Cricket trying to gain a foothold in Japan

2020 7/29
Cricket trying to gain a foothold in Japan

Japan is hosting the first East Asia Cricket Cup in Sano, near Tokyo.

Japan’s cricketers are a long way from competing at the highest level but the game does have a presence in the country.

National cricket team captain, Masaomi Kobayashi, talks to Al Jazeera about the sport’s growing popularity in Japan.

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コメント一覧 (126件)

  • puneet sharma says:

    you all should visit India for tips because as u all know we worship cricket

  • Hussain Mustafa says:

    That’s the first cricket club I have seen where there are no Desi or Brown people

  • Mansoor Ahmed says:

    I think in t twenty world cup there should be 32 teams like soccer. So that in limited time match they can experience international cricket . Just an opinion.

  • vivek pilot says:

    ജപ്പാൻ നശിച്ചു…😂😂

  • Pirate King Luffy says:

    Develop well and I will come and play along with you!!! I’m just an ordinary person from India though

  • True Human says:

    Come on Japan, we need China also.
    An Asian nation is showing of too much as if it invented the game.

  • The Wolverine says:

    If they start using samurai swords instead of bats and they’ll have the opposition beat

  • Mallu Solo traveller says:

    Cricket is very different game & like boxing. You can take victory before full time. And two different parts batting and bowling. But football tennis basketball like victory after the full time.

  • Kuldeep Makwana says:

    There should be a world cup for emerging teams so that they get the world stage and we can get to see the teams. This will flourish the game. I know this is not a economically feasible move but it should be arranged to blossom the game. These cricket boards can afford this kinda tournament easily.

  • shiblee 06 says:

    Wow that’s good news for us. Watching Japan in cricket world cup will be so great

  • load runner3 says:

    I’m from the future, in 2080 Japan became world champions in cricket.

    • Sarban says:

      I’m also from the future. In the final, they beat Korea by one run after the umpire makes a wrong LBW decision.

  • Nathan Heaver says:

    lol watching therugby game made us proud so we decided to play cricket instead

  • Ajad Yadav says:

    Only India is superpower of cricket and this deserve because Indian are most talented person in the world

    • Tsu 800 says:

      Ajad Yadav Who just won the Cricket World Cup?

  • Ankit says:


  • Banana Republik says:

    Cricket is for the lazy people

  • Aayush Dotiya says:

    People blaming ICC should think about the fact that cricket is reaching other countries dude to them ,and aslo the no of teams in world cup are kept limited so that game doesn’t become one sided

    • Sarban says:

      Having only 10 teams in a world cup can never be justified. Just stop.

    • Aayush Dotiya says:

      @Sarban yes it can team on 11th spot can’t even play even against Afghanistan

  • Khalid Ibn Valeed says:

    like From india 🇮🇳

  • APEX says:

    I would sooo love to see Japan in the World Cup!
    Omg I can just see a spin-off anime for it. It’d be amazing!!

  • Nikhil krishnan says:

    Since overshadowing baseball in US is almost impossible, ICC should somehow try to introduce cricket to China.

  • kushal vora says:

    I would love to see some samuries bat.

  • khan khuni says:

    We want more cricket teams ,
    At Least 30 teams ,😓😓

    50 in warm-up matches 😍

    What do you think?

    Cricket lover from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    • Le Nin says:

      🤔 Cricket is a long game dude… Not 30 but at least 15-20 teams should be considered…

    • Akshit Thakur says:

      Yeah man football world cup has 32 we can do at least 16 don’t you agree

    • Richard Hills says:

      Akshit Thakur one World Cup game can take over 9 hours whilst football is done in under 2 hours so it hard to have lots of teams and many countries don’t have enough stadium outside of the top three so it would never happen

    • ATOMIC FREAK says:

      That’s if other countries are willing to play the sport and if they do then we’ll have to wait for that to happen.

    • [ JIHADIs HUNTER ] says:


  • Seema Singh says:

    With the discipline of japan. We might get to see a new power in cricket.

    • Hassan Zia says:

      that’s exactly what came to my mind

  • Adnan Mujtaba says:

    Somebody needs to make a Cricket Anime for Japan, if it takes off you’ll end up with more kids playing the game

    • K Ashutosh says:

      It will be awesome bro and Indian anime enthusiast will surely watch it

    • Nikhchan's Gaming says:

      Lagaan Anime

    • K Ashutosh says:

      @Nikhchan’s Gaming lagan anime modern times

  • Kaustubh S says:

    Those who think cricket is only play by 10-12 teams are not aware that there was qualifications for 2 spots in world between other teams, currently 32 countries play crickets and take part in regular iccha events soon the number will touch 50

    • Sarban says:

      It’s only played competitively by 10-12 teams. Outside of a select few teams, cricket is a very fringe in the other countries and their cricket teams are extremely low quality.

  • Ankit tiwari says:

    More teams should be allowed in world cup… and big teams like Australia india sri lanka or england etc should play with these teams it will help them alot but ICC is retarded

  • Thunder Snake says:

    Good to see countries get more involved with sports that matters to the rest of the world and not just what matters to America, cause let’s face it, the only good sport out of America is basketball

  • citycentregreen says:

    Good to see cricket in Japan but ICC is playing a negative role in spreading cricket.

  • Naman Singh says:

    Vinod kambli is your new coach 😂

  • Rocky P says:

    This makes me happy

  • Zeet Bora says:

    Don’t mind but please don’t hold the bat like a baseball bat

  • Henry knight says:

    Love the laver and wood

  • Manav Protim Buragohain says:

    0:50 Whats is that actually? You will not last 5 overs if you bat like that.

  • Hareesh Devendran says:

    if cricket becomes popular in japan , we hopefully can get more cricket games from like sega , nintendo all that

    • shadman khan says:

      Hopefully cricket animes

    • Burrito Bandito says:

      i don’t think there is a sega anymore

    • Because I'm Batman! says:

      @Burrito Bandito sega still makes/publishes games. Total War, Football Manager, Yakuza are some of the games under their name.

    • ZIG ZAG says:

      @Rishi let’s see

  • AB thng says:

    Good that cricket is playing globally now….most countries want to play cricket…. ICC should encourage to turn cricket globally….

  • Ranjith TP says:

    Its a honour to play against Japan’s imperial players , from India we are waiting for you .

  • End time tv says:

    good we need more team

  • Rohit Dhoni says:

    I m from India
    … I play for state cricket level..
    I think I should join the team.

    • Absarsaudi 657065 says:

      Rohit I think it is a good idea …

  • Muhammmad Umer says:

    Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • Arindam S. Roy says:

    ICC will utterly fail to contribute anything towards the sport’s development there, just like with USA, and then ultimately sabotage Japan’s cricket ambitions, just like with USA.

    • Rishi says:

      It will never become mainstream. Rugby is the real future. All blacks are huge there. And baseball has already left a stamp. No way cricket gets a foothold in Japan.

  • Ninconpop says:

    I want cricket to be popular in Japan just so that I can watch a cool shounen Anime on cricket someday.

  • Indigo Imouto says:

    I can’t believe I never made the connection. Cricket is a gentlemen’s sport and Japanese value respect.

  • A&J STUDIO says:

    love and best wishes from india 👍👍👍

  • Nasim _xT says:

    Best of luck Japan from🇧🇩

  • Anton Fernando says:

    awesome to cricket in Japan, get some coaches from Sri lanka to help you out.

  • Amit Bhatti says:

    Brace yourself Indian team, most perfectionist nation is joining the sport. They can be a competitive side in next 7-8 years.

  • A M Mirza says:

    Cricket is the most technical game for those nations who don’t play it.

  • One For All says:

    Y’all know it’s time for Japan to join the league of cricket alongside India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, England, NZ etc etc etc ….

  • Ankit Acharya says:

    Come on Japan

  • 051Jatin bhagat says:

    Wow amazing love from india🎃🎃

  • 00 1 says:

    🏏India Vs Japan, India Vs China India Vs Russia,😍🔥

  • Mohan Karki says:

    in no time japan came to football, if japanese wants they can climb the ladder in no time

  • babygaming yt says:

    ICC is suck!!!!! Need more countries to compete in ODI. Only India, Aussie, England, Pak, NZ, WI……….. Oh come on……………..

  • Playtime says:

    BCCI is ruining cricket image by not letting other teams in world cup tournaments and on other international levels.

  • Muhammad Hamza says:

    Good to see may you guys play well

  • Muhammad Hamza says:

    Love from Pakistan ♥️

  • Football Travellers Arindam says:

    I am sure they will be better than India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh in a few decades. This is what happened in the case of football and hockey. Japan started much later and left behind India, Pakistan, and other South Asian countries.

  • Allen Duckburger Mizmowitz says:

    The Japanese would good at this gentleman game with their baseball talent.

  • Allen Duckburger Mizmowitz says:

    They were playing rugby well with their football talent.

  • Hemant Kuruva says:

    The guy at 1:30 has a great bowling action.

  • S D says:

    Naa…inse nehi hoga😂😂

  • Md. Asif Ali says:

    I think, they were playing against Korea . So good to see natives are playing and ICC should do something to speared the cricket all over the world .

  • Hasan Musa says:

    Welcome Japan in the Game of Cricket. All the best wishes from Bangladesh.

  • Sunny Beany says:

    I would love to play cricket with Hagimaru, Doraemon, Goku, Naruto, Ryu and Shinobi

  • sreejith Ak says:

    Japan works so hard and long hrs, how can they enjoy a one day match??🤔🤔

  • Nafis Fuad Ayon says:

    Love from Bangladesh

  • Rocky A says:

    Cricket is a time wasting game Japanese will never accept cricket . Rugby is entirely different 90 minutes game and no nationality barrier there are 11 foreign players in 24 member Japanese rugby squad.!!!!

  • Rocky A says:

    Also they know that Cricket is time energy wealth and labor of the society .But it is praised in developing countries which is a white elephant ..!!!!specially in subcontinent and Africa ..!!!!

  • Usaid Atif says:

    Now im waiting for a cricket anime 😐

  • Nikhchan's Gaming says:

    1:33 Its Japan playing Korea!

  • Laurence Cornwall-Mann says:

    Remember guys, just don’t let the pajeets in

  • Sachin Malhotra says:

    And this year they qualified for U19 cricket World Cup

  • Gamezstaa Studio says:

    Great sport cricket is!

  • Heshan Vlogs says:

    Welcome to Cricket World
    Love From 🇱🇰

  • Joe 90 Roll2003 says:

    Great to see! I hope Japan get a national team together! I think Japan would do themselves and the international game so Proud!

  • MS thesmart says:

    I am from future. Japan has qualified for u 19 cricket world cup.

    • Uzochi Okeke says:

      First japan must compete for the Ranji trophy, then play in IPL and then in World Cup 😂😂😂

  • Khalid Khan says:

    One day Bangladesh national cricket team will play an one day series with Japan!!

  • shahnewaz hossain says:

    I wanna play for Japan♥️🧡😜love from Bangladesh.we have nearly similar national flags

  • the weird one says:

    they are gonna be such a disciplined team

  • natural beauty says:

    Best of luck Japan love From Bangladesh

  • Abdullah Saheel says:

    Its funny!!

  • Arran Vid says:

    Cricket is great, the only thing I don’t like about it is when a ball hits a person and causes a fatality or a major injury

  • swayam swastik swain says:

    they should use kotoamatsukami or kamui or amartarasu while playing cricket😁

  • Michael Ayliffe says:

    They laughed at Sri Lanka as they made their way into international cricket. After a couple of decades and a 50over World Cup win no one laughs but respects. I wish the Japanese the same journey.
    Japanese groundsmen cricket pitch I would like to see that play out.

  • Uzochi Okeke says:

    *India vs Japan*
    India: “Omae wa mou shindeiru”
    Japan: “NANI?!?!”

  • Uzochi Okeke says:

    Now i want to see Japan play Kabbadi 😂😂😂

    • AJAY SiNgH says:

      Hiw they will play but cricket is difficult for them because when they will face bowlers like micheal starc

  • vinnie ng says:

    would be great but japan is more loved for baseball and rugby

  • hard rock says:

    to all those people here talking about cricket anime,
    Actually there is a chance of getting a kabaddi anime more than cricket. There is a manga known as shakunetsu kabaddi which is currently popular in japan and many japanese are taking interest in kabaddi for eg. there are many anime having kabaddi mentions or scenes in it, anime like gintama, chio’s school road, teekyu, fullmetal panic etc. On other hand, they treat cricket like joke just like we cricket lovers treat baseball like a joke.

  • SSBFan says:

    If you have people in your country who can bowl a ball and people who can swing a bat, you should have a cricket team

  • Shahanur Islam says:

    Best of luck for bride future

  • Purnendu Bhowmik Shuvro says:

    Japan was qualified for the 2020 Under-19 Cricket World Cup for the first time in their history
    congratulation japan

    • Purnendu Bhowmik Shuvro says:

      @ayush thakur yes i knew it congratulation to nigeria
      icc should increase all their international tournament (wc, wt20, wwc and u19wc etc)

  • md porosh says:

    cricket is greatest game

  • Shibajit Biswas says:


  • ayush thakur says:

    Nigeria can beat Japan easily

  • ayush thakur says:

    Like nigeria. Zambia should also play cricket

  • Shashikant Mitkari says:

    If China ever get’s a cricket team then everyone in team can bowl.
    Because they’re ‘Chinaman’…🤣🤣🤣

  • Cricket in Romania says:

    In Romania also!
    2nd T20 International century scorer is from Romania!!!

  • aron ar says:

    Welcome….. To India…

  • The Unbounded Spirit says:

    @ben2976  yes you’re right Ben. Our BCCI has ruined cricket so much. I always wanted countries like USA, GERMANY, RUSSIA, JAPAN, FRANCE, ITALY ,etc compete in the WC. But it never happened. I hope our new president Sourav Ganguly will definitely look forward to this.

  • Uzochi Okeke says:

    India is getting bored of dominating cricket. Australia and England are the only worthy opponents for us but it would be nice to see new teams who could one day challenge our power.

    • Bryce Wakefield says:

      I don’t see India standing against New Zealand let alone England and Australia.

    • Uzochi Okeke says:

      @Bryce Wakefield new zealand is not consistent even though they are tough opponents. Even bangladesh can beat India once in a while that doesn’t mean they’re the best

    • Bryce Wakefield says:

      @Uzochi Okeke Barring that T20I series, New Zealand literally won every other game against India recently including the world cup encounter. That’s no sign of a fluke.

  • Pintu Deb says:

    They will grow because they being using there own player..