Chinese unemployment remains high despite economic rebound

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China’s economy appears to have rebounded sharply from the coronavirus outbreak after an historic contraction.
But many people are still unemployed. Jobseekers have been encouraged to become street vendors to spur the country’s economic growth.
Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu reports from Chengdu.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar keri xna says:

    Coronavirus 🤣🤣🤣

    • Avatar Asiama Pachuau says:

      @qwertypous 046 no evidence,but I thought it’s American virus like H1N1,HIV and Spanish flu

    • Avatar Mister Fan says:

      @qwertypous 046 It’s America’s fault. China has the virus under control, but the United States is still allowing the virus to spread, threatening the world.

    • Avatar LoC28C says:

      @qwertypous 046 it is already proven that the birthplace of the Covid-19 is not China. There is evidence that this virus is around in a few other countries early in 2019 already. It was only first discovered in China in December 2019.

    • Avatar Joost FF says:

      @Mister Fan China is the first one allowing virus to spread by not closing their airports,followed by the US

    • Avatar John hanser says:

      Charles Maersk Trump virus 😅☺️

  2. Avatar Cameron says:


  3. Avatar Carlos A. says:

    How about doing videos longer than 2 minutes.

    • Avatar Dario says:

      Thats absolutely haram

    • Avatar अंधत भक्त तेरी बहन के चुट मी मेरा लोडा says:

      @Dario chuitye

  4. Avatar Prophet Mohmmed sucks my dick says:

    This is the future of Muslim countries when the whole world moves to electric energy

    • Avatar Stacha Stochmol says:

      @EASTERN G 200 million people in Middle East live off oil .
      They dont produce anything to export to buy wheat to make bread .
      I’m in Poland which is big exporter of food .

    • Avatar Arun s says:

      Hope it happens. At least that will stop Wahhabism

    • Avatar cohen darwin says:

      And aslo no hajj pilgrimage. Coz that’s waste of money and what used of it.

    • Avatar EASTERN G says:

      @Stacha Stochmol i am from Nepal and i am socked with every cold nation that they manages to export food dispite 3-4 months are covered in snow here in nepal nature had gifted us everything we can cultivate whole year still we are so messedup that insted of growing food we import their was a time whe we used to export food but no one is interested in working in tradition fields of nepal hope electric era will modernize us in every sector 😓

    • Avatar Ice Bear says:

      I laughed at this lol

  5. Avatar Tr Mei says:

    No one enjoys this situation.But life is life and wounds always take much time to recovery.

    • Avatar dennisestrada75 says:

      Wouldn’t be the case if the CCP government acted accordingly and not selfishly

    • Avatar S W says:

      China does NOT know that resources are limited in this world. that is why they are spending trillions of dollars in lifting up their weakest citizens from poverty so they can multiply in greater numbers. China thinks the weaker their citizens are, the stronger China will be. In the mean time, the Americans are eliminating their weakest citizens. Americans are now eliminating the weak Chinese by having trade wars with China. That is the law of Nature.

    • Avatar S W says:

      nice to see many chinese are NOT wearing their silly face masks and depend on their own immune system.
      Many people in China rely on others, for example:
      1.) face masks, instead of on their own immune system.
      2.) foreign schools and technology.
      those are the weak characteristics of the chinese people.

    • Avatar Tr Mei says:

      @dennisestrada75 It wouldn’t. Before the accident occuring,politic always have priority above science just like many other countries worked.

  6. Avatar Parviz Wahab says:

    What’s new in my mother’s lands (India,Inndore city) women’s with Phd,selling & pushing vegetables Cart for living We Indian’s are @ unseen Wuhan War Against
    Covid-19/Corona of no mistakes of Ours..😂

    • Avatar Ice Bear says:

      Nobody really cares there

  7. Avatar existentialvoid says:

    8% unemployment (the conservative estimate) is what. . . 80 million unemployed? That is the conservative (official) figures. . . double that for a more realistic estimate and you have what. . . 16% unemployment. . .so 160 million unemployed?

    80 million unemployed is more then ALL of France. . .

    I think a little perspective about how much unrest is being suppressed in China right now would be the real story. . . I imagine it is quite brutal.

    • Avatar Daniel Lai says:

      Herbdoulaye Yousef full swing? Where did you get that information from? how can you tell me the production is in full swing when you guys don’t have any orders to export? My mom works in a large chain retail store in Canada, and she told me they couldn’t get any supplies from China due to lack of production. my uncle has a factory in Shenzhen and he said lots of factories are either closed or moved to Vietnam.

    • Avatar Herbdoulaye Yousef says:

      @Daniel Lai that’s why I said ‘majority’ in my comment, don’t make it seem like China should be held to extraordinary standards, countries around the world are recovering and China is recovering too, what I meant is that the main supply chains of the core of their economy is in the right direction, as for the companies going to Vietnam, I think it’s both something that’s normal and something they’ll have to think about to curtail and encourage the companies to stay, Vietnam is developing very fast

    • Avatar Daniel Lai says:

      Herbdoulaye Yousef countries around the world are recovering? Based on what? Do we have a vaccine? China stopped providing the data as they still report 4K deaths. There’s second wave and third wave around the world. Hong Kong is in third wave.

      You kept making up false information without providing any actual facts. Do you know why Chinese government doesn’t hand out the money to boost up the economy? Because they have low reserve on cash, they only hand out coupons. Even the Canadian and US government hand out some cash to boost up the consumption rate.

    • Avatar Herbdoulaye Yousef says:

      @Daniel Lai Me saying ” countries around the world are recovering ” doesn’t equate to false information because regardless of the amount of cases in all countries and the setback in their economies, efforts are being made to reverse the effects little by little, this very act in however small magnitude it may be and whatever direction or means with which it is done is the beginning of their ‘recovery’, so I said the word “is recovering” not the word “has recovered”, I’ve not given any other strong claims that’ll be ” false information, only my general view based on the economic recoveries of the main players that I follow, Telling me about the automobile shops your uncle knows in Shenzhen isn’t outright ‘fact’, your uncle does not know all the factories there, and more important the big players that really influence the industry there have their supply chains wrapped up in China, it’s almost impossible to leave, I’m sure the factories that have moved to Vietnam are not operating and are having it worse because Vietnam second wave is serious and they’ll most likely not be working now, so what’s the difference, it’s everywhere on the news that there are second waves in hk, France, Vietnam, us deaths over 140,000, centralgov sent teams To Help hk , I don’t have to mention that to give facts, You have to bring into consideration that the population of China is 1.4 billion before making decisions, us and UK are not up to a third of China and so they can be more liberal with cash, recently the chinesegovernment gave several billion yuan in coupons,it is not a meagre amount, it also gave loans to SMEs and also some educational facilitation grants, besides in terms of food security, only soy and pork are the main imports, the rest are largely self sufficient production so it’s cheaper for the people, the grants that the UK and us government gave are mostly for food since people are not going anywhere especially in this second waves. And China has a lot of money sapping infrastructure projects going on far far from the pace of their western neighbours, so of course that has its own drawbacks with regards to cash disbursement to boost consumption

    • Avatar Herbdoulaye Yousef says:

      @Daniel Lai as for providing data or not, why don’t you independently search for yourself without relying on whatever counter or feeder feeding you, in the pastweek there’s been hundreds of cases in Dalian, Xinjiang, and a little further back in Beijing, some other places have little cases too, these are all reported in the Chinese media. All over the world the mortality rate is low, china has firsthand experience in dealing with the virus so with a couple hundreds or a thousand cases. It’s normal to have very little to no deaths as mass testing is going on in these places and free and quick treatments, you’re of Chinese origin yourself, irrespective of your views about the CPC, why don’t you check out the Chinese media also to know what’s going on there at least to know what’s going on with your brothers there,

  8. Avatar ManLikeH says:

    Li Lei i thought that was a woman!

  9. Avatar Cricket Is life says:

    They can send Sri Lanka because already China purchased 60% of Sri Lanka

  10. Avatar Jenny Li says:

    Just like what the man in the video says: hardship is temporary. Opportunities are everywhere for you to discover. I see nobody complaining so far. Don’t worry too much about us.

    • Avatar Que_Rico says:

      @Sgt.NoPants Better than burning them to never be heard from again

    • Avatar Que_Rico says:

      @Nightcor EDM Are they in those camps too?

    • Avatar Sgt.NoPants says:

      @Que_Rico do you have any proof about ccp burning black people?

    • Avatar Que_Rico says:

      @Sgt.NoPants Do you have proof that they’re not?

    • Avatar I Can't Fucking Breath says:

      @Que_Rico do you have brain?

  11. Avatar Death Larsen says:

    Vile street meat

    • Avatar DIngbat donedon says:

      Corona laced.

    • Avatar Lutz Bammer says:

      @DIngbat donedon Little advice if you are clueless don’t talk nonsense. In addition, trolls like you just repeat the same fakenews or conspiracy theories. You are just embarrassing.

  12. Avatar any says:

    China v shape recovery!

    • Avatar Prophet Muhamed says:

      any I would rather have V shape than U shape recover which takes longer time and might be years to recover back to the economic level before covid hit that country

  13. Avatar tijs gk says:

    I hope the economy plumbs more so they get a revolution. So they get ride of the CCP

    • Avatar Jing. R. says:

      Ha, happens first in the USA

    • Avatar LoC28C says:

      tijs gk you are a terrible human being ! ! !

    • Avatar ꧂Oddish꧂ says:

      @Jing. R. Why would you want to get rid of the CCP in the U.S.?

    • Avatar Tian KAI says:

      @꧂Oddish꧂ because US government is no different

  14. Avatar Asher Paul Tan says:

    Because the data aren’t real.

    • Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

      CCP Beijing propaganda.

  15. Avatar Naji Alqhfa says:

    America so so so jealous from China, because Allah don’t send them great leader like xi jinping, to make his country great again, trump is addicted to adult movie works, shame , what do expect from this nation electing this kind president, god is great

    • Avatar Asiama Pachuau says:

      @Ice Bear you mad m day

    • Avatar ꧂Oddish꧂ says:

      Most of the muslim world is looking forward for Communist China to police the world instead of the U.S., China will build mosques and teach the young ones the importance of Islam. Chairman Mao once said Islam is the cure to all the world’s problems. It’s all true.

    • Avatar elitechrstn says:

      The National Bank of China has deposited $0.50 into your account.

    • Avatar LoC28C says:

      @elitechrstn please check with them again I didn’t receive any money in my account. Do get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • Avatar LoC28C says:

      @꧂Oddish꧂ I’m sorry I don’t think China is interested to police the world. The Muslim world if they are looking for someone to police the world they have to look for someone else.

  16. Avatar ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    they are not the onlyone because of this pandemic is the economy world wide f ..

  17. Avatar ExZed says:

    Because there is no economic rebound. Li Keqiang himself said that he doesn’t trust the official Chinese GDP reports.

  18. Avatar Ice Bear says:

    This is true for all countries now

  19. Avatar Arun S says:

    Rest of the world also is suffering…
    Hope everything will be ok in the end….

  20. Avatar Arshan Khan says:

    this is the result of brainwashing people with fake data and fake promises…. same thing is happening almost everywhere… china is only ahead than most … india usa following up

    • Avatar Tasalowts Summer says:

      Sure, there’re no “better”ones, but only *Less bad* ones

    • Avatar Tr Mei says:

      That’s just how country work.Propaganda mechine is its major weapon.

  21. Avatar LoC28C says:

    Fact Check. If 65% of the 1.4 billion people in China are working people whilst the rest are children and retired people. Then with a 20% unemployment rate the unemployed people will be a staggering 182,000,000 people not the 20 million people who has lost their jobs during the Covid-19 crisis.

    I’m sorry Al-Jazeera you are loosing my respect for your biased reports on China.

    • Avatar Asiama Pachuau says:

      Coz Al Jazeera is not bullshit propaganda news like toilet media

    • Avatar Victor Ray says:

      Al Jazeera is in bed with West.

  22. Avatar Divyansh Dwivedi says:

    this people are show good they lost thier job became vendor in my country people start doing protest

  23. Avatar John Ham says:

    30% or higher

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      John Ham, what I hear from you is OINK OINK OINK.

  24. Avatar B C P says:

    china itself biggest virus …
    karma will teach you big lesson

  25. Avatar Josh says:

    compared to every other country, china’s is a phoenix

  26. Avatar Bolaji Windapo says:

    Chine has an unemployment rate of 6% in a global depression. The USA is approaching 25%.

  27. Avatar Infoworld says:

    no,no, it’s not 20%, we could be a little bit braver, let’s say it’s 40% or 50% jobless. more than half of the Chinese are jobless now.

    • Avatar Milo Markovic says:


    • Avatar Gamyuiii says:

      Bro a lot of people died or dying how can the unemployment rate be so high. Lets not talking about their unemployment rate and start talking about their population

  28. Avatar MeGusta109 says:

    Chinese gdp numbers can not be trusted whatsoever

    • Avatar fei zheng says:

      what about your country?🤪

    • Avatar Big Dogh says:

      @fei zheng His may be 5 trillion dollars in dreams.

    • Avatar ꧂Oddish꧂ says:

      Mike Pompeo said: Trust and do not verify when dealing with China, wise words for an American. China only have the best interest of the world.

    • Avatar MeGusta109 says:

      @fei zheng classic Chinese whataboutism, right from the soviet playbook. Everyone knows China lies about everything….

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      MeGusta109, Chinese leaders are not running for reelection, they don’t have to please anybody by fabricating economic data, China care or less if you believe the good news or not.

  29. Avatar Mike 72 says:

    China is in the middle of second wave and its not 20 per cent where did al jarzeera get their backwards info from

  30. Avatar paul clark says:

    Why does anyone even repeat the figures China releases. All the ccp does and has been doing for decades and it has only now become a problem. All governments have been happy to deal with the devil he soon comes to collect. Allowing China to strip oceans and everything else they get their hands on until theres nothing left.

  31. Avatar Nishant kr raaz raaz says:

    China is giant cruel country because his negative nature

    • Avatar John says:

      what is negative nature?

    • Avatar stupid Americunts says:

      Nishant kr raaz raaz Shut up, you don’t know China. US is far more cruel

    • Avatar Hans Otto Kroeger says:

      US is a giant cruel country because of its criminal nature.

  32. Avatar Austin Lee says:

    Unemployment is very high in China but not as much as higher than American and Indian.

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      @Daniel Lai Chinese leaders are not running for reelection, they have nobody to please, China care or less if you believe the data or not.

    • Avatar Daniel Lai says:

      dragondescendant1 because they have no election and no peaceful transition of power, that gives them more reason to hide the data. Every authoritarian and dynasty rules always ended up civil war and war in general.

      BTW… 6% unemployment rate is impossible in their current situation. They have no orders because all other countries are in pandemic, people lost their homes because of the flood.

      If they don’t “care”, why do they even have an agency that dedicated to the propaganda?

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      @Daniel Lai Chinese communist party has 6 peaceful transitions without incident, you are barking at the wrong tree. Don’t confuse China with other political system, democracy is not for Chinese people, that’s the way they like it.

    • Avatar Daniel Lai says:

      dragondescendant1 and that’s the reasons all the high ranking officials in the CCP sent their kids and assets to “evil” US. Lol it seems you don’t know how they select the high ranking officials and the fractions within the party at all. It isn’t peaceful if you keep purging your political opponents and assign your buddies to the politburo. Also, the cultural revolution and the Gang of Four aren’t peaceful at all. Deng was purged before returning to power, Zheng gives up the role but retain the power during Hu’s era.

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      @Daniel Lai yeah right, gang of 4 were persecuted because they were abusive of power, brutal not peaceful, they were sent to jail to preserve peace, no drop of blood was shed because of their incarceration. You are advocating corrupt officials need not to responsible for their actions, people like Chen shui bian, Richard Nixon alike. Many were sent out of China for schooling not necessarily by the government, many are sent by private sector, some have scholarships. Take off your color glasses you might see.

  33. Avatar Polo Life says:

    “High economic rebound”

  34. Avatar Devid K says:

    Not only to china but wohon virus hitting badly to the world ….1st time it was good quality product (viruse) made by china…still effect many

  35. Avatar ANTI COMMUNIST says:

    Video is old .. no mask

    • Avatar Eric Northman says:

      No the video is new. No mask anymore.

    • Avatar Victor Ray says:

      Video is new. Mask are not required in China. They beat the virus. As a Indian I confirmed it. My friends are in China. They are going outside without mask.

  36. Avatar kumar Harshwardhan says:

    Regime can buy/force media to spread favourable information, can’t force/buy market…😊

    • Avatar Lutz Bammer says:

      It’s a shame that you only talk complete bullshit.
      You probably have no idea about economics at all. What an idiot.

  37. Avatar richard hall says:

    I think as a world we have come for a pass roads .there are far too many of us and not enough resources. It’s a hard decision but we need to face it some of us have to go .it’s a natural progression we need to do as a world .

    • Avatar chi oochi says:

      You are wrong, there are plenty enough resources, plenty of food for the world population to live well, it is a few greedy people who hijacked the economy of world, punishing innocent people around world, and lying through media by showing that population is too much that is the problem, in a way to cover their crimes against humanity, The one who Create human beings is not stupid, The good lord will prove them one day judgment. They are naive, stupid, by trying to change the good things God has made to look bad, but wait and see the day God bring them to justice. History is a proven example.

  38. Avatar choi kluivertchoi says:

    Everything is relative term. Now everywhere is in bad shape. Compared to US and India, China economy is intact. To be fair, Aljazeeda please report India, im sure you will be amazed.

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      Aljarzeera is an anti China propaganda media.

    • Avatar Mr K says:

      India economy is collapsing

  39. Avatar S Hussein says:

    Nothing is permanant. Today he is a street seller tomorrow he is a software engineer.
    Everything is changing all the time.

  40. Avatar zimpirate.coms says:

    why are people not wearing masks?

    • Avatar asterixis says:

      Nobody wears masks in China anymore, they beat the virus, now it’s in America.

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      @asterixis yep, friends of mine from China told me the same thing, mask is not needed anymore, they beat Covid19.

    • Avatar Joost FF says:

      Because people are stupid.All these people saying “China already beat Corona” must realize that South Koreans and Iranians thought the same thing before they got hit by a second wave

    • Avatar K- STUDIO says:

      Coronavirus outbrake in China is just a propaganda by the CCP to show the world that China also suffered from it.

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      @K- STUDIO China did suffer from it, many died in Wuhan, the difference is CCP knows how to get it under control, while you idiots injecting chlorox to make it worse.

  41. Avatar zimpirate.coms says:

    At least he can even sell something and earn more that his all job,across the globe others dont even have that opportunity

  42. Avatar Esa Shaik says:

    Oh dear,all that American sanctions on China and it is China that is still growing while Americas 32% gdp contraction just wiped out 11 years of American gdp growth😂😂😂😂It would seem China is winning the economic war with America.

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      Sure is.

    • Avatar dennisestrada75 says:

      China’s population is like 5 times the size you need constant economic growth to feed the masses. Also why aren’t you mentioning the major flooding which will exacerbate things.

    • Avatar Isaac Chan says:

      dennisestrada75 the flooding got a bit better now I think

    • Avatar dragondescendant1 says:

      @dennisestrada75 flooding in China has been around since beginning of time, flooding never stopped China flourish and thrive throughout the dynasties.

    • Avatar Ben Chod says:

      Did this all start with a Trade War that was easy to win? I guess it was not so easy so they have tried every bit of the playbook of the CIA “Lie ; Cheat; Steal” now sanctions and bans….. Poor Venezuela got all their Cash and Gold Stolen

  43. Avatar Marek Kolenda says:

    China economic statistics can’t be independent verify.Needs air pollution satellite for verification is true or not.

    • Avatar LS Wang says:

      which country economic statistics can be verified? please enlightened

  44. Avatar Milo Markovic says:

    they shouldn’t t worry once or if Biden in office there get a lot of american jobs. Joe has Friends and his son and obama that’s a lot of help other than the Chinese. and big buisness who want cheap labor and NOT the worrying of any E.P.A. LAWS.

  45. Avatar bastia Mars says:

    when China takes over they will sanction Europe and America just like the whites sanctioned Zimbabwe etc. that’s what I heard from someone

  46. Avatar Simon Dixon says:

    The thing to remember is, this simulation is a good one!

  47. Avatar Isaac Chan says:

    The numbers don’t even adds up 20% would be 300 million people

    • Avatar Vision L says:

      Isaac Chan Yes… it does. That’s the shipping part. Their is nothing flying out going or coming in. The only thing is food trade.

    • Avatar Isaac Chan says:

      @Vision L lol the Shipping numbers and PMI dosent agree with you

  48. Avatar Fox Ino says:

    lol why not just make it up to 80%, how about 90%? keeping up the good job Al jazeera and fool the world for china.

  49. Avatar Prophet Muhamed says:

    China unemployement has always been high even when the economy is growing since everything is shifted to automation now, this is the problem of every industrialized high populated country

    • Avatar S W says:

      You are a Muslim Prophet. I am a Christian prophet. In Christianity, Christians believe in the survival of the fittest. In Buddhism, Buddhists believe in the survival of the weakest. China is a country influenced by Buddhism. That is why China spent trillions of dollars in lifting up their weakest citizens. In the mean time, Americans, a Christian country, believe in the survival of the fittest, and they help China to eliminate their weakest by having a trade war with China.

    • Avatar Edd Fsd says:

      @S W “survival to the weakest” yeah that sums up the situation in India, lmao. You’re not a christian you dumbtard, take your script back to the Pajeet that pays you 50 rupees a month and go cry somewhere else.

  50. Avatar 环球中国人民解放军 Global Chinese Army says:

    Fake news, China is the most prosperous country
    Evil forces like West ,Taiwan, India, Japan keep spreading fake news and viruses, China working hard to create a better world
    Stop listening antichina propaganda
    You must respect and obey the most glorious nation China. I am so proud to be a Chinese. We Chinese are the smartest, strongest and greatest race.

  51. Avatar Gamyuiii says:

    High but not too high though, millions will die or died

  52. Avatar BS HUNTER says:

    Economic rebound or propaganda rebound? Get real, CCP’s biggest export is lies, think about that for a while. The CCP lie as easily as other people breathe air. I say FREE THE CHINESE PEOPLE>

  53. Avatar patch860 says:

    That’s the true china. Happy with own hassle.

  54. Avatar Saisravan Satturu says:

    Return gift to China from the world for exporting virus

  55. Avatar Matthew Ng says:

    People still dont believe the rise of China, only time will tell. No one believed the coronavirus control they had, now no one believes the economic numbers. Im glad the Chinese people dont have access to this brainwashing western media. What a waste of time

  56. Avatar Audrey Lxa says:

    The war against Americans is being sponsored by China. Use hydroxychloroquine and zinc to prevent infection and for early treatment. It works.

    • Avatar liu John says:

      Are you serious madam ? Provoked by China ?

  57. Avatar MATHS MADE EASY AS ABCDE says:


  58. Avatar Bourjois M says:


  59. Avatar Mr K says:

    India economy near collapse

  60. Avatar Ian Cemacio says:

    Atleast trying something to earn unlike go to the streets and protesting and feeling entitled that the government owe somthing to them.

  61. Avatar JK selama says:

    The reporter foolishly repeated a whispered number of 20% unemployment. Does she know what 20% unemployment means in China? What an idiot! Al Jazeera should hire someone more capable, unless what she did is intentional.

  62. Avatar Xarako Comedy says:

    Chines youth will never wait any one they will do whatever they can

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