Obama Eulogizes John Lewis, ’Founding Father Of That Fuller, Fairer, Better America’ | NBC News

2020 8/01
Obama Eulogizes John Lewis, ’Founding Father Of That Fuller, Fairer, Better America’ | NBC News

President Barack Obama delivered the eulogy at the funeral service for Rep. John Lewis. He called the congressman and civil rights giant “God’s finest disciple” and the “founding father of that fuller, fairer, better America.”
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Obama Eulogizes John Lewis, ’Founding Father Of That Fuller, Fairer, Better America’ | NBC News



コメント一覧 (109件)

  • Zal Malak says:

    Obama pretending bc thats all he knows thats what made him president.

  • Frances Van Siclen says:

    Lewis did nothing in congress but take up space, imo !

    • Edwina Byrd says:

      Where have you been?

  • Lorna Nunez says:

    Can you come back sir. Please! Restore peace and common sence. Please sir. Mr obama

    • Edwina Byrd says:

      PLEASE!!! PLEASE !!!

  • Peter says:

    What did Obama do for the minority community within the 🇺🇸?

    • Edwina Byrd says:

      I can be positively sure that he did more for them then the Trump is doing or has done or will do

  • Sky Sky says:


  • Pacaj Albert says:

    Kto tu rozpráva že sme v demokracii keď žiadna demokracia nikdy ne existovala a ani nikdy nebola žijeme stále v totalite

  • Jameel Ali says:


  • Hitech says:

    Worst President in the USA. at the funeral of a real POS. Lewis never gave back to the community that picked him up and made him rich. IM SURE LEWIS AND CUMMINGS ARE LOOKING UP WISHING OBAMA WOUKD JOIN THEM.

  • Ms. PYT Wright says:


  • jaja says:

    more than 400 years and still we cant even give everyone in america equal threatment

  • Spanish At Mexico says:

    God bless John Lewis.
    Magnificent speech President Obama!

  • Eli Cates says:

    Warning: NBC News is funded whole or in part by the Israeli Government. (Not sure why YouTube only gives a warning for RT.)

  • Premier Romanov says:

    Don’t be fooled, but this Eulogy was more of a pseudo-DNC speech that he was giving for his support for Sleepy Joe. Make no mistake, just wait how this is all politicized by the Establishment politicians, including Dubya as well, all in their concerted effort to oust our Democratically Elected Commander in Chief, the 45th President of the United States of America – Donald J Trump.
    Try as they might, they can’t oust him. Would they have handled Covid in a better way? I doubt! The economy? I doubt! The protests? They would be loved them! Traitors as they’ve always been, the Dems are going to face another blow, harder than the one that they received 4 Yrs ago, and the real American hero – Trump, will be elected again! Semper Fi!#Trump2020

    • The Truth says:

      We not fool, Sleepy Joe can be a comma, he will still get my vote before President Treasonous Trash with his ignorance, divisive rhetoric, greed. Racists and trifling behind. He can’t defeat God or this plague

  • Eagle61 says:


  • Al says:

    Time for “operation orange peel “ remove him

    • Edwina Byrd says:

      If you’re talking about removing the Trump I agree

    • Pam Andrew says:

      @Edwina Byrd No you fool, Trump is a patriot, Obama a crooked spy.

  • suni214 says:

    obama has hidden agenda

    • The Truth says:

      It’s not hidden. Let’s get rid of the trash

    • Edwina Byrd says:

      And I’m so glad he does

  • Always Grateful says:

    My man, my President! Thank you for a succinct message to the American people and a beautiful send-off to our hero, Mr. John Lewis!

  • Earl Louis Jr says:

    This is the man trump fears will help Biden WIN

    • Edwina Byrd says:

      And I pray to our God above that someone will remove the Trump

  • JOSEPH AMARO says:

    Check out John Lewis’s essay in New York Times on how the death of Emmett Till’s brutal murder angered and motivated him to fight for respect and equality‼️🇺🇸💙RIP Mr. Lewis‼️💙

  • Polly Thompson says:

    Good Trouble RIH Brother John

  • Elvie Jeremiah says:

    Mr Obama has aged so much, he needs to eat a little more and take his vitamins.

  • Andrey Lebezyatnikov says:

    As we listen to Obama’s trademark rousing oratory we should remember that he launched drone strike on thousands of civilians in other countries, put immigrants in cages, bailed out banking corporations that stole millions from people and invaded 7 sovereign countries.

  • Paul Wong says:

    Even Obama is quoting Scripture, ‘And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be…’ Revelation 22:12,20

  • Thomas Panto says:

    for 3.8 BILLION years ,every Life has been SHORT but EVERY GOOD DEED has been FOREVER. We did not invent our alphabets languages, nations invisible borders and religions,. those were THEM, NOT US. Only what WE DO is who we will FOREVER BE. , Life has been DOINGS, NOT BEINGS.. Jon Lewis trusted his eyes and mind and has blessed GOD’s evolving creation with his short time here in God’s reality. EVERY Life was SHORT,. DEEDS FOREVER. John Lewis will never die.

  • KnuckleBuster says:

    Obama said “twennyfoo”. Is it just me or is he embracing his African American side a bit more these days before Election Day?

  • R C says:

    Oh wow. Obama looks so old now

  • Jack Torrence says:

    The real president speaking facts during this funeral like a true leader has some of you SEETHING WITH RAGE IN THESE COMMENTS 🤣🤣🤣🤣 we love to see it. Meanwhile your boy 45 wants to get the election pushed back and is crying about not being loved. And you sheep keep wanting to go outside and to the beach and his rallies maskless hollering about masks being uNcOnStITuTIoNaL and cry later when your test results come back positive. Let Darwinism take y’all out. Keep trashing Obama and looking up to the fool who doesn’t even care about your lives 😂🤣😂🤣😂💯

  • Christopher Dennis says:

    Obama should really stop smoking. He looks awful. And exhausted. His experience as President has clearly wounded his pysche…guilt and shame have sucked his soul dry.

  • Jackson Leung says:

    I miss this man so much. Setting the bar for what it means to be president.

  • Chris Tee says:

    The Democrat party is the statue of slavey tear it down.

  • Always Great USA says:

    Some people claim that freeing the slaves, and, a century later, passing the Civil Rights Act, were things done for the benefit of African-Americans. BUT, make no mistake, these GREAT THINGS were done for ALL AMERICANS — so, that WE THE PEOPLE could finally and fully LIVE-UP to the PROMISE of the ALWAYS GREAT NATION that WE WERE MEANT TO BE from its beginning !

  • stavros petros rohn says:

    lolololol the scum bag talking to give free food stamps and free phones

  • stavros petros rohn says:

    Can’t wait to see all the tears come November! It’s gonna be so great to watch all these people’s brains implode when they realize how big the silent majority really is. Just one debate is all we need. Just watch as Biden gets dropped off at the retirement home afterwards! Lol

  • Dr. C. Dorsey says:

    President Obama gave one of the best eulogies at a funeral I have ever heard.

  • Amelia Jane says:

    This right here

  • alan rock says:

    uppity black that lived off the government


    Is Obama should be running again?

  • Always Great USA says:

    I was glad to see all the LIVING and IMPORTANT Presidents were in attendance to CELEBRATE the LIFE & HEROISM of the AMERICAN PATRIOT John Lewis !

  • Gosub Reboot says:

    Obama was a destructive force for america, driving division through racism

  • Earth Worm Dirt says:

    John Lewis was a Great Man , rest his soul . Our past President , at one time was fueling the fire , and Mr Lewis probably didn’t like it , Our country is hurting . democrats are no longer democratic . i’m not going to type five paragraphs , all I’m going to say , God Family Country . Our Fathers Mothers Daughters Brothers Sons , have died in many Wars , For this country to be United , Sorry , The Democrat Party is Fooling us all .

  • wilhelm Jaime Mercado says:

    Laughing lotus
    Yoga works
    Brooklyn bridgerunner
    Support your local big red machine
    The highwaymen
    The scorpions
    The axemen
    The hatchetmen

  • R Presley says:

    He took a JAB at President Trump at a funeral.
    Shame on you Obama !

  • Faye Douglas says:

    I have truly enjoyed listening to our former president speak on behalf of a true leader for civil rights

  • Jannette Vergara says:

    Gosh! I miss this president!! so wonderful to hear him speak. It is so sad to see where we are 4 years after he left.

  • Jeannettea Crowder says:

    🙏President Obama did a outstanding job. God Bless America 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Drathys Drathys says:

    Thank you for the impassioned history lesson. I never knew John, you’re a good man and a leader of character. I hope your life’s efforts bear fruit beyond expectation. RIP

  • Patrick J Mims says:

    Election Day should be a Federal Holiday. It is a no-brainer.

  • wilhelm Jaime Mercado says:

    Postcards from the edge
    The basketball diaries
    A league of their own
    Swept away
    Body of evidence
    Rudolf Nureyev

  • Larie Richardson says:

    That is what a president should be!!! God I miss President Obama he will always be MY PRESIDENT!!!! God bless John Lewis!! My prayers are with his family and friends. Let us never forget what he did for our country!!! #blacklivesmatter #Biden2020

  • Sandy Sunrise says:


  • Beautiful life says:

    Preach Reverend Obama! This country needs you because the USA has lost its luster.

  • Albert May says:

    Obama was the most corrupt and sleaziest politician in US history.

  • pete craig says:

    One word, TREASON!!

  • LucyThe 9thArcher says:

    Awesome speech Obama you would’ve blew UNM-G Communications class away. John Lewis and Obama help make America Great.

  • R Qvo says:


  • Eddie Cortez says:


  • Eddie Cortez says:

    We born with sin we die with sin matherlutherking jr

  • Wang Lung says:

    Obama the wimp. He didn’t do anything when he had the Ferguson, Missouri riots. Today BLM wasn’t around, it would have been nice to see what he would have done, nothing.

  • William A. says:

    No wonder Trump suffers from inferiority complex.

  • Hassan lotfipour says:

    I wish you could run a few more terms. You are the best president ever.

  • Hoang Luong says:

    Obama sucks. Corruption former President in U.S History.

  • Hoang Luong says:

    Mr Obama .you were not good President of the U.S ever.

  • Hoang Luong says:

    Bull craps Obama.

  • Kai2277 says:

    Barack Obama failed to do anything for the African American community for 8 whole years. Sadly John Lewis did more in one day than Barack did in 2 terms. RIP sir..

  • tragic ; says:

    Man i wish u were president again this yellow guys has us in a mess the White House. Is a mess i miss u Mr President Obama

  • River Riverbent says:

    A great speech for a great human being from a great president. Listening to Obama makes you understand why Trump is so jealous about him.

  • Julia Hawkins says:

    thank you, President Obama, for reminding us
    that we all owe a great debt to John Lewis .

  • Giba Dias says:

    What a difference! #presidentialspeech

  • No one special says:

    Obama is a homosexual. He’s scared of the military

  • No one special says:

    Obama doesn’t like black people

  • Beatrice Chiku says:

    I have a dream!!!

  • Toni M Stewart-Garrett says:

    What a mockery. God have mercy.

  • Space Monkey says:

    Desecrates Memory of Lewis by going full partisan political speech. How disrespectful!

  • Millie Perkins says:

    President Barack Obama speak from his heart ,even his speech is being prepared by speech writer. Thank you ,President Obama for honoring Rep. John Lewis a good man who serve our country.

  • Jazzy Jack says:

    President Obama you did a great job. R.I.Paradise John Lewis a fighter for equality.

  • Ingrid Ivarsson says:

    I’m gonna tell my baby daughter he was the president when she was born.

  • Eufemia Bersamin says:

    More power to President Obama … you are being missed every second

  • Brian Sounalath says:

    Now THIS is a President

  • Ray Beaulieu says:

    What a great sermon by a great man for a great man.

    Why aren’t there more than 514k views and only 2k comments? There should be 51.4 million views and 2 million comments.

    We are living in a very historically significant time. There are going to be many heroes who need to be remembered. President Obama and John Lewis are at the top of the list.

  • BILL says:

    Marching and begging a FAKE government for anything I PASS.

  • Abner Dablio says:

    I don’t think he deserved to speak in that podium, unless he repent his lies….,

  • gregory J says:

    All the power of this beautiful eulogy would have been taken away if former president Obama had worn a mask during this speech. thank ya Obama and John Lewis for being a credit to our race and our country.

  • Terria White says:

    We Love you John ♥️🙏

  • Terria White says:

    We Love you President Obama ❤️

  • 0786AHA says:

    Trump not here to pay respects just shows what he cares about.

  • Lori Hermoso says:

    Thank you John Lewis for your fight for equality and thank you President Obama for all you have done for America especially your Obamacare and Medicaid. My relatives are nurses in America and they have seen how it has helped thousands in need 🙏 God Bless you More🙏 Americans Vote Wisely !!!

  • Taufic Darwich says:

    Barack Obama talking about a bible lines in the beginning of the speech. ? He is a hypocrite!!!!!!!!

  • Kathryn Nicolau says:

    So miss hearing President Obama. Refreshing to hear President Obama speak so eloquently! He is what reminds us what a real president should sound like!

  • Gods Klanof says:

    i regret moving to America:

  • Native East says:

    Thank you sir. You made my day. Rumors about you are a distraction from your truth. You made the black family trend. You are a encouragement to every black male wanting to become great.

  • Wayne Kirby says:

    Isn’t it great that this clown lying con man Obama is out of public office.

  • Pam Andrew says:

    How can people love someone so ill-equipped to be President, thank God this con man has been replaced. All he is good for is reading something someone else wrote…good riddance con man…jail is coming to you.

  • Judy Ann Lemay says:

    Barack Obama…We All LOVE YOU MAN!! Such A Gift to The United States of America ;] Your Compass is Always,Always Pointed Toward Truth. Eloquent and So Fascinatingly Smart…You are Beautiful…One of The Grreatest Presidents Ever!! Shine Your Light…Let it Shimmer into the Hearts of all Who Hear you. Let Them All Feel the Need to Live by your example…Let ignorance, intolerance & Hatred Fall Away…We Shall Not Harbour the Shallow, Inhuman Void. John Lewis was an American Warrior for Truth, Equality & The Common Right to Have Civil Rights. John Lewis should have A Statue of Him in Washington. Let Future Generations See His Righteous Fight for Justice Boldly in his image. I seen The ‘FREEDOM RIDES’ Documentary 25 Times…I Cannot Believe that Hatred & Injusted existed at that Level…Heart Breaking…That Documentary Should be taught in all the Grade Schools. We All send ya A Grreat BIG HUGG BORACK…GOD BLESS YOU!! John Lewis is Reuniting with All those Brave Souls who Lost their Lives to Make America what it Needs to be…WHOLE…’E PLURIBUS UNUM’

  • 진여향 says:

    Barack Obama President
    thank you so much
    영상 고맙습니다🙏🇰🇷
    자막이 있어서 더 좋아요like👍

  • Linda Williams says:

    RIP Mr. John Lewis. You were such a brave, lovely man. You made such a difference in this world. Thank you for
    Everything you did for our country and this world. May you be at peace now with the Lord.
    Thank you My President. We miss you and your family so much. John is proud of you and so are we. I cannot wait for Joe to be next and bring our great country back and we can all make it better. It is up to us. We are all God’s
    Children , it is time to act like it and love each other. Peace and Love now.

  • Ciao Jeff Italia says:

    I am curious “What is the value of Lewis’ Estate” ? Than I can decide if he helped us or himself.

  • Tilen Letonja says:

    Obama trashing Trump on a funeral is the biggest disgrace ever!!! TRUMP 2020

  • Jacquelyn Lewis says:

    John Lewis was a “Warrior!!…We are in the fight of our lives this November, the republicans are gonna crawl out from under their rocks real early. They are gonna cheat in everyway possible!! they lie every single day and show no desire to ever stop!..Trump wants to be a dictator like his crooked, corrupt friend puttin!..4 more yrs of trump??..We will be asking to go to the “TOILET!!…We can’t let this happen!!

  • Sue Q says:

    My gosh Obama can hold an audience, what a beautiful speaker he is. It’s like chalk and cheese listening to Obama and trying to ignore tRump. We miss you President Obama, you made America great, not like it is now, tRump is an embarrassment to America, he is a joke. Vote everyone vote.

  • Daisy Sanderson says: