Analysis: 50 US troops face brain injuries after Iran strikes

2020 7/11
Analysis: 50 US troops face brain injuries after Iran strikes

The Pentagon now says 50 US troops in Iraq have been diagnosed with “traumatic brain injuries” after the Iranian missile strikes earlier this month on the military facility where they were based.
The United States originally announced that nobody had been hurt in the strikes that were in retaliation to the US assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.
But last week, the Pentagon said 34 people had been injured and that some were still receiving treatment.
US President Donald Trump was criticised following a news conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he appeared to minimise their symptoms implying they had “headaches” that were not “serious”.
Richard Weitz, a security and defence analyst at Wikistrat, a global risk consultancy, talks to Al Jazeera.

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  • Arash S Zadeh says:

    After Ukrainian plane downing (due to USA jamming of Iranian radar capability), it took Iran only 3 days to confirm responsibility. AND YET, It took many weeks for USA to come clean, and up the number of the injured military personnel from zilch, to over 50. Iran attracted much criticism then. I haven’t seen any criticism of USA yet. Have you?

  • Gak Khan says:

    إيران زربة جوة نعالي 🤣💩🤣💩🤣🤣👌👌👌👌💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • James Brown sugar says:

    This presenter try to twist it after the guest of the show spot out that the injuries can’t be immediately noticed when the president put out that statement,shame on this channel

    • Raine Riny 7 says:

      Wait, are you saying you can’t immediately notice injuries from bombs? What did you think Iran was firing? Rainbows?

  • Antonio Rodrigues says:

    Fake news.

  • captain kirk says:

    So why is this not being reported on any other channel? Sure hope al jezeera doesn’t become like cnn you know fake new🤔

  • Joseph Flora says:

    I didn’t believe a word government says about anything. They all lie like a rug

  • Roger Medina says:

    us now have reason to bomb irans military headquarters

    • Amir Reza Shokrazdeh Hashjin says:


  • سجاد الولائي 313 says:

    Iran 💪💪💪💪

  • Genuine_84 says:

    So much for protecting American lives!!!this moron has caused so many lives at least around 300 lives because of his I’ll planned assassination of a military official of another country!!!and yet he still runs his mouth and is cocky not realizing what great big mess he has started and threatening so many innocent lives!!his hands are full of blood of innocent people!!!!

  • Socrates_The_Great_HEX'or says:

    They must be lying. Some must have died. Everything is bombed to pieces. It is all bullshit. If you were on that military base you would likely have been blown into pieces!

  • Ching Ping tang says:

    Keyboard warriors TO BATTLE

  • Ding Dong says:

    Fake news

  • Qurat ul Ain Abbasi says:

    50 Crusaders in Iraq r wounded because of Irani missile attack . ….please tell lionheart Donald Trump

  • Alex Al says:

    Iranian military did NOT hit the center of their targets on purpose!!?
    And they gave the Americans over 7 hours advance notice to take precaution and proper cover.
    I hope that would put an end to all these animosities ☮️🙏☮️

  • Murray Flewelling says:

    What is particularly strange is that two of them were not even there during the attack. The only thing they have in common is their love for Trump.

  • Shawn Steven says:

    Lets pray they all die

  • muhammad tahir says:

    Why USA not giving access to their soldier by media???


    trump said he was going to destroy iran etc, etc, blah, blah, what happened….he goes and attacks people that cant defend themselves..Palestine

  • No time for Kids says:

    How many Americans, hiding in bunkers with their helmets on, closed eyes and with fingers in their ears, got a Traumatic Brain Injury? Are the Israeli soldiers ready for a war against Iran Bibi?
    By AbdAllah
    Even some soldiers and CIVILIANS in the USA have been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury..

  • Adam Beaulieu says:

    Israel and United States need to be Destroyed!!!

  • Brooks Travis says:

    He didn’t care just like running his mouth 🤐

  • flyer7799 says:

    1000 more dirtied their diapers.

  • flyer7799 says:

    Do you know why Iranians quickly verify their dead but the Americans deny it???

    Iranians have a martyr culture and are on the right side of history and so millions of young volunteers are ready to serve. But America’s Zionist slave army has to deceive and pay poor American youth to serve in their evil military and so they need to put a positive spin on it and hide their casualties.

  • chris Favorite says:

    this is where big pharma comes in and saves the day with adderall.

  • Jordan Carpenter says:

    Meanwhile China is now the new world leader !

  • danny says:

    lol .. i reckon those missile were actually some sort of bunker buster?

  • Ruthia Hughes says:

    What is it nobody seems to understand? USA is in their Country! They dont want U.S. Military Presence. anywhere , ANYMORE! l dont understand WTF they are over there , and l never will!

  • mert maeva ܣܧ says:

    where countries like Israel Iran Saudi Arabia Syria Russia France England Mexico US Libya Turkey Yemen Iraq Palestine Lebanon Nigeria not fully enjoying peace because of their failure government and leaders. unlucky for them money and power will never bring happiness, greedy of satanic war weapons is the main culprit of world peace.

  • Trekkie Down Under says:

    The US should launch retaliatory strike against those Iranian missile sites. Not retaliating would send the message that Iran can get away with these kinds of attacks.

  • Dreams Dreams says:


  • Mando Man says:

    Fake news from a Jihadist channel!

  • Raksmey Chan says:

    Wime tell that to Taliban and vietcong

  • Mohammed Masud Alam says:

    Americans think they are above everything. they can do whatever they like. they must also taste the same.

  • ALCHEMIST says:

    That base was hit by a scud missile. The brain injuries can be seen clearly since it was all over the place!

  • Fergef DDdfdd says:

    Oh good news

  • Fergef DDdfdd says:

    Oh you should not insult Iran or provoce Iran against soleimani🙃

  • xicohtl mayab says:

    *Now the USA army received a soup of its own chocolate!*

  • H Pars says:


  • Hung Ho hai says:

    That’s meaning the American Killed American because of no revangean …..

  • Hubert Khaya says:

    The arshols who stand with usa terrorist government are zionist basterds because it serve thire purposes they don’t care about Armenians people. WAKE UP AMERICAN FRIENDS.

  • Timakaceh Man says:

    Congratulations to those extra 50 retards !!!

  • Anthony Enright says:

    Traumatic Brain injury sounds very serious are you sure of that or is it that you are saying that to oppose what President Trump said Such Baloney you people report as news any explosion can make trauma on your ears or head but most those guys went back on their posts immediately thats why they wear Helmets during air strikes

  • Anthony Enright says:

    Maybe it was a missile that only seeks peoples Brains and heads .

  • abu605 says:

    Need more education!

  • Muta Wadada says:

    Very HARD SLAP in the face it was. By the looks of it it was hard and convincing enough because the bully is now having SECOND TAUGHTS 🤔🤣😁

  • Happy Hussain says:

    The total injured were 80 American troops in the last Iranian strike. Donald Trump just said all is well no injuries because ballistic missiles didn’t strike him at the white house

  • Shahzam Suleman says:

    a slap in the face

  • Zain Ali says:

    🇵🇰 🇹🇷 ☫ 🇲🇾 💪
    😂 😂 Trumps says all is well
    Trump is a world no 1 dog

  • Zain Ali says:

    Iran ❤️ Pakistan
    Support iran from pakistan

  • Muhammad Aslam says:

    50 brain injured,how many dead.

  • sam g says:

    stop spreading rumors, president said they just got mild headache.

  • Linda Baker says:

    Good news for Donald Trump…. its the Year of the Rat

  • Simplex-J city says:

    They say no Injuries and no casualties but looks like the truth is coming out, I wonder what will be next update 🤔

  • Jabu Lane says:

    Never mess with Iran again.

  • Rene Gonza says:

    Time to retaliate next time, missile counterstrike , flex muscle againt the terror..

  • Chris P Bacon says:

    All is NOT well.

  • Emmanuel Trojan says:

    Yes its pay back time , US BOMBING another nation’s if that country doesn’t agreed with US influence .. they pack bombs bombing them .. they should stop unnecessary war across the globes.$✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  • las mann says:

    i bet the us will keep stealing oil from that region

  • Yellowbird says:

    By joining the American army, to kill innocents all over the world, these soldiers are already brain damaged. No problem.

  • Black Gold says:

    I thought US said there was no injuries?? 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Prince Jadon says:

    They deserve it the same people said no one hurt

  • Clandestino says:

    Let it be a lesson. Now leave iraq like they asked you to do.

  • Darko Fius says:

    Delayed injuries, first no injury only Iranian General assassinated by approval from top man, now injuries and Iranian General in his grave but allegedly missiles missed all but sideroad ditches…

  • ihtisham ullah says:

    You wage war and then complain about brain injuries.Ohho sir we got brain injuries from missiles drop near us.

  • Team Lean says:

    Traumatic brain injury!? Weren’t they just “buzzed”, this story keeps changing by the week it seems …

  • eatmy dick says:


  • SUB3ERO !! says:

    Just change it for a chicken brain, they will be ok!

  • No No says:

    Brain injuries . Anyone stupid enough to follow a draft Dodger into war is a total loser in the first place. But to follow Trump shows they are morons and natural selection rules.

  • Nasser Derakhshan says:

    So how many people suffer brain injuries when Israeli jets drop much more powerful bombs in Haza and does Al Jazeera cover that news?

  • V Philip says:

    All US troops outside USA have brain injury.

  • V Philip says:

    So what if you have injuries. You murdered millions in that region.
    More Iran missiles.

  • Xpert_Wifi says:

    Good job Iran 🇮🇷

  • YUSKHAN says:

    Over 300 killed and hundreds wounded 😁😁😁

  • emnaul monte says:

    *After second world War Iran is the First Country which Attack the Base, You see how Irans Army with 3rd Kordad Misil attack the US Airforce and kill CIA Chief Officer Michael D´Andrea.*

  • Mehdi Kangarlu says:

    Ha ha ha😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Stuart Broad says:

    Is that it?

  • Gmailaccount 26july says:

    Iran, US, Russia,Asad, China all are unite against Muslim.

  • Joshua Romone says:

    Would like the 50 to speak for themself’s. Not Al jazerra to use snake tougue mouth pieces. Go there and speak to them so called solders not bulshitters as we see here

  • waligo bashir says:

    What about the drone strikes that cuase brain injuries on innocent civilians an children in Iraq, Pakistani, Syria, Afganistán?

  • Faisal insaf khan says:

    Get out usa

  • Jesus-is Coming-soon says:


  • Kuman Joe says:

    well done Iran they killed you only one and you killed them 50.

  • Viridescentlycanthrope X says:

    I hope those brain injured US soldiers get retired soon and start shooting in USA for good

  • a b says:

    The puzzle of the Middle East

    At the 2016 presidential debate, Trump told Hillary
    Why did you create ISIS and bring it to power?

    Trump later found out
    Because by the same excuse
    We are in the Middle East

    So we can Manage :

    1 Controlling sales and prices of oil

    2. Ensuring Israeli security and expansion

    3 Controlling the wealth and political of regional governments.

    4  controlling Iran’s influence in the region

    5. Selling a lot of weapons

    Now that ISIL has expired
    ISIL’s biggest enemy (General Suleimani)
    Must be assassinated
    So as not to hurt us

    So we have to create a new terrorist to stay in the Middle East (with the help of Saudi Arabia as always)

    For example
    Saddam Hussein
    Osama bin Laden
    Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi
    And someone else
    So we have to stay forever Even at the price of the blood of all the people of the region

  • Abass Tia says:

    They keep on covering the truth after Trump says all is well hmmm

  • Epie Formentera says:

    If that is true maybe trum is critically for is own soldiers.. Because they cannot protect his own soldiers…. He laying for there knees…

  • Ng Soon Lee says:

    Well deserved. Who cares when those US pig brains got injured.

  • Y- Fi says:

    Now slowly they are acknowledging the damage inflicted by Iran

  • Raktim Kalita says:

    Unfortunate! Sadly the Pentagon and the military brass have no brains….

  • Jay Malik says:

    I have a message for American people. Please get out of Islamic countries, stop supporting the Zionist Israel and behave like civilised nation.
    Only then it will be “all is well”.

  • Ishfaq Hussain says:

    89 killed and more than 156 solder s received Brian injury i was i witnessed

  • macabebe ebebacam says:

    Next to that is that america will admit a hundred died to that attack…these people are master of lies…at first none was hurt now 50 was seriously injured then maybe next hundred have died…

  • hessam rahmani says:

    ✌️👊💪Big strong IRAN 4 EVER 👊💪💪💪،،،،،🙏🏻🙏🏻god bless 🙏🏻🙏🏻IRAN ,, This is the real war and not Americans Hollywood ,,

  • ΙΧΘΥΣ A.L.S says:

    👁❤🇺🇸What soldiers?! What death?!🤔 No americans die in no attack! 🤫As the matter of fact, there was no attack! 109 soldiers just tripped over the same rock and hit the pavement in the head in exactly the same spot.👍👍 They suffer from self inflicted brain injury and somehow voluntarily stop breathing at some point and got into deep meditative state and are now on their way to full enlightenment!! 🤪🤯Watch what you say! Wording is everything nowadays! We have to be politically correct!!! We americans dont die and we dont lie. We are sons of God! Iran and US have great relationship and we are like brothers! Only they live in MidEast we in America!💋💋

    Let’s make US great again!!! 👁❤🇺🇸

  • nomitz nunez says:

    U.S. Buying time whether to go on full scale war or not

  • Former K.G.B. says:

    They are terrorist no problem if brain damage!!

  • Sophie 3,000 says:

    Good . It’s about time those murderers took a spanking .

  • David Reynoso says:

    Iran beware Go Trump 💪 Jesus is Lord God bless

  • CRAZY HORSE says:

    Lies lies and more lies.

  • Saudi Amin says:

    That’s right iran