Trump Escalates Attacks Over Election Integrity As Polls Show Him Losing | Meet The Press

2020 8/04
Trump Escalates Attacks Over Election Integrity As Polls Show Him Losing | Meet The Press

President Trump said, “Do I want to see a day changed? No, but I don’t want to see a crooked election”
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Trump Escalates Attacks Over Election Integrity As Polls Show Him Losing | Meet The Press



コメント一覧 (102件)

  • w41duvernay says:

    Trump says “This is going to be the greatest election disaster”. Funny how he is making it that way, through attacking the Post Office, in the middle of a pandemic, where people can’t go to the polls physically.

  • kabiru musa says:


  • Jim Butler says:

    “This will be the most crooked election in history, if that happens.”
    This man is a moron. An effing moron.

  • John Dowdell says:

    Presidential Directive 51

  • Bailey says:

    He already sounds so defeated.

  • Dave Kostka says:

    Trump is showing increasingly insane and paranoid behavior. Beware. Vote Blue in November.

  • oldschool1 says:

    The election isn’t here yet and he’s already a sore loser. Pathetic.

  • R says:

    Oh dear, little Donny is throwing another tantrum!

  • Kathy Reeves says:

    Stupid Dic

  • Patrick Tucker says:

    45 where is the proof? Proof, real proof not Trump truth. Put up or shut up!

  • thicpancakes says:

    Trump literally admitted that he says all this garbage in order to help him win. He convinces his followers something bad will happen if he loses and all news is fake. When he loses his followers will think it’s rigged and won’t trust anyone but him.

  • Living Life with Letty Tippins says:

    The only crooked thing is him. He needs to get over it and comes to term that he is a failure and most people know it

  • Jason Mills says:

    Time to revolt the true Americans will not stand for tyranny as did our fore fathers.”Give me liberty or give me death” we will not let the facist Republicans ruin our country.

  • erik belle says:

    But he said the 2016 election was “rigged” until he ” won” it??🤔 so NO surprise that he would say it in 2020, in case he loses its!!😆…simply put steal it again!!

  • William Johnson says:

    Hes clearly scared

  • Jon Robinson says:

    You are the MOST disastrous human EVER elected as President

  • bobo baggins says:

    I can find many examples of voting fruad through mail voting by both dem and rep. Its called google look it up. Nice propaganda tho

  • Crispy Cream says:

    He is willing to do anything to be re-elected. Trump 2020! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  • Jon Mayer says:

    Trump is going to go down in flames

  • Bill Scott says:

    Hey i live in an apartment where i get mail for 6 previous tenants, please send me 6 mail in ballots and i will mail all 6 in with a vote for Trump.

  • SMS says:

    If this isn’t enough for you to vote in Biden, then you should watch this republican ad about trump: It’s hard to go wrong with the GOP puts out ads that reflect the actions of there president. It sure made be laugh.

  • Elizabeth Jones says:

    That was 2016…

  • SMS says:

    Isn’t it the dumbest thing to hear a president say if we didn’t do any testing we would have the high number in deaths. Just how dumb can dumber get?

  • Elizabeth Jones says:

    I’m tired of the threatening…

  • Matteo Watteo says:

    “The Art of the Steal”, Voter Supression, Russian Interference and Litigation in the 2020 Election. Coming to a theater near you in November.

  • Paris Tee says:

    Drag this trump fake president out of the white house now and lock him up! Do not wait for the election anymore. He is America’s PEST! Lieterally

  • Trohelio says:

    Since testing causes cases, maybe we should destroy all pregnancy tests and condoms. SOON all the pregnancies will be down to zero.

  • Dominiq Freeman says:

    Last kicks of a fallen donkey!! 😂😂or was it a horse!!😂😂some dude just mentioned!! Goat that thinks its an emperor!! Forgetting!! He will be held accountable in one way or the other!!

  • Fantastic Films says:

    Trump is the best. NBC SUCKS

  • Zanehso Mahodiangmeneh says:

    Dr Anthony Fauci is our hero here. He is a courageous man and a man of integrity. No power on earth can sway him to lie or force him to bear false witness.

  • Danielle Saunders says:

    The is not going to be a problem neglect is from negativities we deserve votes 🗳 to be fair to the citizens all all generations of this nation not or turned by a fight disagreement unprofessional behavior to be at a healing place of positive faith faithfulness in direction not of the pass be of the future. Thankful goodness for all receiving blessings from a healer that placed you in a position to receive lord the will destroy the house the proud wickness pour out of your mouth god ask Jesus Christ by love Jesus shows god love in all generations not just one it better to be humble to god then to Jesus Christ to divide the nation is against god did you hear the people’s cry with shame or mercy why divide the spoils to be proud not poor all of my flock Violence shall be no more be heard in the land wasting nor destruction within god the border but shalt call a walls walls salvation and the the gates gates praises Jesus Christ told about the glory of god blessings healing mercy I am his son everlasting Covenant every morning the is that of end trouble that’s when all god powerful was draw in Jesus look at his garment cloths proclaim your inherited the words on this book bible verses steps a pathway leading not in death to step in a pathway receive forgiveness prayer the negative comments is fear trust in god are displeased with the transgression did a lone with Jesus Christ glory the authority is in he the son Jesus Christ of god kingdom fall down with out Jesus Christ only one who can save your soul his name is Jesus Christ you can not stop Jesus Christ pure glory from god to visit others house in the summer with out a fan or tv never looked at real shoes or clothes. Some are hear but slow to respond or speak from shameless teachers wealthy his not the citizens foolishness of a angel kicked out of heaven called satan or devil. Can lead instruction as well your faith shouldn’t be on Sacrifice . Jesus Christ keeps on serving god the lord in the kindness the goodness is in the Bible the different direction in the manners manner to be freely all religions protected in the world . doing in the pureness of Jesus Christ living deeds no religion should be in vain Jesus Christ is a believer of the working actions can be created in forgiveness not shame . Trust in your faith restored all generations in mercy grace faith can hear god Jesus Christ set with you every day no thanks to faith or the living careers opportunities new directions new gifts to receive blessings healing Jesus Christ healed your in a time of suffering placed you in his arms wiped your eyes with love to find understanding god told the world Jesus Christ not going no we’re here stay and live for along time the chain should been breaking the police officers need prayer working on servant up hold mine election whom my soul delight I have put your spirit upon Jesus Christ has the authority the generations to living in peace careers that are safe schools religions have prayed together to keep all generations faithful . All cross the world get to hear your view Jesus Christ is here telling god showing forgiveness to in prayer 🙏 laying hands all over you restored Jesus Christ from all generations .

  • JDV says:

    The election will be fixed by the looks of things. Bye-bye democracy in America, refugee’s, Daca, and immigrants of all kinds. It was nice knowing you and will miss you indeed! Trump said he would not loose to Biden so what do you think he is up to.

  • Ram Ledes says:

    Poor guy, drump is in deep deep trouble.panic mode. Can’t barely talk
    He was overwhelmed by his very very low election polls. Can’t handle the forthcoming defeat. Just walk away.

  • Terry Williams says:

    What’s wee little Donnie getting scared he’ll lose

  • Cross C Cologne says:

    Stupid as stupid says & does…

  • Mimi Blum says:

    The integrity of the last elections was manipulated by Trump through Rusia – what is he talking now? He is loosing that is the truth

  • Daddy D says:

    Look at that orange goon, he’s nervous, that moron knows he’s losing

  • Heart Jardin says:

    I don’t trust CBN news , Dems close partners , news always against the President .. I wish your company never succeed like the traitors in the Congress..

  • Elizabeth Eng says:

    Do you understand we are in A pandemic and therefore must do mail in voting. Wake up

  • Matthew Roeser says:


  • Leo says:

    Trump supporter explains his undying support for Trump

  • Bill G says:

    A Jamaican crazy woman and Donald trump. Oh what a hand to be dealt.

  • Flynn Arcos says:

    Honestly it’s anybody’s game until election day

  • Greg Murray says:

    I agree with Trump, delay the election , until 2024 . Just arrest Trump and Jail him and make Biden president .

  • Marcelo&Ilda Hernandez says:

    Trump running more scared claiming fraud before the election’s cause of the American turnouts at the up comming elections playing his old game of doubt to favor his dictatorship

  • Maori patuZ- says:

    vote trump for 2020 hes awesome, and the world knows it who cares if these idiots talk trash, thats all the world sees them as. foolish idiots with no brains

  • USA ALL THE WAY says:

    Give it up!! You lost already💙💙💙💙💙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💙💙💙🤗

  • True Prophit says:

    Lol lies lies lies! What President served 3terms?

  • USA ALL THE WAY says:

    Trump says if we did less testing we’ll have less people infected. Ok. When any votes come for him well count less of his votes and we’ll have less of him. 🤗🤗🤗🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💙💙

  • JR GONZALEZ says:

    If you’re hearing this Russia. If you’re hearing this Russian.🤔🤣😪🤐🤣😂

  • Richard Messer says:

    Dump the Trump 2020

  • Martin Riley says:

    This is an exceedingly pathetic narcissistic sociopath who will do and say anything to further dumb-down the electorate. What will he say if by some miracle 2016 repeats itself? Would the election be the baseless fraud he constantly regurgitates?

  • L Barbato says:

    The quick rise and fall of the worst US president in history, interesting times ahead.

  • MT Cheung says:

    If Biden wins there will be “bloodshed”. Is this a threat? He can’t think before he speaks.

  • Number one boomer says:

    Literally the whole world hates Americans because of Trump and his band of Klansmen and Klanswomen

    • Andrew Otto says:

      Number one boomer Where do you live my dude? Sure trump is off kilter somewhat but he reigned in Kim Jong Un called the Chinese and the EU on their bull and stopped laws that would have all but destroyed religious freedom all while fighting both party’s. He may not be well mannered but he isn’t a yes man who deliberately signed deals with Putin like Obama

  • Myles Nelson says:

    Trump has changed his campaign slogan to FAFF (Forget American Freedom Forever). Biden’s slogan is NFFA (No Freedom For Anyone).

  • Rob23 says:

    Get this piece of crap out of power

  • Colin Barnett says:

    He doesn’t need Russia to corrupt your election process, he feels confident enough now to do it on his own!!

  • Mr. USA says:

    Trump 2020 the best president USA

  • Solmom03 says:

    Bye Ninja.

  • Camelot-procedures alles over camelot says:

    Iff I as human most choose between Biden or Trump, trump most first show that he shall destroyed the real fraudsters of the world, like European fraudster royalhouses, like the Netherlands and England who involved pedophiles circles! Sinserly @Time4worldwide-CHANGE

  • Frank Cristalinas says:

    It’s funny how he fortells his cheating ways and people dont realize he is playing the whole country. When the polls picked hillary in 2016 he went on national television begging russia to hack hillary and democrats e-mails. His stooges lie to clear him but everyone with a little intelligence can see he is a russian asset with the mission to bankrupt america, disband nato and enrich himself. Now in 2020 he again talks about crooked elections ????

  • María Martínez says:

    I dont owe anyone anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Brenda Zorros says:

    My daughter lives in Florida..took 12 days for her covid reaults. Our Administration has failed us ..

  • bclaude87 says:

    Check out my YouTube channel on investing in the Stock Market using the Robinhood app. The channel is bclaude87

  • alpha omega says:

    So if so many doctors are saying hydroxichloroqine works why would Fauci be so against it? I’m seriously starting to question his integrity and motives.

  • desglacons says:

    trump is guilty of so many crimes. trump is the rigged president. trump cheats at everything….. ask his wives…..

  • Aubrey Snooks says:

    Trump is going to rig the election in his favour

  • Charles Meyer says:

    It’s not the mail in ballots. He is creating a distraction from his miserable performance. He has been impeached. He has been lying and cheating all his life. He is vintictive, racist, self centered. Ugly, fat with bird nest on top. Ridiculous. His distractions are meant for us to forget his inept, stupid, failures.

  • vincent vargas says:

    This a man!!! In desperation!!!

  • Monty Dickinson says:

    You slimy pig….Trump….Blackfoot, willing to die

  • Gina R says:


  • Joe Johnson says:

    His MAGA-er followers are so incredibly dumb, gullible and stupid, because if we have no president come Nov 5th, then the Speaker of the House becomes president. That’s right MAGA-ers, the queen liberal herself Nancy Pelosi will be your president thanks to your flat-earther leader of a president.

  • Pedro Arcinas says:

    Trump defend truth.

  • Cocochennel H says:

    He have them all fool. What has he done for the poor white🤥🤔 still struggling with opioid crisis Tennessee, rural Kentucky, Arkansas. Manufactured countries he still didn’t bring back your jobs, farmers China not buying your product sol bean, so what did he make great America for you, because now he’s letting your grandma grandpa die with COVID-19.

  • Cocochennel H says:

    Wake up🤬

  • M2B mluvAndgrace says:

    Who believes a proven liar like trump that mail in voting would see act of democrat voter Fraud? Well yeah, if the republicans are doing it because Kemp cheated his way to the governor position! Trump cheated his way in and is/will try again.

  • Alvin Diaz says:

    USA is bum I’m going back

  • Billy Pardew says:

    Yeah the Democrats and their poles lolol….. don’t blame Trump because he’s worried about the Integrity of the election you’re the ones trying to change the rules not him that’s how Democrats are if they can’t win by the rules they got to change the rules melon melon voting ain’t nothing but fraud

  • nevermore from past says:

    ATM trump has a croney now in charge of the mail. ( he and trump are trying to fire 1/2 the force b4 the election to rig it.) time for him to go NOW

  • Joseph Williams says:

    Biden 2020!!! 🎉🎉🎉

  • Joe Blow says:

    Trump 2020

  • Charles Carver says:

    There no voting fraud…. A President who lies every day to the faces of American peoples..That a Fraud..A President who say the covid -19 will disappear. that a Fraud..A President who refuse to act on Putin for putting bounties on are soldiers..That a traitor…A President who give his press spokeperson parents 2.7 millions for their roofing company. That a Fraud…A President who VOTE by mail this year, alone with just about every one on his sfaff did..So they can vote by mail, now that sound like a fraud to me.. January 20 at NOON time if it any delay House Speaker Nancy P will take over.. That NOT a Fraud

  • Domino Ryan says:

    Trump Hitler Gestapo will delay elections for Putin

  • Smith Ed says:

    I always figures you had to either be smart or good looking to make it on TV well Chuck proved that to be wrong

  • warren sider says:

    Trumps Logistics sent me a Death threat cuz this VID!! REASON PEOPLE DYING! FOR THIS CASE, why they shot the judges son.

  • warren sider says:

    Here is america s threat:
    SHARE THIS FAST worlds biggest tax scam< MOB runs U.S.A>

  • Rose R says:

    Vote Trump 2020

  • Francyne Lane says:

    Trump is the one messing with the mail and his followers have been posing as violent protesters while we were having peaceful protest. VOTE BIDIN AMERICA ON NOVEMBER 3RD.

  • Hawi Jack says:

    Crooked President worried about going to jail.

    🇺🇸Trump for prison🇺🇸

  • G Belal says:

    When November comes, we will not have Orange 🍊 to peel anymore!

    • GH1618 says:

      G Belal — He wouldn’t be out until January 20.

  • Troy Lee says:

    Trump ignores Covid-19 not bothering to use the Defense Production Act to make PPE but goes all in to stop mail in voting

  • Vivian Register says:


    JANUARY 20 2021

  • God’s Spiritual Poet says:

    Lamentations 3:25- The Lord is good to those who wait for Him, To the person who seeks Him.

    Psalm 27:14- Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

    Isaiah 40:31- Yet those who wait for the Lord Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.

    God is working out your prayers along with your future affairs

    You must activate your faith and learn how to wait

    Keep your spiritual phone line clear to hear from God

  • GH1618 says:

    He’s running scared. His campaign is falling apart.

  • milo milo says:

    “make America normal again!”

  • Jan Heinbokel says:

    Ey Donnie, so Desperate you really want to try breaking constitution? You are nothing Else than a Vital threat against the American people!!!

  • you will says:

    Him running for president is already a crooked and rigged election.

  • Bonwana says:

    So do we assume if Trump wins the election, he will still want it investigated/recounted?? LOL