Yemen’s battlefield moves closer to key city of Marib

The United Nations special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, has called for immediate de-escalation as a drastic surge in fighting threatens to exacerbate the country’s long-running war and further complicate a fragile peace process.
Some say it might jeopardise two years of efforts by the UN negotiators to secure peace between Houthi rebels and the UN-recognised government.
The government has been fighting the rebels since 2014, when they overran the capital Sanaa. The conflict has left tens of thousands of people dead and triggered what the UN says is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
Al Jazeera’s Mohammed al-Attab reports.

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155 thoughts on “Yemen’s battlefield moves closer to key city of Marib

  1. dan zak Reply

    Stop fighting, its never good, trust me

  2. Ricardo S. Reply

    No joy when hatred full in their mind and heart.

    • Tazboy Reply

      U dont know the situation …

    • Ricardo S. Reply

      @Tazboy , no I don’t know exactly. But I know they countries that always in war and region that has many terrorist and killing.

    • Anton Nb Reply

      @Ricardo S. If you trace the source, it will lead to your own nose …none of the yemeni want this situation,it’s not terorist,religion and everything you just yap ..It’s pure greedyness

  3. SPR YCEL Reply

    Why toyota again ? Lol 😂

    • Tazboy Reply

      Toyota corona virusu

    • we wear the mask Reply

      they make the most reliable vehicles, check out scotty kilmer’s channel

    • Penniless Jester Reply

      Best on 4 wheels

  4. Abdullahi Abdi Reply

    Saudi Arabia 🧐🧐🧐

  5. METRO FILM'S Reply

    A big terrorist in the world Islam enemies america and Saudi Arabia

  6. 1234567890 0987654321 Reply

    Some japanese car makers make a lot of money with wars.

    • we wear the mask Reply

      build quality and both commuters and soldiers will buy your products

    • 1234567890 0987654321 Reply

      @we wear the mask Very true.

    • Junaed Ahmed Reply

      Are they giving war insurance..?😂
      cause lot of car is hitting by missile..

    • Isreal John Reply

      What about the USA

  7. Yahya Farah Reply

    Les go Saudi Arabia

  8. TheStrikerII Reply

    The reporter is high af 😂

    • Idris 1 Reply


    • Blu Runner1 Reply

      Too much khat!

    • chester mabanag Reply

      Thought i need to change my earphones 😂

    • Wanderer of the enigma called life Reply

      If you are a woman sleep with me I ‘ll make you pregnant

    • Kitt3h Reply

      @Wanderer of the enigma called life ok

  9. Debabrat Lahon Reply

    The reporter’s voice 😆

  10. 405 BOY Reply

    Neither Yemen or Syria will ever recover from their wars.. These countries won’t realize this until these wars are over, and nothing is left but dead bodies and a fully decimated economy 🤔🤔..

    • Yamani King Reply

      405 BOY war never left Yemen. It’s a norm. There was always a war somewhere in Yemen

  11. Juulk Reply

    It was UN who fked Yemen, do your history, Yemen was two parts one was back by USSR which later on become the government of Yemen after the fail of USSR. The PM was and still is the PM of the so call Yemen government which is back by UN BS. It is not fair, Houthi have the right to land and want it back that is it.

    • Ray Ray Reply

      Juulk. Your history leaves out many important details such as the fact that your original Imam was supported by Saudi prior to Ali Abdulallah Saleh and the North-South debate.

      In 1918 the Ottoman empire was dissolved and NORTH Yemen gains independence and ruled by Imam Yahya.
      South Yemen colonized by UK since 1839 and Never by Ottoman or Imam Yahya ( was know as South Arabia and was always independent until British rule).

      1948 Imam Yehya of North Yemen is assassinated by his son Ahmed who takes power as new Imam.

      Here is where it gets important:
      In 1962 NORTH Yemen imam Ahmad dies and his son With The Support Of The SAUDI Royals fights for rule against the Republic ( backed by Egypt). The Republicans win in 1970 and North Yemen is now the North Yemen Arab Republic.
      -South Yemen independent of these events.

      1967 South Yemen gains independence from British and becomes PEOPLE’S Republic of Yemen.

      1969 a communist coup renames South Yemen to Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen and align with Soviet Bloc.

      1978 North is ruled by Ali Abdullah Saleh. South Yemen independent of Ali Saleh and North.

      1989 North Yemen ( Ali Saleh)
      Tries to take advantage of the dissolved USSR and “unite”/take over/ occupy South Yemen. 1990 Ali Saleh and his forces take South Yemen by killing many South Yemeni leaders.

      1994 a war to regain independence by the South Yemeni people was stopped by Ali Saleh and the “unification” / occupation of South Yemen remains until present conflict (2015-)

      If North Yemenies prefer the Houthies and Iran as their rulers than that is your choice and I respect your decision, but in South Yemen (South Arabia) we Do Not want the Houthies ( who attacked us in 2015), Abdu Rabbo the Saudis or Iran to rule over us and demand our independence.

  12. James Kesina Reply

    Toyota is best car

    • Penniless Jester Reply

      Love my tacoma

  13. Mads Gismerica Reply

    Jeezus find a human to comment the report next time.

    • atur3798 Reply

      pay some respect you low IQ

  14. 911 _ JFK _ Pan am 103 _ Khobar tower _ USS Liberty Reply

    the reporter is on slow motion!! he is on drugs i guess. listen 3:00

    • mohamed osman Reply

      😂😂😂😂 that’s killed me

    • Gilbert Reply

      might be chewing KHAT i guess

    • 123 456 Reply

      U need drugs to survive the crazy middle east 🤓🚬🚬🤙

  15. Ahmed Isse Reply

    C’mon Houthis defend Yemen from wahhabi crooks

  16. X ShockWaveAMG Reply

    Saudi experts are dumb, bomb the road every few feet to slow your enemies advance. Duhhhhhh. That’s why we are undefeated in battle.

  17. Azita Rehman Reply

    the world is going to end soon


    allah akbar hothis

  19. Matty Boozaid Reply

    أليس لديكم قارئ أخبار غير هذا؟؟؟ استحوا!

  20. FEROZ AHMAD Reply

    God bless houtis keep it up.

    • Muhammad Moosa Reply

      ALLAH with houtis

  21. Ali mukhlisi Reply

    We love Houthe

    • Jahid Ansari Reply

      We love Saudi

    • ries Reply

      @Jahid Ansari no

  22. Fawad Arun Reply


  23. joseph gitau Reply

    Hothis can really fight,they are true warriors

    • Hoàng Nguyên Reply

      Jihadists : IS has fallen, but the Jihad against tyranny and the West will go on !
      Toyota boss : Dōitashimashite !

    • joseph gitau Reply

      Hothis don’t fight for money, they fight for their land, for their family n for their own survival,thus making them real worriors n more dangerous to play with

    • peace loving Reply

      @joseph gitau they fight fo Iran an shiaism tukaya.

    • jay Dee Reply

      joseph gitau they want to be martyrs to get the benefits in paradise like 72 virgins and wine and little whit skin boys

    • Bdog Reply

      Criminals for hire from the Rwandan genocide , not warriors but ruthless killers with no morals

  24. Hasnain shigri Reply

    you ppl can’t defeat houthis.. they are true warriors..

    • Phantom 21 Reply

      Are they supported by iran?

    • syed61475 Reply

      Saudi forces are backed by US

    • G L.C Reply

      yes, and that’s fine 🙂

  25. Adal Hussain Reply

    Arab’s should be ashamed of themselves your were the true representatives of Islam and spread Islam all over the world but today you are failing your Muslim brothers and sisters by loosing faith in Allah and fighting each other.

    • westminster abbey Reply

      They embraced the Arab Nationalism and left Caliphate.

    • Adal Hussain Reply

      @westminster abbey They didn’t leave the caliphate the caliphate was abolished by the westerners after WW1, the Arab’s are lost and have lost there connection with Allah.

    • westminster abbey Reply

      @Adal Hussain and Saudi has embraced The Wokeness of Libtardism . This will lead more to destruction and complete tyranny.

  26. Claxiux Reply

    The people are with Ansarallah!

  27. אביעד גיל Reply

    UAE and Saudi secretary back Houthi

  28. No No Reply

    America has destabilized the world just so it can steal oil and gold. And the world has done nothing to stop America. So America continues to murder people in the millions. Its sickening.

  29. Ali Nader Reply

    Long live Ansarallah , long live hizbollah, labyake ya imam Mehdi as

  30. mohammd rafik Khan Reply

    Plz stop fight where human right

  31. abhishek garg Reply

    Baised news is 5 generation war tactics

  32. abhishek garg Reply

    Defense yourself is the first right of every living being

  33. Santiago Katzenstein Reply

    The guy commenting the video seems to be working from an hospital bed after having a seizure

  34. Hassan Mohamed Reply

    Send Islamic fighters to them . They will wipe this melesia out of Yemen less then 3days .

    • ali faraz Reply


  35. Harris Khan Reply


  36. Futa Gwer Reply

    Unrest conflict because of islam doctrine

  37. Orbit Mercury Reply

    The reporter is on too much khat 😂

    • Harsa Abdalahi1 Reply


  38. S1NB4D Reply

    Mohammed is a terrible narrator,worst than watching paint dry listening to him talk.

  39. Arfa Abbas Reply

    Yemeni Zinda Bad

  40. Binaj Basnet Reply

    These saudi funded scums must be defeated

  41. Mahbub Dawood Reply

    They deserve the deaths by combining of MBS with super power of USA and an Israel(dajjals)

    • Mahbub Dawood Reply

      Thank you

  42. Mahbub Dawood Reply


  43. asad irani Reply

    Ale Saud aur Ale yahood murdabad..

    • Jahid Ansari Reply

      And also ale kuffar Muradabad

  44. Anton Hermida Reply

    That rebellion would not prosper without the Toyota Vehicle.

    • Hoàng Nguyên Reply

      Jihadists : IS has fallen, but the Jihad against tyranny and the West will on !
      Toyota boss : Dōitashimashite !

  45. Fortunato Wenceslao Reply

    Americans are just waiting to move in for oil fields after these two groups are exhausted from years of fighting.

  46. Diaralcasan Ibrahim Reply

    Bismillahir rahmaniir Rahiim!
    Yah Allah, cleanse this earth now of all Thy enemies wheresoever dispersed. Let them all the fatal victims of all Thy plagues & disasters. Then let Thy Peace reign to all Thy believers & servants till end of time. We submit to Thy Mighty Will, Oh Lord! Subhanallah! Allahu’akbar!

  47. Bilinmek Istemiyor Reply

    Saudi and uae leaders are not true muslims….I do not believe that they believe in Allah..

  48. Navid Khan Reply

    Saudi’s only able eat whole camel.😆
    they never defeat ansarullah mujahideen.

  49. Rafi A Reply

    Saudi Arabia must own these rebels.

    • ali faraz Reply

      But but ale Saud herself is owned by America n now israel

  50. Khalid Abdi Reply

    I hope Yemen will be peace and those blind soldier’s who are each other fighting must United and rebuild their Land. Peace from Somalia 🇸🇴

  51. Ghufran Reply

    The yemeni government still holding strong against iranian backed Houti terrorists.

    • ali faraz Reply

      Did the so called Yemeni president already left the ship sponsered by Saud n uae or he is still hiding in the ship out of fear of ansarallah yemen

    • Geedi Osman Reply

      lmao they controll all of north yemen and this president should go

  52. jhon riwu Reply

    Sponsor by toyota

  53. Blu Runner1 Reply

    2:07 Government forces advancing toward Sanaa? Are you out of your freaking mind? All the videos I have seen showed the coward saudi mercenaries running away from battles!

    • Dana William Reply

      They’ll use jets to drop bombs on unarmed civilians though

    • Abdo Peekaboo Reply

      Blu Runner1 because you were brainwashed habibi😉…


    Reporter speak like borat

  55. Peace Respect Justice Reply

    10% hosies of Yeman population playing with Yeman’s 90% people!
    Who behind the hosies?
    usa & iran both biggest terrorist

  56. Luigi Tolentino Reply

    War… it feels as if the some people are not getting fed up of it.

  57. Muhd Musa Reply

    TOYOTA, best tank ever..

    • Oro plata dinero Reply

      😄😄😄😄😄 yah ryt!!

  58. Rayhan Rafin Reply

    What’s he saying?

  59. neil nelson Reply

    How are they winning with those weapons? these guys should right the new art of war book after this. They deserve much more respect than those Washington lap dancers in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

  60. ma rk Reply

    U.N has failed again🤔

    • Goi Dogoi Reply

      UN has been rendered ineffective by the confrontation between US and the BRICS allliance.

      On one side we have US veto power as part of the Security Council.

      On the other side we have China and Russia veto power in the Security Council as well.

      U.N is in a limbo as these players veto each other’s moves.

  61. Салман Фарси Reply


  62. jay Dee Reply

    Instead of getting food and medicine they get arms killing each other

  63. Kahlid Mohamed Reply

    If reporter is high…….say Yemen..

  64. Goi Dogoi Reply

    IRGC’s Houthis has been causing problems since before 2004. The Arab Spring was on 2011. The problems starts when the Twelvers starts spreading their poison among the Fivers which the president of Yemen at that time who is a Fiver don’t take it kindly.

    S.O.P of the Twelvers with their revolution inciting ideology, then blame it on others after throwing the first rock.

  65. Ali Jarallah قاهر الاعداء Reply

    ♥️♥️Houthi ♥️♥️

  66. chris Favorite Reply

    The reporter had a few jack daniels and coke before doing the video

  67. Rana Umair Reply

    Houthis must enter Saudi Arabia

    • Douglas MacArthur Reply

      Rana Umair Let’s not allow these radical rebels to yet take over another country, they’re just like ISIS and the Taliban yet again.

  68. Rana Umair Reply

    Houthis are lions

  69. Douglas MacArthur Reply

    The Houthies will fall just like ISIS, they will crumble and fall. 🇺🇸 🇺🇳

  70. Gravitas withAmy Reply

    Very slow war ….

  71. Mariana Khan 00 Reply

    The people of Yemen are known heroes in history.

    • Malik Muazam Haider Reply

      Truely said

  72. mr. Uten Reply

    Toyota is the king of war pick-up😎 ak47🤩👍

  73. abukamoon Reply

    They need to move into Riyadh.

  74. Zhong Yi Reply

    Does Toyota sponsor this conflict? Everyone is driving one.

    • Patriot extraordinaire Reply

      Zhong Yi
      That is such a silly thing to say. Toyota is the most reliable brand around the world.

    • Bdog Reply

      Yes the terrorists demonstrate how tough the truck is and Toyota gets massive publicity it’s a win/win situation

    • Patriot extraordinaire Reply

      Brent Waters
      If GMC would make reliable vehicles, it’d be used worldwide from safari parks to militaries around the world. Toyota makes tough vehicles that’s why it’s widely used.

  75. dependent plebian Reply

    i kiss the feet of HOUTI fighters!

    • Brader Lord Reply

      Your name speaks for yourself. You literally is an idiot.

  76. Shahzam Suleman Reply

    Please did the reporter had enough sleep lately?

    • Rambome Ramboto Reply

      At least he tried his best to speak english

  77. Gom Naam Reply


    • Documentery jack Reply


    • Gom Naam Reply

      @Documentery jack Don’t know yet

    • Documentery jack Reply

      @Gom Naam 😅yes we waitiing

  78. szymek Reply

    Nikt nie wie o co chodzi ważne żeby się napier. alać

  79. Mark Yaske Reply

    TOYOTA!!!! All terrain vehicle! Takes a beating and keeps on repeating.

  80. Alessandro Dastamio Reply

    ..bring in the war inside the invaders home….

  81. tiger USA Reply

    Saudi Arabia and emirates should put an end to this by destroying Iran and houthi terrorists

  82. Documentery jack Reply

    Iran not muslim

  83. M J Reply

    So two Muslim groups fight against each other to prove Islam is a religion of peace?

    • atur3798 Reply

      man respect the people of other situation you don’t know what is the true reasons please don’t throw words with no understanding

  84. vidoes market Reply

    Iran occupying the area around saudia arabia by extremists and arab are sleeping in their luxury life

  85. AL AL Reply

    Love them Toyotas. NOT THE TACOMAS though. No wonder they’re ISIS and Taliban approved vehicles.

  86. Franco Palumbo Reply

    When will the cavemen with weapons Stop Killing each other? Never! Shame!!!!!!!

  87. TheSushiraw Reply

    REPORTER high on crack or Qat?

  88. اسامه الحارثي Reply

    Where are the people of Yemen 😘👏

  89. Humadee Saleh Reply

    The reporter is too drunk

  90. Syed Adeel Ali Reply

    Keep it up Yaman

  91. cibaeño domi Reply


  92. Kattar aadmi Reply

    Stop war in Yemen.. Stay together ☝️

  93. Qumail raza Reply

    Feel more like a story of Junkie😂

  94. G H Alamgir Reply

    Allaho Akbar Islam Zindabad.
    Shame ,Shame & Shame on Saudi Arabic Croul Rolers & his Supporters

  95. ilirjan zhiti Reply

    Is taim saudi arabia aceptet iran ofert

  96. lonasediting on instagram Reply

    May Allah help the people in Yemen and give them the patience and power.. Ah my brothers and sisters.. we‘re thinking about you everyday and I hope it‘s gonna end🤧

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