Lifelong GOP Voters In Michigan Describe Their Changing Views | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Dasha Burns speaks to Republican voters in Michigan about how their views on the 2020 race have changed during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Lifelong GOP Voters In Michigan Describe Their Changing Views | NBC News NOW

117 thoughts on “Lifelong GOP Voters In Michigan Describe Their Changing Views | NBC News NOW

  1. HybridFlu Reply

    Oh wow! THREE PEOPLE.

  2. Jane Hardy Reply

    The interviewer is wearing a mask. No one else is.

    • rosalind ganymede Reply

      Noticed that too. Typical Trumpers. She protects them. All they care about is themselves.

    • EcClair Mayo Reply

      I noticed that too. They are six feet away and they are outside, but I would still have a mask!

  3. Vvienne Lenk Reply

    Haha – “business background.” Yes, he had a background in bankrupting 5 of his businesses, which is why he had to keep borrowing and borrowing more money, not paying it back, until finally banks (except Deutsche) wouldn’t give him money, hmmmmm……now where to go borrow huge sums of money….?

    • EcClair Mayo Reply

      The economy is his 6th bankruptcy, and we are paying for it!

  4. Tony P Reply

    So let me get this straight.

    Trump Airlines – Failed
    Trump Ice – Failed
    Trump Board Game – Failed
    Trump’s Casinos – Failed
    Trump Mortgage – Failed
    Trump Steaks – Failed
    Trump Travel – Failed
    Trump Communications – Failed
    Trump University – Failed

    Five brankruptcies.

    Trump couldn’t get a loan from no one except Deutsche Bank.

    But they wanted a business man to run the country. Trump Supporters: GOVERNMENT IS NOT A BUSINESS!

    • moose boy Reply

      Your gonna give yourself a headache.

  5. frank magadan Reply

    elect a clown expect a circus…

  6. Poor Finian Reply

    So Jerry is waiting to see Biden’s VP choice? That’s just nonsense. How could that possibly make a huge difference to any reasonably intelligent voter? The simple choice is Biden or Trump… and it’s pretty damned clear Jerry doesn’t want to say who he’s leaning toward. Jerry would still be “on the fence” even if Trump started World War 3 tomorrow. For people like him, the decision is clearly less about what’s good for the country, and more about not supporting a Democrat or liberal under any circumstances. Unfortunately there too many Jerrys in America eating up the far right conspiracy theories, refusing to wear a mask, and basically dooming our republic. God help our next generation.

  7. linjean Reply

    Trump is an atrocious leader and I think he should be voted out. However, I believe Joe Biden’s age and culture has me thinking he’s not going to be any better.

  8. Blue Angel Reply

    What business? This man bankrupted and you see him as a business man? Interested. He is a con man.

  9. Vikman Photography Reply

    I wish there were more open conversations like this making the news.
    I also would love if the full conversations were made available online, unedited. I get that such long form journalism wouldn’t fit well on TV but you already have the footage- why not just post it online?

  10. Pink Lover Reply

    This guy who said I want see a platform from Trump and Biden is one of the reasons why we are here today.

  11. Lady J Faithful Reply

    I wish this was a laughing matter but it’s not. When you have a leader who is very angry and has no respect for women. Common sense is not hard to have if you have a heart and brain. Stay Woke !!!!

  12. OLA. ODUS Reply

    That guy in the end fools only himself, he is a Trump voter.

    • Mina Edwards Reply

      Lol..lst guy if Bidens running mate is radical he will vote for Trump! 🤣🤣 cant fix stupid!

    • Grichka Tayou Reply

      It makes me laugh abundantly when Trump voters say they are waiting to see because they want someone who is “qualified”… I chuckle when I tell them based on their support for Trump they would recognize “qualified” if it hit them in the face…

  13. Go Joe Reply

    Thank God not every one is willing to hand full authority to Trump agenda….yep she is right about anger then turns to hatred…never thought I would feel that way for a president..Praying that God forgives me…

  14. Flor lirio Reply

    The trump platform : power, dictatorship and getting richer .

  15. Jayne Berkley Reply

    Good god , he is still on the fence, what will it take, absolutely not paying attention Geez 🙄

  16. Stevoidyt Reply

    Just read any biography of Trump. A life of lies, cruelty and failures.

    • Chris F. Reply

      Yeah. Not unbelievable huh?

  17. kathleen swenning Reply

    How can you possibly be “on the fence?”

  18. Henri70 Reply

    Whoever Biden picks will have more qualifications than Trump ever had, they really just have to look at his track record to know he has gone bankrupt 6 times ! Loser that’s what he is in anything he touches


    Great interview. To bad we could not have had that in all 50 states

  20. Melissa Sullivan Reply

    When she shared that she is the angriest she’s ever been in her life, did anyone else want to raise their hand too? 🙋🏼‍♀️

    • Bill Confidential Reply

      Yep, thats me right now

    • CHIBI MOON Reply

      When that puckered hole on the puffy orange face spews out a diarrhea of lies, illogic, and magical thinking, I see red! I have never felt this much disgust for someone! Just want this crazy show to be canceled!

  21. Stitch in Time Reply

    You wouldn’t have a problem today IF YOU TOOK VOTING SERIOUSLY.

  22. LBB Bee Reply

    The bald guy’s gonna vote for Trump, especially if Joe Biden picks a black woman for VP.

    • ocd4lane Reply

      I hope I’m wrong. I really, really do.

    • Out Burst Reply

      LBB Bee, you called it, Kamala is Biden’s choice, we learned today! And to be on the fence and laugh about it is very concerning. That man’s family should look into mental health care for him. To still be with trump is to still want this experiment called America to go down the drain.

    • LBB Bee Reply

      proud Liberal I am glad to hear that. There are a few good men in that demographic. Sounds like yours is one of them.

    • LBB Bee Reply

      ocd4lane I understand. I hope so too.

    • william carter Reply

      LBB Bee So your basically saying you can smell the racism sexism an of course always voting against there own interest !!!

  23. Rusty Hardman lll% Reply

    If you believe this crapola I got a bridge I’ll sell you for the low low price of $40,000.00

  24. Jan Just Reply

    Blah blah
    Action- voting 🗳
    Up to you if you keep being blind.

  25. bonnie duncan Reply

    the democrats could pick an upturned broom with a bucket for a head and it would be more qualified than trump…

  26. peter blood Reply

    The third guy is totally missing the point. He still thinks tRump and the Republicans have a platform. Hahahahaha 🤣 They haven’t had a platform since before Obama got elected. They obstruct, they dither, they make up conspiracy theories to cover for their own inadequacies, they bully, they threaten, and they make last minute decisions based on fantasy. The one thing none of them have is a platform unless you take in their “platform of destruction”.

  27. Gregory Bates Reply

    No way I thought Trump would be a good president, a lot of it was I tried of seeing a black president

  28. Gregory Bates Reply

    The fence guy will turn once we get to 500k Covid deaths. 170k isn’t enough.

  29. scottybee33 Reply

    THANK GOD – OPEN MINDED PEOPLE !!!!! We are NOT better off than we were 4 years ago….!!!! Cancel the Chump & Putz TV Show, VOTE BLUE !

  30. GYPSY woman Reply

    The guy on the fence likes the way his ball sacks feels on the fence. Kinda makes him feel close to the man who has a firm grip on his balls.

  31. Roselyn Mendoza Reply

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  32. BK brooklyn Reply

    “businessman” he was the worst businessman and couldn’t get a loan. he’s a pathetic con man. wtf

  33. Penny Tapp Reply

    How can anybody with half a brain still support that traitor??? He has trashed everything in your country.

  34. Viral Norn Reply

    I never understood why people believe business people would be good at running government. It’s not the same model. And these people sound like they are looking for any excuse to vote for Tramp again. Who cares who Biden picks for VP? Vote for Biden, not Tramp or a decoy candidate!

  35. T. Brown Reply

    These people are clueless and haven’t learned a thing smh 🤨👎🏽

  36. Guy Bartlett Reply

    A failed business man was a choice?

  37. anna nonymous Reply

    Trump has and is using all of Hitler’s tactics. Just replace “Jews” with “Democrats”. Fear mongering, repetitive lies, bribery and supremacy. It’s a script and the sheep can’t see it.

    • CHIBI MOON Reply

      Agree with that! I think Trump is a demi anti Christ. The anti Christ is suppose to be highly intelligent, physically handsome, and very charming so that means Trump is not it. A broken man who was not loved employs evil to control others through fear to further his vision of a hateful world. Scary stuff. Vote to get Trump and his enablers out 2020!

    • fabio sunspot Reply

      He finished 🤣 Joe Biden has already won

  38. Frank Andrew I Reply

    That guy on the fence – watch you don’t fall over- there’s spikes on the other side

  39. E Ngen Reply

    Why even bother with these people?

  40. Debra Otis Reply

    Anyone is better than trump

  41. Kris Taylor Reply

    So they all want a GOP Lite, right wing corporate dem…..ok got it!

  42. KAS Reply

    Trump supporter in 2016 and again 2020. He is a better President than our last one and several more in the past. He has improved our economy and will restore what has been lost because of COVID. Joe Biden will raise taxes which will hurt our economy. Joe is not for the American ppl. He is a democratic puppet.

  43. dancemaniac Reply

    These people didn’t give a crap when Trump was destroying the lives of others, they only care now that their lives are up-ended. Typical Trump voters – selfish selfish SELFISH.

  44. DorothyDollLee Reply

    That’s a cute mask

  45. zimtuff Reply

    Anyone who is still undecided at this point has a serious character defect. Trump is not the future.

  46. Kelly Bruce Reply

    Republicans for Biden 2020🇺🇸
    Time to wake up America, once and for all!

  47. Grace Arevalo Reply

    Bunker boy is the virus in this country! If Trump win in this election more and more people will die.. he doesn’t care about America he only cares about his business! #nototrump

  48. Susi Siebert Reply

    The reporter doesn’t need a mask if they are 6 feet away
    Someone educate her

  49. Oneki Isekpe Reply

    if at impeachment you were still pro Trump, you deserve no praise for changing your mind now. you have only done what you should have at the end of year one of this Orange menace’s “reign”.

  50. Chris S Reply

    3 republicans no Masks, Reporter Mask, They will all vote Trump.

  51. randy tabron Reply

    After there governor a dem o rat killing off the people what I think

  52. Ticia o Reply

    So the one guy has a problem with black women??? Qualified Trump wasn’t and still isn’t Qualified

  53. rose novel Reply

    A mask doesn’t prevent you from getting covid it prevents you from giving others covid. Everyone here should wear a mask

  54. Black Forest Ma'am Reply

    “His bravado irks me” is the nicest way of calling someone a cocky SOB I’ve ever heard.

  55. 앤서니 야 Reply

    Elizabeth Warren radical? Haha! Really? Why?
    Because she wants healthcare? Clean water? A clean environment? A living wage? These folks are crazy af.

  56. Sandpiper 20 Reply

    Why is the US so divided and so full of hatred for each other,
    It is bizarre…

  57. Geeksmithing Reply

    The real question is…. Is that a spider web manhole cover at @4:41?!?

  58. Robert Borglund Reply

    I don’t forgive them for being against trump. They’ve been Republicans long enough to be a major part of what’s wrong with U.S.

  59. Amelia Kittie Reply

    This so disturbing. How can any intelligent person even consider voting for trump who is destroying America in bits and pieces and brags about in public venues every day. Knowing that trump is a liar with aggressive tendencies, how can they focus on anything but bringing sanity back to the WH. A vote for trump after he has directed masked militia to attack peaceful protesting crowds of your fellow Americans, makes you complicit with racism, babies in cages and constant dishonest statements.
    How can you ignore his outright failure to organize a fight against the virus which has now killed over 150,000 Americans.
    And, he is so obviously mentally impaired. How can decent people still consider keeping trump and his criminal administration in power.

  60. PAW Reply

    What exactly is Trump’s platform? All he does is spread fear, lies and hatred. GOP is achieving their dream of getting rid of “wasteful” programs like social security and medicare. And our right to protest. Watch what they do, not what they say.

  61. cattigereyes1 Reply

    Republicans will always vote cult, non science and racism! Democrats will always fail to change

  62. WileyCoyote69 Reply

    Changing views, but clearly not enough to wear masks. Not one of them.

  63. Freedom Freedom Reply

    If Joe Biden wins the white vote it will because of the pandemic not social justice! We need to understand that!

  64. Freedom Freedom Reply

    We are going to lose white votes once he picks a black woman.

  65. BobUrbanVideo Reply

    NO Cryptkeeper Joe!

    12 MORE years!

  66. Len Y Reply

    They are gonna Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski their votes. Just like Collins, they are gonna say to themselves that Trump has learned his lesson.

  67. racqueenus Reply

    If Biden’s VP is black….. Biden will not win the election.

  68. SBretiredteacher Reply

    Allison’s voice intensity is about right here, normally she appears to shout a conversation, it bugs me so much, I regularly turn her off. MSNBC, fire Allison, find someone with a better vocal control.

  69. cindy clarke Reply

    Business background that’s a laugh trump’s been bankrupt numerous times ,no bank in America would give him a loan so he had to ask foreign governments for help so he is be holding to them on a large scale, why do you think he never says anything bad about Russia or Saudi Arabia

  70. Truth Giant Reply

    Bald guy on the end: “I’m on the fence until I see the vice presidential pick.”
    CODE: If Biden picks a Black man or woman, I’m voting for Trump.”

  71. helena hernandez Reply

    I don’t care who Biden picks of his choices. A vote for BIDEN is a vote for US! Our lives are literally depending on it!

  72. Sherry H Reply

    I want these people with regrets who voted for #45 to admit that if Hillary would have been president this pandemic would have been under control like New Zealand or South Korea or Europe ! Get the point

  73. Jibril Caliph Reply

    Crazy how his racism doesn’t bother them smh naw its not crazy its sick how these people are okay with this

  74. James Reply

    “I know what Trump’s platform is….” Seriously? You are the only person in the whole world, then, who has any idea what Trump has in mind, other than lining his pockets with your money. Seriously?

  75. endangered species Reply

    tim aldrich, they didn’t vote for him because he is a businessman, they voted for his rhetoric against colored people and for their white supremacy. they couldn’t say that, so they hide behind his business skills which is non existence.

  76. Flast 202 Reply

    Vote Biden/Harris November 3rd.

  77. dd dd Reply

    I always laugh when people say Donald Trump was this great businessman he bankrupt a casino a cash cow people give you their money plus he lost something like a billion dollars great businessman I’ve read about don’t do that

  78. Join the Journey Reply

    Bald white guy will vote for Trump. He’s just too embarrassed to admit it.

  79. Okima Wilcox Reply

    Why is the interviewer wearing a mask? The guests aren’t and she’s like 15 feet away. That said, these people were useful idiots.

  80. DR Groce Reply

    Typical Republicans! They failed to do their research and got finessed by a fake billionaire! They complain, but will still vote for criminal Trump! They put themselves in the situation they’re in because of their vote! It’s not Trump’s fault their life is now in the toilet, it’s their fault! They’re to blame for the mess this country is in right now, they need to own it and do right by our country this time around, but I doubt they will.

  81. Thisemail08 7 Reply

    😱😶😱😶 Better make sure Joe’s on board with SECURING our borders. Thousands of dangerous and armed and dangerous gang members hope to embark upon America 🇺🇸 illegally.

  82. kmlckd Reply

    Yea there’s no good reason to be on the fence at this point. It’s as ridiculous as being on the fence about geocentricism vs heliocentrism. The facts are there. You’re just choosing to be ignorant.

  83. Fred Munoz Reply

    People who are fickle fence sitters think they’re above the rest. Nothing could further from the truth all the information you need to decide has been available since the day the announce their intent to run. If you’re on the fence your either woefully ignorant or willfully obtuse. Basically their waiting for the marketing campaign of either candidate to convince them. They ignore all the information that is readily available and vote based on what the candidate portrays himself as in comercials. Idiots!

  84. Totally Anonymous Reply

    I voted for Trump in 2016 but will not be voting for him in 2020.

  85. fernando marshall Reply

    I am amazed that people don’t even seem to question whether you should run a country like you run a business? The bottom line for business is profit or loss, do you want that to be the bottom line for your country? Do you want to say to citizens , sorry but it doesnt make business sense to help you? Then if you still think that the country should be run as a business, shouldn’t you research the business record of the person you are choosing? Trump has declared bankruptcy 5 times, as importantly a little research would have revealed that Trump had no longstanding business relationships, because no one wanted to do business with him twice!

  86. Nazzy Reply

    Come on my main man!! You know deep down inside your loins that trump works for traitor trump… pull up that fence and throw it away! Let’s vote for for Biden and the entire democratic ticket to save our precious America freedom and dignity. Trump is a traitor and a Russian asset. Trump sold his soul to putin for money and several golf courses. The Bible says a man can’t love two masters; he’ll love one and cleve and hate the other. Trump’s heart is with putin and his money. The Lord Jesus Christ has given trump over to a reprobate mind which basically he’s communicating with the the devil. A vote for the democrats and Biden is a vote to save restore heal and bring back the respect to America. Signed former Texas Republican

  87. Dana Callanan Reply

    Trump’s a failed business man ! Bankrupt 6 times ! How do you know Trump’s platform ? Trump doesn’t even know his platform !

  88. David Larimer Reply

    President Trumph is the best president ever hands down

  89. Long Island Driver Reply

    The two men are still willing to look the other way, like Republican SENATORS.

  90. Bonnie Hall Reply

    Jack Frost, you are a man after my heart.

  91. Carmen Perluisis Reply

    Experience is what is needed now.

  92. bpxl53yewz Reply

    I voted Republican all my life except for the last election. Then I became an independent. With all other issues aside, if you don’t want to keep seeing huge numbers of deaths from Covid, we must vote for Biden. DT has dismissed the seriousness of Covid, creating division, encouraging mask-protesters, basically squandering any chances he had to get this virus under control.

  93. Justice For All Reply

    I wish these low IQ idiots would tell me what exactly was it that made him appeal to them in the first place? The behavior at the primaries? The cheating and asking our enemy to help rig an election? The racism? Defending Neo-Nazis? The fraudulent university? The Hollywood Access tape? The history of bankruptcies and business failures? The multiple deferments? The bleach injections? The attacks on Gold Star families? What exactly appealed to you? You did it to yourselves. You’re getting what you deserve, morons.

  94. Alexander Adams Reply

    That last guy basically said I won’t vote for a black person or woman

  95. Erwin Lbj Reply


  96. Arden McConnell Reply

    I bought Mary’s book.

    • Arden McConnell Reply

      Is our country better off now than it was 3 years ago.

  97. Allen Reeder Reply

    Everyone of your guests are complete idiots and ignorant to the fact that covid 19 is a deadly flu , what the he’ll are they going to do when the flu arrives in October

  98. Joy Phillips Reply

    I think it is pretty strange how minorities are flocking to the GOP during this time, and these people are rejecting it…I’ve noticed that not a single one of them is mentioning the LANDSCAPE OF MICHIGAN during the time it is under Democrat leadership…. Well I could tell you in NY, we see Cuomo and De Blasio failing….

  99. Mystic Merchant Reply

    White supremacy is killing us all

  100. Jason Watkins Reply

    Do you really think that a seat change in November will make 2020’s problems just disappear? We’ve had decades of ineffective government from both sides of the isle in Washington. What’s different now, regardless of who wins? These folks are scary.

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