Parents Are Hiring Private Tutors For Kids In ‘Pandemic Pods’ — But Not Everyone Can Afford It | NBC

2020 8/01
Parents Are Hiring Private Tutors For Kids In ‘Pandemic Pods’ — But Not Everyone Can Afford It | NBC

Some parents are hiring private tutors for small groups of students to supplement online learning. Experts say this will leave low-income students behind and widen the education gap.
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Parents Are Hiring Private Tutors For Kids In ‘Pandemic Pods’ — But Not Everyone Can Afford It | NBC



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  • Kate Lee says:

    For whoever sees this, you’re blessed and I wish you the best during this difficult time!

    • Rangi Kino says:

      Thanks and same to you too.

    • Birdie Jeffers says:

      Blessings of abundance & well wishes to you as well 🙏🕊️

  • E Hole says:

    Freaking please.

  • david dawes says:

  • Vera reiki says:

    You know if the kids can go to school I know not everybody can hard tutor but that’s college graduates cop who killed women and men go in the college that could probably 2 to your kid for 2 hours a day and use it as a credit to their careers use it as a as part of their going to go look for a job as one of the issues that something that they did or if you have a large enough house any person gets tested for the virus and they don’t have it give somebody room and board to be your kids tutor then you wouldn’t have to do nothing but buy food and give him a place to stay and then if they needed to they could work outside of the house or not work

  • Dutt's Painful says: watch natural beauty if you like than subscribe please

  • Jamie Cox says:

    Trump is the epitome of a self-indulgent narcissist lacking empathy for anyone or anything that doesn’t edify and lift him up! And just like his low turnout at his recent rallies, there will be a low turnout and teachers Nationwide because at least they’re smart enough to realize they can’t put the children’s lives on the line with covid-19 out there!

  • Vera reiki says:

    You know these people are talking about the schools I know hundreds of children that was home school that straight A students have gone to the best college has the best universities and it’s doing well and they’re well-rounded going away I think this is going to be better for the kids being studying at home I have in the pods because it’s going to teach him to be strong or it’s going to teach them to be able to pick up friend to make better decisions it’s going to make them wiser it’s going to make them think about who they want to be around and who they want their friends to be not just go to school at this is my friend

    • Raggedy Ann says:

      That WERE home schooled. When you go to school they teach you proper English.

    • Raggedy Ann says:

      HAVE the best universities 🙄

    • Raggedy Ann says:

      Too many errors😢

    • Raggedy Ann says:


  • Vera reiki says:

    Understand what they’re saying about you stats a black and brown that maybe can’t get the pods but when my daughter was a kid she’s not now I bought books I bought computer games I bought all kinds of things to make her think to make her wives to make her to make decisions and there is a lot of things you can buy now to help kids with their education and my daughter is a straight A student she’s got two degrees but the kids need to be motivated also at home and learning that’s books that you go to the dollar store the Dollar Tree or whatever you want to call and they got a lot of books in there for kids to go to school to learn things so I can be done it just have to do it

  • hugh allen says:

    Rethuglicans are facilitating C19 so as to lockdown and cancel the vote. The process of an authoritarian take over is now! ALL RETHUGLICANS OUT — if possible.

  • David Ellis says:

    Trump needs to understand that Teachers can’t teach from the grave.

    • Luna Azul says:

      Exactly! If remote learning is available, why risk their lives.

  • melissia gummig says:

    I home schooled for years with other “financially challenged” families… IT CAN BE DONE! … Look for college students… retired teachers ..librarians … Day camp leaders! Many would love to volunteer! In our 18 unit apts we are diverse in heritage & languages…we are starting a learning lab of sorts.. 8am till noon…I’m volunteering for pre K – 1st… Older Kids still doing on line learning from school & we will all get together for special science/ social studies projects…. Kids can still be learning…and like the rest of the world…”its gonna be just a little bit different” but that’s ok

    • Cara says:

      melissia gummig this is absolutely wonderful! Nothing wrong with being clever and resourceful. It would be great if there was a place for parents to go to learn how go about doing what you’ve organized.

  • MC KO says:

    One small step to breaking the teachers unions. More charter schools and private education. Support school taxes refunds immediately

  • Patricia Queen says:

    Democrat oath of office

    I do soullessly swear, I will menacingly support and defund the Institution of Public Safety of the United States, against all humanity, American and Patriotic; I will induce true evil and alliance to the same; that I take this psychological manipulation freely, without any mental awareness or of common sense; and that I will, well and faithfully discharge the duties of the swamp in which I am about to enter.
    So help me Satan

  • Bonnie Dunbar says:

    Watch Vernon Coleman on youtube.

  • Twin Flame Union Deaths says:

    So wonderful to see. The children do come first always💙

  • Septembers Whisper says:

    Teachers have proven themselves to be useless except for indoctrinating our children. Kids have been in camps all summer, schools have opened in other countries, and no outbreaks, yet we have teacher afraid to go back to work. They are not afraid they are lazy and should be fired.

    • ML says:

      Actually, many foreign school have opened then closed again bc the covid 19 was found in those foreign schools including American school and summer camp(s). Even one American teacher got infected and died from the virus and two others in that same school got infected too. Other schools found that the students are getting infection too like the adults. I don’t think that the teachers are lazy and doesn’t want to teach. They just don’t want to risk their life and the lives of their own family back home if they have to go to work when their workplace is not save to go in the first place. If kids can’t go to school n person, no need to hired a bunch of teachers to teach online lessons since the school districts across the country can hired 12 teachers, one for each grade level ten have these teachers teach the same school curriculum for every students from k-12 in that particular state. The rest of teachers, school personnel including Principal can be laid off and get Ui money from EDD. Once the death rate goes down a lot in each state or county level then schools can open again if it’s safe to do so by then. This save time and a lot of money for gov in the long run until the virus either disappear or we get a vaccine that really work. The money save from opening school can be use to buy laptops and install internet for online learning at home for poor, low income students. I used to volunteered at 2 elementary schools and teach English to Kindergartners individually and I felt helpless when I found out that minority colored kids with non-speaking English parents have no one to teach or help them with school work at home and this will be this way until the student learn English on their own as they go thru each grade level. I know that online learning at home is useless for students with parents or older siblings who doesn’t speak or know English or any of the school various subject., which is why the school educators in the district need to find way to help these non-English speaking students so they don’t fall behind their peers.

  • reverse_halo says:

    Now do a story on the extremely small percentage of American families that can afford private tutors….

    • Andy Griffith says:

      In this era of Trump’s Corona virus death cloud, kids need to be taught at home.

  • Knightfall182 says:

    It’s a fantastic idea! Everyone should do this.

  • Cynthia Beatriz says:

    My mother left us so suddenly, & sadly we werent ready for that. I would really appreciate anything anyone could help us with. Even if you guys just share the link.

  • Ann Tomaszewski says:

    It’s not appropriate for kid’s to stay home.

  • Prove its a fact says:

    Even though NEW covid 19 death toll has reached ONE THOUSAND deaths in just one day. While at the same time, the NEW covid 19 infections one day total has reached *77 THOUSAND*

    * After the re-opening covid 19 is now infecting 1 in 3 children*
    *Before the re-opening 1 in 2000-/+ children were becoming infected*

    With that information in mind. What would any logicality thinking parents conclude???
    1) *it IS safe to send your children back to school*

    2) *It IS safe to send your children into an enclosed environment*
    (an environment in which your children will be *FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS every day*

    3) *if your children happens to become infected with covid 19 and dies* …
    you can find comfort in the following…
    At the time Covid 19 is infecting and killing more people than it ever did…

    *It was you that sent your children back to school*

    *You are the one that played Russian Roulette with the lives of your own children*

    The really ironic part is;…
    *Nobody forced to play Russian roulette with your children’s lives*

    *You did it WILLINGLY*

    You will always know
    *Sending your children back to school (while covid is infecting and killing more people than ever before) was the logical, smart, well thought-out thing to do*


    • amanda marie says:

      @Prove its a fact ages 17 14 and 4

    • Prak Praklan says:

      This argument is critically fallacious, although it’s resolution is accurate for unrelated reasons. First, the numbers you’re citing are most likely inflated, as personal anecdotes, general research, and publicly available information attest. Secondarily, even with the inflated numbers, as the Worldometers site attests, real cases are ten times the number confirmed, while actual deaths are presumed to be only twice those confirmed. Mortality rates for children are estimated below 1%, around .3% and even less for a healthy person with a strong immune system, probably .1% and 1/5th of that number (.2%) after accounting for the delta between confirmed and actual case counts. The flu causes 9-45 million infections and 12-61 thousand deaths nationally in the US and annually.

      Regardless of this data indicating that the risk of a child dying from covid is remarkably marginal and comparable to the risk of dying from the flu, each person has to make their own decision of balancing safety and education. Clearly, homeschooling is superior in safety to a pod, which easily outclasses public schooling.

    • Prove its a fact says:

      @Prak Praklan

      You don’t have any public school age children.
      If you do *please please please please send them to school ASAP*

    • Prove its a fact says:

      @amanda marie

      *Please please please please send them to back to school ASAP*

    • Prak Praklan says:

      @Prove its a fact I am one. And I go to school year-round. Online. At college. Schooling from home is clearly superior when possible, the alternatives exist for the cases in which it is not.

    • amanda marie says:

      @Prove its a fact in all reality i do want to keep them home♡ and may do just that!

    • amanda marie says:

      @Prove its a fact i dont understand, your comment makes it seem like you’re for keeping them home. ??

    • Prove its a fact says:

      @amanda marie

      Why would I send children into ANY enclosed environment (school or otherwise).
      *Especially when covid19 is now infecting and killing more people than it ever has*
      *I would have to be one of the stupidest people that ever existed*

      Most Americans mentality is based upon self gratification, taking actions based upon their emotions” but take no
      responsibility for their actions, deeply dependent on the government to do their thinking of them because they lack very basic common sense and survival instincts.

      *In essence, most Americans have the mentality of someone that’s 15 years of age*

  • Jack Axe says:

    My Kids are using a free learning app this year called “YOUTUBE”

    • Barbara Reid says:


    • BreaTimes says:


    • Prof Phil Bell says:

      where they can learn that Earth is flat.

    • Andy Griffith says:

      @Prof Phil Bell
      How you know what parents are going to teach their kids at home?

    • Hello Kitty says:

      I know that’s right same here

  • Roger That says:

    High school students should get school credit to volunteer to tutor these younger kids

    • ML says:

      Ridiculous idea since these high school kids might infect the younger children. Plus, no parents want their teen kids to go teach or be infected with the virus if they do decide to do it or have time to drive their teen to someone else house to go learn school credits. This is a Covid 19 pandemic where no one is immune from this dangerous , highly infectious virus, not the pre-Covid 19 time so to do something like this is not a good, sensible idea at all!

    • Prak Praklan says:

      Agreed; this would be an excellent balance of educational incentive and risk minimization.

    • Prak Praklan says:

      @ML Hardly; children and teens have been frequently congregating during the pandemic period and most of them haven’t contracted or died from Covid. Most teens and parents logically disregard the marginal risk of even getting infected or dying, although everyone can manage their own risk factors as they see fit. Many teens have bikes, scooters, and sometimes even cars if they wish to teach. Of course no one is immune to Covid, but teens are one of the lowest risk age groups, with actual mortality rates presumably below .5% based on the confirmed-real case delta. Clearly, this data indicates the “Evolved Lancasterian” method is quite applicable and effective in this situation.

  • Roger That says:

    Florida has at least 7,000 cases of children with Coronavirus

  • Jan truitt says:

    Why can’t people teach others without getting money!

    • Brittany Paden says:

      Jan truitt same reason you can’t free WiFi. Consumer based economy.

  • Stormy Lan says:

    Did he say black families Latino families Asian families I guess he forgot that there are white people that are poor low income

    • egal girl says:

      Actually i also commented the same
      He says that and he also black
      U see how we blacks don’t believe in ourselves .
      And tgats why black people have problem to accept there colour and hair.
      Someone tells them they are ugly there hair is bad and hard and tgey accept that
      Since the y don’t 👂 positive comments.

  • Mauricio Graham says:

    I grew up homeschooled and this sounds very similar to what we did.

  • Pertinent Prick says:

    In 2020, the things being done are so unnecessary. I can sit on youtube, and find science videos, and history, or astronomy, and learn more in an hour-long video, than I did in an entire semester in high-school. A lot of the school “curriculum” is outdated, both in terms of method AND content.

    • Carlos M says:

      This is true for some, but not all. Some children don’t have the capacity to teach themselves or the discipline to focus on anything for more than 5 minutes.

  • Darrell May says:

    In the beginning only the Wealthy could afford to have their kids taught,,,, so sad for slow learners!,,,,,

  • Henry Niemi says:

    Its not as if your poor kids ever had a chance at higher quality education. Not all slum schools can afford to hire Michelle Pfeiffer you know..

  • Scott Combs says:

    Sorry but this is capitalism at its finest.

  • Denise Monahan says:

    A 8p07]pp

  • John Barrett says:

    More lies. Want the truth? Go here:

  • Mandatory Maintenance says:

    We are currently stuck inside an episode of the Twilight Zone and this
    is how you keep sane:

  • Sherry Stewart says:

    I’m sure there are parents who CANNOT teach SCIENCE (contagion) because they are not scientists – they were never taught science, of course. How else to understand contagion.???? Maybe that’s why so many people are too foolish to wear masks. Stupid and DEADLY mistake!!! PLEASE WEAR A MASK _ FOR ME!!!! I am 83 and in the middle of writing two books. I want to finish!!!

    • Prak Praklan says:

      Autodidaction is an activity many people are capable of but refuse to engage in because they are hampered by the school system’s training. Additionally, the Covid-19 case numbers are inflated and exaggerated (hospitals receive a considerable increase in compensation for Covid patients, among other reasons.) In most cases, wearing a mask is logical and helpful to those around a person, but critical thinking and self-control are now at an all-time low. The large majority of people who contract Covid survive. If you don’t feel safe to go out, staying at home and utilizing modern conveniences such as food delivery services like Blue Apron is an excellent option. Oh, right, California castrated the gig economy. Well, at least some stores still offer delivery; keep living and fulfilling your life objectives, but don’t force everyone else to stop their lives because you want to continue surviving AND feel comfortable anywhere you go. That action is just as inconsiderate as you claim people not wearing a mask is, if not more so.

  • La Harris says:

    I understand it’s tough in the being for student & parents but if these kids & adult can go online and learn unless information for their enjoyment; how hard is it to discipline themselves to sit down and get class work done. Honestly, everyone can Tik Toc (?) Instagram, etc..but can’t do school work…OK

  • Morning Glory says:

    I feel so sorry for kids today. They have no future and they have their grandparents to thanks for it.

  • MainVein Stain says:

    ‘Pandemic pods’ = 119

  • Eugene Vaux says:

    Do they really have to be paid? I’d like to volunteer as a tutor in my hometown.

  • Usawa Andwele says:

    Does anyone have information pertaining to pods located in or near Baltimore? If so, please forward to Thank you very much.

  • Kelly McShane says:

    Everything is racist. Whatever. Screw the media.

  • Mike Marder says:

    I don’t get the additional Covid related safety if 10 kids are still congregating around a floating teacher in a pod that’s dubiously cleaned. What am I missing?

  • ala ska says:

    Most “parents” just dump their ANIMALS on the school system.

  • Jane B says:

    Best idea !!! Give teacher jobs to.

  • saddam husain says:

    May I teach kids as a tutor? Free

  • Pooja Madaan says:

    Well, I would love to help these children from classes 5th to 12th in their studies… I’ve done bsc in medical science. I can teach them for free.. Via hangouts or zoom app.. For further queries:- contact- ms. aashima (