TikTok Users React To Trump’s Pledge To Ban The App In The U.S. | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/05
TikTok Users React To Trump’s Pledge To Ban The App In The U.S. | NBC Nightly News

President Trump told reporters that he wants to ban TikTok in the U.S. as the social media app faces scrutiny over security concerns. The company says they’re “not planning on going anywhere” as questions grow over how a ban would work.

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コメント一覧 (113件)

  • About that Life says:

    Any platform in which people make fun of or criticizes him on he wants to ban like we don’t have other issues in the Country and if it’s such a security issue why isn’t it already banned 🤔

    • Saber Hg says:

      You are dumb. Its not just America that us banning it.

    • About that Life says:

      @Saber Hg Dumb huh smh

    • IMade2Cents2Day says:

      About that Life The amount of people on Twitter that hate him is beyond me but he has a twitter account doesn’t he? Moron.

  • Messiah says:

    Trump: *banned tiktok*

    Me: Oh No

  • Win L says:

    The trap of the United States, Alstom is a replica, the evil Axis powers begin to attack, Great American Nazism has arrived, and absolute USA imperialism has arrived

  • GummyNo says:


  • Carley Ross says:


  • Hyperborean Colonialism says:

    I hope shitstagram gets banned next.

  • CODE92818 says:

    Its trash get rid of this asap.

  • e e says:

    the Club Penguin shutdown was sadder than this being removed

  • CODE92818 says:

    Msnbc should also be thrown in the trash with tic tok

  • Shadowcat107 says:

    it’s terrible that Tik Tok could be banned. I wished Trump had choosen another solution than banning this app. this app is super popular. I don’t want this app to be banned. when Tik Tok is finally banned I hope Trump will be happy what he done. I think he’ll be happy. let’s see how this will play.

  • Itzkiller! sansplayz says:

    My prayers have been answered!!

    • Saber Hg says:


  • Zello King says:

    The devil came in 1492 and still here go home Europeans.

  • JustBurb says:

    Imagine going out to vote just because you want to keep using an app on your phone instead of voting for you lifestyle

  • Lamp Shade says:

    I don’t feel bad for these teenagers who have to get a real job

    • Saber Hg says:

      They need to know not everything is gonna go right, they had 1,000,009 followers but they lost it. They need yo know real worl

  • Dinosaur Club 2 says:

    Please help these kids. You can live without tik tok. I know people have literally gotten fame from it, but we can live without. Get a real job please.

  • Paul Lancaster says:

    2020 sucked, but at least one good thing happened

  • 11090 Fang says:

    Nice let those clowns cry

  • Chicken Gaming says:


    Me and the boys: yayayayayayay

  • That Guy says:

    We won, mr stark

  • Dane Butkoon says:

    Anything from china america wants to ban becuse they say china is spying, but the cia an nsa spys on everybody an every country an thats ok😕😞
    #greatisamericathen #americaalwaysgetswhatitwants

  • Crusader 2003 says:

    169 tiktokers dislike this

  • Wen Zer says:

    Edit: Goodbye, no one will miss you

  • Paolo Samonte says:

    Biggest win in canadian history

  • Cocochennel H says:

    😂 😆 why is this 🤗

  • Cocochennel H says:

    White Americans 😂🤣 you use tic tok

  • Biggus Dickus says:

    They had one job.. dance for 15 seconds

  • bdawk20 says:

    Oh no, don’t ban Tik Tok!

    How can I possibly live without watching braindead barefoot teenage blondes dancing mindlessly around to “Blinding Lights”? Oh the humanity!!!

  • Florida Beast says:

    I love trump

  • Pee Gaming says:

    Tik tok abused my eyes

  • F2LMikey says:

    2020: Maybe i dont want to be the bad guy…

  • F2LMikey says:

    If it is banned let’s vote for trump

  • Pinkberry Milk says:

    Finally, people can actually make good songs without tiktok stealing it now.

  • MidNiteR32 says:

    Gen Z: I’m gonna go vote!
    Election Day: nowhere near the polls.

  • Exterminatus Button says:

    POGS in the chat boiz, Tik Tok is no more.

  • Dojo Limes says:

    who’s gonna vote for trump now

    • Saber Hg says:

      I can’t, im too young but im sure glad of it

    • Dojo Limes says:

      Saber Hg I can’t vote Either 😂😂

  • Saber Hg says:

    Now people need to know what real hard work is then stupid dances

  • Saber Hg says:

    If you voting against Trump just because he deleted a dancing app. Ya

    • Duy Cool says:

      Sorry, I already voted for Trump

  • Elias Puro says:

    Trump only want to ban US user freedom to contact.

  • Saber Hg says:

    Tik tok go boom boom

  • Knightguardian3 Sergio Sahakian says:

    Tictok should be a safe app to use security must be alive always please don’t go anywhere everyone uses TikTok please stop the ban make TikTok safer to use security must be better please don’t ban TikTok in September my favorite app by far make the app safer to use please

  • MoonLight Productions says:

    China did give us a virus after all , why not let them take your information as well.

  • TheHolyLand436 says:

    These kids are dumb

  • Qrezqr says:

    Tic tac

  • That One Potato On Your Shelf [TOPOYS] says:

    _Didn’t think we had Special Forces coming…_

  • Samir's world says:

    Look at me

  • bing bong says:

    They just salty because now they have to actually work and now we get to see Charlie Demilio and Adison rae (dont care if I blew the name) fight for the last job opening at McDonald’s.

  • Peaxhy BubbleBoba says:

    At least there’s no hype house wish old tiktok come back

  • Nick Ngunjiri says:

    If you can’t compete with them ban them.
    Or force acquisition by iron fist ✊.

  • Coolkid 295 says:

    The first thing trumps done that has helped the world

  • 8C_Muhammad Fiqkrah Perdana says:

    Me: **sees Tik Tok getting banned**
    Also me: So guys, we did it… Tik Tok is getting banned!

  • ADRIAN ALAN says:

    I hate u trum

    • Your Local Christian says:

      Yes, how dare he care about our safety! How dare “trum” prevent the Chinese from spying on us!

      Grow up child

  • Marthinneill Apoi says:

    If microsoft isnt buy tiktok,It will be end of the platform.

  • Divers_V says:

    Chinese are the best in TikTok

  • International Meme hub Enterntainment says:


  • Bálint Kende says:

    Thank God. I dont have problem with the app, I have a BIG problem with the community. Every second video is shaking butts and boobs. Or people who dancing to a trash song.

  • Shreya Education centre says:

    Wanted!! Urgent!! Online tutor for kids. Interested Freshers or Teacher may contact through this link. 👇👇

  • coco blue im a girl says:

    why tik tok pls no plsss 😭😭😭😭

    • Your Local Christian says:

      Mmmmmmmm yes lovely tears mmmmmmmm so good yum yum MMMMMMMM

    • coco blue im a girl says:


  • Urvaksh Bagwadia says:

    If Trump bans it and gets voted out due to increasing number of young people voting, he will be a hero. Kind of like Loki. At least he will go out with a bang

  • Satan The Great says:

    Happy to see the tiktokers cry like a baby lol

  • Mister-T3XP Simulation says:

    You can t let and trust U.S teenagers to make the right decision on such a national security threat. You just can t count on dancing teenagers to take the right decision on any serious matter.

  • Ad Barret says:

    I couldn’t care less about shutting down tiktok but reality is Trump wants to do it because their users sabotaged his rally in Tulsa and now he’s trying to avoid that happening again. He’s so desperate that it’s clear why he wants to do all this things like delaying the election.

    • Your Local Christian says:

      Not because he doesn’t want the Chinese spying on the US? Yes, yes definitely…

  • Claudio Perri says:

    in the land of the living…the Resistance, Fear Mongers, Lovers of: Abortion,
    Abuse, Homosexuality, Socialism, Homelessness, MS-13, Antifa, Liberalism,
    Diversity, Identity Politics, Journalism, Greed, Political Correctness,
    Terrorism, Islam, Woke, Green New Deal, Scientism, Lawlessness.  Those lost & deceived…yes, the Democratic
    Sect Party…Murray Carpenter, Samantha Power, George W Bush, Anderson Cooper,
    Fauci, Neil Furguson, Shi Zhengli,  PRC, Huawei,
    ZTE, Gen He Fuchu, Evelyn Farkas, Rick Bright, Fake Bill Gates, Cyrus Vance, Warren
    Buffett, AOC & Company, Lori (Karen) Lightfoot, Biden, Fox’s Chris Wallace
    & Neil Cavuto, Shawn King, Strzok, Pelosi, McCabe, J Lew, Comey, Jim
    Carrey, Clinton, Weissmann, Ben Rhodes, Halper, Nadler, Symone Sanders, Adam
    Pinocchio Schiff, Colin Powell, John Gleeson, Gov Pritzker, Hawk Newsome, Dana
    Nessel, Phil Murphy, Chris Van Hollen, Tim Ryan, Rosenstein, Antony Blinken, Seth
    Moulton, Bolton, Schumer, Juan Goya, Robin Diangelo, Nelie/Bruce Ohr, Thomas
    Donohue, Kaepernick, George Soros, Tom Donahue, Rice, Manafort, Mills, Spencer
    Ackerman, Holder, Yates, James Mattis, Brennan, Seth Meyers, Jim Acosta,
    Stephen Colbert, Dan Barkhuff, John Oliver, Jack Dorsey, Jon Stewart, Tim Wise,
    Lawrence O’Donnell, Don Lemon, Meghan McCain, Kirstien Nielsen, Jake Tapper,
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    Kenneth Lerer, H Stern, Lee Moran, Kathleen Kingsbury, Trevor Noah, Thomas J
    Friedman, Joy Behar, Arianna Huffington, Kimberly Gardner, Howard Dean, Mary
    Trump, Ted Wheeler, Tomeka Hart, Schwarzenegger, Jeff Zucker, Jack Dorsey,, Feinstein,
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    cdc, hdfc, ica, snapchat, white house press core, mediamatters, the nba, intel,
    pepsi…are all about Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of Responsibility…pathetic
    life principles they believe, practice, & bow down to.  One more TRUTH…there all LESS THAN NOTHING.

  • Si Filey says:

    It’s like the atrocious Opium War again.
    Trump and his office has the same Racist rhetoric as the Slave Owners and Colonial Masters and Racism of 1950’s America/Europe.

  • Josiah Richards says:

    I think he is banning it because of that rally prank.

  • War Death says:

    I saw nude girls on tictok dancing after drinking too much….

  • YourAMemeTo Me says:

    This is a blessing srsly now tiktok can go we are free

  • Artrix Solo says:

    So basically trump is the bad guy for doing something right…..

  • JeT Plane says:

    Haha 😂😂

  • diamondmm says:

    american idiocracy at its finest …

  • ruixi zhang says:

    I don’t think trump has the right to do that

  • Dr Anarchy says:

    tonight social media juggernaut TIC TAC!

  • Toyeeta Soupra says:

    Finally a big chunks of cringy people gone

  • Kenneth C says:

    Let’s ban Trump!

  • Aseeb Q says:

    I don’t even like Trump…but thank you Mr President for banning the cringe. TikTok users are the most untalented unfunny and blatantly stupid cringegroup of people

  • Raigo8995 says:

    You’re paid off by the ccp Vanessa stfu, I’m glad it’s banned in 🇺🇸

  • Jacqueline Flathers says:

    Trump is just mad cuz we are messing with him. Other platforms do the same exact thing as tiktok when it comes to the harms. Smh

  • Plague Produkshuns says:

    “Donald Trump has never done anything right!”
    Donald Trump:

  • Doomslayer 11 says:

    I hope Tiktok gets banned

  • Bronto Boy says:

    This app has many of the things I despise on it.


    Yay no more tic tok

  • Earth says:

    trump why u wanna ban tiktok in U.S its our only fun thing the house

  • Kurt COCAINE says:

    See, Trump loves Pepe Supporters!!!!!

  • D-Zummy Al Dente says:

    “Tic Tac”

  • Allen the Iverson says:

    Tik Tok gets banned.

    2020: Maybe I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore.

  • Bass 4546 says:

    Reddit: ah victory

  • Jason Lee says:

    I am just letting you know Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter were banned long time ago in China. Now they are crying about banning tiktokshit?

  • pink.cl0udss says:


  • Miss Opt1mistyc says:

    Why is trump nd his followers throwing a temper tantrum nd soo adamant about banning tiktok nd not twitter, fb, sc and all other social media apps?

  • Robert mark says:

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  • Nozoari says:

    Ok but Tik Tok needs to be banned, its a hunting ground and its very toxic. If you think being on tik tok your whole life and make a living then you need to get your head outta the clouds. Yes you can, but, Tik Tok shouldnt be your life, its a app. Chile

  • Dorothy Lucero says:

    People are not gonna miss it — parents should support getting rid of it!

  • Waya525 says:

    It’s not security that is pushing Trump’s Ban Switch. It’s the fact that TikTok took his butt down in Tulsa, with users ordering literally hundreds of thousands of online tickets to Trump’s Tulsa event. And we all know how that went down. 1 million expected, 6200 showed. The overflow stage was removed while Trump was making his first speech. TikTok users are already letting their anger over someone trying to stifle their financial and creative freedom loud and clear. I’m not crazy about Chinese Government involvement, but TikTok sure embarassed the crap out of Donny in June.

  • Daniel 12345 says:


  • Nessa Ruane Dalton says:

    Okay, so he wants to ban a stupid, fun and creative app but he doesn’t want to pay any attention to a world pandemic….. EXPLAIN!

  • pricha hems says:

    All tiktoker,, say this,, if you trump closed tiktok,, we will not vote for you,,, later he will say i changed my mind

    • Z- Chan says:

      Learn how to use commas correctly

  • wonhogotbigtiddies says:

    ” tictac ” lol

  • DarkMachin6 [GD] says:

    This is a dream come true

  • Sina Ahmadi says:

    Tiktok is a bad joke.

  • Wong Chi-Shawn says:

    Trump publicly asks for key money for pushing this stupid trade, isn’t that corruption!!!

  • The Guy says:

    I think tik tok stars will use vpn from now