I Read A Book A Week (Here’s What Happened)

2020 8/10
I Read A Book A Week (Here's What Happened)

I have been reading a book per week for the better half of the last few years.
In this video, I want to share not only the benefits that I have received from reading hundreds of books but also the strategy which I developed to retain more information, to increase my human capital, which I believe has had an immeasurable impact on my life.

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A few of my favorite books:
– The E-Myth Revisited
– The Hard Thing About Hard Things
– Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
– The Power of Habit
– Mans Search for Meaning

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  • Nate O'Brien says:

    Can we hit 5,000 likes on this video?? Thanks everyone!!

    • Jamila Ami says:

      It is my first visit here, u re doing a good great work, good luck. Actually as someone interested to learn English could you please include English subtitle in ur videos?.. Thank you and good luck 🙂

    • Omar barakat says:


    • Chanda Mwelwa says:


    • my darling kai says:


    • AG hacks All About Gaming And Hacking says:


  • nonuora says:

    I read every word, too. Skimming is not reading. It’s skimming.

  • CateDoge says:

    Active reading is king.

  • Himanshi Sirwani says:

    Yes you can create book club


    Can u plz suggest me any audible book application.

  • English Journey with LiniYa says:

    I usually read whenever I feel that I want to read and I believe that it is best way to read a book rather than compelling oneself to finish a book within a particular period of time.
    In my point of view we should enjoy reading instead of creating a pressure on us and I really enjoys reading novels.🤗

  • Deniz Al Hawar says:

    Nowadays I read more than I used to read when I was a child because I didn’t have a chance to buy books.

  • fiddah says:

    I advise you to read the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the Speech of ALLAH. No human can write a book even close to the beauty and perfection of the Qur’an. Even if all the humans would help each other they still won’t be able to write a book like the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the Final Book ALLAH sent to humankind. ALLAH sent many Books before the Qur’an. A Muslim believes in all the Books that ALLAH revealed to mankind.

  • Ghina Ramadhani says:

    i’ve been an avid reader as a child, and i’m kinda grateful that my parents bought me books and limit my technology usage. But as i grow older, my enthusiasm about books started to collapse and i started to get immersed more on unnecessary technology indulgence, and i found myself getting scared of books. So glad that i get bored right now in quarantine and start to find the pleasure of reading and put away my fear of books :))

  • Half In Japan says:

    Bookworm here! Didn’t skip ads:) What camera do you use?

  • Roman Sama says:

    Exactly even i hate skimming…i just don’t get this idea of skimming 😅. i love to read each ane every word in the book.

  • Lady Jane says:

    Was curious about your books, tfs

  • Jess Bablis says:

    I totes don’t like skim reading. I agree.

  • 이달의소녀 이브 says:

    Gosh I’m suddenly so obsessed with reading that I read a book per day. It’s so bad that I’m now watching YouTube for a break 😂😂

  • Isabelle Hedanius says:

    Do you have a goodreads account?

  • Faiem Buccus says:

    Great advice to get back into reading books in 2020! Thanks Nate enjoyed this video.. we should really read books that will increase our human capital👌

  • Larissa Barros says:

    I know that for a lot of people reading is a huge thing and everything, but for me it’s a natural thing, you know. As I am learning English, books help me to understand more and improve my vocabulary. I just started my 32nd book this year and I see many benefits from doing so. Reading books to me is not a mandatory thing, I just don’t like to spend most of my time on social media, so I choose a book and I will read it.

    • Larissa Barros says:

      Also, I just got an Kindle, so my reading time has improved a lot. In addition, to start reading, you MUST turn down your phone and enjoy the greatest world that reading offers us

  • ɴᴏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ says:

    0:07 Andrew Yang and Jack Ma

  • Ephraim Ibrahim says:

    Please could you give some recommendation for your most listen audio book.

  • Lindsay Albert says:

    I started a YouTube channel to get money and help develop my country which is all about life in different countries wish me luck please

  • Гульназ says:

    You too beautiful for reading all these books

  • MihaiL says:

    Let me guess, nothing.

  • Акболат Тюлемисов says:

    I’m going to read books

  • Niaz professional services MUHAMMAD says:

    I love you my dear i am also the best reader like u .. read 200 books per year

  • Samira Lak says:

    Please can you make subtitles because I’m learning English and I can’t understand all what you are saying, thanks ❤️

  • Nikita MInz says:


  • mirzamagix says:

    I’ve seen that you have a “Click to Subscribe” Link linked to your YouTube Channel Page. You can take your Youtube-Channel URL and extend it with “?sub_confirmation=1” (without the “”) so people can subsribe by clicking that link.

    Hope i could help you 😀

  • Apple Juice says:

    Hey nate , do you have any tips for us who are in the country that starting to have recession ? I’m an employee in one of the company ….the good thing is i’m still not get fired , but it’s pretty concerning …. this corona got us much trouble in financial .. maybe you could give us some tips? Lifestyle or how to handle our money such like this time?

  • Sasi says:

    what camera do u use? its fantastic

  • Rabia Noreen says:

    Man!!! Make more videos per month

  • Peter Talgaard65 says:

    Only 1? Thar’s skimpy

  • Love, Teo says:

    Hi! I would really appreciate if you checked out my videos and gave me advice. I’d love to hear your opinions!I’m trying to improve my channel so it reaches out to the ones who need motivation and inspiration. Thank you😊

  • Thi Le says:

    I love audiobooks! They really motivate me to do things that I oftentimes find boring, like loading the dishwasher or cooking or running or commuting. Now, I feel excited to get those breaks because it’s my get-to-read-my-book time. 🙂

  • Richard Sørensen says:

    for me the gold is reading 30 min pr day

  • Janini 123 says:

    I am not able to comment on the book club comment anymore, cause apparently 500 is maximum. I never knew that youtube had that kind of limit.
    I still want to be part of a bookclub! (Maybe even with some german people).

  • Reader 66 says:

    If citizens of all countries on planet Earth were to become devout readers of books, life on this planet would improve. We’re suffering the effects of a growing demographic of low-attention-span-cell-phone-addicted-under-educated-ignorant peoples.

  • ميعاد m says:

    I don’t really like reading but I decided to read English books to improve my English language and because I translate at least 5 words in 1 page I feel boring 😞 and just leave it

  • My Zone-2-Life says:

    I admire you young man! I’m 60 and should have read more books! I do have a weird habit though, I read 4 different books at the same time and it gets me engaged like one to 2 chapters of one book a day alternating days and books! I am also an avid guitarist and due to minimalism am selling all my guitars but one, my favorite guitar. You have a new subscriber!

  • 李根泓 says:

    인정하기 싫지만 나보다 잘생겼다…ㅎ
    you are more handsome than me

  • Rufus Lover says:

    Really excellent ideas butttttt the consequence thing I disagree with because that’s how reading became a chore in the first place

  • Nabaa art says:

    Your video deserve my support 👏🏻

  • celifacejones says:

    Reading books just bc “successful” people read books shouldn’t be the reason you pick up a book. The whole video misses the point and why smart/successful people read in the first place.

    They are smart/successful because they’re curious and disciplined when it comes to learning – so they read books. Bill Gates doesn’t read just to hit some dumb arbitrary number of books read per year.

    You’re literally making reading a book a superficial status symbol. I…

  • Relaxing Meditation Sounds says:

    “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

  • ileanapadron2 says:

    Is Wattpad the same thing as a book? I read online books every week, but not sure if Wattpad counts as it? I’ve indeed, captured new words and improved my English. So I would say yeah?

  • soft waves says:

    Hey Nate, what phone do you use?

  • Vinicíus Imasato says:

    how to read a book: reading the book

    • Vinicíus Imasato says:

      great video btw

  • bhodges00 says:

    I read a lot myself. I read all different kinds like history, biographies, bible. Right now I’m reading the Fifties by David Halberstam. Great book. Before that I read Looming Tower another great book.

  • bhodges00 says:

    Reading is exercising your brain. If you don’t use it you’ll lose it.

  • Doris PLC says:

    I had just decided to start reading a book per week and document it on Ig so my friends could comment. It was just a thought, I didn’t even say it out loud, and then this video popped out. It really scared me HAHA!

  • ARYAN DUBEY says:

    This is the best video on BOOKS!

  • Thuy Nguyen says:

    When I was a teenager, I seemed like you. But now, when I read books I can’t remember the content, I don’t know why but I have to read a lots times per book.

  • Kwame Nyanteh says:

    For you next video I want you to make a video of how to read a text book or notebook

  • Tymbus says:

    I strongly advise people not to mark their books to indicate important passages. Wh? Because by the end of the book you may well have a different understanding of the book as a whole. Also you may want to use the book to answer different questions at a later date, so different passages become important. Finally, as your own knowledge of the topic or author expands you will be able to return to the book and find passages that you didn’t understand are now comprehesible

  • Meriem Abbou says:

    Hey am new here … i adore reading books but recently i’ve lost desire to read books … am trying to regain that amazing habitude but actually i have defficult to do that … i will follow your tips thanks for your time

  • Soul Frenchy says:

    hI i’m french i like america for your personal development in france it’s difficult not open brain – THX A BIENTOT

  • Spectru says:

    Hi, how could I make 13k the fastest way possible? Need to make 13k for collage

  • Lauren Sawras says:

    Nate check out Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It is right up your alley!!

  • Zoë says:

    SKIMMING IS for those people who watch YouTube and hear audible on 2.x speed

  • Carmi Britz says:

    So what actually happened?

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 says:

    you became a nerd is what happened Dx

  • Pluvio Phile says:

    OMG. Literally, u r ATTRACTIVE😍

  • Crawford Rhoderick says:

    You should try reading the bible, you are lost try finding the God.

  • Petru Conduraru says:

    Great vid! Can you lease leave a link with the lavalier microphone you are using in this video? Keep up the good work!

  • Waqas Safdar says:

    PDF summary of your videos will really help to review your valuable content. Do think about that 👍

  • دلِ مردہ says:

    Book club???

  • Anthony L says:

    It amazes me how a layman can reach this level of popularity by just reading books. Good camera skills and video editing ftw.

  • Kiki Chow says:

    Information overload keeps me from focusing on one single thing at a time. And I somehow find myself have difficulty in watching a YouTube video until the end…

  • MVS FunHouse says:

    Great content and Channel! I will definitely share this will my daughters who are currently 8 and 10 years old. We started a book reading channel to improve their English reading and comprehension skills. Plus, I wasn’t much of a book reader growing up and now having the opportunity to read with them and share it with the world! Looking forward to your future videos!!!

  • Adhambek Odilbekov says:


  • Pragya says:

    Video actually starts from 3:45 😒

  • Caroline Okorley says:


  • Grawbad says:

    Skimming books is exactly what a lot of these booktubers are doing. I mean, I saw one that said she read 300 books in 6 months. Nah. If you did, you skimmed them and didn’t actually get the essence of the book or come to enjoy the authors prose. Essentially, you might as well have just read a synopsis of the story online. I mean, she is saying she read nearly 2 entire books per day.

  • Shreyas Gokhale says:

    Great tips! Thank you!

  • Gabrielle Caballero says:

    Guys, I have a bookstagram and hope you’ll support it since I just started! 😊 It’s foldedpages_20 💖

  • Dmishka M says:

    So looking for an update on the book club. Is it on ?

  • Musical Mi says:


  • parul singla says:

    Yes plz add me in book club if any

  • K D says:

    I’m sure you are already aware of this, but you look like actor Michael Grant Terry from Bones

  • Naomi Zou says:

    Read comic also with your frens in World with dirts n see the comics!x

  • Aiman Tahir says:

    Make a book club… I’m from Pakistan

  • Nicole Swarts says:

    Good day. I would like to know what laptop you use. I see than you dont have a Macbok. Because all bloggers/vloggers use macbooks.

  • yoshih123 says:

    Thank you Nate from Japan! I have been reading books for 15 years and I targeted to read so many books as I can. But recently I tried to the great books that I need right now and read it two or three times. Recently I have been struggling with my reading speed and making it habit again and that’s why I reached to this video. I learned some critical pointes that I needed to learn. I really love your presentation with your great voice tones. Thank you Nate!

  • TheDepressedBookworm says:

    Great tips! I am trying to read 50 books this year, I am currently reading my 40th one (all hard copies or ebook just for the challenge), and I definitely struggle with dumping bad books…I definitely need to work on that, and I totally agree about skim reading, I hate it! haha

  • Denise Juarez says:

    I loooove E Myth Revisited

  • mira syam says:

    U r so hot, Nate. 😘😍💋 Reading book is essential.
    You should read “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” from D. Carnegie.
    Next is vlog about your love life, please. 😍

  • bathroom covers says:

    It is so upsetting that most of the school lectures do not encourage young people to read but only cause an opposite reaction

  • Sirin Moortoozakhan says:

    No book club it’s a stupid idea. People who go to book clubs don’t do their own cleaning at home, or, have income from a relative so they don’t have to work ( work does mean work daytime & study at night or do a second job at night 3 days a week in order to be ‘in’ for your future interests). I have read comments of people who agree with me ( lots of people) so l have the courage to comment here. It’s not the money it’s the time & the fact that it is mainly for interests rather than a job. However, l encourage parents giving their 11-12 year olds their own books whether or not the schools support the authors the parents choose. Reading from age 11-15 is good for us.
    Sirin 😃

  • tarzan1148 says:

    so the title of your video is “I read a book a week” and … you don´t really do it? is this video only Bullshit?

  • Anam Channel says:

    in Indonesia, many people can read the book just first time reading a book. but that’s only book lovers. maybe you can look indonesian booktube

  • Sirin Moortoozakhan says:

    Hello, l have written to you here. I did not mention that Sirin is a female name. It is sh like Sinaed ( l think that you are Irish or half Irish). My girlfriend was Irish she complained to me at school when l got shorter. You present yourself well l hope that you are also happy to be tall. She was proud of her height so l know. She was also very pretty. Good for you. 😊

  • B JK says:

    Apparently reading leads to losing your furniture. Adriaaaaaaan

  • Shafiq Ahmad says:

    I’m really a farm labour, and 9 of September 2019 i decided to start reading atleast 50 books per year.
    Then what’s happened, i have 29 days and 4 books remain to achieve my goal.

  • HATİCE says:

    my Allah, please give me someone like him… or better anyway:D<3

  • ayaz safi says:


  • ayaz safi says:


  • Lina Ngu says:

    Do you read on ebook devices ?

  • Quran book quran book says:

    the book is best freind

  • Sir Wealthy says:

    I miss reading. Like actual reading paper books. 🙁

  • Ceren Erdemil says:

    Rocky is great but there’s nothing interesting about a man walking down the street for five minutes, for this generation, for the inhabitants of this age. Back in the days, it was enough, but new generations are faster now and their operating systems can hold up with more stimuli and information input in a shorter period of time. Not only they can hold up with it but they actually crave it, I’ve observed. Times change, things change. Now there are video essays, for instance, because the new generations need more stimuli of multiple sensory organs all at once for their attention to be hooked on something. (I call them the ADD generation, lol ☺) With all this said, still reading a book you enjoy has a great feeling to it and no one should miss out on that or the benefits it has on structuring the brain and imagination, yet the best way to get hooked on a book is to get hooked on a book, so I hope everyone can find those gems of books that really appeal to them as there must be millions of them…