Vietnam battles second pandemic wave

Vietnam has placed a second city into lockdown due to a rise in coronavirus infections after being virus-free for months. The pandemic has spread across the country over the past two weeks, including in three cities. More than 600 people are infected and six have died.
Al Jazeera’s Raheela Mahomed has more.

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53 thoughts on “Vietnam battles second pandemic wave

  1. Ozzy Osbourne Reply


  2. marctorres654 Reply

    Still early to celebrate.
    God please help the humanity to overcome this pandemic.

  3. Novel Truth Reply

    Xi JinPIMP’s virus
    Made in China

  4. Mohd Khalid Khan Reply

    There is no second wave if you dont manage the first one.

    America 2020

    • AmarNathan Reply

      Why people always gotta talk trash of america all the time? Take it easy man. We all gotta take care of ourselves

    • GuderII Reply

      Indonesia, pakistan , india, brazil and Sweden just like

      *If we don’t move maybe they didn’t spot us*

    • 2DarkHorizon Reply

      @AmarNathan Doesn’t America constantly talk negatively about China and the virus?

  5. Ron .Lu Reply

    Stay strong Vietnamese as well as all East Asians.

    • Leaf Pine Reply

      Tks 🖤 Hope to see The World winning this crazy Corona battle soon.

  6. Don Espoleto Reply

    Duterte is the worat president in the Solar System

    • GuderII Reply

      Just replace him with someone in next election 😆😆😆

    • Johannes Philipp Reply

      Rody is the best !

    • san sheng Reply

      Paano ka npunta dito?? 😅😅
      Dont worry he will not last forever, no matter how his cronies hopes otherwise..

  7. equarg Reply

    You know what.
    Prawns to Vietnam acknowledging they have a problem.

    • 김태진 Reply

      They prefer fish, not prawns.

    • Penis Reply

      They prefer Shrimps over prawns

  8. Soumyadeep Bhattacharjee Reply

    Vietnam has zero deaths and almost least number of cases in the first wave but in 2nd wave country getting its Covid deaths for the first time and increasing no. of cases, then wonder what what will happen those our countries which has largest no of cases and deaths as its still under 1st wave.

    • George Labe-Assimo Reply

      Hate to say it but they just reported five deaths recently from what I’ve heard.

    • GuderII Reply

      If you didn’t try so hard to stop the first wave, you won’t have any second wave.

      Scenery American, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and Sweden

  9. Charles Maersk Reply

    Blame it to china virus

    • Thwong Reply

      why are you that stupid. maybe you just emerged from cave

  10. killer whale and Thomas the tank engine Reply

    Go 🇺🇸🇻🇳

    • Quang Hòang Reply


  11. longmarchguy Reply

    What happened with these so called models promoted by west media before, like Singapore, Hong Kong, now, Vietnam.

    • Shiffon Reply

      what Vietnam didnt expect is: illegal immigrants
      last couple weeks, there was a large surge amount of illegal immigrants, if i remember it right, more than 10 thousands people trying to sneak into Vietnam

    • Le Schon Reply

      @Shiffon Most of illegant immigrants are Chinese

    • erwwe werw Reply

      More like these are the honest countries that don’t cover up numbers??

    • longmarchguy Reply

      Total bullshit… without any credible source.

  12. Akif ßtt Markhor Reply

    Corona is a Global levels war. Its not a virus ,it is a weapon to get controls.

    • musicguy20 Reply

      lol have you notice there isn’t much control with all the protest and mad right wing rulers not controlling anything in their country?

  13. Yasin Yusuf Reply

    Bad news

  14. 시나브로 Reply

    우리나라 조롱하더니 니들은 뭐냐? 그리고 니들 진단키트가 더 대단하다면서 왜 진단키트 달라고 왜 으름장이야? 맡겨놨냐?
    우리나라에 기어 들어오지마라 바이러스 덩어리들아.

    • Shinichi Kudo Reply

      leave Vietnam alone

  15. Hybrid Stryker Reply

    covid19 mad by china and vietnam

    • tôi là cái gì Reply

      nicolas dantes that’s not true

    • tôi là cái gì Reply

      nicolas dantes Do you have any proof that vietnam invents virus

    • nicolas dantes Reply

      @tôi là cái gì LOL I meant Vietnam leads the world in responding to the virus. Its has one of the lowest infection rates. Vietnam did great. It’s a compliment👍. Vietnam definitely did not invent the virus lol. Either China or US invented it for sure. (Probably China)

    • tôi là cái gì Reply

      nicolas dantes Oh sorry,thanks for your comment ,I really proud of our country

    • nicolas dantes Reply

      @tôi là cái gì Vietnam👍💪

  16. Minir E Reply

    I knew this is gonna happened I geas we are not going to school even when we did it probably won’t last long because of COVID 20.I Thought
    It’s gonna happen in China but I don’t know how did it get to Vietnam 🇻🇳.

  17. musicguy20 Reply

    Seems that all the small places are getting Covid now. Leave no stone unturned.

  18. Peruvian Gentian Reply

    Jesus sits at the right hand of God, his Father. Jesus is the son of God. Yahuah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is to be worshipped in spirit and in truth through His beloved son Yahshuah. Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near. Salvation is through Yahshuah (Jesus)… THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!

  19. Jamie Owns Reply

    0:35 Nguyen Thu Le is smarter than the world leaders. Telling the truth. Yeah if you have serious health problems your chances of survival are low but if you are fine your chances are high probably get it and not even know about it. But that’s viruses. This happens to every species even bacteria get viruses. They existed before the earth even had oxygen which was a bacteria. We should also never forget that like all organisms on this planet for one species to do well others must die. The dinosaurs had to die for us mammals to live. The original bacteria that didn’t live off oxygen had to die for oxygen and complex lifeforms. There are many systems on this planet that keep all lifeforms in check. Viruses are normal they will always exist every species will have a big outbreak of it that kills off a large population. Then survivers will get immunity. We have gotten so used to our drugs, and long lives that we forget the natural order of this planet. People die. But that gives room for more people. For more life. It’s sad. But it’s how life on this planet works. Even if you hate it, it’s the truth. It’s the entire basis for evolution. Without these things, you would fail to evolve.

    Besides the virus has not been as bad as projected. In fact if anything the virus exposed the traitors in power. The simulations that recommended lockdown have been proven wrong. WHO has been exposed as a Marxist organisation that belongs to China and is full of corruption. There are some people powerful people that want to see western economies destroyed. Without money, they can’t make a fighting force. Allowing other countries to take over and a shift of balance and power to change.

  20. LaLa Icyling Reply

    It’s actually the 3rd wave

  21. Monpsp Nezuko Reply


  22. peter peter Reply

    Tiny people take care.

  23. Kevin Nguyen Reply

    The Vietnamese gov didn’t prepare for the second wave very well, that’s why they’re struggling to cope with the rising number of cases. And the immigration problem at the border is also heating up.

    • Le Schon Reply

      According to the spokesman of the border guards, the Vietnamese border guards are very few. Illegal immigrants from China enters Vietnam across the border lines with China, Laos and Cambodia over 6000 km. On average, a soldier must control 2-3km.

  24. patrick rambeaux Reply

    Corona virus, i never believed, because that’s a big fake news to make scare the people of the world.

  25. yeastori Reply

    No doubt this was done on purpose by China. That’s how evil those bastards are, they see how Vietnam is beating them in manufacturing and stealing their business so they sent spies into Vietnam to reinfect people there. It we don’t nuke China soon the world will suffer devastation on untold levels

  26. KHỈ TRƯỜNG SƠN Reply

    no is not a second pandemic wave but a new wuhan coronavirus covid 19 just started in Vietnam 🇻🇳 as of now and this new wuhan coronavirus is powerful and causes more death according to the vietnamese communist says and that the reason why 4 months ago a little 10 years old girl has died of old coronavirus communist said so. and in communist of Vietnam 🇻🇳 nobody have right to talk about the virus 🦠 on social media or they will place under arrest by the communist except the state media run by the communist the same as the CCP

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