How Could The 2020 Election Impact Control Of The Senate? | NBC News NOW

2020 8/01
How Could The 2020 Election Impact Control Of The Senate? | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Steve Kornacki looks back at how previous presidential elections have shifted the number of seats each party held in the Senate and how the 2020 election could shift control.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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How Could The 2020 Election Impact Control Of The Senate? | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (145件)

  • NCR Trooper says:

    after whats happened this year, there is no way the democrats can win legitimately

  • F. S. says:

    Don’t repeat 2016

  • Fred Midtgaard says:

    I know Americans don’t care about the world, but you will be quiet lonely out there if Trump wins. We will all just go on with 21st-century stuff and see you on the other side.

    • Thefs Gyub says:

      Pat McCann but with Biden’s cognitive decline him vs Trump in the debates imagine that. That’s the main reason I think Trump will win.

    • Thefs Gyub says:

      Pat McCann Biden was a kkk member. So I just can’t get myself to vote for an old white racist kkk member with cognitive issues…… it’s dangerous for our country!

    • T L says:

      @Thefs Gyub but you will vote for a child molesting, lying, grifter, that killed 140,000 Americans with incompetence, ran the economy in the ground, and make the U.S. an international laughing stock?

    • Thefs Gyub says:

      T L I sure wouldn’t vote for Biden who is a racist,bigot,pushover who has been in office for 40 years and hasn’t done a dang thing.give one good reason to vote for Biden. I mean the dude might not even make it to November at this rate. BTW it is all China’s and the protestors fault that 140,000 have died from “COVID-19 “

    • Thefs Gyub says:

      T L you must have been watching to much fake news media, because literally nothing you just said is true… do your research bruhhhhhh

  • John Barg says:

    Trump is a corrupt, wannabe dictator. Get rid of him and his treasonous, Republican enablers.

  • Dovrille co. says:

    Are you in a shaky place and need to hear from God? Stop what you’re doing and join Dovrille now!!!

  • fondoftheduh says:

    I just came for the comments to see if anybody believes your poll news

  • M Wild thing says:

    No liberals aka the side that’s overly soft sensitive politically correct, safe space creators , and the ones offended over statues , syrup bottles, and sport team names lol

  • William Anderson says:

    It’s time to get some real peoples in the white house and get rid of the fake people 😡

    • Genghis Smith says:

      kolibrizante Christ, you’re brainwashing has worked well. I mistake nothing, zombie; I learned the lesson decades ago, in the ‘80’s, that you can’t trust politicians….they nearly ALWAYS promise the earth and deliver precious little. Americans seem to be a gullible lot whether it’s politics or religion….so sad that your cot has ended up in this mess.

    • Genghis Smith says:

      kolibrizante You surely weren’t meaning the Dear Leader when you talked of silence…?!? Sigh, if only…..😂

    • kolibrizante says:

      @Genghis Smith I don’t see any serious argument other than: you’re brainwashed. I’ll wait.

      Also, politicians cannot be trusted. I fully agree.
      That’s why a country loving businessman ran for president.

    • STONEFREE says:

      @Genghis Smith

      Very well said…

    • Genghis Smith says:

      kolibrizante But the country Helsinki Boy loves is Russia, zombie…..and himself. No one else…himself. I’ve been watching Americans fall for such crap since the ‘80’s and used to think they would wisen up eventually….but I reckoned without their stupid reluctance to change for the better, sigh….

  • Carlito Legaspi says:

    All fake news

  • Darrell Smith says:

    I compared the Trump presidency to Dr. Frankenstein and his creation of the monster I bet he had good intentions in the beginning but everything went downhill😬

    • soaringvulture says:

      I doubt the part about the good intentions.

    • Bernard M. says:

      putin would be Dr. Frankenstein!

  • Claudio Perri says:

    in the land of the living…the Resistance, Fear Mongers, Lovers of: Abortion,
    Abuse, Homosexuality, Socialism, Homelessness, MS-13, Antifa, Liberalism,
    Diversity, Identity Politics, Journalism, Greed, Political Correctness,
    Terrorism, Islam, Woke, Green New Deal, Scientism, Lawlessness.  Those lost & deceived…yes, the Democratic
    Sect Party, Murray Carpenter, Samantha Power, George W Bush, Anderson Cooper,
    Fauci, Neil Furguson, Shi Zhengli,  PRC, Huawei,
    ZTE, Gen He Fuchu, Evelyn Farkas, Rick Bright, Fake Bill Gates, Cyrus Vance, Warren
    Buffett, AOC & Company, Lori (Karen) Lightfoot, Biden, Fox’s Chris Wallace
    & Neil Cavuto, Shawn King, Strzok, Pelosi, McCabe, J Lew, Comey, Jim
    Carrey, Clinton, Weissmann, Ben Rhodes, Halper, Nadler, Symone Sanders, Adam
    Pinocchio Schiff, Colin Powell, John Gleeson, Gov Pritzker, Hawk Newsome, Dana Nessel,
    Phil Murphy, Chris Van Hollen, Tim Ryan, Rosenstein, Antony Blinken, Seth
    Moulton, Bolton, Schumer, Juan Goya, Robin Diangelo, Nelie/Bruce Ohr, Thomas
    Donohue, Kaepernick, George Soros, Tom Donahue, Rice, Manafort, Mills, Spencer
    Ackerman, Holder, Yates, James Mattis, Brennan, Seth Meyers, Jim Acosta,
    Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Jack Dorsey, Jon Stewart, Tim Wise, Lawrence
    O’Donnell, Don Lemon, Meghan McCain, Kirstien Nielsen, Jake Tapper, Rachel
    Maddow, Chris Hayes, Whoopi, DeNiro, Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, Chris &
    Andrew Cuomo, Emmet Sullivan, John Gleeson, Jimmy Fallon, Rev Wilton D Gregory,
    Alec Baldwin, Morning Joe, Karen Attiah, Jenny Durkan, Chuck Todd, AG
    Sulzberger, Ezra Klein, Jonah Peretti, Matt Murray, Kenneth Lerer, H Stern, Lee
    Moran, Kathleen Kingsbury, Trevor Noah, Thomas J Friedman, Joy Behar, Arianna
    Huffington, Kimberly Gardner, Howard Dean, Mary Trump, Ted Wheeler, Tomeka
    Hart, Schwarzenegger, Jeff Zucker, Susan Rosenberg, Gretchen Whitmer, Denis
    McDonough, Jeff Bezos, Joe Pientka, Muriel Bowser, Sergey Brin, Tedros A
    Ghebreyesus, Yoel Roth, Lauren Powell Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Mueller, Zelnsky, Gina
    Haspel, Jens Stoltenberg, Chris Wray, Mike Ryan, YES…the socialist left sect
    party, those workers of iniquity & evildoers, & liars. also…msnbc, cnn,
    cnbc, abc, cbc, bbc, cbnc, nbc (news verification unit), brookings institute, huffpost,
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    canada, southern poverty law center, chicago tribune, the lincoln project,
    aclu, christianity today, business times, the wrap, us news, maclean’s,
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    refinery29, the telegraph, protect our democracy, the ftc, who, national institute
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    round table, lobbyist, nature magazine, cdc, hdfc, ica, snapchat, white house
    press core, mediamatters, the nba, intel, pepsi…are all about Pleasure, Power,
    & Avoidance of Responsibility…pathetic life principles they believe,
    practice, & bow down to.  One more

  • Wilcar Wilcar says:

    Nobody cares, solve the virus problem

    • Pat McCann says:

      We know HOW to solve the problem, but Trump and the Right won’t cooperate.

  • Peter Quibell says:

    Trump is toast. Trump could only have lost voters, if you did not vote for Trump in 2016 you will not vote for him 2020. He has not got one extra vote but he has lost hundreds if not thousands. All the fence sitters and anti-Clinton people are in play for Biden. You also do not have Comey bringing up emails days before voting.

  • Patricia Leonard says:

    Hi steve. I have a question.
    Didnt the supreme court determine that the electoral college is not allowed to change the vote after the election?

  • bn lind says:

  • Regina Santos says:

    Vote for Joe Biden..

    VOTE the clowns out…. let’s show them who is in charge of America….

    • STONEFREE says:

      @Luke Halstead

      Biden will be the 46th President of the United States…

    • Rodolfo Garcia says:

      Trump has my vote

    • Arlin Tso says:

      #biden2020 #makeamericabecomeamerica

    • Jeremy Stafford says:

      they’re all clowns are you kidding me

    • Jimmy the Saint says:

      Just remember, you guys vote for incompetent Joe Biden your property taxes your taxes every portion of your taxes is going to go up significantly. so I hope you have a great job because you’re going to need it after Uncle Sam takes more than 50% of your paycheck. ( if you vote Republican you will have more money in your pocket at the end of the week )

  • Randy Chavez says:

    After 2016 does anybody take polls seriously???

  • Who You Vote For says:

    Google predict Trump will win this 2020 election, do you think it right?

  • Wutzis says:

    MIC, Big Pharma, Federal Reserve 2020. Inflate, depopulate, and propogandate! Next up placebo vax and alien invasion

  • Titus Tolliver says:

    Don’t believe the polls. They were wrong in 2016 and are wrong this year. Do not underestimate the resolve of Trump supporters. They turn out for rallies like no other election. Biden could only muster 19 viewers at his pathetic virtual rally. So, if you are a person that will leave the country if Trump is re-elected, start packing. You and your rioting, looting, burning and plundering comrades are no longer wanted in our Christian nation.

  • Mountain Man says:

    You are FAKENEWS
    STOP your Lies. Your only followers are Satanists, Pedophiles, Anarchists, Human Traffickers, Money Launderers and Mentally ill people.
    America Loves TRUMP2Q2Q

  • Gunjit Verma says:

    Let the color of every electoral map this time be the same as that of the Atlantic.🌊🌊🌊

    • STONEFREE says:

      @Thefs Gyub


    • Joe Costantino says:

      The thief wants the thief for president?

    • Thefs Gyub says:

      Joe Costantino call Trump whatever you want .we could argue all night so I’m not going to waste my time change Trumps landslide Victory in November

    • Thefs Gyub says:

      Joe Costantino Trump will win all I can say to the Democrats is good luck in 2024

    • Mikitan Fox says:

      @K Matsu yeah… greenish brown? 😛 I think they meant pacific… to be specific…

  • Adryan Ascending says:

    Republicans ain’t going to lose. 🐘

    • rstevewarmorycom says:

      Oh yes they are! Are you too young to recall any previous elections, or something?

    • Gabriel Crouse says:

      rstevewarmorycom Trump 2020 please just respect my opinion.

    • Adryan Ascending says:

      Gabriel Crouse 🐘 🇺🇸 🐘 👮👍

  • Charles williams says:

    This was a great breakdown.

  • Anitas says:

    We need all repubs out. They have supported the destruction of America by 45. They have lost their morals if they ever had any. America is the Joke of the world and for the first time in history Americans are banned from some other countries. How is America being great again?

  • Chris Musumeci says:


  • Just Ordinary Everyday Life says:

    Fake news😆

  • Fishers of Men says:

    How do you expect me to vote for the democrats who support rioters burning down my business?

  • Life love life with rights says:

    As long as America doesn’t realize that it needs to work together and doesn’t follow Trump’s slogan of HATE , it will lose a lot more than just respect!

  • lukeslc says:

    World Health Org. = BOGUS China flu bug hype = BOGUS CDC = BOGUS. Put them all together = SCAM

  • lukeslc says:

    If you are serious about hearing the truth, listen to Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin and One America News.

    • soaringvulture says:

      What good is listening to liars like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin? We already have Trump to lie to us.

  • Mark D Sanchez says:

    Biden doesn’t know what country he is in! Straight Republican ticket.

  • Imani Raimey says:

    Ahh i love fake polls

  • G B says:

    Democrats & NBC News are clearly dreaming and or Hallucinating.
    With all those Chaos & Destruction they have created in many Democrats run cities, Riots, Lootings, Burning of churches, Defacing the Monuments & Defunding the Police….How can they think they will Win the Election.???Democrats are Crazy as Nuts. Stupid Useful Idiots.

  • graham kehoe says:

    You guys are just creating clips for trolls to make video compilations showing how wrong the media was after trump wins again

    • rstevewarmorycom says:

      Won’t happen, too many hate him who voted for him in 2016.

  • billyduran says:

    If you love chaos, burning cities, destroyed businesses and lives and absolute mayhem then vote blue in November. If you love this country, you know what to do. #GaysForTrump #LGBTforTrump #GaysDontHaveToVoteDemocrat

  • Mr. Controversy says:

    Too bad the only real votes that matter are the electoral votes, it’s a rigged system in which the government controls it

    • steven evans says:

      They are talking about the senate.There are no electoral votes for that.Did you even watch the video?

    • Mr. Controversy says:

      @steven evans yeah and I should’ve mentioned that I was talking about the presidential election, my bad. But of course when a democratic president is chosen the numbers of democratic Senate’s go up also for the Republican.

  • uda wyma says:

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    French Virologist who Discovered HIV says
    corona virus originated in a Lab!
    Faulty covid-19 Tests



    Document whether or not wearing a Mask collects toxins/Pathogens, dangerously lowers Oxygen, Lowers Immunity, allows covid-19 to pass in and out…and lessens HERD IMMUNITY?
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    Faulty covid-19 Tests

  • Joshua Koenig says:

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  • J.L. Klamer says:

    Around Jul 24th, a federal judge issued a ban prohibiting Trump’s homeland security forces from arresting journalists and legal observers in Portland unless these individuals committed a crime. Is it custom on our streets to arrest people who have NOT committed crimes? Is that COMMON SENCE?
    And all the other people, not journalists, not legal observers, are they allowed to be arrested? Is that COMMON SENCE?

  • Franklin Hall says:

    The Democrats would still win the Senate whether Trump wins or loses. Especially when you have a pandemic overwhelming our healthcare system.

  • Franklin Hall says:

    People don’t always vote for candidates in one party. Try going back to Kentucky and Louisiana last year.

  • xxxmwxxx says:

    The election is nothing but a dog and pony show for idiots, and the new media is part of the corspiracy against the people with their brain washing for the deep state.

  • Sam Chiu says:

    Just vote blue EVERYWHERE.

    • Thefs Gyub says:

      Sam Chiu Trump 2020 he must win or Americans will loose

  • Max Dalmas says:

    DONALD TRUMP 2020 TO 2024.

  • richard murchland says:

    romans chapter 1 verse 16 romans chapter 3 versus 23.24.25. romans chapter 10 versus 9.10.13. romans chapter 6 verse 23 1st corinthians chapter 15 versus 1 through 4 john chapter 3 versus 16.17.18. galatians chapter 2 verse 16 ephesians chapter 2 versus 8.9

  • brian kurth says:

    If the Democrats win the House and Senate along with the Presidency, this will be the beginning of the end of this world and the return of The Son of God.
    The fallen ones will use them to establish their rule of the Antichrist by furthering their agenda thru the Democratic Party.
    Think about it, The Antichrist government is a socialist government that controls it people by deception and promises and a mark of obedience.
    The Democratic Party is now so Anti-Christian with it’s agenda of abortions and alternative lifestyles. Along with its hate speech of racism , white against color, what ever color skin you are.
    So choose wisely who you vote for these elections. With elect Democrats comes The Judgements of God.

  • Roger Nguyen says:

    Trump lies about all things
    He doesn’t care about deaths
    The USA is chaired by a incompetent fool
    😂😂😂😂 Shame on him 😂😂😂😂
    Don’t forget to Vote This failure Man Out

  • Chitchatr says:

    Take the poll: Is Joe Biden soft on China after his son received over 1 billion dollars from the communist Chinese party. Hunter Biden has no wall street experience in finance. How did Hunter get that money when returning from China on Airforce 2? Did Joe Biden stop the billions of dollars in trade losses with Communist Chine each year while vice president? Did Joe Biden request the Logan act be brought against General Flynn? What impact has Joe Biden had on Americans not in his family? Anyone you know get 83,0000 a moth for a board job at a foreign energy company that is NOT related to Joe BIden? Me neither. Join debate these issues and more on an unbiased free speech social network

  • Pa P says:

    As much as I dislike how Trump and his administration are doing things. I have a feeling that Trump may win again.
    Biden is cool and all, but if there was someone else in the democratic nominee people will vote for Democratic nominee.

    One perspective would be, having a leader (Trump) that messes up often and has questionable decision making, and is predictable.

    Or having a leader (Biden) that has a network that can operate behind the shadows, has questionable decision making, and is not predictable.

    Which of the 2 would you pick?

  • Old Lady2020 says:

    AMERICA Have you had Enough yet ?????

    Desperation drives trump now. Lot of stuff will be done behind stage while many will see what trump wants you to see. Stay safe, stay aware. The closer to November the more desperate and dangerous trump will become and along with him his few supporters. Don’t fall for trump handing out candy as he manipulates his form of justice behind his back. Watch as his world comes closer to realizing the reality we all live in now. trump will not go quietly into that good night. He will throw fits, scream, and hold his breath as he doesn’t get his way. America has to be the strong parent now.
    America can once again be healthy in mind and spirit if we rid our country of corruption and this pandemic that this child has played with long enough.

    TRUMPsVIRUS needs to be eradicated. VOTE 2020 VOTE PLEASE wear a mask !

  • elephantcup says:

    De-interlace the video before you post to the internet.

  • Laura K says:

    We need a LANDSLIDE! Join us at Choose a state like FL, NC, WI, AZ, and receive free postcards, a short script and instructions. Your job is to write them, attach a stamp, and mail them in October, per the instructions. It is therapeutic and fun, and strangely addictive. Help clean the Peoples House! Thank you! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊💚😀

  • Thefs Gyub says:

    Clinton was leading even more in the polls in 2016 then Biden is now so I think Trump will probably get 310-325.I wouldn’t call it a red wave like some people would ,but Trump definitely got this in November!!

    • Ryan Massie says:

      Where you getting your numbers? Clinton’s RCP average 100 days out was +5 and on November 3rd 2016 was +3 (result +2). It dont think Bidens poll numbers will remain as high as they currently are but unless something major changes your looking at D+5ish point lead before election day. But anything can happen at this point.

  • Bobby Brown says:

    Nothing is written in stone register to vote and make sure everyone votes

  • Michael Dolap says:

    Delusional people…who for president ? Senile Biden hahahahahaha… freakin polls….you can only fool us once A.H. you think we are stupid – mind games….keep cheating…! you’re getting bad at it..

  • Rabbitly Webdesign says:

    This sounds exactly like those incorrect polls you showed in 2016

    • ArkadiosTheodulus says:

      Nope. They were much closer with Clinton, and they were still correct in that she won the popular vote by nearly 3 million. Biden’s leads are nearly double what Clinton’s were, AND he’s far less unpopular than Hillary was. Get ready for the Blue Wave 2020, buddy. 🌊🌊🌊

  • Cristal Carrington says:

    Please show coverage regarding the electoral college not national polls please

  • joep meloen says:

    Since when do you think I’m watching your polls if you never ever get your figures right?

  • Elifalet Rivera says:

    DUMP2020″ vote vote Vote!!!

  • HeadsandTails HeadsandTails says:

    Team Red Or Team Blue … AMD Or Red 1-0 so far

  • Math IsMySecretSauce says:

    That’s just silly
    You have to look at each of those races, each of those candidate matchups.

  • Wim V says:

    So, why are there still people saying they will vote for mr. Trumpheimer????

  • ritemoelaw_books83 says:

    He lost me at averaging polls. That RealClearPolitics is BS.

    • STONEFREE says:

      Polls that favor Trump are the real polls, just like the news, the polls and news that dont favor Trump, are FAKE NEWS !!!

    • The discord person says:

      STONEFREE what about the Fox News poll

    • STONEFREE says:

      @The discord person

      Not knowing me, I understand that the sarcasm could easily be missed, no worries.

      *TRUMP 4 PRISON 2020*


    • STONEFREE says:

      @The discord person

      I was responding to the original post. ✌

  • Brian Virnelson says:

    Praying for a BIG win by the Democrats this November. And I’m not even a democrat. It’s just that the GOP has become so disgraceful.

  • Bulky Joel says:

    I hope they get rid of all the republican senators from the senate

  • clf abc1234 says:

    In NBA,you could say Free America, but you can’t say Free Hong Kong! I don’t believe that Biden knows what has happened in USA!

  • jamal collier says:

    Electoral college votes rules

  • jamal collier says:

    And Trump wins 2020 election by the electoral college votes which are all of his supporters

  • Realitätsgewinn says:

    I have an important question: I saw a clip where Biden said he is running for the US Senate. Is he running for President or for Senate?? So confusing if you are not familiar with the US system…

    • Dub Ack says:

      Biden is running for president against trump and hopefully it’ll be a landslide. Trump is destroying us.

  • justdynee says:

    Yes, yes and maybe. I agree. And I agree that there is 98 days to election. Anything can happen. Trump could still win. Very unlikely but….But guess what? 2 and 3 weeks ago we said because of polarization the numbers wont move. The bases are the bases we said. Trump won’t lose much more than being down 7 or 8. It’s baked in we said. That happened then it got to double digits and 10 or 11 points down. Now 12 to 15 has been seen and Trumps approval/disapproval hit new highs and lows for the bad to Trump. Well yes 98 days and guess what ? Maybe it can get worse for Trump can we see a 20 point Biden lead in say 90 days? Or an 18 point lead? Many would have to jump ship from the GOP, and we’d have to get the rest of the independents and undecideds. You never can say never. I say we get to 17 anyway.

  • Corky Van der Haven says:

    Love this dude
    Aren’t facts fun vs opinions

  • Momirul Bhuiyan says:

    trump vs biden = trump, if trump take advice from me (case 1: trump over 7 electoral vote from biden) (case 2: trump over 46 electoral vote from biden) i did not seen any luck of biden to be next election 2020

  • Johnny Deez says:

    R.I.C.O. Act coming 2021 for you Donald Trump, Rudy Guilliani and all those making up your crime syndicate. Karma Rudy and Donnie Karma.

  • Ryan Friedman says:

    “Bigger map”, hmm Kentucky isn’t on the board.

    • Aaron Martin says:

      lol no one is voting for Andy McGrath

    • D D says:

      Right on my men!!

  • Steeldriver says:

    The voices are telling me to write in Jackie Chan on the ballot. They’ve never been wrong.

  • Taga Ilog says:

    I will slouch with popcorn and a cola with my dog zippie, while we watch dems demise come election night. Polls??? imean really???lol ….TRUMP2020

  • Marisel Rivera says:


  • Mister G says:

    BIDEN 2020

  • Marsargox Miso says:

    Really just want Dave Chappelle to be prez Don’t drop that #yellowcake

  • Marcus Wilkins says:

    🔆No revenge just recompense; REPARATIONS OR NO VOTE !💯

  • jb rabs says:

    im an asian.. and i prophesied trump will win..

  • Charlie says:

    Vote Trump America.

  • Tedera Williams says:

    I hope Mitch McConnell doesn’t be my Senate next year, he moves way too slow. We still haven’t even got our 2nd stimulus check yet.

  • Anh Ky Nguyen says:

    U guys are clowns

  • Jimmy the Saint says:

    I hope Nicholas Sandman completely financially affects NBC. gee would be such a shame if NBC was to go financially broke and their insurance companies didn’t accept the responsibility for their actions..

  • Benjamin Thvedt says:

    Trump stopped reporting to the CDC and now they’re fudging the coronavirus data. Wait for it .. this story is gonna hit in a week or two. I’m calling this just like I called how a lot of the arson in Minneapolis protests and elsewhere were really supremacists. And now look. Of course the orange billionaire junk bond selling, pyramid scheme endorsing, 3 marriage cheating, multiple fraud having bankruptcy artist in the white house isn’t really motivated to investigate, so we’ll never know the full picture. What a shame, hope he goes.

  • kolibrizante says:

    I can’t belive people are still falling for these corrupt people,

    • L D says:

      Well, Trump is president so people are easily conned.

    • kolibrizante says:

      @L D yeah and there are still people voting for Joe biden. Who has been ruining lives for 50 years on end and seems to get away with it.

      But you know what, if everyone would have the same ideas of everything things would het boring real quick.
      So you have a nice day 😁

  • trm says:

    Chuck is a pile of 💩

  • Micheal J Farrell says:

    In my background, it was simply unheard of for any Professor to seriously discuss any socio-political topic which was more recent than say, twenty to thirty years in the past. No “News Of The Day”, no “Nightly News”, no opinions concerning “The Current President”, literally, nothing so recent and “trendy” or “fashionable”, quite simply because there was(and is) no scholarly way to gauge where events occurring today, for example, fit into the history of ideas, no consensus has formed. Pseudo-scholarship is characterized by tending to always “derive”, or “arrive at” the same “conclusions”, no matter the premises, and even in spite of the premises. “Blame Capitalism” (“Hate Trump”) is a frequent pseudo-conclusion, a refrain, which I hear and read “arrived at” by individuals whom I regard as not entirely sincere. I have actually known many individuals who were so convinced of the certainty of their own and their “Comrades”conceit concerning “what is best for the World”, that they were completely willing to mislead, to misrepresent themselves and their drive, their “true vision”, so as to help bring it about with as little resistance as possible. This type of crypto-religious zeal, fervor, mania for what they believe to be such a better future is such that it simply normalizes ANY crimes, any misrepresentations and falsehoods, as merely “necessary” in the present to bring it about, all “perfectly justifiable”, the psychology, for example, behind the old “gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet” quip from a 1930’s communist, here in The United States. After all, isn’t a “Utopia”, a “paradise of justice and equality”, worthy of ANY actions necessary to bring it about?. The ENDS justify the means. If the “means” are inherently bad, corrupt and dishonest, disingenuous and false, murderous and criminal, how can “the ends” be otherwise but ghastly, endless repression to “ensure the survival of The Revolution”, or whatever slogan fits it?. I can’t imagine ANY “better future world” brought about by a subterfuge, by a ruse, it is simply unimaginable, and it certainly hasn’t happened yet. I came of age during “The Cold War”, and so, this experience trained me to easily spot (and dismiss) the pedestrian variety of psychological profile who believes that they “know what is best” for others, without requiring their consent, without a hearing, analogous to what AG Barr faced the other day, and are too far above sharing their intentions with “the masses”, far too sophisticated to be bothered “lowering themselves” to defend their position with us, the “deplorable and ignorant rabble”.

  • jonas Marlique says:


  • Kirk Thiets says:

    Colorado ain’t going red friend.

  • Susan says:

    God help us all if we don’t get #45 out !!!

  • Susan says:

    Donald Trump is the SWAMP !!!

  • Adrian Tandez says:

    Trump failed as a businessman. He declared bankruptcy 6 times. He’s also a failure as president. He will lose in a landslide.

  • anselmo arana says:


  • The Observer says:

    It is NICE to have more of this FAKE POLLS ANALYSIS, so that after the Election in Nov. 2020..there will more LAUGHABLE items to recall again and to show to the Public…just like the 2016 election.

  • Thanks Giving says:

    The Senate seat I would like to see Democrats take the most would be Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. Amy McGrath is a really good candidate for Kentucky. any Republican Senators are facing the most difficult challenges of their careers this year…