Tropical Storm Isaias Aims For Florida Amid Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/06
Tropical Storm Isaias Aims For Florida Amid Pandemic | NBC Nightly News

After hammering the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Hurricane Isaias was downgraded to a tropical storm aiming for Florida’s coastline amid the state’s continuing struggle with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Tropical Storm Isaias Aims For Florida Amid Pandemic | NBC Nightly News



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  • Subscribe To TreyFn Clapz says:

    If You See This Comment And Don’t Subscribe To My Channel You’ll Have Bad Luck For 23 Years I Won’t Risk It 😔

  • David Ellis says:

    Keep an 👀 on the sky for ⛈ & 🌪.

  • Subscribe To TreyFn Clapz says:

    I pray everybody that’s reading this become a millionaire in 2 years🙏🙏

    • JazlDazl says:

      at current rate of QE many of them will

    • Subscribe To TreyFn Clapz says:

      @JazlDazl can you subscribe to my channel that would help me alot with me and my family 🙏🥺

    • Johnny one says:

      Maybe try dancing with reality once in awhile.

  • Deathless Outlaw says:

    Surfs up! Woohoo!

  • Momo 3106 says:

    Florida is a war zone with storm and coivd

    • Max says:

      COVID is a joke

    • Paula Wagstaff says:

      @Max The dead disagree with YOUR LIES…God have mercy on your soul…

    • J Lee says:

      News media as we all know have lied. Project veritas exposed one of the biggest news reporters out there for lying and news media running a controlled propaganda agenda. That news reporter was fired because of the project Veritas video. Some people will believe anything the government-run news media says. News media it’s not factual it’s all hearsay no proof just gums a flapping. news media facts would never hold up in a court of law because it’s all hearsay someone told you this. And we all know these covid-19 numbers are highly overrated and highly over-inflated. A Mennonite family member that died in a bad car accident. Death certificate was marked covid-19 and hospital said to the Mennonite family. The hospital said the government pays the hospital $35,000 for each person we mark covid-19. Another case a funeral home deals with dead bodies in my area. The funeral home was all tested for covid-19 and on top of that most employees at the funeral home do not wear any personal protective equipment. And this funeral home picked up dead bodies at the alleged by the news media plauged covid 19 nursing home where everyone the news media says has covid-19 and everyone is dying from covid-19 at this certain nursing home. The funeral home picked up dead bodies at this nursing home and they have to pump the air out of their lungs when they pick up the dead body. Again all people are tested at this funeral home covid-19 after dealing with the killing covid-19 nursing home. Surprised no one at the funeral home mysteriously has covid-19. At this funeral home most employes do not wear any personal protective equipment. Imagine that most would think someone at the funeral home would have covid-19 after dealing with alleged covid-19 nursing home. Another case lookup the X military sergeant lady that is a nurse in the makeshift New York City tent hospital her testimonial and her video where she caught people on her phone is the truth and believable. Everyone knows we’re losing our constitutional rights. And most people are wearing a mask because they’re scared of their government. we are losing our country right before our eyes and no one will stand up because they’re too scared and they can’t face the truth and reality. Am I the only one not wearing a mask? Very few people now go without wearing a mask. Vaccination will be the chip in the hand. July 30 2020 Coin shortage, RFID chip in the hand for full control their pushing for. Signs and times Now by the Bible.

  • Able Media876 says:

    Great time to go surfing, 5ft waves

  • Able Media876 says:

    God is angry with florida for taking xxxtentcion

    • Erte 27 says:

      Able Media876 yeah Magic peoples spells don’t always go the way they planned for them to
      Merlin sometimes has trouble with that
      Thor sometimes misses

  • Scherry Pierce says:

    Boy I’m glad I don’t live there!

  • Mary A says:

    God has mercy

    • Erte 27 says:

      Mary A Yeah Thor is a pretty cool God. maybe marvel will make a movie about this

  • Courtney Durham says:

    Nice. Evictions and disaster.

  • Ken Davis says:

    “…Amid Pandemic”. 🤣🤣🤣
    Floridians don’t give a sh!t

    • Boris Sheen says:

      well the 480,000 who have caught it probably do.

  • just me says:

    God help us 🙏

    • Erte 27 says:

      just me it’s amazing how much magic people have influence in our world

    • Blunted206 says:

      The same god that sent the storm? 🤣

  • Elijah Sherwood says:

    Yeah you see im trying to help everyone.. May not like what I have to say but I’m your real leader

  • pax und peace says:

    This way you can swope infections down

  • Elijah Sherwood says:

    Yeah and I get angry too

  • C O D Y says:

    All this hysteria over a category 1 hurricane👎

  • M Starr says:

    Don’t look into Weather Weapons.

  • AK47 Dangerous says:

    Who cares about USA media any more????

    • Johnny one says:

      👎 about as much as a skidmark.

    • rabbi Steinberg says:

      Boomers care

  • Lloyd Acton says:

    Stay safe everyone, never underestimate Mother Nature. And never underestimate the stupidity of your Governor.

    • Trump Twitler says:

      it’s not hurricane,but a hoax

    • Mustafa Al-Sibai says:

      @Trump Twitler is there anything that’s not a hoax to you people?

  • Gary Schooley says:

    “…even if this storm doesn’t make landfall, what kind of dangers are Floridians facing?” REPUBLICAN “LEADERSHIP”, that’s what!

  • JAYA SKAN says:

    What a natural disaster?!

  • Pink Rose says:

    How much do you want to bet that they people at the beach in this video don’t have 7 days off food or emergency supplies at home, but had to go to the beach to look at the waves!!

    • Karen Baxter says:

      And it’s okay if U R just sitting on the beach but if U R not in the water for heaven’s sake wear a mask. I think Covid is worse than the hurricane but because of people’s privacy doctors can’t show people’s faces inside the covid ward. With natural disasters it can be seen on T.V…….that;s the difference.

    • Tikki says:

      Lmao they don’t wear masks but, they have on their thinking caps . What a bunch of winners.

  • Julian Crooks says:

    Don’t worry, trump will pass out more paper towels to clean up the mess 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

    • rabbi Steinberg says:

      Explain how this is Trumps Fault

  • James Dean says:

    Outdoor shelter would be safer

    • Karen Baxter says:

      Or wear a mask when in the shelter. Apart from eating and drinking U can easily wear a mask while talking and just sitting there.

  • Steve Waddle says:

    Our country will die under Trump and the Republicans. Get rid of them before its to late.

    • rabbi Steinberg says:

      This country has thrived under Trump and Republicans. The democrat Marxist party wants nothing but self destruction , punishment and loathing. Maybe if you where not a poor loser who can’t do anything you would succeed

  • Rich Rodz says:

    I’m on my iPod

  • Victoria Chan says:

    I heard that New York is also gonna be impacted by Hurricane Isaisas so stay safe everyone!

  • Blake says:


  • Dora Williams says:

    Covet 19, now a hurricane, what’s next?

    • Karen Baxter says:


    • Perez Mondouio says:

      Covid sry jad to corct you

    • Dora Williams says:

      @Perez Mondouio I don’t understand, your statement.

    • Dora Williams says:

      @Karen Baxter the same to you.

  • Perry Woodman says:

    🙏 Stay Safe.

  • Don Johnson says:

    Help Puerto RICO FFS.


    PRAY in My Name AND you will be healed

  • Maurice Martin says:

    Fake news

  • Examine Everything says:

    so obviously God must be punishing Florida for Ron deSantis, right?

    • Nissan Frontier says:

      God is punishing creation
      For evel doings and so called killing
      Of is only son JESUS who never died.2020 years ago .GOD is the Jack of all trades..
      Papa was a rolling stone mon..
      Jah Jah live children yeah
      Bob Morley says hello

    • Perez Mondouio says:

      Ppl not one

  • skArpPT says:

    Born and raised in orlando and this storm isnt gonna be anything serious.

    • kxmode says:

      Sure. But can you confidently say that with COVID-19 added to the mix?

  • Sharon Duke says:

    You can’t get double up on you meds, they won’t let you.

  • Pins and Needles says:

    What a jerk with the mask. No one around him and we have to listen to a muffled voice. He must be a demonrat.

    • Karen Baxter says:

      He’s actually pretty smart. I thought everyone else on the beach were idiots.

  • Sandy Allen says:

    ☹️🙏 Florida

  • T Boudreau says:

    Dear God please help them

    • Blunted206 says:

      Why did god unleash the storm in the first place?

    • T Boudreau says:

      @Blunted206 this is a true passover like in the Bible. The first was partly to change the world order and it did. This (to us) mess is doing the same. Eventually for good. Stay safe and God bless you

  • maggie bugden says:

    May they all survive the storm!!😥Covid-19 Go Be Blown Away😷

  • donny hud43987 says:

    2020 hates us!!

  • Shelly Ann Lewis says:

    I don’t know what to say, it’s sad 😥 May God cover and protect every from the storms.

  • Ruben Delgadillo says:

    This sorry excuse of a Govenor declares a State Of Emergency for a category one hurricane but not for the Coronavirus epidemic?

    • rabbi Steinberg says:

      My best advice to you is to at the very lease finish high school kid.

  • rabbi Steinberg says:

    A lot of Chinese Bots in the comments trying to sway people’s opinion and draw a negative light on Florida.

  • Adelphy says:

    How to Be a Prophet

  • Tony V. says:

    Please use normal American names… The annunciation of this storm is laughable.

  • kxmode says:

    0:01 Does anyone not notice the child in the water? Look at those water! Get your baby out of the water, people! 😬

  • Norziah Zakaria says:

    This hurricane pushes the virus zones deeper to the mainland
    Virginia n Carolina will be next