Some Teachers Leaving The Classroom For Good As Coronavirus Concerns Grow | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/28
Some Teachers Leaving The Classroom For Good As Coronavirus Concerns Grow | NBC Nightly News

As schools grapple with reopening plans for the fall, some teachers are making the difficult choice not to return to their posts. A poll found 1 in 5 teachers are unlikely to return to the classroom for fear of contracting coronavirus.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Some Teachers Leaving The Classroom For Good As Coronavirus Concerns Grow | NBC Nightly News



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  • Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Lawrenceville says:

    Just one more reason that they should have created a cure/vaccine by now. If you want things to go back to normal, then the CDC, NIAID, WHO, Fauci, etc. need to be the ones to put a complete end to COVID-19. And despite the fact that our president has done a lousy job of containing this mess, it is ultimately up to the scientists, chemists, etc. of the world to put a true end to the coronavirus outbreak.

    • Michael Shigetani says:

      They’re working on it

  • Virginia O'Flaherty says:

    Retired teacher here. Schools are struggling with the demand to open. This is so schools. I have endured countless faculty meetings where the Principle of the school tells the staff, “this is the new dumb and unworkable dictate from on high, you don’t have to like it you just have to do it.” It always shocked me how subservient all levels of school professionals are. They NEVER say publicly that what they are forced to do doesn’t work
    Now Trump demands the impossible and the education systems all over the country kowtow as though they actually have to do what a sociopath demands. Why? I don’t have any respect for people who do wrong because someone in authority tells them to.

  • Mountain N says:

    I don’t understand why they need to quit their job. They can be the teacher online to all of these students.

    • Michael Shigetani says:

      not if the schools won’t support online teaching.

  • Reporter Mitch says:

    The pencil case industry must be feeling this.

  • Mountain N says:

    We have to reach out to the children that have abusive parents or parents that don’t wish to teach their children or even feed them at home. Social services need to be more aware of these situations now that all the children are home.

  • Ageless Beauty For ever says:

    ok… teachers…stay home.. policemen.. stay home.. but I do not understand WHY DO THE FOOD STORE EMPLOYEES HAVE TO GO TO WORK.?. I THINK ALL FOOD STORE SHOULD BE CLOSED , ALL LIQUOR STORE, ALL WALMART STORE SHOULD BE CLOSED. . and I wonder how you people agree with this would watch tv and feed yourself and your kids… or don’t you think a store employee is as important as teacher or a policeman????? AREN’T EVERYBODY LIFE EQUALLY IMPORTANT?????????

  • theBellIsTolling says:

    dont obey in advance. ~timothy snyder

  • Sondra Brown says: masks for sale, free shipping, well made, washable

  • Eumin Kong says:

    My classroom will be me in full body suit

  • original iphone xs for 1 usd tap my avatar says:

    0:59 fabulous

  • Joe B says:

    Trump – DOSEN’T CARE — the jacks$$ is only concerned about his election potential. In the words of a well known buffoon and “Stable genius”: “TREMENDOUS – FANTASTIC – INCREDIBLE.”

  • Tiamaat 23 says:

    Teachers get treated badly in best of times.

  • YQ10 Galaxy Hidden & Cloaked says:

    Trump wants the schools to open for the obvious reason: His Re-Election. He wants the Economy to be “normal” which means schools are back, just so he can make that claim and garner more votes. Trump could care less if COVID19 becomes worse. He is focused ONLY on his Re-Election and HIMSELF. Trump should have thought of the consequences of COVID19 in Jan/Feb., but he is INCAPABLE of Foresight and decides by his “gut” instinct. Even more egregious was Trump’s dismantling of the Pandemic Response group in the NSC in 2018. This was designed to respond quickly to newly mutated pathogens, aka Viruses like COVID19.

    • Michael Shigetani says:

      yep. He did everything wrong

  • joshua traman says:


  • Ron Smith says:

    Teachers who have enough years to retire are in good shape the rest of them are screwed

  • Arianna Seusankar says:

    Math is harder and they don’t need to go back to school it’s frustrating them and reading spelling is more difficult they can not do fractions factors algebra or graphing

  • Arianna Seusankar says:


  • S CT says:

    Not just teachers, a lot of us will retire ASAP this year instead of returning to the office. I will be 62 in Nov and will go on my hubby’s medical insurance then retire.

  • Charles Broderick says:

    I’m proud of these wonderful teachers speaking out saying that schools AREN’T safe to return !!!
    President Trump ONLY cares about the economy and his political career/ life

  • Edwin Figueroa says:

    God bless all my teachers. I love them all. I remember getting sick I’m school I went to the school nurse she sent me home. I had the flu very bad. I love my school nurse.

  • Iron Weed says:

    Hire low risk teachers

    • Michael Shigetani says:

      WTF does that even mean?

    • Iron Weed says:

      @Michael Shigetani Hire people with low risk factors for complications from this virus. Young and healthy basically.

  • Orrin Dibbert says:

    I don’t owe anybody anything now because of, *e a s y j o b s o n l i n e .c l u b*

  • Torontopia says:

    America’s school system was already failing before Coronavirus, check out the international test scores and world ranking. America is also failing at Coronavirus, so put the 2 together and it’s clear, the US school system isn’t even nearly ready to deal with this and teachers could lose their lives, so if I was a teacher, I’d be pretty worried right now!

  • Troy Garcia says:

    well, why would they wanna go back…they spent the last months of the school year working half the hours, working from home…

  • Joshua Koenig says:

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    • Joshua Koenig says:

      @Michael Shigetani well may be they arn’t teachers or may be they are but want to teach some where else.

    • Joshua Koenig says:

      like i don’t like to judge people

    • Michael Shigetani says:

      @Joshua Koenig did you actually watch the video?

    • Joshua Koenig says:

      @Michael Shigetani Do you think i did or didn’t ?

    • Joshua Koenig says:

      did i watch half or part or like a second or minute or hour or yesterday. are you judging me again

  • Terri Niemeier says:

    Amen may these teachers teach the World how dangerous Pandemics are and stay home till the dangers are over

  • Cynthia Faith says:

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    • Wizardof87 1987 says:

      Pics or it didn’t happen

    • Michael Shigetani says:

      and the snake oils come out of the cracks

  • Wizardof87 1987 says:

    Wall of Teachers…. They are terrorists now too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crazy Life says:

    Donald Trump MAGA by forcing Americans do what he what them to do.

  • Brock Samson says:

    What was up with that integral? 0:38 Double integrals are with different variables, not the same variable twice. And how are they going to handle where the tangent goes to infinity? Sure, the symmetry of the problem means the answer should be zero, but that’s brushing the singularities under the rug.

    • Michael Shigetani says:


    • Brock Samson says:

      @Michael Shigetani i know, right?

    • benish borogove says:

      It’s gratifying to see there are others who notice things like this too.

  • Mulki Lair says:

    I’d rather quit the job, stay at home and come back to school when the pandemic is under control or over so the teachers and kids can return safely.

  • Zeig Dich says:

    The students aren’t going to show up. Many live with grandparents who help take care of them. There is no way I would send my kid to school in such circumstances.

  • Youtube Noob says:

    I will email my school’s principle if they open school….

  • Mousta Samatar says:

    Let those parents teach there’s kids

  • K5HPE says:

    Virus Safety for Kids

  • Maixee Vang says:

    Well, I think the school will end up hiring people straight out of college. Sigh…

  • smashing your Mom says:


  • Jojo Harper says:

    Let trump kids GO FIRST GRAND KIDS TOO

  • De Cruz Gabriel says:


  • Laurie Poo says:

    I wouldn’t work at no school. Prostitution seems safer.

  • Viewer One says:

    So true so true, you cannot keep kids 6 ft apart they are children, and they will get infected teachers will be infected and bring home to their families it is very sad but until the system is updated and cleaning is the issue even so one can never know, it is a silent killer be very very cautious. 🙏

  • George Almaraz says:

    Do they qualify for unemployment? This is voluntary resignation……which is a bad idea…..

  • rain3140 says:

    my sentiments go to them too! too risky knowing one infection can ruin everything

  • Donna Joseph-Barford says:

    First they can’t control urban students so others can learn. Now they want to force teachers and students to go back knowing it’s a recipe for disaster. Have classes online and safe.

  • chelly jelly says:

    It’s all bad

  • Dip In says:

    They should move the classrooms outdoor for the cities with weathers that permit it. The would have to section classes with dividers.

  • Gwen30 says:

    Many, many teachers will retire because they know that the schools will not be adequately equipped to teach in a safe and effective manner!!! If teachers can’t get teaching supplies how
    will the schools provide the ppe needed to keep students, and staff from catching COVID-19 and from spreading it to family and friends it’s NOT doable at this time!
    Trump and Betsy Devos are demanding the impossible and they know it!!!

  • Mog Gryffindor says:

    Not worth it for teachers to risk their lives. Keep teaching from the computer. Almost anything can be taught from a computer these days. People will have to hire babysitters which can be a good thing. Lots of young women will need jobs for side cash. Babysitting and being a teacher’s assistant could help.

  • Bjørn-Aksel Ffs says:

    Winning winning winning….lol

  • Michael skoviak says:

    Goodbye let the younger teachers teach.

  • Science Anni Style says:

    It’s almost like we should’ve invested in our schools instead of paying for overseas wars fighting for oil🤷‍♀️

  • Yo Gabba says:

    Y’all can’t make ppl wear a mask to Wal-Mart how tf this gonna work😂😂😂

  • philio biblio says:

    At least districts have cleaning staff. At charter schools the kids and teachers are doing all the disinfecting

  • Pumpkino kernro says:

    my mom told me that she wont be sending me to school so im glad

  • Malissa H says:

    I would not send my child back to school with all this going on. It’s enough that adults are being made Guinea Pigs but that’s HORRIBLE to make the kids out of Guinea Pigs as well. People it’s not worth risking your childs life. DON’T DO IT! Keep them home and safe…

  • Tere AyalaS says:

    I love my kids. I won’t put their health in risk. I decided my kids stay home for E-Learning . its going to be temporary. Not forever . God Bless everyone

  • Eric Cartman's Strength and Power says:

    Fake news by the numbers.

  • Kids Pit says:

    Wake up in spring, and the main steam media is scared to death it’s going to die of the common cold and the whole world is
    Heil Corona.
    I think if the children survive to be adults they deserve a basic income, but I don’t know if the main stream media will ever grow up.
    Germs Lives Matter.
    She could not work at a safe distance from the Internet? Well.

  • Ms Jules says:

    Strike against schools opening.

  • Lay 'O La Lakota says:

    This is a risk! They should do online classes 😢

  • Janet DRIVER says:

    Stay home your obviously not interested in the children. Go hide behind your mask.

    • benish borogove says:

      And _you’re_ obviously interested in child care services for several hours/day so you can go to work and make money.

  • delor b says:

    I was in the classroom until my medical issues forced me out. Any teacher will tell you that kids spread EVERYTHING. I got so sick I missed almost a month. I never went back.

  • Diegoxgaming 4444 says:

    Karens these days

  • Rebecca Black says:

    The David Knight show and the Alex Jones show sustainable 2040 prison city cobra commander for president anti new world

  • Alex M says:

    Oh please. I did K-12 in America, the teachers are only concerned about themselves not the kids.

  • Carmen G. says:

    What if we all take a sabbatical year?

  • lothean says:

    Just imagine when doctors and nurses decide they had enough. Some people already regret their lack of social distancing and no mask wearing. Wonder who else will regret their judgment.

  • Chairside M says:

    OMG! OMG! RUN!

  • Christopher Miller says:

    Don’t blame them. Awful plan.

  • David Leiton says:

    Trust in God people

  • David Leiton says:

    We should not live in fear the Bible says, if we do the guidelines then nothing should happen

  • Chris No says:

    I know teachers who r protesting to not go back to work bc they will still get paid. Yet they r going to public places, traveling, going out to eat, going to bars, the beach, waterparks, etc. Does that sound like they are scared for their life to u?


    America is one of the countries in the world that has the highest rate of covid and they wana open schools. Think about people. Wake up

  • Julie Giroux says:

    Yup. A lot of people in general are going to be retiring earlier than planned.
    That’s another unforseen effect of our current disaster. Pay up, suckers!!

    PS, a nice part time undeclared income can be made on private tutoring.

  • F ? says:

    This is all so true. I am a teacher and there is absolutely no guarantee that I won’t catch Covid-19 and possibly die from it (as well as the students). There is so much at stake here.

  • Tabitha Tapia says:

    If nurses and other healthcare professionals have to work so can they.

  • JT Schnow says:

    Teaching is pretty much workfare for incompotent adults in America, nothing to do with kids learning.

  • Omar Abdou says:

    What a disaster, what a shame.

  • Brittany Exon says:


  • My Opinion says:

    I come into close contact in a closed space everyday with random “adults” who could be infected. But, that’s my job and I just can’t refuse to do it.

  • Vicki Gauthier says:

    No school taxes, on my property tax. ??

  • Celestine Latham says:

    Home school you’re children

  • Joanna Garcia says:

    Prayers :'(

  • Amy Kolterman says:

    13 teachers arrested in the Portland protests. Go figure, they don’t want to teach because they are making a bucket full of money running around being anarchists. They don’t want to teach, they want to destroy. I don’t think I would want my kid in school today. I would home school today.

  • PhantomMatrix says:

    One major problem is schools don’t have enough money for sanitizing supplies and teachers end up forking it from their checks.

  • dookies says:

    Is a kid going to die from this ?

  • butternuttt says:

    as usual what happens to teachers is not even considered. teachers are the last ones considered when decisions are made

  • rocco lucky says:

    Smart choice..thank you teachers!

  • Jomh says:

    S**** y** people you need a babysitter You can’t handle your kids so you wanna send them to someone else you’re only caring about yourself

  • Venom Spidey says:

    Remember this world is really broken. So yes we can’t blame the teachers they should stay safe home. Go use the zoom that they settled up for that

  • Pedro Saabedra says:

    If they open school we are going to get a bunch of videos about kids getting the virus.

  • Diviya Subramaniam says:

    I appreciate their decision. They shouldn’t be put in this position at first place . They should be allowed to teach remotely.

  • scorlin gonzalez says:

    This country’s goverment finally showed their true colors. Money > Lives

  • Michael Jensen says: Hydroxychloroquine with the Z-Pack and Zinc is the cure and prevention treatment for COVID-19. We don’t need a vaccine. We have a cure that’s keeping the high-risk patients alive as well.

  • dan Halo says:

    Very true, no teacher should go back I would not do it if i were in their shoes. When the government and those other Republican politicans not doing their job and not implementing the necessary regulations and actions to bring those Covid numbers significantly down and under control than why should teachers go back an risk their lifes? Don’t risk your life and kids lifes for Trumps failures and Trumps incompetents

  • Steve Mccready says:

    Fear is the real disease.

  • Paula Baumann says:

    I think there will be a mass exodus from Education, Nursing, and Medicine. The pillars of our Social network are failing under tRump.

  • Sambreen Khan says:

    It is funny that she doesn’t have mask on and complaining about her health issue

  • Casius CBU says:


    workaround seen

    but similar mistakes time and again