Rising Coronavirus Death Tolls In Texas, Arizona, Florida Echoes Early Crisis | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/14
Rising Coronavirus Death Tolls In Texas, Arizona, Florida Echoes Early Crisis | NBC Nightly News

Death tolls over the last month have surged more than 50 percent in at least six states. Some counties in Texas and Arizona are requesting refrigerator trucks to store bodies in a grim parallel to the early crisis in New York.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Rising Coronavirus Death Tolls In Texas, Arizona, Florida Echoes Early Crisis | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (102件)

  • Keith Willis says:


  • ty ty says:

    Look at what this virus is doing they did this on purpose I also know that they let our army national guards and other people spray shhh in the air that’s why mask are required watch what I say in two more weeks the world’s about to really be in some shhhh then theirs also other shhhh out their that’s about to hit us people were in trouble

  • xXxLegendWolfxXx says:

    All republican states with full of stupid selfish people who don’t want to wear a mask…

    • Chris Donaldson says:

      Stop this politicising — republicans are no more selfish than the dems or anybody else for that matter . Masks improve your chances of Not getting this by maybe 10% so wear one if you choose — it can’t hurt .

  • Ethan aka says:

    There goes that trumpian/republican talking point!!

  • Brenda Best says:

    Hey YOU TUBE … TIT FOR TAT !!! I WILL keep you busy 😂😂

  • John Lebbie says:

    Tcfffft ft ctffftftctcffffccfffcfcfffffffftftftfftttftffffftfffcfftttffffctfffffffffffcffffccffffffffffttffcfftffffffffffftffffttffffcfffffffctfffffttffffffftcfftfftffffftfffftfffffffffffcccfffffffftffccftffffffftffffftfccffftfcfffffffffffcfffcfcffffffccfcccctfccfcctfftffffcctffffftftffcffttffftfcccfftfffcfctftccffffccffccfffftffccfffcffcfctfcftfcfftctff

  • Julian Flores says:

    I’m praying so my dad doesnt get covid he lives in texas ;(

  • Jim P says:

    So much winning by losing…..wake up people, wearing a mask is necessary to help get over the spread.

  • RedSun says:


  • Nikki Travis says:

    I wear a mask even though I have lung issues. I wear my nose cannula under it. If I can do it, so can everyone else.

    • orecoast 1961 says:

      My wife does too and she has real bad COPD.

  • RHONDA ROSE says:

    “A RISE in cases&deaths over past weeks”-has this been in the news over the past weeks or is this “breaking news” now,tonight?WHY?

  • RHONDA ROSE says:

    2)few weeks or just “breaking news” tonight?

  • RHONDA ROSE says:

    3)Question,always look for an agenda-scaring us to take the harmful ‘vaccine’?It’s alright to question-

  • Thomas Milasevic says:

    Dear Americans, forget your Stupid President Donald Trump.
    Listen to the advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci.
    Hold social distancing and wear masks,
    wash your hands whenever possible,
    don’t go to any mass Event,
    look at thousands of Covid-19 victims again on Tulsa,
    and try to protect yourself from this invisible Enemy.
    The COVID-19 Virus is deadly.
    Til today Today it is: 136.621
    New Infections everyday 61,000 People
    Infected: 3.290.994
    You are smarter than your Stupid President

  • Just Me says:

    Other countries are banning Americans from coming into their countries due to the high COVID 19 rates.!!!YET we claim we are the richest and most industrialized nation? But we let our citizens die… Insane

  • Pebbles P says:

    Dont believe Trust in GOD..They cause this!!wickedness!!Pray for America…🤠

  • Da Squirrel says:

    Wait, hold on a minute. Fox and Republicans said this was a Libtard hoax. So the Covid thing is for reals? Whaaaaaaa?

  • 06kokoko says:

    If you vote stupid, you get corresponding results. This is so self inflicted. Americans will need to learn the hard way.

  • Anthony Enright says:

    So the patients lasts words were I thought this was a hoax but it was not.Political narrative dont you think.

  • Grass Hopper says:


  • diana d says:

    Preserving daca suddenly cause he screwed up so bad on covid and wants your latino vote

  • Larry Mosher says:

    These states: where is Trump,where is Pence, where is covid19 task force.All should be there to get the help they need.

  • Holger Touby says:

    what am mirical more chases more death to the hoax

  • The Reckoning says:

    It’s all lies

  • The Reckoning says:

    I can’t believe how many sheep are here commenting.

  • Cynthia Strahan says:

    Thank you Gov Abbott, for finally enacting MANDATORY MASK WEARING.–Truly.–Please make DINING ONLY “OUTDOORS” AT RESTAURANTS, and CLOSE GYMS.—IF YOU HAVE TO, PLS SHUT TEXAS DOWN AND START OVER…it’s out of control!!
    –PLEASE speak on The Mutation: That causes the Virus to spread easier and faster in Texas.

  • Cynthia Strahan says:

    Houston, Texas stacking dead bodies in Refrigerated Trucks!!!

  • misanthrop Elohim meth says:

    The American society deserves a Darwin award
    Americans get what they deserve

  • Dictator Orange Baby Man says:

    Keep on rooting and believing in Trump. He has done nothing but destroyed America. Trump should be held accountable for downplaying this virus.

  • Mike D. says:


  • Tom Bong says:

    Keep up the good work Trump.lmao

  • Tom Bong says:

    We more people to die from this virus.Donald Trump

  • Mac Follmer says:

    They would have to multiply by 20 times to be on the level of New York. Can we please stop acting like the red states really messed up? Especially when they are literally doing better than 90% of the blue states, and the government isn’t completely boned in those states

  • Mac Follmer says:

    San Francisco is so poorly run, just look around this beautiful city, the homeless people, the drugs, the graffiti, the literal human feces on the side of the road. It is becoming a Third World country. I would completely disregard anything that person says

  • Greg Makov says:

    hahaha, con kich ban nay hay hon hong :D:D:D deo lua duoc dua con nit 1 tuoi nua la :D:D

  • Ronnie Roo says:

    But l thought God would protect them all? Turns out science might have been the better option.

  • Nadia Quraini says:

    Just shut down back already..or does the whole forest have to burn first

  • Sakeeb Rahman says:

    I hope more stupid people die like this. . The world would be a better place

  • Barbara Winterbourne says:

    This happening is due to the governors listening to trump and his nonsense. This virus is unknown and fatal the young are dying and those that don’t are left with long term illnesses .

  • Counter AI Counters says:

    love Lee

  • bernill octave says:


  • tjpm says:

    This is horrible.

  • Sebin Mathew says:

    “I thought this was a hoax, but it’s not” – He thought that when 100K people or more had already died in the US? He thought that when terrifying photos of the situation in Italy and NYC shocked the world?

  • Jah Fame says:

    Governors can not lock down a state or the president. IF ITS called “Mandatory” then you are saying we are not FREE and WE ARE IN MARTIAL LAW! #Americahasfallen

  • a. barker says:

    Whoa, this is just herd immunity. Until it hits your family !

  • Sanchayan - The Collection says:

    Here’s a list of 19 safe homeopathic medicines for Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19. Watch! #coronavirus

  • hasarutoe tensakey says:

    Were da phuck is da hazard pay

  • Andrew Herman says:


  • Brad Tays says:

    Why does Vietnam next to China have 0 deaths and America have so many?

  • bella frances says:

    This is expected after the BLM rallies, for a bouncer-athlete drug user who robbed a poor black woman with a gun.

  • QQurious mQQe says:

    This is how it happened to the INDIANS?
    People talking with FORK TONGUES? 🐍
    Especially with other DEATH NUMBERS drastically falling? …I guess the $39k+ Covid-19 DEATH? …pays the BILLS!

  • Maria Lucius says:


  • Michaelangelo16 says:

    Refrigerator trucks should strike horror in the heart of every American!

  • segundo Davila says:


  • Mark K says:

    Dr. Richard Bartlett’s COVID ‘Silver Bullet’ Budesonide Empties Hospital ICU

  • Pam Deshane says:

    Here is some non – political info on CV19:

  • Pam Deshane says:

    So 29 Million people in Texas – 3200 deaths, the death rate is 0.01%. How is this overwhelming? This is no worse then the seasonal FLU, protect the high risk as best as we can, but, U cannot shut back down over these numbers!

  • Dachshund& Pitty Lover says:

    I take the Virus very seriously. The Virus is here and not going anywhere until their is a vaccine. Closing back down will not prevent people from getting the Virus, but what it will do is make people lose everything.

  • Peter Torbay says:

    Cheap $200 corticosteroid asthma nebulizer treatment has kept people out of ICUs and breathing on their own, at home, but US Big Healthcare won’t publicize it, when they can medically bankrupt you in ICU. You have to find a physician who will prescribe it before you get CoVid, because you only have hours from the onset to start using a nebulizer at home. In other words, you need the exam _before_ you present with fever, and an agreement with your physician and pharmacist the prescription and nebulizer kit are ready the moment you test positive. Have had it. You wake up at 4AM on your hands and knees in bed, soaked in sweat and lungs barking like an old dog. No time to schedule a doctor’s office visit. Go see your physician now and prepare the kit. We all are going to catch it eventually. There is no vaccine, that’s just more ‘Dope and Chains’ from Dr Favci, the guy who developed CoVid in his Fort Dietrik biovveapons lab, then sent it off to Wuhan to develop a *private label* vaccine that he and Gates-WHO hold the gene patents on! Rumsfeld-Gilead made a _fortune_ off of anthrax. Google ‘Gulf War Syndrome’.

  • Nero Bruno says:

    Reminds me of what Mord said to Tyrion in the sky cell:

    “GO BE FREE.”

  • White Candle says:

    Notice that, to maintain the lie, NBC doesn’t acknowledge that the death “rate” is going down, but ONLY that the death “toll” is going up. Maybe NBC is too stupid to realize that a death toll CAN’T go down…people just don’t come back to life 2 weeks later. The death “rate” however is going down. Did NBC fool you?

  • James Devine says:

    Good job destroying yourselves Southerners. I’m sure your orange demi-god appreciates your sacrifice to his ego.

  • Jaye chow says:

    Thanks Fox News for championing Trump covid-19 pandemic. He is a bigger threat. To save America, Americans need to impeach him for criminal negligence.

  • The epic Taco says:

    So much for making America great again trump

  • NKBC 78 says:

    Cant believe all the sheep on here!!! MSM are liars!!!

  • Deep space 9 says:

    Yea you all said it was only killing 4 % calling the press fear mongering, I feel no pity for you, you reap what you sow.

  • Mercedes Mukati says:

    As long as a portion of Americans make stupid excuses for the lack of leadership, incompetence and idiocy coming out of the White House we will continue surging….

  • Tony Weimar says:

    and the rise in cases has nothing to do with all the protesting,rioting and looting right!!

  • World of Aviation says:

    Biden is corona virus of politics

  • Mybottlenose says:

    GOPs are a bunch of killers headed by the super moron Trump!

  • stefan stoss says:

    my sermon media causes paranoia doesnt educate wow see the wolve people have to Self educate go to organic health food store they have proffessional advice let therapeutic grade lemon oil diffuse into the air above RDA vitamin C is needed for immunity and mental health also D selenium magnesium use herbal tea e.g licorice root and thyme mixture as preventative
    is shopping ONLY at organic health food stores constitutional are herbs and spices as medicine allowed by the constitution is MAharishi ayur veda and TCM ethnobotany constitutional
    health care does not mean stuffing artificial chemicals called drugs into the organic human body which offends the soul usa has a horribly costly sickness treatment business big BUSINESS enslaved to unsaintly drug industry which via ads and PR has indoctrinated the capitalisst for profit media and unfortunately the atheist PBS
    health care is consciousness pure unbounded divine consciousness health care is prevention of sickness consciousness of healthy habits and wholesome habitat in harmony with natural law sickness is caused by violations of natural law its karma usa media is run by ads for junk food and drugs its a sick business media is bad karma
    WHO has a branch of traditional medicine experts in HEALTH care systems like ayur veda and TCM and ethnobotany non whiteman medicine which medical schools had ignored or treated as heresy witchdoctory or folklore

  • Danielle Ellis says:

    It’s logical that shortly after the covid-19 cases started to rise, the deaths would start to climb. I don’t understand why Florida, given the average age of its residents did not take more precautions. I know a number of people who moved their parents out of Florida months ago because they were so alarmed at how everyone was going about normally as if there was not a global pandemic.

  • intown girl says:

    Stupidity rules!

  • forrest stump says:

    nbc…still paying employees to fake having covid19? shameful…

    • Con Job says:

      How can you be so dumb

  • Tanner Shortnacy says:

    North Koreans watch American news and pitty us because our news is so propaganda filled. How is it possible that NBC can fake one of their hosts their so called medical experts having the virus and the American people not be outraged. How can nbc competition. The other news outlets know this and not say one fking word. That one is obvious they all work for the same disgusting team.

  • Jack Crouch says:

    THOSE ARE DEATH STATES NOW >>>>>>>☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️

  • su mun says:

    Trump is the greatest American Warrior & Commander-in-Chief, who hold Bible, Word of God in his right hand & fighting against evil forces: BLM, Anarchism, Defund Police, Dems’ insane policies & torning him down since day1(enough is enough) & also fighting against evil Chinese expansion Obama(hypocrite)& Xi Biden(China puppet) incorporated…

  • Claudria Antoine says:

    Call on God for help he will o my Lord .the U.S A peaple need your help too much Death do something to help my people stay in your house ❤️😭😭😭😭👋😭

  • John Salazar says:

    They needa close stores again

  • RC 2020 says:

    I Have to agree. I Can’t believe the level of stupidity in the US!
    Can,t the people wear masks, Quarantine themselves & lock down. Come on people this is a fight for your lives. Start doing something about it.

  • Ken Grassa says:

    When liberal media starts to lose control the virus goes up interesting Isn’t it

  • Ted Zone says:

    Get history books read what it’s like during a pandemic. There is really no way out or safe way thru. So let’s see what we are really made of….they call this street.
    As real as it gets

  • TheIxtlan says:

    President Trump said this virus will be gone soon. Face mask does not work. Just wash hands and you will be fine.

  • Dan Brady says:

    Has anyone else noticed that reported deaths spike every tuesday? Why is this?

  • Javier Bonilla says:

    Look at the casinos, the vodka, the steaks, the airline, the university, the foundation and…. now….. America.

  • Scott Kraemer says:

    Finally the virus is taking the lives of the ones who thought this was a hoax rather then the innocent people being infected by the stupid. Thank God the virus is going after the idiots for a change. Way to go covid parties, keep it up!

  • Farmer Bob says:

    *America: We’re running out of hospital beds…*

    *…but hey🤷‍♂️ lets open Disney anyway!*

    *#BrokenAmerica** 😔*

  • 2B06 Dior Tan says:

    U think it’s a hoax? LOL..

  • Tgirl B says:

    Attention seekers even in the middle of a pandemic. It’s not real until it happens in your area. We need to teach critical thinking skills in school.

  • Mark Reese says:

    In other to provide relief support to student, single mothers and widowers! are you struggling with your rent, credit card debt, student loan or medical bills ? …just hit me up 1-352-448-7731, I’ll be able to help with some.

  • Mike johnson says:

    Too many dumb people still getting together with their friends and family. Idiots. No different than getting together with strangers

  • PJ KICKS says:

    Government done robbed its citizens so bad it’s a shame boy.

  • Chad Stone says:

    Trump is jim jones on steroids

  • wrbowcalify Robertson says:

    CURE By groceries everyone stay home for at least a week.

  • Michael Lopez says:

    We didn’t learn from what happened in Italy or New York?! How stupid is this country?

  • Sandra Bennett says:

    Shut them down !!

  • Seth Guardado says:

    Usually, if you’re doing a school project and you have to go back and redo a step, you know you did something wrong. If only some our governors and our government could recognize that and get it right

  • playlist55 says:

    All this reporting is BS. More than 25%, maybe 50% ARE NOT Covid deaths. They test people that die of heart attacks, strokes, old age. If the test is positive, they list it as a covid death. Anyone that dies with Covid, died of Covid the way they are reporting it. Why doesn’t the MSM do there job and figure out the truth?

  • NEIMAN says:

    You have one job.