Florida Reporter Diagnosed With Cancer After Viewer Spots Lump On Her Neck | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/26
Florida Reporter Diagnosed With Cancer After Viewer Spots Lump On Her Neck | NBC Nightly News

Victoria Price received an email from a concerned WFLA viewer who believed a lump on the reporter’s thyroid to be cancerous. Though at first she was hesitant to visit a doctor amid coronavirus, her doctor confirmed the viewer’s concern.
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Florida Reporter Diagnosed With Cancer After Viewer Spots Lump On Her Neck | NBC Nightly News



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  • by peacewillow says:

    wow…. many blessings to you 💕
    and many thanks for the compassion of that eagle eyed viewer 🌻

  • Dutt's Painful says: Plz watch natural beauty

  • David Ellis says:

    She’s pretty sharp looking.

    • hugh allen says:

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    • NICK GEHRZ says:

      She looks kinda fake

    • David Ellis says:

      @NICK GEHRZ Are you friendly with Mike Hunt ?

    • cubomania3 says:

      LOL. She’s annoying and looks like a female quarterback.

  • uda wyma says:

    How are reported covid deaths confirmed…by testing for covid or assigning covid?

  • Jesus is King says:

    Give it to God he is our Almighty Healer

    • Paul Anderson says:

      @Jesus is King I’m sorry your parents did that to you.

      Its all nonsense and it isn’t real.

      The Tao which can be written -such as in your silly bibles …is not the eternal Tao.

      But I’m sure you got a verse or a psalm to throw out there in defense.

      Talking with bible thumpers is one of the worst kind of circular conversations a person can have.

    • Jennifer Brown says:

      @Jesus is King thanks U ma partner in righteous,God is God all by Himself and He already blesses US, blessed are those who have not seen but believe, let us continues to pray for those that God will give them 🙏 eyes 🙏 to see and 👂 to hear,Nuf Grace Lov from Jamaica.

    • Jesus is King says:

      @Jennifer Brown Bless you!

    • Hyperdrive E says:

      Paul Anderson
      shes ignorant but that’s too far

    • Jesus is King says:

      @Paul Anderson I pray that you will repent and give your life to Jesus today. He will make your path straight & Offers peace that surpasses understanding. Jesus is coming back where will you spend eternity??

  • Jesus is King says:

    Prayers for your healing!!

    • Oliver Wood says:

      Jesus Is King

      100% agree with your comment,

    • Khaleesi S. says:


    • Lora Smith says:

      Praise the Lord My God CAN AND HE WILL PRAISE THE LORD 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Jayda Williams says:

    Me staring at my neck in the mirror 👀👀

    • Fab Funty says:

      I don’t want to scare you, if that’s easy the case DON’T READ the following !
      You can’t even touch/feel for a Thyroid tumor until it’s already 0.6′ – 0.8′ /1,5 – 2cm big.
      In this size, however, it is invisible from the outside, only on ultrasound and in this stage it does not cause any symptoms, they only start if the tumor presses on neighboring structures such as the trachea or esophagus or damages nerve pathways in this region.
      But of course if you see or feel something odd esp swelling you should see a doctor.
      If you can afford it 😟And if someone in your family had it, there’s a genetic test that shows if you inherited this gen (MEN 2-Syndrom)

  • Religion WhistleBlower says:

    We have proved our Godlessness within these past few months when we never did ask God to help us and save us from this pandemic therefore we surely deserve this plague since He is the creator of what we see and what we don’t see.

    • Sharon Guggenheim says:

      The US elevated a false prophet-Donald Trump and 30% believe misinformation spread by him about the virus, now southern and western Americans are getting sick and dying in droves. America has lost its way, and unless Biden wins and get the right teams is to fix this, the US will turn towards dictatorship and more secret federal police. Starvation and homelessness is around the corner. So pray for Biden to win and vote!

  • patricia spanish says:

    Glad you listened!!! Wouldn’t want to lose you

  • Angel A says:

    I dont think she said thank you, she acknowledged but that was it. I would be non stop thanking and praising the viewer

    • Oliver Wood says:

      She has said thank you, on numerous occasions to this woman,

    • cubomania3 says:

      She seems like a big mouth small brain type.

  • jutka says:

    It’s right there on the left side of her neck. Glad the viewer saw it.

  • YANCHU ZHU says:


  • Eden Torbatian says:

    Please, please look into Iodine Deficiency and it’s correlation with Thyroid cancer!! Iodine is a huge component of Thyroid Disfunction and was used in the early 1900’s to treat all sorts of issues (cancers of other organs, benign tumors, mental disorders,etc) but, many doctors of today deem it an “old school method” and “doesn’t have regulatory zeal as radiation treatments do”…. Dr. David Brownstien has many books over Iodine And why it’s not a commonly looked at as a reason for Thyroid issues. I am not saying to not listen to doctors (as I believe that in the right circumstances, they can be of benefit) but it’s always beneficial to do your own research and put your health in your hands, not someone else’s. Much love and health! ❤️

    • GODknows says:

      I agree and somehow that is lacking in American diet but they say salt is bad but make sure when cooking use iodized salt great way to stop that…or seafood but too much seafood contributes to too much cholesterol building up plaque then heart disease!

  • Ted Petersen says:

    “KEEP America TRUMP 2020” If you are a living fish. Living fish swims thro’ the current. DEAD fish flows with the current/cultures/MEDIA. AMERICA & the WORLD NEEDs TRUMP.

    • William Johnson says:


    • Hyperdrive E says:

      Couldn’t have explained trumpisim better myself!
      Y’all Keep swimming, fishes

  • GODknows says:

    Great observation!Sorry to hear pray all goes well just lost my cuzz to liver cancer when she stopped smoking cold turkey 6 years ago may have known she was ill and kept quiet when she could have toxins removed then or if that did not work possibly a liver transplant that would allow her to live another 20 to 30 years but seems as if she was prepared to go…when researched smoking causes cirrhosis of the liver and guess it progressed to that stage overtime so heartbreaking…praying for you🙏🙏🙏

  • Qwerty Qwerty says:

    She not that stupid lol, if she that stupid fire her lol!

  • A DaviD says:

    VERY important! Things will sneak up on you faster than you can realize you weren’t paying attention.

  • Glenn Abiff says:

    Awwww!! 👮‍♂️ TRUMP 2020. 👮‍♂️

  • edward coleman says:

    Did I see this same story a while back,, viewer spots cancer,,,,I have seen this before

  • Solar Ray says:

    She should drop several pounds – that will help her fight her cancer.

  • QQurious mQQe says:

    MSM speaks! …but SCIENCE is nowhere to be MENTIONED? Where that go?
    #HaveYouHerd 👈 Here’s the Numbers SCIENCE with SMOOTH Del Bigtree of HighWire… 📋🖋👋🏻🧐

  • Tommy Gamble says:

    spider man far from home

  • Henry Niemi says:

    What is happening? NBC front page is full of news about white people?!?

    • Hyperdrive E says:

      Do something newsworthy?

    • Cheryl Johannsen says:

      RACIST’S are funny…

  • Dong Hyun, Dee Seo says:

    I can’t believe how self-centered she is. Instead of saying, “I easily could have ignored the email. I am glad I didn’t.” You should have said “If it hadn’t been for the viewer… … I am really thankful to the viewer. You saved my life.” Arrogant people simply can’t help!

    • USS Voyager says:

      @pcp1980 No, your stupidity is beyond. You waited for her to thank the viewer (something she’s done already) and then assume she’s arrogant because she didn’t do it in this interview. You’re just as dumb as the op.

    • cubomania3 says:

      She does indeed seem like big mouth and small brain.

    • USS Voyager says:

      She’s already thanked the viewer who saved her life you moron. You didn’t see her being thankful in this video so you just assume she’s being arrogant and self-centered? Smh Get over yourself. She doesn’t need your input on what she “should have said”. Try using your brain instead of acting like a self-righteous fool.

    • Dong Hyun, Dee Seo says:

      @USS Voyager Last question asked to her, “Victoria, do you think the viewer saved your life?” Victoria: “I’d like to think so.” Her attitude is consistent. She works in the media industry for Christ’s sake, and she should know better. And, why are you so ticked off?

    • Dip Ice says:

      She does say it at 1:25

  • Alien Grey says:

    How did she not notice that the right side of her neck looks like there’s a golf ball in there? Maybe it’s just her natural neck shape and the thyroid cancer was a pure coincidence.

    • Blast 4 Me says:

      I had a 20 year old out of state cousin that was walking around with his neck like that for months . He literally thought his neck grew like that becasue of playing football …Long story short it was cancer and now he’s gone …..If i would’ve saw him with his neck like that I would’ve told him to go to the doctor immediately .

  • Koukhd Tngabugn says:

    How smart was she not to have waited on Dr Fauci’s approval to first consider the warning of her viewer and second to take her health into her own hands !!!!

    • Hyperdrive E says:

      Consider your own glass house before you troll

  • Koukhd Tngabugn says:

    The United States is doomed to have deified Dr Fauci and taken his medical recommendations for the gospel !!!!

  • Liverpool FC For Life says:

    Whats the theme at the end when that man is talking?



    • cubomania3 says:

      A lot of them are obnoxious, and she’s really off-putting.

  • Elizabeth McQuain says:

    I been having a thyroid for over 15 year’s and my Mom told me I need to get my thyroid taken care of and my Mom died in 2014 I have 2 sister’s with thyroid and one of my sister have to go under the knife again because the doctors didn’t remove all of her thyroid. I was being hard headed. But I thank GOD I don’t have cancer 😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏🙏 I have hyperthyroidism now😣😕

  • John Deere says:

    Maybe women should consider the possible sources involved too. Not just treatments, but actual possible ways to prevent it in the first place. 🙄

    PFCs in cosmetics may lead to thyroid problems –

    23-Jul-2013 By Chris BARKER

    “Chemicals contained in common household products such as *cosmetics,* fabrics and carpets may lead to changes in thyroid function, according to a new study.”

    “For unclear reasons thyroid cancers (like almost all diseases of the thyroid) occur about *3 times more often in women than in men.* Thyroid cancer can occur at any age, but the risk peaks earlier for women (who are most often in their 40s or 50s when diagnosed) than for men (who are usually in their 60s or 70s).”

  • Not Art Vandelay says:


  • hawaiiopihi says:

    Wow what a miracle! She was saved by an angel!

  • Abner Dablio says:

    Pray, and don’t lie again as you used to do in your daily broadcast, and keep away from devil democrats narrative. Be away from dems. Embrace republicans pro God doctrine.

    • Cheryl Johannsen says:

      Ha ha ha.. there is no god.

  • Abner Dablio says:

    You will be fine, just take my advice

  • Kiritto San bitter says:

    And you all push to stay closed ! When we need open our country and it apply

  • Matthew Lee says:

    What’s Fukushima

  • Blast 4 Me says:

    Coronavirus is scary but my biggest fear is still cancer ……

  • Regina Santos says:

    I hope she gets better….

  • Pumpkin Girl says:

    Great viewer..Good luck Beautiful young lady..🙏✝️❤️💐👍🏼😁🌞🌈🍀🕊️

  • fizz rocs says:

    My wife had same 2018 year we couldn’t recognize that lump.she was feeling choke when she eats and our.local family doctor saw that lump.and it turned out to be NON HODGKINS LYMPHOMA CANCER

  • Martha Whiteman says:

    I was able to diagnose my son in law with prostate cancer, he was asleep on our couch and after giving him a quick exam it was clear to me he had an issue

    • Wayne Meeds says:

      Why has no one else noticed this comment? 😂

    • Megan Bennett says:

      It is just weird click bait

  • Demore Gains says:

    28 and working for NBC , wow she’s a talent. Feel sorry for the competition who lost out on her job.

  • Alex To go says:

    Lucky for her she has a good paying job and health care. Others wouldn’t be so lucky