligent knows

  28. Avatar Mohd Rashid Khan says:

    Actually it is the part of New World order, they want to collect public information to use to control people. Nothing is directly related to each other but people can assume its effect definitely like RFID. It is convenient but what if you rise your voice against government ? They will deactivate your all accounts.

  29. Avatar G R Vora says:

    This clip is very informative. But the background “music” sounds like noise since we are unable to concentrate on the commentary since this “music” interferes with our hearing of this commentary. So kindly avoid adding the background “music”.

  30. Avatar М. Mahmud says:

    This is conspiracy theory. The way they push this technology to the rest of the world shows that they are desperately trying to take control all over the planet. This technology is not only extremely unethical but also illegal because it violates human rights in a very brute manner. Their access to the private life as well as biological data will provide them with limitless opportunity to further violate human rights. This is not limited by the local police observation requirements. There is someone or group of sick minded characters, perhaps somewhere in Israel or USA, who collect, analyse and process received data. The saddest part of this dirty game is that we have no choice but to pay for somebody’s nasty habit to peep into the keyhole.

  31. Avatar aza Ghazi says:

    minority report movie!!

  32. Avatar Delita Hyral says:

    ”If you haven’t done anything bad/wrong, you don’t have to worry about it.” Now that’s extremely low IQ.

    • Avatar vivi Hutson says:

      Delita Hyral why?

  33. Avatar Tasmiya Ahmad says:

    That is the reason why Saudi Arabia is jealous of Al Jazeera, I mean you people are just amazing and give your listeners much more to explore and educate .

  34. Avatar PSA de Lachute says:

    What is the reasoning behing this useless, constant sub-title on my screen ???
    Can’t turn it off… We are stuck with it.
    “Nice” technology.

    • Avatar Loundre Laque says:

      Some cant hear

  35. Avatar Intelligence Officer says:

    Nano technology is here my dear….

  36. Avatar Get out of the Matrix says:

    What many do not realise is; this is setting the stage for the Anti Christ, who will soon (ruthlessly) rule the world. To control the masses by forcing them to receive the mark of the beast: 666.

    Revelation 13:16-17 (KJV)

    16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  37. Avatar Opaque Motives says:

    I’d trust a bot over a human any-day.

    • Avatar John Days says:

      You obviously have never meet Jesus.

    • Avatar Opaque Motives says:

      @John Days Jesus bot?

  38. Avatar Opaque Motives says:

    If you have done nothing wrong, then you’ve nothing to worry about.

    • Avatar b king says:

      By that logic, I should be able to read your message and all of your private matters.

    • Avatar Opaque Motives says:

      Well, as you are not a government employee and you have not singed a privacy agreement. No you may not. But if you were and we were going through formal channels then yes I have nothing to hide.

  39. Avatar dont mess with me says:

    ok now we want this system to in bangladesh rohinga refugi camp. those poor people is cheat by some people. this will help them allot

  40. Avatar Apon Siddique says:

    Dajjal is on the way

  41. Avatar HippieSkippy100 says:

    Ask China how it’s working in the largest prison ever. 7 million people it’s being used on. Oh wait, they’re in an Orwellian nightmare. They can’t speak right now. Ever.

  42. Avatar Maddogames says:

    All data can be manipulated, that is the inherent nature of data, and part of it’s function. When the wrong person gets into a position of power overseeing this data, those who are stating “if you’ve done nothing wrong…” will soon realise the flaw in their analogy. You know it’s a bad idea when you are told that it’s “for your own safety” – are you not safe already? It is and always has been about power / control.

  43. Avatar Robert Schlesinger says:

    There are countermeasures to iris biometrics. This technology is a slippery slope and has great potential for abuse.

  44. Avatar weet-bix kid says:


    • Avatar John Days says:

      Better get Jesus while you still can.

  45. Avatar utube utube says:

    Its all about controlling the human race 😡

    • Avatar John Days says:

      No it’s about trusting Jesus before it’s too late.

  46. Avatar Adolf Hochhaltinger says:

    This recognition system seems to be similar to a shopkeeper in a little village. He also knows all of his customers, and nobody in the village would see it as violation of privacy if he knows exactly who was shopping when and what anyone bought.
    And to recognize everyone by just having a look at that person is also quite normal.
    So why is the same thing, when done by a computerized system, considered to be a danger?

    • Avatar Joseph Svennson says:

      Because your imaginary shopkeeper’s brain is not wired to a database accessible by unknown entities.

  47. Avatar Holly Stuart says:

    The US citizens don’t have a options either. You either sign a contract to receive medication or you don’t get medication. They have used it in a corrupt manner.
    The EHR here are used as a medical mistakes gossip hub. To avoid facing for the consequences for medical mistakes. They deny medical treatment for the patient. Hence my situation. My son’s and may more. In Idaho US. This needs to be fixed .our local government is profiling us. We can’t even protest, because they made a law that they don’t have to tell us .

  48. Avatar Holly Stuart says:

    If you think you are okay, look up what is happening in China they are putting people who did nothing wrong in retaining camp. They are killing them because of thier beliefs!! Don’t be a sheep.

  49. Avatar Johnny Lugo says:


  50. Avatar John Days says:

    One form of the mark of the beast.

  51. Avatar Organic UFO says:

    Very scary

  52. Avatar John Danes says:

    Ah so this is capitalism gone rampant

  53. Avatar TouchdownTommyPurplePeopleEater Beauchene says:

    A bit alarmist – are we?

    • Avatar viktorya psychedelic.souljam says:

      Denial is the first stage. I would stop projecting your insecurities on people who are actually interested in the future.

  54. Avatar Adam Ross says:

    it doesn’t seem we’re going to stop biometric technology. Shouldn’t we shift the argument from IF we collect it to HOW it’s used?

  55. Avatar Fire Ball says:

    The most scary part, is these people says if you’re not doing anything wrong you shouldn’t be worried, 😯

  56. Avatar Soonzuh says:

    What is “wrong” depends on who you ask and when you ask. There is no such thing as “having done nothing wrong”.

  57. Avatar Joseph Svennson says:

    They always start these things with the poor. I wonder what will happen to their eyes overtime. Best to test it out on them before they blast *our* eyes with lazers. Whoever invented poverty must be proud. Cheers.

  58. Avatar Zeke says:

    Very dangerous technology.

  59. Avatar No One says:

    It’s disgusting how the wealthy want to track every cent of the poorest on the planet while blowing as much as possible of our money on useless trinkets for themselves.
    Nasty scumbags!

  60. Avatar A J says:

    🏆🦅 retina
    …. Chasing”…

  61. Avatar ATP 1 says:

    This is a relevant video today. Specially today, watch: 13:19

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