2020 7/15

Lets go to go over the reason Tesla stock has increased so much over these last few months, whether or not it’ll continue to go even higher, and then how much the price will be affected if it joins the SP500 – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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IF Tesla meets the full eligibility for SP500 inclusion, and IF it’s voted on to join the much of an effect will this have on the stocks price, and is getting added to an index all it takes to boost up the stock?

When a stock is going to be added to an index, it’s announced AHEAD OF TIME – BEFORE index fund managers can actually go ahead and buy it. This leaves time for individual investors and speculators to buy in, anticipating it being added to the index within the coming week – and trying to make a profit.

When it was researched, it was found that stocks DO generally see a rise in price once it’s ANNOUNCED they’re going to be added to an index – but ONCE they’re actually added to the index, the pent up demand slows down – the stock price drops – and then it returns it a new “normal.”

This was also confirmed by a study published in the 1990’s, that found that the announcement and inclusion of a stock within the SP500 DID have a measurable effect on the price…short term.

Long term, however, it was found that adding a stock to an index has no permanent effect on the price.

In fact, it was studied that a stocks “premium” for being added to an index completely wore off after 2 months, usually returning to the same price before it was ever announced.

And overall, studies have shown that stocks added to an index did NOT see any superior performance and demand over stocks which were NOT traded within an index…

Likewise, it was also found that stocks REMOVED or BUMPED DOWN from an index did not see any large dip in price, now that they weren’t being bought by an index….

So, IF Tesla gets added to the SP500 – according to all the history and research out there – the ANNOUNCEMENT that it’ll be added will have a MUCH more powerful affect on the stock price than the actual INCLUSION of the stock to the index. After all, Yahoo was cited as being the most recent comparable of its size back in 1999…that stock surged 64% in 5 days between the announcement of being added to the index, and actually being added to the index.

But once a company is added to an index – it must actually PERFORM well, and much of its stock price movement will be from it’s earnings, performance, and ongoing development. Otherwise, if it doesn’t perform well, it’ll get bumped and the price will go down – causing a small percentage of the overall index to go down, with it.

But there’s one message I just want to make clear…in my personal opinion…at these levels, investing in Tesla is a gamble – and if you’re going to buy in, hold it with the expectation of keeping it for at a LONG TIME. This is the type of stock that’ll be just as likely of dropping 50% as it is of going UP another 50%….so, if you buy in, just be prepared for a really, really wild ride – for better or worse.

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    What do you think about the issue that is caused by the big market cap of Tesla forcing the index fonds to buy a huge volume of Tesla shares. Almost 20% of all free floating shares would need to be bought by the S&P500 index fonds. Doesn’t it sound like a big bottle neck or squeeze?

  • Giannis Aliko says:

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  • Cuate From Compton says:

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    All I can say is….Dicey…I took my profits. Also whats the inverse now? If TESLA doesn’t make S & P? I had faith at 420 but not anymore. The old saying “Buy on Fear. Sell on Greed.”

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    Just as likely to go down 50% as up he say?? After beating analyst estimates for q2 during pandemic, possible s&p 500 inclusion, battery day approaching and million mile battery, full self driving closer and closer each day, cyber truck, Elon must meet performance goals for his $$ package, Tesla’s semi etc and their 5-7 year lead over other auto makers? Where’s the bad news to trigger such an event???

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  • Dimitris Pasakaleris says:

    Actually i really dont understand the general stock market valuations
    People get really stupid fast.
    Tesla for example is worth 600-700$ maximum including the 5 year growth that i project they will have
    If you were lucky and got it early sell as it goes up a bit before crashing.
    I have been trading for many years now and 99.9% of the time the valuations from the business that you are going to buy yields 5-7% annually maximum if even that you should really pick your spots and dont get fooled by bubbles like Tesla .
    New paradigms are always a bubble.

  • Jarden KT says:

    I started buying in at $190 and sold around $706. hahaha. I stupidly forgot the long term part. Buying SPCE though among others!


    Graham how much do i invest as a beginner in TESLA?



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