Full Panel: Postal Service Disruptions May Be A ‘Disinformation Campaign’ | Meet The Press

2020 8/19
Full Panel: Postal Service Disruptions May Be A 'Disinformation Campaign' | Meet The Press

Kasie Hunt, Jeh Johnson, Charles Benson and Carol Lee join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss postal service disruptions, the 2020 election and former Vice President Joe Biden’s pick of Sen. Kamala Harris for his running mate.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Full Panel: Postal Service Disruptions May Be A ‘Disinformation Campaign’ | Meet The Press



コメント一覧 (106件)

  • Jose Caballero says:

    and why should I care about what any of you say that’s what I thought nobody has an answer


    Thus far there are over a dozen peer reviewed medical studies performed by ethical and nonbiased medical researchers who have concluded that Hydroxychloroquine is effective against coronavirus. Still waiting for the biased and propaganda spewing media, Bernie, Biden, the democrat nominee for VP, any democrat or Never Trumper to admit the truth about Hydroxychloroquine. It is still not too late to save thousands of lives going forward.

  • Jamal Ch says:

    First Time in American political History.
    Dear, Democrats and Republicans and all, Since Apr 2016 Until now i requesting emergency help and justice , please make Christianity Great,we proud to be American, With liberty and justice for all,on Youtube on Twitter @Jamalch11

  • long99brit says:

    Why isn’t anyone calling out the reason Trump hates it is that he can’t rig mail in votes?
    It’s one more distraction in a long list

  • Norman De Sola says:

    Henceforth, The Biblical Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, shall be known as The Six Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, to wit: CONQUEST, WAR, FAMINE, DEATH, and the most sinister Horsemen of all, authoritarian crypto-nazis, DONALD J. “COVID-19” TRUMP, and WILLIAM “GESTAPO” BARR!

  • uda wyma says:

    Future discussion?

  • jerry johnson says:

    Why am i not surprised crappy todd sticking up fer the rethugs, fire this pos

  • Jon Jon says:

    I don’t owe anybody anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Matt B says:

    Cannon Hinnant

  • Choudary Dhulipalli says:

    Just anti Trump , political , no substance , fake N

  • Ruth Smith says:

    Trump is a horribly person, he cares nothing about AMERICANS or the UNITED STATES

  • Roger Wilco says:

    The left is just looking for another excuse for another election loss.
    Trump is gonna bury Biden.

  • long99brit says:

    PS, no ones mentioned that Trump wants to meet with Putin before the election

    • Juliette M says:

      He needs to get his marching orders and do his dirty deals in person where no one can record what they say.

  • Denis Bailey says:

    Trump must face a military firing squad

  • Madeline Menor says:

    Who exactly is removing the machinery out??? Why can’t we stop them??? Who ordered this action?

  • Carole Tomlinson says:

    What about the 671 sorting machines recently ordered/removed from local post offices? Please keep asking. Are they being replaced before November?

  • Philip Loverde says:

    So much corruption and law breaking at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…nothing new with The DEMAGOG in Chief. Call on The Pentagon and The Joint Chiefs of Staff to oust our first American Dictator. NOW!

  • Raoul Radio says:

    Trump is a disgrace. He can’t talk about any positive accomplishments for average Americans, so he attacks and cheats.

    • Hush Money says:

      He Sounds like the Media does him … I Got the Hook up on Ballot’s how many do you need Homie … Try to Keep it 50 per House hold …

  • Paula Keller says:

    So Trump and Dejoy are rigging the USPS shamelessly. So Trump is predicting his crimes. On Nov 3rd. His disruptions and sabotaging the USPS.

  • alex uboldi says:

    more the half of the people dont want to vote for biden they just dont want to vote for trump so that means that the democraps dont know who to vote for .

  • tim kahn says:

    we will be seeing it all on the web. no problem.

  • tim kahn says:

    call it what it is . part of an attempted coup by a fascist and his fellow traitors . they want to rule not serve . trump want to be the first dictator of the united states . if the dems want to get people to vote more and win they need to say getting rid of the electoral college .put that out front and that 100 million or so that dont vote will start voting again.

  • alex uboldi says:

    and if biden wins we will see Harris will play Cristina Kirchner part 2

  • tim kahn says:

    he got nearly 3 million fewer votes in 2016. we never picked trump as a people. he never won as far as millions of us feel he is not and has not been our president .

  • JSTR says:

    The hand animation is not necessary. Trump looks as if he is trying to play an accordion. Hunt looks as if she is pulling taffy.

  • Alan von Au***** says:

    *Vote “blue” to save our nation from MAGA-45:*
    👍 Democratic Party official site —
    👍 Joe Biden for President: Official Campaign Website —

    *Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT):*
    👍 RVAT official site —
    👍 RVAT YouTube channel —

    *Everything you need to vote:* _(Scroll down web page to view information by state.)_

  • jtaend says:

    The people who say Trump is destroying America are literally the ones who are destroying America!

  • Ian Werden says:

    He likely knows he’s going to lose.
    He probably doesn’t want a physical record of all the votes. He won’t be able to dispute the results.
    Plus, no one will be able to alter anything electronically!
    January will bring JUSTICE!🇺🇸
    The guy from the apprentice can maybe go back to selling steaks through the mail…from jail!
    It tastes like victory!

  • Dean Oldfield says:

    The USPS is a government agency written into the constitution. When was the last time the Pentagon made a profit? This is a false narrative.

  • David Daugherty says:

    And the excuse will be I don’t take responsibility for it and I don’t know the guy I hardly new the guy

  • T says:

    America has the power to free itself from a self centered, sexist, racist, malignant gang

  • Ted Petersen says:

    Be ALIVE. ”VOTE TRUMP 2020” if You a Living Fish. Living Fish swim thro’ the Current.
    DEAD fish FLOWS with the Current/ CULTURES/ Traditions/ MEDIA – BIAS FAKE NEWS.
    America & the World NEEDs TRUMP

  • Red894336643 says:

    Why can’t people request an absentee ballot? That has been around for decades.

  • Ho La says:

    let free America from trump and his administration need normal live with safety all over state too much army fight Americans n harm people life to live if trump win is the end of Americans

  • John White says:

    Why isn’t Biden and Harris still not taking any questions. If they continue Trump will win 2020.

  • colette s says:

    flooding the country with ballots is wrong. We have a mail in vote method that has control of who gets ballots and and it is by voter request. Changing the method weeks before an election is CLEARLY an attempt to disrupt the election process. and make fraud easier to accomplish. They could just as well fly over every city and dump ballots out of the sky to land wherever. Frankly, it’s ridiculous. The president is correct on this one.

  • Bank Baby says:

    This is very sad when you can’t get your mail to the American people because mr. Trump wants to stop mail in voting people has died for American people to vote he is breaking the American law vote this out

  • Desperado5501 says:


  • Desperado5501 says:


  • Desperado5501 says:


  • Guillermo Mateo says:


  • Desperado5501 says:


  • Desperado5501 says:


  • Desperado5501 says:


  • Desperado5501 says:

    COWARD !!!!!

  • dan winright says:

    Dumbocraps are full of misinformation ( fake news).

  • Terence Johnson says:


  • Robert Amerongen says:

    Hi Y’ll Never Trumpers
    U gotta Talk to Hidden Trumpers
    And Wake Them Up

  • Desperado5501 says:


  • Desperado5501 says:


  • Desperado5501 says:


  • Seekthetruth3000 says:

    If Biden wins, China will dominate the world. Trump 2020.

  • JVS 3 says:

    That’s trump’s/DeJoy’s intention. Removal of 671 hi-speed volume sorting machines and thousands of mailboxes. They’ve already calculated which ones to remove to strategically eliminate enough votes to remove the number of votes to give trump a rigged win.
    You can bet the states most affected will be electoral swing states.
    Then there’s their other dirty tricks
    1. Barr’s installation of his paramilitary unmarked troopers in strategic cities in electoral swing states. Strategically Cordoning off large portions of cities with the intent of causing traffic mobility problems and confusion to prevent people from getting to polling stations
    2. Faulty / corrupted and insufficient number of voting machines
    3. Fake felons lists and ID harassments
    4. Orchestrated electrical outages
    5. Moved and removed polling stations
    6. Intentional slowing of voting to delay and create longer lines
    7. Organized orchestrated traffic jams near polling stations in democrat districts
    8. Destroyed voter registrations
    9. Insufficient ballots causing shortages
    10. Barr instructing city police to pull people over near polling stations in dem districts to create intimidation and traffic delays as well as give out as many parking citations as possible while people are standing in line. A form Of voter tax and punishment
    11. Polling places with insufficient parking forcing people to walk long distance to stand in line
    12. Strict enforcement of social distancing to make lines even longer to discourage voters from standing in line to vote.
    13. Dont kid yourselves trump/Barr/Mitch/DeJoy WILL steal the election.
    They have already calculated who many dem votes they need to remove to steal it and they already have it all planned out.
    Barr will already have in place his gestapo troopers in our cities to take down any protests or public outcry.
    Trump will declare an emergency martial law, (strip congress of their powers) label the American citizens protesting the theft of the election as domestic terrorists and enact the enemy combatant act from 9/11 to arrest with no due process or constitutional rights.
    Barr will order use of lethal force to stop any demonstrations.
    We will see the first steps into trump’s authoritarian world. Mitch will rush thru a senate bill expanding presidential powers as well as Barr’s police powers.
    Trump WILL STEAL the election.

  • Stan Cherny says:

    Imagine that you are a Vietnam war veteran who up until now always got your medicines delivered on time by the post office-have never been late-ever-now for two straight months they are over a week late-the one who caused this never served a day in his life in the military-however to steal millions of votes he is willing to slow the mail delivery down-if you die-that is okay to Authoritarian Trump and his Republican enablers-as long as you win-the ends justify the means-Right? Go Biden/Harris-they will never stoop this low-will serve with honor-the mail will run on time when they are running things

  • bigscale1 says:

    these mofos cant stop the lies and unrealities.

  • Scott Comstock says:

    Stop them Mr President!!! No mail in ballots…thank you for everything you are doing for our country!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  • Michael Scheuermann says:

    Rex Tillerson…. he’s a f***ing moron…

  • Ronda Leistiko says:

    Go buy some stamps to support the postal service.

  • Maximillian Shell says:

    97140 recieved one piece of mail in 4 days. Not normal.

  • Dianna Emerson says:

    Please he trumpft is recking my nerves again. Get him out of there. If I have to die to cast my vote I will do so as did my foreparents. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I have not received my Meds.

  • WhoLovesYouBaby77 says:

    I know this sounds stupid but we must fight for our democracy. There is 320 million people in the usa if only 100 million gave $20 dollars to support the post office we have 2 billion dollars. I just want to put this out there.

  • Alfred Degiorgio says:

    TRUMP IS DESPERATELY TRYING TO DISRUPT MAIL-IN VOTING BY CRIPPLING THE US POSTAL SERVICE! That seriously inconveniences many millions of Americans, threatening their health and/or their well-being. In fact, there is a simple and legal way of spitting in the orange face of you-know-who, figuratively speaking. A mail-in vote can be used as a drop-in vote, bypassing the postal service. Simply request a mail-in vote, complete it, and drop it in the special vote collection box at your nearest Electoral Office.

    If you have a problem getting to that Office, contact a Democratic Party Campaign team, request a lift to the Electoral Office and deposit your vote yourself; it’s best not to ask anyone to do it for you to prevent claims of vote fraud. The DP has a solemn duty to ensure that as many voters as possible know about this option and must organize a team of volunteers to help drop-in voters. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS ON THE FRONT LINE OF THE BATTLE TO KEEP OUR DEMOCRACY SAFE AND DEFEAT THE TRUMP/GOP/WHITE NATIONALIST ALLIANCE; IT MUST NOT FAIL US!

  • Anon Imous says:

    Donald Trump and Louis DeJoy committed an act of terrorism against the US government’s Postal System because Trump and DeJoy ordered the destruction of the mail sorting machines, i.e. the destruction of government property, for the purpose of interfering with the collection and sorting of absentee ballots in the mail for the 2020 election, i.e. a political goal of disrupting of voting by mail. The definition of terrorism is the “unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate a government or the civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

  • Brady Lambert says:

    Watch “Rep. Swalwell Calls for Presidential Crimes Commission, in other words, a Trump Crimes Commission” on YouTube

  • player Uno says:

    Man, when USPS union endorsing Biden they are saying something. Only care for union not fairness.

  • Leigh Weston says:

    You trump supporting dummies. Yes, you may feel offended being referred to in such a manner, but he’s suppressing everyone’s vote if you are unable or unwilling to vote on person. Are you willing to risk health or death for a guy who’s only concern is money avoiding potential jail time? If you are then that is just plain dumb.

  • D Sep says:

    If Joe Bidden is afraid to come out of the basement how can lead a country… Kamala will do the job instead?

  • Liberty Springs says:

    The post office delivers hundreds of BILLIONS OF PACKAGES so delivering Millions of votes is such a Non-Issue!!! People are just freaking out for no reason.

  • Hush Money says:

    Buy Stock in FedEx and UPS and DHL ,USPS ain’t the only Game in Town …..Fools

  • Hush Money says:

    They already got Ballots on the Black Market …..

  • JVS 3 says:

    Reagan was the father of wanting to undermine our government.
    He is the one that said he wanted government to fit in a bath tub (a government of one man)
    Trump and the GOP are now trying to make that real

  • Rohan Kumar says:

    I don’t owe anyone anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Shakiban Watt says:

    I don’t need anymore my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Pak De says:

    The USPS processes 472 million pieces of mail every day. The total number of voters for the national election was less than 130 million. Even if half the ballots are by mail I think the USPS can handle it, especially as it will be spread out, not on the same day. Just send out ballots early as priority mail and make sure to include a reminder of the state’s requirements for acceptance. If it takes a couple weeks to count that’s not a major issue as the president’s term of office is until January 21. This isn’t that big a deal. Congressional members, don’t let Trump get in your head and don’t make concessions that we’ll regret later. If he succeeds in forcing most voters to the polls it will backfire. Just do the math. In 2016 voters 18-45 yo were 55% Dem. Voters 65+ yo were 52% to Trump.

  • james fiero says:

    Biden/Harris in 2020,help make china great again!🇨🇳 👍

  • Cynthia Turner says:

    Late getting mail

  • Bob Rac says:

    Get crying Chuck to help you out . Trump 2020 land slide .

  • Ro Blake says:

    GS 18-1703 makes it illegal to delay or destroy mail. DeJoy is going to jail…

  • JSTR says:

    Postal Service Disruptions May Be A ‘Disinformation Campaign’ Are you saying that Trump is going to go to a packed Wuhon movie theater and yell ‘FIRE’ just to start a Chinese Fire drill?

  • Chris Anderson says:


  • BBBRave says:

    This is ridiculous. How can Americans just sit by and watch Trump destroy America?

  • Tenzack YOGI says:

    FAQ; Is Postal Services belongs to private or govt owned? 😕💭

  • Taber Ross says:


  • Tony's Place says:

    The postal service has always been terrible for as long as I can remember. Why would anybody trust the postal service for something so important? Would you hand a stranger $1,000, and tell him to go pay your mortage? Of course not. The presidency is worth more than $1,000 for any citizen. Not to mention that it will take forever to find out ho actually won. If at all.

  • Lorenzo Montoya says:

    If it’s got chuck todd on it, i don’t watch. Simple

  • MrSolonolo says:

    How about the American people deliver this message to their elected officials: ” Restore the USPS in FULL, before the end of August,2000 , or prepare to accept the reality that this will be your last term in elected office.”???

  • Javy C says:

    Trump only knows how to be racist, xenophobic, homophobic and misogynistic. The only way that he and Republicans win elections is by ensuring people are divided and terrified of each other.

    • Javy C says:

      @Earnest T Bass LOL! Your info is not even close. Rasmussen has an approval rating of 47%, which is down 4%. so yeah, nice try but i’m not surprised at all you posted inaccurate numbers.
      Biden, well yeah, i was right about his lead. Funny how if the polls show Trump doing well, his loyalists cannot stop talking about polls. When the roles are reversed the same loyalists discredit the polls.. PATHETIC!

    • Javy C says:

      @Earnest T Bass #1, You saying he has dementia does not mean he does. So I would advise against repeating that falsehood.
      #2, The DNC has a chance because there are many Republicans who refuse to vote for Trump again and many 2016 Trump voters who realize they were lied to and will not vote for him again.
      Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million in ’16, so factor that in and Trump sure is losing by 11 points right now(minimum)

    • Earnest T Bass says:

      @Javy C . Have you seen the black approval for President Trump, it’s at a unheard of 36%,,
      If Democrats don’t get at least 85% of the black vote they don’t win🇺🇲❗
      I guarantee you I’ve seen more of Joe Biden than you have.
      The news you watch most likely hiding all his hilarious miscues.
      And when I say miscue I’m being nice… he really does have the beginnings of onset dementia..
      The Tell-Tale sign is when he gets angry this is why he’s being hidden from any interviews or debates.
      When he gets angry he challenges the interviewer it really is quite sad, but from the party that gave us Hillary this might be an upgrade!

    • Javy C says:

      @Earnest T Bass LOL, your assumptions are comical. they really do make me laugh.
      well, enjoy your opinions because that is all they are. you say he has dementia but with zero proof. you choose the Rasmussen ratings because they currently are the highest for Trump. i sense the pattern here and it won’t work in 2020.
      enjoy watching the failing conman, Trump, continue with false or misleading claims and his golden showers w/paid escorts 😂

    • Earnest T Bass says:

      @Javy C . You live by the polls U die by the polls.. you didn’t see Biden’s lead go from 14 to 4??
      I have facts in my statements, Saturday Trump’s approval rating was 51% haven’t checked todays, I’m not that hung up on polls.
      Maybe you can look up how many incumbent presidents lose with a 47% approval rating!.
      Also check for Obama’s approval rating at this time in his first term. And I believe Obama won in a landslide🇺🇲😁
      If you had halfway decent candidated and VP I’d say maybe you’d have a chance, guarantee if Joe wins he hands off the reins to Kameltoe.. the VP pick is actually going to be the president for the Democrats🥴
      I don’t think America is ready for a woman who spent most of her working career on her back,😆

  • Michael Grantham says:

    Anything that is not in Amazons scope for total domination will find itself in a negative narrative. Its obvious to me and maybe this suggestion will open peoples eyes. The blind political support that is so prevalent in the US has led to a continued downtrodding of everything middle aged middle class men held dear 30yrs ago. The US postal service is just another thing that annoys the greedy and those that don’t see it as a necessity to them. And its amazing how they can convince those that need it that its not a necessity any more. Its very obvious.

  • greg wilson says:

    Talk of something worthwhile. Where did most of the PPP money go?

  • Chaz Bowers says:

    Durham report Obama gate on a Obama gate spying spying lion lion go to jail🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Gary Quarty says:

    Some areas are setting up drop boxes for mail in voters. What if a peaceful protester fills it with lighter fluid and burns it like a Portland court house?

  • Ly Yang says:

    Mail box disappeared? That’s unbelievable! BS!

  • uda wyma says:

    Please discuss:

  • Everblue Freediving says:

    Trump and Dejoy need to be charged with election fraud and mail tampering.

  • rosalia stamatakos says:


  • T LM says:

    Oh really Todd?! That’s why people dislike your segment, your oblivion screams.

  • Arrows Blue says:

    Trump can’t get anyone to rigged the election for him so he is doing it for himself through the postal service. He should remember that the Americans are not like the Belarusians.

  • Amani Rinas says:

    Ivanka trump has a trademark on Voting Machines since 2016..the same year that her daddy first ran for office..she applied March 2016..the exact same year that trump began his campaign…Why?
    Ivanka trump was claiming to be in fashion, why in 2016, the sudden interest in Voting Machines..this is questionable, and now, so are the effectiveness of those voting machines..

  • Steven Williams says:

    America is being made Great by strangling the fund one section at a time.