Employees Become Enforcers Of Mask Requirements As Tensions Grow | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/21
Employees Become Enforcers Of Mask Requirements As Tensions Grow | NBC Nightly News

Countless viral videos show retail and restaurant employees taking heat from customers over mask requirements. While some business owners are training staff on how to deescalate the situation, others think employees shouldn’t be the ones required to enforce mask policies.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Employees Become Enforcers Of Mask Requirements As Tensions Grow | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (154件)

  • Lai Saephan says:

    Cops refuse to enforce it. Why should low salaried workers have to deal with it without proper training and compensation?

  • alina says:

    how exhausting is to live in USA….just saying

    • Pak De says:

      I quit trying ten years ago. Never regretted a minute of it. I live in Bali and everyone wears a mask in the supermarket. It’s not 100% but people are pretty laid back. If the store doesn’t require masks people shop somewhere else. They get the message.

    • F Mansi says:

      I imagine having the whole world laughing at you can be depressing all for 1 sycho.

    • Logan Gonzalez-Patton says:

      @F Mansi trump does not care

    • Leonora Tesoro says:

      I would run away from here if I could.

  • Phong Dang says:

    People with the highest need to express their freedom usually end up in the mental hospital.

  • Scrambled Eggs says:

    Prosecute Karen and Kens to the furthest extent until their cult gets the message.

  • Eco Geek says:

    Karenormal activity everywhere.

  • Dawn M Sparks says:


  • SophiaP JohnTheB says:

    How are they drinking coffee with a freaking face mask on. You people are insane. Insane sheep. Blind. And very very very dumb.

  • dukky fuzz says:


  • udlock9 says:

    this pandemic can wipe out some of the insane people.

    • Angela McEntee says:

      And let the mask wearing lambs go to their slaughter. Because the insane thing is not what you think. Do you pass the test?

    • John Lim says:

      Natural selections.

  • Pak De says:

    Every private business has the right to make any policy they want as long as it doesn’t discriminate against a class of people. Anti-maskers and ignoramuses don’t count as a class of people.

  • vuthuy mai says:


  • Ryan Yamba says:

    Tyra would be proud of all that smize-ing!

  • Krow Noneya says:

    Il just take my business somewhere else.

    • Matthew Shane says:

      Lol. Everywhere is no mask no service.
      Some place don’t enforce it though.
      But I do. I’ll walk right up to you and tell you to put your mask on.

    • Nanna of 3 says:

      @Matthew Shane be careful……crazy people record deaths without helping these days 🤣😅😂

    • Matthew Shane says:

      @Nanna of 3 you be careful.

    • Nanna of 3 says:

      @Matthew Shane God has my back! If God be for us, who can be against us!

    • Angela McEntee says:

      How do you drink your coffee though, wearing a mask?

  • DCLXVI says:

    lots of covidiots on the loose 🤘

  • acajudi100 says:

    I will not wear a mask, and will not come into your stores or ride your planes etc. I do not need a mask in my home.

  • Joe says:

    0:38 bangable

  • 1Strawberry_Milk2 says:

    Too many people in United STATES are not easy to work together as a team that why the dead 💀 increases they think 🤔 it free country they do anything they want so they want to be dead!!

  • Zwizard247 says:

    One time while working, of course someone came in to order coffee and didn’t have mask and told us that why should he, he thinks all this fake and when we told that we well get fined if we don’t enforce mask requirement they say I dont care, I dont work here
    Like we dont want to enforce but we need to or else we are the ones who get in trouble

  • Pancake Circus says:

    Hire a bouncer.

  • Norbert Kre says:

    I wish every politician not doing their best to stop COVID19 and letting people die should be in prison for the rest of their lives.

  • KajunMs44 says:

    Easier said than done!! I’ve worked with angry customers all month. I am so tired of having to beg customers to please wear protection for themselves and others. It’s so tiring and frustrating 😣😫

  • Jake Spur says:

    When u use a gun to protect yourself from one of these deniers please be polite and leave a mask for them to wear to the ER. We want to protect our front line workers.

  • Matthew Shane says:

    I will strait up punch someone in their stupid face if they act crazy about someone telling them to wear a mask.
    You don’t want to wear a mask? Well then you can wear my fist on your nose.
    I’m serious. Don’t be that mouthy trump supporter at the store around me. You will get dealt with.

  • Mike D. says:

    Why didn’t we give prisoners masks,instead of releasing them into the public?

    Why didn’t all those “protesters”have masks on?

  • sgt capes says:

    That’s good enforce it towards customer… And if they don’t have it give em one anyways… Kindly say thank you for your support

  • Morris Mickey says:

  • Baby GoneWrong says:

    If businesses do not start standing up to such grossly extended government control over its consumers (for a lie) then the american experiment is doomed. Consumers have no leverage if business complies to communist control. Boycotts will not be an option for long, and as the american people continue to allow their minds to be enslaved, business will fail along side the even worse madness that comes next… Coffee is a luxury they can do without, but bread and water is not!! Wake up america, you are being systematically enslaved by your own stupid!

    • riikerman says:


    • Baby GoneWrong says:

      @riikerman Well that was a lazy reply… do you even know what that word means? Governors do not have the authority to lock down a person over a medical condition (especially one that barely exists) or force them to wear a mask.. nor do they have the authority to tell a business they must comply to a mandate that is not a law. Further hippa laws protect an individual from having their medical history and circumstances turned into a political puppetshow. It is not anarchy.. it is liberty.. and we have already shed blood to ensure it. To believe otherwise, is either lazy comprehension of history, or just plain consensual subjugation.

  • chantel smith says:

    its the rich spoiled brats in america that don’t want to wear the mask!!

  • Amisha says:

    Have a security guard at the door to enforce wearing a mask, no mask no entry.

    • Wonder Cat says:

      A few guards got killed. Sad.

    • Amisha says:

      @Wonder Cat I am sorry, I didn’t know that. This idea of not wanting to protect yourself and others is so foreign to me.

    • Wonder Cat says:

      @Amisha US is going out of control. BLM movement is just an excuse for looting.

  • Daniel Smith says:

    If any of my employees come to work with a mask I will send them home until they get brains and backbone.

    • 2006glg says:

      Even if your business is in a right-to- work state, if the employee had courage, a brain and a backbone, they’ll sue you and most assuredly win. I know the chances of that are slim because you seem like the type who generally discriminates in hiring and likely wouldn’t hire anyone with a whiff of independent, critical thinking. I digress. Now, is it worth it because you, a selfish, immoral person (and you likely also call yourself a ” patriot Christian”) wants to force yourselfish, immoral ways on your employees? You should really rethink your statement. Either way, if you really are a business owner (which I doubt) I hope reality gives you the opportunity to put your plan to test and you lose everything at the hands of your own selfishness, immorality and stupidity. It would be almost biblical.

    • Cheryl Carlson says:

      Cool that you provided free health insurance and unlimited paid time off with burial policy if they don’t make it,right? Because you have accepted responsibility to preemptively determine your workers lives, right? And failure to provide while making employment counter to publicly known standard in documented global pandemic is legally defensible?hmmm think workers would win that suit standing pro se.

    • Angela McEntee says:

      I’m with you Daniel, shall we open a coffee shop for sane people?

    • riikerman says:

      @Angela McEntee No.

  • emi nagata says:

    It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

  • Zana Lee Hansen says:

    Why not put plexiglass between the server and costumer like other countries do to protect the employees?

  • Nanna of 3 says:

    I wonder if mask are being made with the “finger” suggestion on it!!!! 🤣😅😂 that would be a good comedy show right about now!!!! Have a hidden camera on your shirt to record people’s face responses!!! 🤣😅😂

  • Online says:

    Why people violate if on entrance its written do not enter if you are not wearing mask.
    Those people should avoid going to places if they do not wear mask to avoid words fight

  • Murimi Kaburu says:

    If the government can’t enforce, people will enforce it I there premises

  • AhaYAH Bepraised says:

    No mask no service end of story.

  • Anthøny Capellan says:

    It’s not hard to just put on a mask.

  • porn theater mop bucket says:

    Hey fake news lovers, don’t forget to pray to your lord and savior communist dictator Xi Jinpigsbutt of China before you go to bed tonight because your social credit system score depends on it.

  • BETTERWORLD SGT0589 says:

    Those People screaming about having to wear a Mask, I don’t know what kind of upbringing they must have had, they are ridiculous. A Club or Restaurant can have a dress code, a Supermarket can say no Shoes, no Shirt, no service! So why is is it they can’t tell somebody to wear a Mask? It has nothing be to do with Constitutional Rights, it’s all about protecting the Public, preventing the spread of a deadly disease! If We had that mentality, that would mean that I can go into Walmart Naked if I want, I could say it’s a Free Country and I don’t have to wear any Clothes if I don’t want!!!

  • QQurious mQQe says:

    Turning Americans against eachother?
    Over MASKS that does NO GOOD! But will DAMAGE your LUNGS over time?
    Then your a COVID-19 patient!

    PS: Yep someone sitting back saying?
    🗣~”All in good time? …then our
    Patient numbers will
    SKYROCKET to the STARS!”

    • Angela McEntee says:

      Common sense at last, they wont believe you though , thoroughly brainwashed.

  • QQurious mQQe says:

    ***A Mind versus Mind Fight!  Use The Legal Channels through our DEMOCRACY CONSTITUTIONS❗
    Dr. Pamela***

  • Mike Johnson says:

    Wear your friggin mask.

  • Dave MIller says:

    My friends at Black and Brew make me proud. It’s a shame that the task of enforcement falls to the barista but at least they have forethought and planning to guide them. One more thing. Customers in this coffee shop in general are not the same as the walmart FREEDUMB brawlers. It really will be great if we can elect a president who will demonstrate leadership and take this global pandemic seriously.

  • Julee Kunc says:

    You can ask me i have to to wear a mask in your business as politely as you want and I will just as politely say Thank you, have a nice day and take my business elsewhere

    • Cheryl Carlson says:

      Julee, so glad you are so wealthy that job,home,car are solid. Many of us aren’t so rich. To show us all how special you are take a sharpie and write DNR on your forehead with initials. Will get you what you deserve

    • Raven Rav says:

      @Cheryl Carlson you’re not perfect, stop passing judgement on other people for their beliefs. you do you, and let them do them.

    • Cheryl Carlson says:

      @Raven Rav , you are right, I am not perfect but I am educated and experienced nurse. It is not a right to do stupid, destructive things then expect someone else to risk their health to restore you. Be totally stupid and don’t bother the hospital. Die at home. Want to live? Play by the rules. Want to go out in a pandemic? Work an essential job. But being disrespectful, ignorant,self centered, short-sighted then expect to be valued so much….no

  • Julee Kunc says:

    There are people at the top watching this all play out laughing at all us little peons and the chaos they have planned to disrupt this election year and to totally divide people. We are a joke for others amusement and agenda 🤦‍♀️

    • Mobile Mancave says:

      if polls were indicated by the amount people wearing masks, i would say trumps in trouble.

    • Angela McEntee says:

      It’s not just an American thing it’s planetary – NWO

  • InkyAk86 says:

    funny watching the video.most of the employees were wearing mask properly. I was in Lowes the other day, big signs everywhere, masks required, no entrance without a mask, go inside some employees had the mask pulled down exposing their nose,some had them down to their chin, some had them hanging from their ears. I took mine off. Lakeland is a mask required area now, not suppose to be out inn public without one, i see someone without, i am calling 911 Lol

  • xyzzyxf says:

    So many Trump minions roaming around the US and threatening public health

  • Josh French says:

    All employees should be trained to ask nicely twice. If they don’t comply nicely ask them to leave one time. If they still don’t comply call the police. It is literally now the cops job to deal with someone trespassing on private property. 🤷‍♂️ You don’t want to wear a mask then don’t shop there.

  • Toshia Dillard says:

    Honestly when I look over in the store and see a person with NO MASK, it makes me want to 🤮 all over the floor!

    • Rachel Pollock says:

      Well said!

    • NKBC 78 says:

      And u probably would, so im not surprised.

  • Killroy was here says:

    Here is what is going to happen soon, I am going to walk into ACE hardware in pine colorado. They are under mandatory face masking. and when five people in there do not have the masks on, I am going to inform them all and if the store employee’s do not comply and order them to wear the mask, I WILL bring a lawsuit on ACE HARDWARE FOR VIOLATING CDC GUIDELINES AND STATE GUIDELINES!

    • Killroy was here says:


  • Cheryl Carlson says:

    I say what employees can’t… Loudly, Repeatedly and bring their mama into it (nicely)

  • kalpana rai says:

    Hahahahha amrican people are very hate befor coronavirus now they were the maks hahahahha best of luck

  • Mark F says:

    America is awash with guns. Someone objects to wearing a mask – just shoot them. Problem solved!

  • Mercedes Mukati says:

    Because of the ineffective and cowardly Governors.
    Lets also not forget the tweeting fool in the WH with ” liberate Michigan” idiocy.

  • Steve Carter says:

    Some people have a medical conditions were they can’t wear a mask under federal law they cannot be refused service sort of like the service dog

    • riikerman says:


    • Steve Carter says:

      @riikerman right look up the disability act if you suffer from anxiety and a mask makes it worse you can not be forced to wear a mask or asthma or a breathing condition

  • BILL Pracells says:


  • John Giannattasio says:

    These people that don’t have masks already know there going to encounter problems , so they go out to stir things up like their idol , bunker boy .

  • zheng xu says:


  • ZyriaNa' AreNee says:

    They need security guards

  • Robert Herron says:


  • Debra Smith says:

    Employees should be issued eye guards. It is a confirmed route for viral entry.

  • Raphael O says:

    So….. “They” are successfully turning the IGNORANT zombies into an Army of The DRACONIAN unconstitutional rules????

  • Vvienne Lenk says:

    Excellent strategies. Bravo for this coffee shop owner who probably knows that this is a way his business may be saved. Smiling eyes and a calm, friendly voice work!

  • andreneal282009 says:

    You hear white people say they don’t have to wear a mask because they woke up in a free country. Understand that they feel this way because white people are the only race that’s truly free in America. They sound crazy but these are the types of responses that free people make. Notice their the only ones who say that.

  • Ruroo C says:

    “Smile and some kind words” They cant see ur smile…. 😐

  • Susan Adams says:

    Comm Y governers

  • Tyler Dobson says:

    Censorship at it’s finest. God bless good luck

  • Angela Aldalqamouni says:

    If we didn’t have clown for a president it wouldn’t be this way

    • riikerman says:

      Barack Obama left.

  • graphosxp says:

    “A man filmed licking a tub of ice cream will spend 30 days in jail and pay restitution to Blue Bell”
    “But the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office said the act was “much more than a stunt.”
    “He is just a copycat,” district attorney Bob Wortham told WOAI in January. “And the way to stop copycats is to enforce it very strongly.” In 2019 it was wrong to spread disease in Texas!

  • john smith says:


  • Peter Tasker says:

    Social programming.

  • Angelica Monk says:

    Event 201 !!!

    • Angelica Monk says:

      @Angela McEntee why are there not more woke?!!! …that’s horrible Reality blind truly leading the blind.

    • Angela McEntee says:

      @Angelica Monk What causes people to wake up from sleeping? In Christ you should never be sleeping. I have always been aware that the ruler if this world is a liar and he prowls around like a roaring lion.

    • Raven Rav says:

      @Angela McEntee well said sister, i rediscovered the evil in this world and i found my way back to god, all of this has been very eye opening. and i fear for all of us, god bless

    • Raven Rav says:

      pretty much yeah

    • Angela McEntee says:

      @Raven Rav God bless you too and remember when God is with you who can be against you, for He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.

  • Angela McEntee says:

    Wow the brainwashing plan is working

    • Victorious Vehicon says:

      Just wear a mask, Karen.

    • Angela McEntee says:

      @Victorious Vehicon If I’m a karen your a brainwashed fool , as well as just repeating the karen trend thing, so sad, please think for yourself.

    • Victorious Vehicon says:

      @Angela McEntee

      You meant “you’re”.

      And I find it amusing that you make the claim that this whole pandemic is a mass “brainwashing”, yet you’ll provide no substantial, concrete evidence to support your absurd claim.

    • Angela McEntee says:

      @Victorious Vehicon Sorry about my spelling mistake, I knew I did something wrong and thank’s for pointing it out. Would you really want to know, because it it’s a scary thought to think we are being lied to by those who are supposed to be caring for us, and what evidence do you have for your belief? If you do want to know start with Dr Judy Mikovits. I wish you well.

    • riikerman says:

      @Angela McEntee PPE 2020

  • Greg ###### says:

    By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain. Damage sense of smell. The olfactory nerve is the first cranial nerve and conveys special sensory information related to smell. It is the shortest of the cranial nerves and passes from its receptors in the nasal mucosa to the forebrain. It enters the skull through the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone.
    Prolonged use of N-95 masks in patients with preexisting lung disease could cause some build-up of carbon dioxide levels in the body. People with preexisting lung problems should discuss mask wearing concerns with their health care providers. So is it possible that wearing a face mask as part of social distancing can cause someone to build up so much carbon dioxide and get so little oxygen that they pass out, or worse? Carbon dioxide is a natural by-product of the body’s respiration process, something we all breathe in and out every day. How harmful can it be?
    In rare cases, it can actually be pretty dangerous, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). They say that inhaling high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) may be life-threatening. Hypercapnia (carbon dioxide toxicity) can also cause headache, vertigo, double vision, inability to concentrate, tinnitus (hearing a noise, like a ringing or buzzing, that’s not caused by an outside source), seizures, or suffocation due to displacement of air.

    • Angela McEntee says:

      Well done ,Sir for taking the time to care.

    • DLeigh says:

      Thank you!!! Explains why the 1st time I wore a mask I couldn’t breath. I broke out into a sweat had an anxiety attack and almost passed out 3 times!! And I couldnt see my glasses kept foggy up!! All that after wearing mask for 15 minutes. Then I noticed a few people without one and took mine off too. Within 10 minutes I was ok again!!

  • Helena Costa says:

    There is no personal “freedom” that has the right to take the freedom away from another individual, in this case “not wearing a mask” would basically take away the other persons freedom of being safe. So what is true freedom, doesn’t it have boundaries? Do we have the freedom to run a red light, or to drive across a park. The same principal applies to a much more Universal issue, “freedom from sickness and death, freedom from injustice and social racial economical barriers…freedom to be happy, not only for short temporary moments but for ever…this might not be direct connected to this subject, but I just had to add that. Please go to, and take a moment to research it, you will not regret it.

    • riikerman says:

      I regretted being a Jehovah’s Witness.

  • Chrissyce says:

    Businesses have the right to refuse to serve anyone. Call the police if they don’t leave when asked.

    • riikerman says:

      Businesses refusal to serve anyone for a disability a civil crime. (discrimination law 101)

  • Djn 403 says:

    Ignorant hillbilly hypocrites

  • Roger Emerson says:

    No law requires a mask, criminals wear masks

    • riikerman says:

      Doctors aren’t criminals.

  • J T says:

    a mask does NOTHING even cdc and fauci said it doesnt do anything, at this point its just a mind control device thanks to corporate media and government….soon it will be no rfid chip no service after the dollar collapses but hey keep on being ignorant morons, guess you never learned from history

    • riikerman says:

      Say no to drugs.

    • J T says:

      @riikerman say no to mind control devices called PROGRAMMING and put your mask on and breathe and vote for cult leaders called government

  • Scottish Lass says:


  • Bev BB says:

    I If bars can have bouncers then why can’t Costco or a coffee shop? Plenty of bartenders and security people out of work and looking for a new gig. You can’t reason with unreasonable people, just pick them up and dump them out the back door.

  • Madamelogicbombdropper Black Women Multimedia T.V. says:


    I HAVE RIGHTS!!!!😡

  • DLeigh says:


  • Matthew McDonald says:

    I’d tell her mask these nuts

  • Jim Dayworth says:

    What if you can’t get a mask?

    • riikerman says:

      Make one with diapers.

  • carla mc ewen says:

    Dec Jan Feb, minus-30F, i wore a face mask. For my health. To prevent frostbite.
    March-present..wear a mask-so i won’t risk my and my neighbours health from covid19.
    Why is one mask, ok, and the other, not?
    Because one protects only self? and the other protect others?

  • Eske Thomsen says:

    Are US going Crazy

  • Some Person says:

    Mental health has gone too long without funding in America, we’re now a country of narcissists and sociopaths.

  • Charlie Ewing says:

    Ah yes but where were the mask during the riots thet will enforce this but BLM is important not!!!! Only see white people doing wrong here lol biased much panic much

  • Carol says:

    Those who believe the science of mask wearing and adhere to the decency of mask wearing to protect the public health … we need to help when we are out in these retail establishments … social pressure from masked shoppers presented as gently as possible may help overwhelmed retail employees — “when no one is responsible, everyone is responsible”

  • Yoel Taveras says:

    Sheeple are real!

    • riikerman says:

      Sheeple or not, gotta wear mask, brother. (PPE)

    • Yoel Taveras says:

      @riikerman Nah! You wear 1 all you want. I’m not with breathing in carbon dioxide. I will not comply!

  • PinheadzBlackson says:

    But Trump doesn’t wear a mask

  • Laura Yoder says:

    I Hate masks!!

  • WonderMagician says:

    As a consumer I very much appreciate every business that enforces the wearing of masks on their premises. It shows me that the business values both my well being and my support of their business. It should be every business owners or their hired managers responsibility to enforce the wearing of masks. We mow know that the real spread happens in indoor public spaces.

  • j b says:

    These are our we HATE Trump masks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Term limits Com says:

    Are you happy with what your congress and senate have done to you? TERM LIMITS will help remove the fear-mongers and CCP supporters from government .

  • Gotthatgoin4me says:

    Interesting aspect of the covid psy-op…. Fear brings out the inner fascist in brainwashed goats. The news loves to make irrational and insane behavior appear normal and valiant. S M H

  • Raven Rav says:

    so you’re mad people won’t wear a mask at the counter, but still have in door eating. stupid hypocrisy