Afghan city defies norm by keeping schools open for girls

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The Taliban came to power promising to respect women’s rights and allow girls’ education – in line with Islamic precepts.
But high schools and public universities are still closed across Afghanistan as the group says it still needs time to sort out the logistics of allowing female students back.
But the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif is the exception that proves the rule.
Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra reports.

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  1. Avatar Goddess Hathor says:

    I’m glad they kept the school open, but ditch this religion it only destroys people. The universe is the only thing we need to depend on.

  2. Avatar Love Allaah says:

    Yes logistics are the problem, female teachers, separate campuses or classrooms, and if male teacher some kind of segregation between male teacher & female students.

    • Avatar AD says:


    • Avatar Love Allaah says:

      @AD nothing funny, I can smell in you disease of disbelief & mocking God’s religion.

    • Avatar AD says:

      @Love Allaah so your god is a black cube in the middle of mecca? I thought you guys were against idol worship, but ironically you worship the same idol & painstakingly go all the way to the middle of the desert to encircle it & kiss it.

      God’s religion or a desert dwelling schizophrenic’s religion? 😪

    • Avatar Love Allaah says:

      @AD No Muslim has ever claimed the kaba to be the God. We pray towards kaba only to have a unified single direction by God’s command.

    • Avatar AD says:

      @Love Allaah even Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians pray toward an idol, fire or an object… It’s symbolism then why do you claim they are “idolaters”… 🙃

      If they are idolaters according to muhammad, then you too are idolaters & allah is nothing but a stone cube in the desert 😪.

  3. Avatar OrdinaryGod says:

    this is purely against Sharia. shame on him

    • Avatar Cal says:

      The Prophet Muhammad’s wife ran a nation. According to Shari’a, it is obligatory for both men and women to attain knowledge, and not just knowledge pertaining to religion.

    • Avatar OrdinaryGod says:

      @Cal , go and give this fabricated liberal speech in kandahar

    • Avatar Pashto Khan says:

      go tell that the losers in washington dc we afghans will never be anglo saxon followers 🙂

  4. Avatar Emmanuel Ameyaw says:

    😂😂😂…when foolishness is the norm. Where did Taliban leaders and fighters go to school? Pakistan? Or they didn’t? Lol.

    • Avatar ISLAMIST' says:

      Then went to Qatar Texas A&M University. Malaysian universities, and French universities in Kabul.
      Most of The MUJAHIDEEN who fought against Soviets were Engeneers and Doctors.
      For eg : Osama bin Laden was Civil engineer

    • Avatar Ahmad Shah Abdali says:

      Russian Universities 👍

    • Avatar Lahore Askari says:

      Emmanuel Ameyaw You sound like another “unschooled” youtuber Lolllllx.

  5. Avatar Motor Head says:

    When educating children is somehow controversial then you have a screwed up system to begin with.

  6. Avatar Khushhal Pakistan Zindabad says:

    Women, in general, do not want to be undressed and exposed for men entertainment. Afghan girls, for sure, will have this right and protection under Taliban Islamic rule.

    • Avatar Khushhal Pakistan Zindabad says:

      @Almighty Bunny It was only less than one percentage. But as per your argument, it does not matter. If you are not Indian or Indian descent, then what do you say about women in Indian Kashmir who are being raped almost everyday in the hands of soldiers? Have you ever raised voice for them? And for religious and minorities rights, you are looking at the wrong country. There is a severe crises going on in India. Should focus there too.

    • Avatar Almighty Bunny says:

      @Khushhal Pakistan Zindabad
      So human rights don’t matter?
      Of course its wrong, no matter where these violations happen!

    • Avatar Pratham प्रथम প্রথম says:

      @Khushhal Pakistan Zindabad Why would I be obssessed with the Taliban. Not everyone in this world is sexually frustrated like your lot and joins Jihad for 72 Hoors.

    • Avatar Khushhal Pakistan Zindabad says:

      @Pratham प्रथम প্রথম Not everyone like you will undress their women for money.

    • Avatar Jio Boy says:

      @Khushhal Pakistan Zindabad Don’t forget he is an Indian….what do you expect from them😂😂

  7. Avatar Dustin Tacohands says:

    We will see Taliban behavior here the world is watching so far you look like weak dudes scared of woman getting a education

  8. Avatar Leroy Harper says:

    It’s a new start

  9. Avatar დროის კარგვა says:

    Universities are where young people meet to get married in USA. It’s not a place to get education (except for STEM). If you think otherwise you lying to yourself. That’s why we have bunch of young people with degrees unemployed.

    As far as Taliban and Afghanistan they have right to pursue their own believes. If they don’t want to open schools for women that’s fine, that’s their decision not yours. Rare women who show exceptional abilities will pursue their studies in other countries if they are motivated enough. The fact that they will not be able to do that easily will motivate them even more 🙂

  10. Avatar Pashto Khan says:

    anti anglo saxon ideology is good for afghanistan but woman education is clearly sharia

  11. Avatar IΔΜΜΞ says:

    The Taliban doesn’t have anything about education for girls. The Taliban only wants to create an Islamic environment first.

  12. Avatar B G says:

    The taliban are all chauvinistic’s men!

  13. Avatar Dessert fox says:

    Nice show case by taliban all setup just for aljazera a network funded by estate of qatar who has very very close relations with taliban this is less report more washing taliban face

  14. Avatar sohrab forhad says:

    European countries are saying for the female rights in Afghanistan,,,, But I want to safely say that, there is no any independent rights for the Muslim females in European countries….

    • Avatar Miss Miss says:

      Then y r they still staying there…. They can come back to their muslim countries n wear burka

  15. Avatar Mathiuduang Gonmei says:

    One stone is better than the whole taliban, stone remain silent and at least help humanity for making roads,and for many others purpose whereas Taliban creates one problem after problem,I think they cannot sleep without creating a problems…

  16. Avatar Umesh says:

    Quran is main virus which is keep discrimination between human beings. If hate line of quran is abolished our earth will be in peace.

  17. Avatar Umesh says:

    Why Muslim talk about only for Muslim. Other are not human being. Why quran fill hate in Muslim for kaphir.

  18. Avatar Chris Viking says:

    All too often those who boast about ‘principles’ are the least principled.

    • Avatar Rocky Khurasani says:

      i.e., the US

    • Avatar Zubair Tarsoo says:

      Euro and us

    • Avatar Lahore Askari says:

      *Chris Viking* Of course, you are right 100%!! The USA and Europeans are always boasting about ‘principles’ but are absolutely the *least principled!!* You pointed this out correctly. Thanks.

  19. Avatar Zubair Ahmed says:

    Several decades of Democracy, freedom, heresy has ruined the Afghanistan considering men & women as equal but as a part of Islam we know they are not. Next five years Taliban should focus on restoring Islamic code of conduct(Shari’ah) by the will of almighty Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

  20. Avatar John R says:

    Men and women are certainly equal, obviously. IQ to job capabilities.
    Some differences in upper body strength, but as tech and genetic manipulation capabilities increase, forget it.
    Islam is a man made religion, like all other main religions. Made by men in ancient times where women had little rights. All are false religions.
    Taliban like most religious fundamentalists tend to be dumb and uneducated. Thus the country brink of collapse.

  21. Avatar Good Luck says:

    There’s nothing really it’s only films short

  22. Avatar maxamed samriye says:

    Allah will bless Afghanistan 🇦🇫, it will become strong ان شاءالله

    • Avatar mazy Dee says:

      In sha ALLAH

    • Avatar Phoque says:

      I think that (🇦🇫) is no longer the flag of Afghanistan. Check it out, I think it was replaced

    • Avatar MD.Moniruzzaman Sejan says:

      In sha ALLAH ♥️

  23. Avatar Nadhiya Nâtaline says:

    Mazaar E Sharif has a history of being a diverse and tolerant city. It’s particularly why the Taliban have never been popular there. The people reject the extremist fundamentalism of the Taliban.

    • Avatar ArmaanElif says:

      Who will decide what is Extremism? What is not?

  24. Avatar Shaheeda Essack says:

    Alhamdolillah to Malawi Balkhi. May Allah grant him a long life.

  25. Avatar Mohammad Minhajuddin says:

    Taliban, my wife need women doctors. Taliban, we don’t send women to school in Afghanistan.

    • Avatar ArmaanElif says:

      Taliban’s wives are more knowledgeable you found when you meet with them.

  26. Avatar king afg A.A says:

    Life is very hard in Afghanistan under terrorist Pakistani Taliban government

    • Avatar ArmaanElif says:


  27. Avatar crystal harris says:

    😭😭😭💔 No country can prosper without women

  28. Avatar Revolutionary 10 says:

    Al Jazeera can u stop with the Indian and South Asian accents when you’re translating what the Afghans are saying. It’s a central Asian country and they do not have that accent when talking in English unless they are educated in Pak or India.

  29. Avatar Maika Tupua says:

    Now this is what Islam is all about suppression, violence and backwardness.

  30. Avatar Mark Jakob says:

    My request to the Taliban is that they allow the vacant lands of Afghanistan to be cultivated for the farmers so that the main economy of Afghanistan is dependent on agriculture and the economy of Afghanistan is growing day by day. The Taliban should give priority to the country’s farmers and create opportunities for them. Because farmers are the backbone of the nation.

  31. Avatar Bernardus Lopez says:

    They are sorting things out. What’s the problem? Nothing

  32. Avatar Nilufar Begum says:

    Women should have universal education. They must be able to study science, medicine, engineering, mathematics etc.
    There should be no discrimination against women as regards learning.

    • Avatar Lahore Askari says:

      I agree with you 100%.

  33. Avatar Akhil g says:

    Taliban fears women.

  34. Avatar Ahmad Shah Abdali says:

    Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said : whoever strives hard to gain knowledge. god will make it easy for them to attain paradise.

    • Avatar Manjunath Kasaragode says:

      @0 0 absolutely true brother.where u from brother

    • Avatar 0 0 says:

      @Manjunath Kasaragode Indonesia. Believe me there are lots of taliban supporters in my country based on the comments in youtube of course. They are beyond reasoning.

    • Avatar Manjunath Kasaragode says:

      @0 0 I Know brother.Islam is a very beautiful religion.Dont worry.everything going to be okay

    • Avatar 0 0 says:

      @Manjunath Kasaragode i hope that taliban will destroy themselves soon. Because if not then afghanistan will crumble in the hands of incompetent and violent leaders.

    • Avatar Manjunath Kasaragode says:

      @0 0 true.sad part is neighboring Pakistan is helping them.

  35. Avatar Hippo pole says:

    They come here to get education .

  36. Avatar Hippo pole says:

    Education is not the way of Western style . Knowledge is power and it is important for every one including women . She is a daughter and a son of mother ,and grandmother of a children . Unless she is educated it will affect her children’s education .

  37. Avatar ทวาราวดี บุหงาส่าหรี says:

    สมควรส่งเสริมสิทธิสตรี เด็กหญิง
    อย่าละเลยละทิ้ง ในด้านการศึกษาแก่พวกเขา อย่าทำให้ประเทศเกิดภาระที่ไม่จำเป็น อีกทั้งเนื้อหาสื่อการเรียน
    ต้องพัฒนา อย่าทำให้เป็นปัญหาเลย
    กับการเรียนการสอนของเด็กหญิงในอัฟกัน เปิดกว้างได้แล้ว

  38. Avatar Norman says:

    Educated society leads to prosper society.

  39. Avatar Ashutosh Singh says:

    Word understand that a terrorist group has captured a afganistan and they have no vision , just enjoying on the name of Kuran and sariya

  40. Avatar Shamim Akon says:

    Education is the thing that gives one of the most priority in Al Quran.
    The first verse revealed in Quran was not about Salah nor about fasting. It was about “read”
    Wish Taliban will make opportunity for female higher education 😊😊
    May Allah guide all of us

  41. Avatar Z_F says:

    Not sure what the big deal is about segregation. In India most schools are boys only OR girls only. They have a handful of co education system of schools running ONLY in metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai etc. 
    The Taliban govt. is building institutions from scratch and it will take time to get the whole system up and running. Great work so far!

  42. Avatar ArmaanElif says:

    In Kunar Province, All Girls Schools are now Open.

  43. Avatar Cholpon Kudus says:

    In Russian news saying people start starving in Afghanistan

  44. Avatar kosco cosco says:

    Islam is not against educational… Taliban should stop being STUPID

  45. Avatar 80s BABY BOY 👶🏿 says:

    This is what you get under a Biden administration, there’s no like longer freedom of choice. If you want an education the the government shouldn’t be allowed to dictate whether or not you get that education. We, THE AMERICANS, stand in solidarity with the women of Afghanistan because we’re facing the same brutal dictatorship they’re experiencing.

  46. Avatar Bandeep Shiv Budh David Mohamed Singh says:

    First girl who spoke on camera, is she really Afghan? Her accent sound like an “actor” from west. Is this not true?

  47. Avatar Grace Antonio says:


    • Avatar Hans Otto Kroeger Kaethler says:

      It’s not true. Taliban said openly and clearly that they allow and support girls going to school and to university, as long as they remain separated from male students. They even uploaded videos showing female students in universities.
      It’s a shame YouTube censorship doesn’t allow the uploading of sources leading to the truth. I already tried it 3 times. Every time I tried, my comment was immediately deleted. But you will find what Taliban said, on BarBeCue, on CaNNot (I hope you understand what I mean), etc.
      What is Al Jazeera gaining by spreading CIA lies?

  48. Avatar shri says:

    Qatar should allow Afghans to settle within it.
    They back Taliban and fellow Muslim brotherhood

  49. Avatar SONJA CHUKMEL ZBINDEN says:

    I do wish tthat the dreams of these girls may come through.

  50. Avatar shrikant naikar says:

    Alzazeera biggest fake misleading news channel

  51. Avatar Palang says:

    بیشک امارات اسلامی.این بسیار خوب مردم هستند.اینهاخلاف درس وسبق نیستند.حکومت سابق همه دزدان.شکر خدا.که هر روز بهتر وبهتر تر می شوند.

  52. Avatar So Ri says:

    It’s true western keep bringing the “women’s right issues” and it become propaganda to discreet Taliban.
    Evil tactics!

  53. Avatar Mohammad Anas says:

    2:34 nice background

  54. Avatar WORLD CITIZEN says:

    Wish all Afghanistan mosques be schools until 13 pm for girls.

  55. Avatar Abdirauf Dekow says:

    It’s not segregation it’s restoration of dignity. A Christian classmate of mine at school of medicine at Islamic university in Uganda told me that since he joined IUIU, where all females regardless of faith dress on Hijab, his respect increased and his inappropriate sexual feelings reduced.
    A Christian sister who is my classmate also told me that she earns more respect from young men when she is dressed with the hijab compared to when she is putting on her t-shirts n pants.
    Alhamdulilah for Islam

  56. Avatar ALVI Hasnat says:

    A very kindly TB❤️❤️

  57. Avatar It's Alex says:

    These backwards nutcases 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  58. Avatar Hamza Jutt says:

    Why is west worry about afgahns women rights what about kasmhir and palastine.or falasteen rights ?????

  59. Avatar BAKHT RAWAN says:

    Mashallah.. inshallah Taliban will give rights to everyone..

  60. Avatar Mohammed Ayub says:

    When they were bombing Afghanistan and killing women and children where was women’s right didn’t they think ?.Well well well western terrorists have left now leave those poor people alone. Look after your own brothels,clubs and other community destroying centre’s westerners.

  61. Avatar Save Ayesha says:

    Save Ayesha from mohammad 😭😭

  62. Avatar Kareem 12 Ali Gaber says:

    That is great

  63. Avatar Flávinha • says:

    Where I live …
    every seven hours a woman is killed
    every 8 minutes a woman is raped
    every minute 8 women are victims of violence
    half of women have experienced sexual harassment at work.
    97% of women have experienced sexual harassment on public transport.

    No, I’m not talking about Afghanistan or any islamic country, I’m talking about Brazil.

  64. Avatar Hans Otto Kroeger Kaethler says:

    It’s not true. Taliban said openly and clearly that they allow and support girls going to school and to university, as long as they remain separated from male students. They even uploaded videos showing female students in universities.
    It’s a shame YouTube censorship doesn’t allow the uploading of sources leading to the truth. I already tried it 3 times. Every time I tried, my comment was immediately deleted. But you will find what Taliban said, on BarBeCue, on CaNNot, etc.
    What is Al Jazeera gaining by spreading CIA lies?

    I am now trying to add some words to see if my comment sticks this time.

  65. Avatar Anneka Elliot says:

    They have Beautiful buildings excellent hospitality, and lovely weather.
    They should carry on with educating Boys and girls and teach them the importance of respect and equality.
    Stop abusing them

  66. Avatar H K says:

    Brave women of Afghanistan
    Talibans have destroyed Afghanistan. They don’t respect human rights, women rights, religious rights. The world should not recognize Talibans

  67. Avatar Khabirul Islam says:

    Mashallah! Taliban

  68. Avatar Safia Faiz says:

    We want education for all in Afghanistan 🇦🇫

  69. Avatar Sulaiman writes says:

    If husband take the responsibility of wife, I think they don’t need any fun education.

    • Avatar Jio Boy says:

      Don’t be stupid. I m also a Muslim. In Islam….education is important. So don’t stop half of Muslim population going from School and getting good Education. It is also VERY IMPORTANT to stay in Right path in Islam….as its matter the most

  70. Avatar Alani Mustafa says:

    I live in a muslim country. There are no such thing women not getting education here. Men and women have equal opportunity to learn in my country. We need to learn to separate religion and culture.

    And also, hijab isn’t a problem in my country. I never heard anybody complaining about hijab and I study at an all-girls school. Women with hijab are still beautiful💖💖. What matters is the inside not the outside.

    • Avatar Jio Boy says:

      Are you a non Muslim? In which country you live?

  71. Avatar Halal Police says:

    Give a time, they will fix and allow them Insha Allah.

  72. Avatar Heiden Heiland says:

    What are the white pointy objects in the vendor’s cart at 2:15 ?

  73. Avatar Ibrahim Nyazee says:

    That’s because this is a girls-only school. The Afghan Taliban are not against their education, they have just suspended those institutions for the time being for segregation. Once they have that sorted, they will have no issues.

  74. Avatar AR says:

    They won’t let you prosper.
    They will prepare everything to defame you.

  75. Avatar Kirin Sama says:

    They already did ALLOW GIRLS TO RETURN TO SCHOOLS. This school was allowed to be open by the taliban themselves THIS IS JUST SOME GOOD PROPAGANDA FROM THE QATARI INFIDELS.

  76. Avatar Awais Jamal says:

    What about closing schools for 20 years

  77. Avatar Abith_ Peter says:

    No education for afghan women’s ban women’s in the society only a man need to walk outside women need to stay only in home their safety is important..

  78. Avatar S Noori says:

    Allah bless IEA

  79. Avatar Salam Falasteen says:

    Education is a must in Islam for all, Taliban knows that very well!

  80. Avatar Mahesh Saini says:

    Al-Jazeera you fool why and for what you want to glorify talibal. Talibani are crrupt and jangali

  81. Avatar Rehan K says:

    Womens role in Education&Medical sectors are important. Taliban needs to understand this. Women are driving force in these sectors. If women dont participate in these sectors these sectors will collapse.

  82. Avatar Rehan K says:

    Islam has made education for all genders complusory. So stopping girls from education is actually unislamic.

  83. Avatar Student Helper Kamal says:

    Remove islam 👍
    Save humanity 👍
    Save world 👍

  84. Avatar Islam End Times says:

    I’m sorry but this propaganda against the Taliban for simply wanting to make sure safety and Islamic standards are met before everyone can go to school. What is more important food or school? That’s the dilemma Afghanistan is facing right now, because the Western powers have frozen Afghanistan’s assets and refuse to recognize the Taliban’s government, all this does is prolong the suffering of the Afghans. From what I’ve heard personally, girls are actually going back to school. But the most important thing is stability and security and that was huge issue. What Aljazeera should instead be focusing on, is Aljazeera should criticize world government’s for exacerbating the suffering of Afghans by not recognizing the legitimate government of Afghanistan which is the Islamic Emirate!

  85. Avatar Alvin Leong says:

    Muslim world used to excel in STEM field hope they will get that back

  86. Avatar Manavee Cheha says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته
    طالبان ☝️ 💪💪💪❤️❤️❤️☪️☪️☪️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  87. Avatar Tanzim Hossain says:

    West: We will freez Afghans money.
    West: We want their girls to pay their school fee.

  88. Avatar the infographic knowledge says:

    Afghanistan is real life gta

  89. Avatar Great Galaxy says:

    7 Century : Women stay home.
    21st Century:Women education leads to the Development of Human Civilization.

  90. Avatar malik Raashid says:

    0:42 she wants to travel with Elon Musk 😀

  91. Avatar Tariq Ali says:

    I dont know why the western world is too much worry about women and they are turning no stone unturned to bombard men in muslim world.

  92. Avatar 1UMMAH NET says:

    Love Taliban Respect Taliban mujahedeen Fighters.. they’re real Victorious. World fake power grave on Islamic Emirate of Afghan. Hasbi-ALLAH. Just Islam only given righteous,freedom to women

  93. Avatar Sua Ega says:

    I agree stop propaganda about women’s rights in Islam. Islam priorities women education, own business, choice of husband, leadership in communities and so on. Western allows boarding school separated boy and girls as well as school., Western feminist was influenced by muslim women’s rights

  94. Avatar T A says:

    Taliban go 🇵🇰 and live Afghanistan thanks like other 💩 government

    • Avatar T A says:

      And our women and girls have the same right like other people in the world 🇦🇫👍

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