Three ships on fire at Iranian port

2020 7/18
Three ships on fire at Iranian port

In Iran, at least three ships are on fire at the southern Bushehr port. It is the latest in a series of explosions and fires to hit Iran in recent weeks and follows several explosions and fires around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities since late June.

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コメント一覧 (106件)

  • T1 Commander says:

    The people of Iran are tired of their Supreme Leader attacking other nations so they are sabotaging Iran’s terrorist infrastructure with assistance from Turkey and Russia.

    • Ewan Hussami says:


    • Dennis Marfo says:

      That is a big faux news headline.

  • jameel kuthubdeen says:

    BIBI is Itching for self destruction!!!

  • Nur a Shams says:

    Woooden ships??

  • Mohammad Mansoor Afzal says:

    US & Israel is the mystry which are no more actually on behind but in front. Iran will surprise them in near times😡

  • Zion Vision says:

    American and Iranian ships on fire.

  • T. L. says:

    Guess we got the laser now.

  • hemang shah says:

    Seven ship on fire

  • Benjamin Netanyahu says:

    Don’t say we’re involved here 🧐🤫

    • blowing trees says:

      I’m arab and I want to marry beautiful Israeli women 😍

    • SANdeePSP YT says:

      blowing trees I m Pakistani I want marry pure Arab girl 😛

    • blowing trees says:

      @SANdeePSP YT your racist

  • hemang shah says:

    Same thing should be done at pakistan so millitary come on toes and decocracy get more power.

  • Sean says:

    These are fishing ships.. small fishing ships

  • Sallah Alwaily says:

    Good job for unknown aircraft . Keep up this good work!

  • Wisdom Charles says:

    Beautiful, the god’s are hungry and angry in Iran …🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷😷😷😷😷

  • shawon chawdhury says:

    These are organised attack

  • Chinmoy Bora says:

    these are not co-incidents ☺️

  • Eko 1 says:

    Get ready for world war.

  • peter says:

    There is a narcissistic sociopath in the White House whose polling numbers are falling apart. About the only thing that could boost his popularity is a war.
    ..and no, that doesn’t mean he did it. He absolutely would, but there are many other bodies lined up to help him stay in power, both “Allies” and “Enemies”, all lined up to help deliver America to another term of criminal, infantile leadership.

  • joão gentil says:

    Maybe some CIA supporter. Mosad must be on Gaza Strip, on holidays

  • Firenaut says:

    Cyber attack by CIA and Mossad

  • no one says:

    that is a good news 😁👞🇮🇷

  • OneOFThese NotLikeTheOther says:

    just keep talking

  • Dr Dave says:


  • MR Baloch says:

    They’re hacking Iranian machinery its a second week of attacks

  • fafar gol says:

    Israel is responsible for The most malevolent atrocities in human history.
    All along the Crime minister of Israel shed crocodile tears ,played victim ,orchestrated a show and proposed crippling sanctions and war against Iran.

  • Aquarius 07 says:

    Iran should take it easy till Nov. US election ,Chinese rescue team are on the way .

  • Sohaib Mushtaq says:

    INDIAN R.A.W taking revenge….of IRAN’s decision of kicking out INDIA from IRAN’s Chabahar port project.

  • Setyo Prihandono says:


  • Muffin Clyde says:

    Another method of sabatoge to blame the U.S.,Just like the attempted coup in Venezuela! Propaganda to make the enemy look like the criminal! The media is bias!

  • Ryan Ferguson says:

    We got a word for that kind of coincidence. We call it “suspicious”. Spoilers?-Coming soon to a town near you ; mysterious explosions, courtesy of the globalist scum crusting up the eyes of both our nations.

  • MrLangam says:

    Israel has been sabotaging Iran for quite some time no. Nobody cares though.

  • JohnGalt009 says:

    Looks like BB demanded the USA roll out the DEW. No more wars for Israel. Remember the USS Liberty. The Persians were our friends in 1952. Cut the BS.

  • Enrique Flores says:

    This ch news channel is under the usa payroll.

  • ding174 says:

    It’s all internal and in-house. There’s a power struggle going on in the government and China and Russia have staked high claims with Iran and are probably behind the “incidents”. Maybe even India, Pakistan or North Korea. Trying to put the blame on the US or Israel is so 1990’s.

  • alvand kaviyani says:

    in this month more than a thousands fire happened in all over iran.islamists regime is responsible.

  • rob mcwhorter says:

    Thought: SD ship fire was a sign from Mossad to Trump signaling possible retaliation?

  • Sayed Zulfiquar Haider says:

    All the muslim world should unite, atleast against the aggression of israel.
    We should take our land of first qibla and help our palestinians brothers. From india….

  • Dances With Wolves says:

    Spontanious combustion!

  • Love India first says:

    Something Fishy here,one after another.Maybe James Bond is active these days

  • Tim Henry says:

    It’s 7 now.

  • Just Murphy says:

    Israeli saboteurs at work !

    • Linda Steckel says:

      Seven wooden boats catch fire.
      Conspiracy much lol

  • Zeeshan Muhammadi says:

    Becoz u r the enemy of Saudi Arabia…

  • John Carroll says:

    Sailors all smoking Bob Marley…get it sorted guys FFS…

  • Menon Krishna Prasad says:

    Possible the Iranian intelligence are behind it to blame Israel .

  • MacT says:

    The most dangerous job on the planet right now is working for Iran’s nuclear program.

  • sourav das says:

    Ha ha ha 😂😂😂

  • Nitesh Kumar says:

    it seems israel is going all out against Iran.

  • masterji masterji says:

    Trump and Zionist are out to destroy any one who stands up to oppose their evil designs .

  • Master Khan says:

    US using HAARP technology to create heat

  • Salim Ahmed says:

    musad attak, iran ship

  • Um Neang says:

    อีหร่านจะfight back to US and ISRAEL on case of fire at their military facilities at any day

  • SANdeePSP YT says:

    Be careful Iran don’t shoot down again your any passenger airplane

  • Kevin Wellwrought says:

    Israel is attacking Iran everywhere now!

  • Neha Anvii says:

    according to china-India did this

  • Neha Anvii says:

    India is terrorist country so i think india did this

  • jimmy munce says:

    Why are Iranian firefighters walking around wearing uniforms that read “Fireman” written in English? Is that a proper translation? Is that what is normally done? I remember Saddams men working around an area in Iraq wearing uniforms saying “Baby Milk Factory” in English when in fact it was an Iraqi weapons facility or at least reported as such on American tv.

  • Mike Diamondz says:

    Iran is an hypocrite nation … ayatullah said in the begenning ” neither the west nor the est ” they wanted to depend on nobody and look now, making allyance with muslim opressor, china 🤣 …islam is a joke … Iughurs are now like: WTF ? 😂😂😂😂👌🏽

  • franco luis sotomayor says:


  • santisudha says:

    AJ should have sent their journalists with bottles of water to tame the fire.

  • Peter Allen says:

    Lots of things and places blowing up and catching fire in Iran,coincidence, i thought not.

  • Craig Charlery says:

    Space Force testing new weapons 👀

  • D Irwan Edy says:

    USA and Israel spy really do they job to start World war.

  • Judie G. says:

    And no one is talking. Looks suspicious.

  • Abhi 739 says:

    As usual aljazeera throwing oil on fire and spreading rumors, very few channels work for peace nowadays

  • Trev S says:

    Its Israel trying to kick off a war before Trumps is out of office

    • Peregrine Falcon says:

      Make Amarica Great again w Trump

  • Steppi B. says:

    Most sad 😔

  • Laxman Shankar says:

    Its Israel…..No doubt….

  • Wannachange Change says:

    And I saw a US Naval warship burning in San Diego for two days recently and the firefighters said the fire can go on for days.
    So no discriminating against each other everyone has an issue. Peace.

  • cucamonga41 says:

    Who knows? Maybe it’s space aliens?

  • Blue World says:

    Nemesis is Caughting up with Iran

  • e james says:

    israel had nothing to do with it……………………

  • Murtaza Bhai008 says:


  • ooit says:

    So? My neighbors boat as well..

  • Mirsad Seferovic says:

    Wow, mighty U.S. military is attacking the Fisher boths!

  • Mr Arias Ariza says:

    eeuu ataca y nadie hace nada?

  • Mgtowski says:


  • Jack Heppell says:

    Wouldn’t have anything to do with that satellite Israel sent up would it?

  • bobfall says:

    Bad things happen to bad people.

  • KC MO says:

    Indians setting fires!

  • Orbit Mercury says:

    Interesting thing is this happened after the US ship got caught on fire …

  • SmElLmYfInGeR says:

    There is definatley something strange going on with ships on fire like here in california and also in iran…………………………………….

  • Eric Hughes says:


  • B H says:

    I guess they were little like China little fumble fingers.

  • You Fool says:

    Israel is like Imma get you ayatollahs

  • Azad jamu & Kashmir says:

    This is result of Indian proxy war against Iran,

  • Glenn Abiff says:

    Shillaffle!! Wake you up!! The ship it is afire!! Is this your Hibachi?…AaaaaaalllahAhhhhhhkkkbbbaarrrr!!!!🤘

  • George China says:


  • Jesus Jesus says:

    Iran did it to them self now their going to blame USA or Israel so they play the victims were here fighting the corona virus and they want war hopefully USA gives it to them like ww2 automic bomb so they can see not to mess with USA

  • Mohsin Riaz says:

    We don’t tried not stop ; we believe in Allah we never remained withourt success. Ultimate success would of Islam. It is an act of terrorism by hostile intelligence more probably RAW and Mossad.

  • Hasan Maklai says:

    Israel: fake blast news
    China: hold my $400b
    Iran: slap on US face
    India: i lost Chabahar
    US: shivering
    Europe: *Oficially declared china as Superpower*

    Winner: Iran
    Loser: US and the dogs

  • Ebros says:

    People here give the CIA too much credit. They aren’t as well organized as people give the credit for.

  • Vector72 says:

    I take the responsibility of the attacks…

  • Luapo Atiga says:

    Playing hot potatoes with AED’s perhaps! 😂


    Ghost is China

  • Magid Daakye says:

    waww glory be to God

  • eren made me write this says:

    Iran so far seems to understand that mossad is trying to drag into war and get America on the line

  • Bits says:

    Its my angry mother inlaw

  • Jim Martin says:

    Wow two dude’s in the ships hold going over board pumping each others niddle threader’s cracks caused friction Spontaneous Niddle threader Combustion holy fire in San Diego! Now same thing going on in Iran? Best switch to synthetic lube as military iusse. Spontaneous Niddle Threader Combustion is no joke!

  • B I says:

    You cannot stop Iran no matter how much you try, loserz

  • Ashish says:

    It’s not America or Israel because Israel is starting to formally take over areas in West Bank there is something or someone else who is behind all this. and Americans won’t just light fires on ships in dry docks they are not idiots if they can do this they would have blown up the entire facility in Natanz not light a fire.

  • MyChilepepper says:

    Are they competing ship firing with the USA bonhomme naval boat?