How will Lebanon ever recover? | Start Here

2020 8/13
How will Lebanon ever recover? | Start Here

How will Lebanon ever recover? Lebanon suffered a devastating ammonium nitrate explosion in early August.
The port in Beirut is barely recognisable, more than a quarter of a million people are homeless and the death toll is high. People are angry. So what happened? And how will the almost bankrupt country recover?

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  • Andrew Gnys says:

    Maybe the over 30000 Australian citizens will come home

  • Andrew Gnys says:

    I have say if a terrorist group claimed responsibility for the bombing I would have to take my hat of to them. That explosion was huge, Timothy McVeighs ANFO bomb looks like candles compared to this one.

    • D J says:

      Why would they claim responsibility. Your flag says it all. You will believe everything Israeli media tells you.

  • obicapa says:

    Hezbollah cash arm

  • Emmanuel Juma says:

    I watched this video before

  • Ratna Devi Nadarajan says:

    I sincerely pray for their well-being. At this point in time that is all i can give.

  • Ilya Kovalenko says:

    such a stark contrast of Sandra’s office with the imagery of misery in Lebanon

  • Rao Tabish Aleem says:

    Soon civil war will break out and Beirut will become easy target for annexation.
    Say no to Israel expansion😠

    • Ff Mm says:

      Only israill is responsible.

    • Kurt M. says:

      I think you should be more concerned about Turkey’s ambitions, unless of course you don’t mind them taking over the country.

    • James Aldridge says:

      According to the Old Testament Lebanon is north Israel. Bethlehem and the Sea of Galilee are in Lebanon. This is the beginning of Armageddon.

  • Matthew M.E says:

    God help them🙏💚💛❤🙏Ethiopia

  • Rivandy says:

    too many interest in government make it chaos…..poor lebanese

  • admin omhfoz says:

    self aggrandisement

  • Andrew Gnys says:

    When you say Syria’s support what do you mean? They can barely support themselves because of their civil war. I know Syria wants the “French experiment” called Lebanon.

    • José Menendéz says:

      It’s because of US and Israeli sanctions on Lebanon and Syria. Now their pier blew up, starting to get the picture.

  • Shahrizal Abd Rahman says:

    Not a single militan organisation able to have that types of weppons or bom in this huge explosive..only countyr or nation have a capebility to own this types of boms…and for that accountablelity absolutely israeli governents as “terroris

  • Touch My Joystick Player 2 says:

    They will never recover, unless they become another puppet to one of the world super powers.

    • Ali alii says:

      Touch My Joystick Player 2 so be it, dignity comes first

  • Shahrizal Abd Rahman says:

    And in modern history always shows in past only israeli goverment willing to do anythings even in they missions israeli goverment true mossad they have no problem if they have to kiil they own people to completed they missions…

  • gery port says:

    *Real-time praise for the Lebanon human(trapped in rubble), Lebanon people for their Lebanese land spirit.*
    *Humanity condemns it likewise Palestinians do.*

  • begotten59 says:

    Praying 🙏🙏🙏

  • Adam, Mohammed S says:

    All pray and support for Lebanon 🇱🇧

  • Husain Alhayki says:

    All in power should be jailed and no party that is running today can run again ,lebanon has many dedicated citizens that put the country ,its people first, first problem is HEZBULLAH WEAPON and the Israeli conflict first problem and biggest to lebanon is to end the conflict with israel either by peace or by going to war and taking back shabaa farms ,why hold everyone hostage over a piece of land since forever , just end the conflict take everyone’s weapons away and make all groups join one Lebanese army , everything else will fall in its place

  • Kelum Perera says:

    Nice presentation!!

  • Shahzore Khan says:

    Hope they get through this difficult time, from your brother in 🇵🇰

    • IGH says:

      What about pakistan? It looks like it is going dowm the drain as well.

    • Shahzore Khan says:

      IGH Pakistan has been through the worst and since 2009( when there used to be a terrorist attack almost everyday), the security situation has improved alot. Nowadays we rarely see a terrorist attack. But corruption is rampant and is effecting economy. Pakistan has fared much better in the pandemic than many powers of the world and growth is expected from the next quarter. But still we are hopeful to do better

    • IGH says:

      @Shahzore Khan ok. I know you are blind to the obvious because of your arabo-muslim blind patriotism but good for you if things are working fine in that forgotten land of Allah.

  • scorpioninpink says:

    To the gallows with every corrupt politicians, including Hezbollah!

  • VoskiArdziv says:

    let the lebanese get the money from IsRawHell, since the Beirut port was hit by an IsRawHelli tactical nuclear missile.

    • ethan 1212 says:

      where is the radiation Mr. Profesor?

    • VoskiArdziv says:

      @ethan 1212 at the site of the blast and wherever it hit.

  • mic9check says:

    Are they dumping their trash into the mediterranean? That needs to be addressed.

    • The Loud Tortoise says:

      How do you know?

  • Brainstorming Plus says:

    Absolutely well done and definitely keep it up!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  • 김태진 says:

    The military should take over for a period of time, perhaps?

  • Siulong Yang says:

    I just love your report

  • Bitch where's my gun says:

    if you are a democratic country that has so many problems through the years
    maybe your government isn’t the only reason

  • IGH says:

    What recovery? They have been paddling in thick mud since one can remember.

  • Sacha says:

    Innocent question please don’t take offense…. Her accent sounds distinctly like an LA accent. Is this true? Who is she?

  • The240Journey says:

    China is at the ready with its check book until it’s all settled then they’ll announce they’re gonna pay for the rebuild. Boom another port for china, gg. Wouldnt be surprised if they played a part.

  • José Menendéz says:

    By CIA and Mossad leaving them alone and US and Israel lifing up sanctions.

    • ethan 1212 says:

      there is also the hisbolla. did they made something wrong as well?

    • José Menendéz says:

      @ethan 1212 I’m sorry. I don’t know about that.

  • Esben M says:

    Is there a better illustration of the dark side of bureaucracy and politics than administrators passing the buck on a gigantic bomb in their own backyard for 6 years?

  • Martha Angami says:

    This is too much blood shed 🤧😢🙏plz do justice for innocent

  • Lingam Jaganathan says:

    💐 Al Jazeera news .
    Please need More about Malaysia 🇲🇾 New .
    Something go on Malaysia political have to ,Al Jazeera have to take Noted . Thanks A J.N…🌴

  • Derick Lewis says:

    Separation of church and state is the best concept in human history. Ppl will never be able to agree on different religious grounds but they can agree on what’s best for the ppl without too much conflict. And hezbolah needs to go, that’s the only ppl who would want that much explosive materials

  • cool light says:

    Al Jazeera is the best real news network out there.

  • Roman Shocker says:

    How come we still waiting for those who are responsible? How are we sure is not a foreign attack?

  • Fezza Manezza says:

    Yeah cant say I’m surprised

  • Lim Yu Choi says:

    where’s Allah ?

  • GiveAF says:

    “You made your bed. You sleep in it” – your mom.

  • Noman Shaikh says:

    Same as Pakistan

  • Mr.Logic23 says:

    Lebanon won’t recover from this because it is a very corrupt country.

    • Ladey Babey says:

      Mr.Logic23 Because of the militias and foreign governments

    • Mr.Logic23 says:

      Ladey Babey you can always blame someone else. That’s the problem with the Arab governments, they never face their own incompetence.

  • Avi says:

    Everyone is calling for the Lebanese government (including Hezbollah) for a transparent investigation.
    The only transparency Nut-Ra-lala knows is his transparent protective screen.

  • T.S. M.L says:

    Why did I watch this video? I know them all of them😭💔🇱🇧

  • Kwiringira Joshua Nsâbà says:

    Politics is just so sick

  • mercury pluto says:

    Hezbollah is Lebanon biggest problem

  • Steve Harris says:

    Zionist state terrorists did it

  • James Murphy says:

    Honestly government should have sold the herbalizer it was a disaster waiting to happen

  • faiza ibrahim says:

    im sure of that Hizbollah did it 👹 because no one wanted any more to help Libanon because of them 👹 so they did this to get the world give them maney in the name of the people so they can put it in there puckets like always 👹👹 no matter how much the world help Libanon nothing will change 😥😥

  • ethan 1212 says:

    No one is talking in the comments about the conflict of interrests i.e. USA and Israel vs. Christians + Hisbolla within Lebanon. This wear and trear appears to me as a weakening point, which gives rise to corruption & etc.

  • Kevin Rudd says:

    It was all planed, looked like hollywood.
    Whats the comfusion about, just see who benfits,? Thats all, u dont need a phd to get that;-)

  • Hamayoon Shah says:

    This is how Zionists silebtly do their job… Indeed they would do anything for making their supreioirty…..

  • G M says:

    You can see the similarities between Lebanon and Zimbabwe

  • Mohsin Ashraf says:

    My favourite Show

  • Wilmer Day says:


  • Markec smotanec says:

    Horrible….iam sooooo sad because of The suffering that these people went through during the long war (similarly, my country had to go through 90’s for independence)
    Then they have their own country, a flag, but a policy that brought them to the brink of starvation, without money, without a future.
    And then this catastrophe happens to destroy you to the end …. unfortunately maybe only after this catastrophe will Lebanon come out like a phoenix from the ashes into the country it deserves to be ….Now or never the state is in the hands of those desperate people who need to build it out of the ashes. The world is with you ….. at least ordinary people give you support and want to build their future without wars without the state you fought for.And remove these incompetent politicians from the order ….
    From love and from my heart…..from Croatia ❤️

  • Nemanja Canic says:

    Please something about Kosovo and Serbia relationship. Thanks!

  • Todd James says:

    Thank you Sandra for doing such an outstanding job explaining this very complex situation. Many others can learn and understand so much more about Lebanon.

  • Rosemarie Barreto says:

    Religion is the opium of the masses

  • Joseph Saleh says:

    It’s all by design international banksters to destroy Lebanon from with in to make way for the greater Israel period

  • Ladey Babey says:

    Nothing will change, Iran, Saudi Arabia and all big players will eat Lebanon alive and try to get more influence and power. Hezbollah and other militias will make sure that the military stays corrupt and from there it shows that Lebanon is nothing but a foreign government jerk circle. 🤷‍♀️

  • Jay DiBernardo says:

    Excellent report. Keep up the great work.

  • Atik Alam says:

    Finally a well put video by Al Jazeera 🤗

  • Bruno says:

    Zionist dream accomplished….another middle east country destroyed.
    Zionist Macron de Rotschild already ready deviate the money

  • Me H says:

    They’re reset every 50 years. This was thermobaric. Contained heat, used to express hypersonic expansion and sonic disruption materialy. You’re minimizing this with false pretense. A bomb, like the one used in Syria 7 months ago. This attack is an attack on their food supply.
    Run tracing in the blast signature and sonic character of the expansion and the manufacturer will reveal itself….

    Who gains from the good shortage?
    Who gains from the Food shortages?
    What navy ships were in the harbour?
    What radio chatter was happening?

  • Veterans Cannabis Advocacy Group says:

    ✨🌎 “Those who make Peaceful protests & Political Progress impossible, make Armed Revolution & Violence, Necessary” 👌

  • Tyler Lykins says:

    You can only push people so far should be the motto of Trump’s presidency

  • Kurt M. says:

    No mention of the impact of Hezbollah controlling the country, why?

  • Gabriel El Hakim says:

    Excellent documentary 👏

  • The direction says:

    Lots of prayers for Lebanon

  • ortezz xande says:

    Same problems in kenya but because of tribalism we are blinded we can’t hold politicians to account. We are also tired of corruption

  • Guri Singh says:

    thanks for these videos, I learn so much from them.

  • Damn Jahn says:

    How to sort out the mess? Claim religion illegal. Worldwide.

  • Dave Tan says:

    Nimrod did it.

  • Shaharh Hlinovky says:

    Israel Mossad. + Shayetet 13

  • Siraj Ahmed says:

    Words can’t describe that irony.

  • bryson_illest niccur says:

    Amazing insider thank you.

  • lidel beer says:

    That fertiliser was the property of the real IRA

  • Pacaj Albert says:

    všetko to vedie do centrály štábu CIA

  • Happy life says:

    its so pakistan

  • The Wanderer says:

    I’d day that Lebanon needs to end the power distribution to the sects as a starting point. Citizens shouldn’t be given political power based on their religious or ethnical background. However, I don’t know the country’s internal constraints, so I might be completely wrong. It is sad, very sad, what happened to the Lebanese people. I remember their civil war on the news when I was a kid, and I hope this is not a return to those terrible times. Hopefully, the people who are protesting will stay united. I wish all the best to Lebanon!

  • James Aldridge says:

    AL Jazeera is the best source of news from the middle East.

  • SH says:

    Bibi Netanyahu must immediately seize the moment and launch operation Lebanon freedom or OLF for short. Doom of the Arab nations has now become inevitable.

  • Dardania Lion says:

    My God this woman is so adorable and sexy.

  • Shukrina Abdul Rahman says:

    I want to believe but see what happened in Malaysia by Al Jazeera report all lies. Now I hesitate to believe what Al Jazeera report. But my sympathies to Lebanon people. Stay strong

  • C C says:

    Financially Corrupt! Morally Corrupt! Explosively Corrupt! Prosecution! Prosecution! Prosecution! The whole system needs rooting out! The political system is dead!

  • Tim Penni says:

    Just like any other event. We wait until the next one to happen and we move on. Just a story to many

  • Tim Penni says:

    Well again what about the thousands that have been killed in syria. Women and children displaced. Starving. People dying everyday.

  • luci75 D says:

    That country was distorted by its own people and factions ! And when this happen foreign hands always can get involve easy to destabilize…. so the People should get together and act as one ! Also need a very Strong and powerful leadership united ( but as we all know the political landscape it’s very divided and small). Even a 2 party system it will better ! Way to many factions now in Lebanon which reflect the people’s divisions ! So it’s about people’s fault mostly !

  • Christopher Robinson says:

    If I could guess israel

  • Manish Doshi says:

    Very sad , the beauty of this land has turned out to be it’s biggest enemy

  • emad uddin says:

    Israel was behind this
    Israel was behind bombing in Iran
    Israel is bombing in gaza
    Israel is bombing in Syria but
    The world is silent why??

  • b Stephan says:

    Hisbalah And Islam is the problem for Middle East.

  • b Stephan says:

    Hezbollah It’s the biggest problem for Lebanese. And religion of Islam it’s destroying all Middle East.

    • ayisha says:

      Yea…thats a deep analysis. And years of colonialism, then modern western states and regional powers fight for strategic influence, oil etc has no play. Great.

  • Wilpardina Nepolo says:


  • MΛS says:

    I wish the best of luck to the beautifull people of Lebanon

  • Ky Toh says:

    jia lat

  • pilarintechnicolor says:

    This presenter was very good and has a nice voice for narration.
    Very informative segment

  • Great One says:

    Sandra Gathmann has cutie voice I almost felt asleep 😴 it is calming
    and I am saddened what to Lebanon

  • Bill Bailey says:

    When Sandra’s on its Al Jizzera