Hundreds of protesters injured as anger simmers in Beirut

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Outrage over Tuesday’s explosion in Lebanon’s capital has spilled onto its streets as thousands of people rallied – furious at the government.
The protests descended into hours of street battles between demonstrators and security forces.
One policeman is dead, and hundreds of people have been injured.

Al Jazeera’s Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut, Lebanon.

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  1. Avatar sa falu says:

    Arabs, what are you doing? Do you want to be refugees as well.?

  2. Avatar Griffith Uchiha says:

    The problem is not the elite. It’s the people themselves

  3. Avatar Dr. Rick says:

    Just get rid of Hezbollah once and for all. That terrorist organization has completely destroyed the Lebanese economy.

  4. Avatar Gary Witherspoon says:

    After six years storage of 60,000 bags of ammonium nitrate why did this ignition take place? No one will ever know. This much is clear. The Republican Party Trump Administration is involved. Dollars to donuts

  5. Avatar Sam Sym says:


  6. Avatar St. Cloud says:

    No Justice, No Peace

  7. Avatar Partahanan Harahap says:


  8. Avatar DejaVu says:

    The ammonium nitrate was purchased by the International Bank of
    Mozambique for Fábrica de Explosivos de Moçambique (FEM), a company that
    makes commercial explosives, according to Baroudi and Partners – the
    Lebanese law firm that represents the ship’s crew, in a statement dated
    August 5, 2020 CORNELDER, the company that manages the port of Beira,
    was never informed of the arrival of a ship with 2,750 tons of ammonium
    nitrate in Mozambique.

    “We are usually notified before a ship
    arrives. In this case, we never received a notification from a ship that
    came into the port of Beira with this name and this cargo ”, said
    António Libombo, deputy managing director of CORNELDER. He has been
    managing the port of Beira since 1998. Mozambique’s Ministry of
    Transport and Communications also said it had not been informed of a
    ship carrying this cargo that year.

    The Mozambique Explosives
    Factory (FEM) confirmed this Sunday (August 9th) that it had ordered the
    2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and found that the cargo seized by the
    Lebanese authorities was due to another shipment such as the NITROPRIL
    HD, such as the imprint of the explosives -Bags from ORICA MINING
    SERVICES on photos, has been replaced. The order was placed by FEM in
    2013 with the Georgian company SAVORA, and the planned unloading
    location was the port of Beira in Mozambique, the official source of the
    Mozambican company LUSA announced.

    However, the cargo of the
    explosives manufacturer Rustavi Azot LLC was “never delivered” because
    the ship MV RHOSUS was detained in Beirut by order of the local
    authorities. With the ship getting stuck in Beirut, SAVORO finally sent a
    new shipment of ammonium nitrate through another ship. However, FEM has
    given up on this supplier because of “non-compliance” with the delivery
    times. FEM is owned by Moura, Silva & Filhos with headquarters in
    Póvoa de Lanhoso, Braga district.

    If nobody in Mozambique was waiting for the ammonium nitrate from Georgia, was the stop of the ship in Beirut “due to a technical defect” just a trick to deliver the cargo there?

    For Lebanon experts it is extremely unlikely that the organization was not at least informed about the storage of the chemical. The person who actually manages the port of Beirut is Wafiq Safa, Hezbollah security chief and brother-in-law of Hasan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s general secretary. Safa is in turn married to Nasrallah’s sister. Perhaps they deliberately wanted to keep the easily accessible explosives store open for Hezbollah?

  9. Avatar Michal K says:

    Pretty much every government is more less corrupted. I just hope these people will build Beirut again from the ground and won’t be running away as refugees.

  10. Avatar wild wild west says:

    While the world busy for rally, China is improving, enjoy your freedom crazy people, destroy your own country,

  11. Avatar Husarian Hus says:

    Secular citizen society, parliament, free elections, uncorrupted law and judges. No sectarian divisions

  12. Avatar Nalla Dlanor Gomez says:

    the corruption killed beirut rip to all who passed away to this tragic incident justice must serve!!!

  13. Avatar The Bronx Boglehead says:

    My heart breaks for these people. As bad as it is here in the U.S. And it is bad. At least right now, it is not this bad.

  14. Avatar syed uddin says:

    Indians needs to also protest such to take down BJP/RSS government.

    • Avatar just another legend says:

      shut up,he won the majority not like the beggar imran khan

  15. Avatar Jimi Hendrix says:

    Another country Iran destroyed.

  16. Avatar romcomfan says:

    Solidarity from the US, 🇺🇸❤️🇱🇧 it’s the same situation with republicans here and we are trying very hard to vote the criminal Trump out in November. Pray for us that we defeat him inshallah

  17. Avatar Winter says:

    Operatives photographing operatives writing about operatives undermining governments for foreign banks and foreign governments.

  18. Avatar Winter says:

    Hey Lebanon! Would you like a million African migrants? If so, then hand your country over to France.

  19. Avatar Execute order: 65! says:

    Time to break out the guillotines!

  20. Avatar K R says:

    Republic of Islamic of Iran must be kicked out of Lebanon! Down with Islamic republic of Iran, including Khamenee the big dictator of Iran!

  21. Avatar K R says:

    Down with Hezbollaah!👹👹👹👹

  22. Avatar K R says:

    Iran is a big problem in Middle East

  23. Avatar Giba Dias says:

    Incompetence, corruption and disaster… Time for real changes and justice for the good people of Lebanon!

  24. Avatar Ron Tamarack says:

    Sure – let the government resign, then no one is accountable. Clean up your mess.

  25. Avatar BAG O' SHITE says:

    Two Amish guys tilling the land with a horse.
    Amish 1 :”How come coronavirus never affects us?”
    Amish 2 : “Because we don’t have a television.”

  26. Avatar The president says:

    Watch how Saudi Arabia and the US will intervene in this vulnerable moment and start a proxy war against the Iranian influence in Lebanon. Protests will turn into brutal and violent rebellion and then soon funded terrorism by Saudi Arabia and the US to knock off the Iranian influence in Lebanon. Things are gonna get really messy and no side is morally right.

  27. Avatar john toet says:

    *please note that DEVIL WORSHIP is the basis for all wrong doing. see the book CURSE OF CANAAN of the most honourable EUSTACE MULLINS. see also the testimonies of TOOS NIJENHUIS about child abuse, that TALMUD is a very important factor. we live in a world controlled by forces who obey the devil. these forces themselves are trapped and PUT IN A NARROW CORNER, and do not live in circumstances they choose, but circumstances arranged by the devil. THIS NEEDS TO STOP , AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.*

  28. Avatar Rose Moore says:

    Many are resigning and its a great opening for *Hezbollah* to take over with Iran at the helm.

  29. Avatar Thomas delvin says:

    young healthy bodies wasting their youth and energy on marches and protests while old people are soon to be starving . winter will be here in a few months . no home no food. just pointless rage aimed at no one but themselves for allowing corrupt politicians to settle into comfort and corruption

  30. Avatar Kal Palnicki says:

    There has never an Arab government that was not corrupt and criminal.

  31. Avatar NIKOLAY ROCHA says:

    this people are victm of the corruption of their politicians… they need to go to the houses of this governants and destroy everything, like the politicians do with them…

  32. Avatar Mazmurel Victory says:

    Lebanese Spring??

  33. Avatar - Aw3someZz - says:


  34. Avatar Steph Foundos says:

    You’re NOT supposed to hang people– even if they are wicked… You gotta kill them another way…to not “curse their God, or Ghost–?? — God says in the Old Testament… When He commands the deaths of a wicked village, of witches/murderers, who “burned their children in pots”– so…try firing squad…

  35. Avatar Jo J says:

    Over throw the government

  36. Avatar Mahendra Putra says:

    Kayanya ini ada campur tangan dr musuh2 libanon

  37. Avatar mohammad tayyab says:

    AlsalamoAlaikum, I am 33 year old engineer. I want to build hospital in my village back home in Pakistan that will provide free health care for poor. I need your moral and financial support. Life is short please join me in this Sadaka Jaariya. Please follow me on Instagram @prjhospital to show your support.

  38. Avatar Shoji Ogasavara says:

    Lebanon should eliminate the influence of Hezbollah.

  39. Avatar Garmen Lin says:

    Don’t bother with foreign intervention, if a government isn’t stable on its own, it deserves a revolution.

  40. Avatar William French says:

    No county should ever have a “political elite”. They put their own personal comfort over the needs of the people. Time for a political revolution. The people deserve to democratically select their own leaders.

  41. Avatar Neil Roy says:

    Good idea, we should implement the same in india. Corruption is the moto

  42. Avatar Zainabou Sakina says:

    Yess I cant wait until we do this across the world 🤲🏾

  43. Avatar Ttja Kbw says:

    سبحان الله التا ربخ الصادق فلم مرحبا يايام ياصلب جدى شعار زامل مثلث العز تعليقات فك برمز 7تحت8 واقراء سبحان الله ونقط بحر فقط القيامه بماعمل بربهم السيف الاجرب زب حيوان شيطان وكس نيران جريان جهنم بحجاج وضيوف ومعتمرين بيت الله قتلهم عاجل ارضى لله والاغاء وتدمير الاابراج الامريكيه الاجراميه

  44. Avatar Ttja Kbw says:

    سبحان الله تكمله وضيوف وزوار ومعتمرين بيت الله وارضى للله عاجل قتلهم بحق ماعمل بضيوفه وزواره وحجاجه والاغاء وتقفيل الاابراج الامريكيه الاجراميه وشبكات العيون خيل الشيطان ونحنو لسنا بمريكا ولا بريطانيا ولا بجزيره مثلث برمودا

  45. Avatar Ttja Kbw says:

    سبحان الله تكمله والابجزيره مثلث برمودا رمز القصور الملكيه السعوديه الاجراميه المخفيه لقتل او حطب او نشر ادز ومستمرين ومن له الحق والفضل والانقاذ سلوك بهيمه وارصاد طقس ولايملك حتا سياره ولا اسوه ولا حقوق شقا عمره بلعمل البحريه

  46. Avatar Ttja Kbw says:

    سبحان الله شقى عمره بلعمل البحريه عبدالرحيم بخيتان حمادى مبروك السريحى السلمى مكه الجموم وبادينا لا زوجه وحق ولا طفله مقتلوله ولا طفل مسروق ولا ابن عبدالله مقتول

  47. Avatar Ttja Kbw says:

    سبحان الله وانا بمنزلى بعد البقر واخر ابى طاح مع الدرجه والزوجه تبكي ياعمى والعغش وتسليم لاشبكه اختها زواجه الخديدى تابعه لمريكا وشبكات خيل الشيطان وتعاون مع الامجرنين ال سعود ومريكا وبريطانيا واستمرار التدمير والامنع

  48. Avatar Ttja Kbw says:

    سبحان الله والمنع الله يلعن ابوى وامى واسرتى ويلعن اليوم الذى الله خلقنا فيها وتعاون وصمت العالم ولو حق الله وحجاجه 050 350 9505

  49. Avatar Shivam Rai says:

    Great burning thier own beautiful country which is already in financial crisis in name of protest is Stupidity at its best. Peacefully protest and find better ways to bring change.

  50. Avatar barbara turkot says:

    I just Pray for Mercy on these People , that They Don’t go hungry , that They Have Enough Energy to Demand Justice and Revenge. RICH ARAB COUNTRIES AND THE REST OF THE WORLD HAVE MERCY ON THEM. !!!. What Happened in Beirut is Despicable Man Made Crime Against Innocent People of Lebanon and Beirut. The Paris of Middle East, Peoples Lifes ,Destroyd by Despicable Crime. Revenge on This Irresistible Idiots…Smoke them Out from their “Palace ” and Hang them..they don’t “Deserve” to live …also …It would Bring Some Closure to Peple Who Lost Loved Ones . Corrupt , Irresponsible Government was Playing “Russian Rullett” with The Lifes of People. .Whom They Should Serve and Protect .!!! GOD BLESS PEOPLE OF LEBANON.

  51. Avatar Napoleon Aquino says:

    Hezbollah is out !! No PR damage control can fix this !!

  52. Avatar yesica lopez says:

    fuerza y aguante. saludos desde colombia

  53. Avatar El Mestizo gObLiNo says:

    Smells like Mossad wanted this

  54. Avatar guru devan says:

    Lebanon should eliminate the parallel terrorists’ organization Hezbollah from country.

  55. Avatar Pak Studio 99 says:

    They are burning their own country.

  56. Avatar ll Savage Butcher ll says:


  57. Avatar Cali Kal says:

    هادول زعران جعجع العميل الصهيوني

  58. Avatar Jayanta Chakraborty says:

    One chemical explosion has effectively silenced the revolutionary voices from Lebanon. People of Lebanon are now interested in their future, rebuilding Beirut. No one bothers about what injustice Israel is doing. What the mighty US, UK, Israel and allies could not do in 70 years, one unfortunate explosion has done that. May people of Lebanon be blessed with a conflict less bright future. Israel is quietly smiling – “a hand of God”.

  59. Avatar Shao Mark says:

    reap what you soil

  60. Avatar Biba Nedj says:

    Bad governors ever killing ppl

  61. Avatar Aaron -_- says:

    Did the government plan the blast ?

  62. Avatar Teresita DIZON says:

    Select only young old 40´s enough to have knowledge and good ❤️ heart Christians to be great 👍 rulers of Lebanon 🇱🇧

  63. Avatar LS rawat says:

    Politicians are divided Shia.sunny & Christians

  64. Avatar Michael Prus says:

    Come forward whistle blowers.which politicians moved money where?Switzerland must come clean and reveal them.

  65. Avatar djeneba diallo says:

    We seek refuge in God against the devil.

    In The Name Of God The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful,

    When We decide to destroy a town, We command those corrupted by wealth [to reform], but they [persist in their] disobedience; Our sentence is passed, and We destroy them utterly. (16)

    Al-Isra’, Aya 16

    Lebanon not all of them are angels among the poor and the rich you’ll find soldier of the devil people that agreed of corruption not necessarily wealth corruption but human values and African’s slavery you’d believe what is happening is sad, rather not judge by what we see and ear.

    Let’s keep on praying for the believers around the world. And let’s keep on or start asking forgiveness to The Almighty.

  66. Avatar Arash Kamangir says:

    New political elite? That would certainly be the same thing all over again. You have to kick the Iranians and Hizbolah out. And you must start with Iran. This may just help Trump get elected again

  67. Avatar Yvette Habbal says:

    the government kill their own people…shame of you especially the president

  68. Avatar Dedi Faiturrahman says:

    What this, provokator israel??

  69. Avatar H Y A T T says:

    *We’re going out Qnet refrence out will screeds but silentdragon leads distrube me off sanction steps,can tried straight away off long term but if regional one treatboned needs we laugh together – Congress*

    • Avatar H Y A T T says:

      *Copy of silentdragon Riza or breaker their so what leads so far imagination of beats,”notes” do alumni for play out of rebind on completion by form,right.come jurdish killed off blackbox*

  70. Avatar Andy Norton says:

    organise to smaller divisions and charge when they don’t expect, that’s the only way to get to them

  71. Avatar aadrianlee says:

    This is old school tactics. Cause a event to destabilise a country then send in the jaculs 🙈🙉🙊👀👍

  72. Avatar Xong Lo says:

    What r u stupid doing??? Is not gonna going no where!!!!!

  73. Avatar Kacper Włoch says:

    All Lebanese are saints, only the government came from outer space and took over that perfect nation… or maybe the government the a product of the society? Think about it.

  74. Avatar raysschoko says:

    Hisbolah wont leave the country! they await israels second attack after the Nuclear attack on Beirut! iran doesnt want the nuclear weapons, but i have a feeling after the nuclear attack on Beirut they change their minds! Its not the attack itself, its the wesern cowards including russia givin israel a cover for doing that and dont punish them! Fake Pony story of a chemical stored somewere! The blast radius was a big as Hiroschima!

  75. Avatar Owen Chua says:

    Together Belarus and Lebanon. Revolt!

  76. Avatar DeoGratias570 says:

    early elections is not enough….there must be term limits for politicians!

  77. Avatar Abdou Najim says:

    Hizb iblisss

  78. Avatar Pete Puebla says:

    The corrupt government needs to resign step down and let the people elect in you government. They let their people down with the failure to get rid of such hazardous materials and also all the other economic disasters that happened.

  79. Avatar Curtis Tisberger says:

    You know what’s going to happen folks like it always happens they get one set of criminals out and they put one set of criminals in garbage in garbage out

  80. Avatar kiyari muhammadu says:

    Peacefully! Very sad. The reality about this protest is, the initiators of the Beirut blast are the responsible for the protests. Everything was already been planned & organized since before the blast.
    The painful thing is, how the victims of the blast are being manipulated and being used in worsening the condition in Lebanon, all for the benefit of the attackers.

  81. Avatar W Greybacco says:


  82. Avatar Tahmid Khan says:

    West trying to enter Lebanon, can’t say govt responsible or there some 1 making this protest from behind to unstable a nation just Arab spring

  83. Avatar Tony Chacko says:

    The only answer is for eradicating Hezbollah and any Islamic Parties from governance – as they are the root cause for Lebanon’s degradation to stone-ageism. This is the time for people of Lebanon to whole-heartedly unite and reinstate a sane ethical Christian Govt. – sounds impossible and crazy, but will the Lebanese realise that any Islamic despotic ruler/s will only rule by intimidation and hardcore stone-age policies.

  84. Avatar Gary Richards says:

    The got to put out hesbania they are the ones controlling everything

  85. Avatar Valdis Freibergs says:

    🐻🖲️🎵Sulfer Nitrates to Syria Didn’t Work on Field.

  86. Avatar samoset dodi says:



  87. Avatar Lee r says:

    Explosives blow up at a port, so the people destroy the entire town. The demand revenge……and hangings…… what about justice and maintaining order

  88. Avatar Syd Syd says:

    What a waste.

  89. Avatar harley greene says:

    The world of governments now stand above their peoples, and subject them to punishment for things they do freely themselves. Time to strike that behavior down,pick up arms and put up a fight for what’s rite…..

  90. Avatar Carlos Rosales says:


  91. Avatar daniel albo says:

    Obviously Hizbollah is the most free and just organization in the world. Epitome of freedom and liberation.

  92. Avatar It's a big World says:

    Sadly the government will turn Lebanon into the next Syria

  93. Avatar DVD TBD says:

    Actually many country have corrupted politician and they are all time bomb for the world !

  94. Avatar WotS Wung? says:


  95. Avatar Reda Cherkaoui says:

    These rioters are idiots. They should be spending their energy on rebuilding.

  96. Avatar ALEX ST JAMES says:

    Exactly what the western terrorist nations want and expected

  97. Avatar Rania Ibrahim says:


  98. Avatar Dingle Stingle says:

    They call them protesters and the first image is a fire burning. Those are rioters.

  99. Avatar DE Borah says:

    Hizbolah is the couse of libanon decline .

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