Powerful earthquake jolts central Philippines, homes damaged

2020 8/20
Powerful earthquake jolts central Philippines, homes damaged

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake has struck the central Philippines, killing one person and injuring dozens more.
A family in Masbate Province were left trapped when their house collapsed.
Cracks appeared in roads and debris fell to the ground.
There is no threat of a tsunami, but authorities are warning people to prepare for aftershocks.

Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Manila

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  • kathalia Graciela says:

    Lord forgive us sin amen

  • July Basilan says:

    Is there a date Jamela? Seems your in a hurry delivering your news report. 😂😂✌✌

  • kimberley williams says:

    N.Z be next for sure and soon …

  • Compare says:

    *May allah help us*

  • A M says:

    i think al Jazeera is the only channel in the world to disclose the hidden truth’s and bad intentions

  • Sky says:

    China razes mosque to build toilets, why Al-Jazeera not showing it?🤔

    • anthony patterson says:

      yeah i’m sure a middle eastern arabic based news network is hiding offenses against mosques. you might have noticed this was about an earthquake that razed more than mosques. Besides, you clearly know and found out about it some way, why do they talk about it for you again?

    • philosophyofthestars says:

      Sky what does Raze mean? Edit: Nvm I looked it up

    • Sky says:

      @philosophyofthestars completely destroyed.

  • Zo Vlogs says:

    Stay hydrated guys 👍🏻🤍🤍🤍🦠 this is toug times

  • Kok Yen keong says:

    Why America didnt help phillippine

    • K- Studio says:

      They will soon….

  • Willow Clay says:

    We’re in our last days so we all must pray 🙏❤️!

  • Willow Clay says:

    Mother Earth is trying to heal herself!

  • Eugene Dalisay says:

    God save the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Kiwak Kau says:


    God Pushing them 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻..God give them good lesson to stop claiming sabah..

  • twinkL bloo says:

    Prayers for all of them!

  • Roy Richmond Coronado says:

    She needs more practice in delivering her report.

  • Your Majesty! says:

    We are with you, Phillipines.

  • Langa Yeptho says:

    Please pray for Phillipines

  • Roberto Musa says:

    I think this will not be last catastrophe this 2020 I have strong feeling that there’ll be a big flood and a strong typhoon/hurricane will happen before the end of the year 2020

  • Roblox player!! joevernon says:

    boii it was a 6.7 maltitude

  • Roblox player!! joevernon says:

    not 6.5

  • Samantha says:

    Pray for The Philippines 🇵🇭🇮🇩

    • K- Studio says:

      Terima kasih🙏

    • Samantha says:

      @K- Studio You know what, about two hours ago there were 2 earthquakes (magnitude 6.8 and magnitude 6.9) happened less than 10 minutes apart from each other to the southwest of Bengkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia. Luckily there was no serious damage reported. Indo and Filipino are so alike. Hopefully the mother earth will be better soon.

    • K- Studio says:

      @Samantha we’ll pray for you too brother. Last week I heard there was a volcano erupted in Indonesia

    • Samantha says:

      @K- Studio Thank you, yes it was Mt. Sinabung, in Sumatra Island as well. Apparently earthquakes and volcano eruptions are part of our daily life as our country lies in the ring of fire. We’re used to it all, but hopefully the damage and casualties aren’t so bad.

  • Francis C says:

    Anchor pronounced everything correctly, from province name to reporter’s last name. 👍👍

    • Jane EXO-L says:

      I think she’s a Filipina😊

    • Francis C says:

      @Jane EXO-L She’s the reporter, not the anchor. I was talking about the anchor, who’s a white guy. Bye, Felicia. 🙂

    • Jane EXO-L says:

      @Francis C oh I’m really sorry. Thank you for correcting me😊

  • brokerthanyou1 says:

    We send our prayers, Love from Canada

  • axeblue says:

    I see opportunity.

  • jo jr says:

    Im in Manila. What was i doing during this hour?!? I didn’t feel a thing..

  • Fit First says:

    Galing ni alindogan…..

  • Nahum Eikenberry says:

    That’s my province. There’s always an earthquake in Masbate but some are not strong earthquake

  • Ruin Ashish says:

    Stay calm and be safe Philippines prayers from Nepal

  • Regina Redding says:

    Dutchsinse forecast this earthquake and warned the area in the Philippines the day before it hit.
    They had a full 24 hours to prepare.
    This is incredibly sad 💔🌏

  • c k says:

    First is volcano eruption next is virus which is still haven’t control yet and now this 🙏🙏🙏

  • James Medina says:

    P A C Q U I A O

  • noah shields says:

    Here becuase dutchsine predicted a bigger earthquake in the South Pacific

  • Betty Traylor says:


  • God is coming soon says:

    Repent! All of this is foretold in the Bible.
    Have a blessed day

  • Robert Paulson says:

    Birth pangs. Jesus, our King, is returning soon!

  • Rai says:

    There was a 5.6 at 4am today in my country and woke up later to this. Good luck Philippines!

  • Manny L says:

    2020: fk ya all…heres another to remember me by.

  • I'm ugly and I am a proud Sexy Deplorable says:

    Stay strong peeleepeens, communist china will support you !

  • Joe Traveler says:


  • Layla Lutin says:

    Wonder what Karma is doing with Philippines right now. Karma tells it all. Or Christian’s “Golden Rule”. Wait no they are Catholics right? Well may their popes bless them.

    • K- Studio says:

      Dude Karma spreads across the world not just here

    • Layla Lutin says:

      @K- Studio True.

  • youtube monitor says:

    The Philippines was curse by the Spaniards and negativity is causing the disaster

  • Thirdy Legada says:

    Earthquake was common in Philippines, the house was old so it collapsed easily

    • Courageous Teen says:

      and the fact that most of the houses in provinces are being built without consulting engineer and architect.

  • Tiger Zero says:

    2021: to be continued

  • Angel Caido says:

    Do they know the difference between The Philippines and Madagascar-Africa?

  • May Goldkamp says:

    We send our prayers to the Philippines Amen ✋✋✋

  • kuiama23 says:

    U need to watch Dutchsince.. he forecast this

  • Mohd Naim says:

    Pray for Phillipines love from SABAH MALAYSIA


    whoa,God bless the maharlicans.

  • Yeoh Kok Leong says:

    Over populated nations like the Philippines & Indonesia should consider letting children to be adopted by childless parents outside their countries in order to lessen the social economic burden of governments. It’s even more so when places are prone to natural calamities.

    • RM Alfaro says:

      The earthquake affected only Masbate, just one of the 7,641 islands of the Philippines! Only the town of Cataingan in Masbate was severely damaged but the rest of the province is fortunately doing fine. There was only 1 person who died because of heart attack so please don’t be too overdramatic. Earthquake has nothing to do with overpopulation and Filipino children are not for sale! People who want to adopt should go through legal and proper channels for adoption. Human trafficking is illegal in the Philippines just so you know!

  • Sculpting World says:

    Support my channel guys


    Godbless u Philippines ❤💛

  • The ASEAN Section says:

    God Bless Philippines! 🇵🇭

  • FocusFanatic says:

    Notice to Phillipines people from Malaysia. Stay away from Sabah and repent for your sins.

  • JLo™ says:

    dutchsinse forecasted this…

  • Rita Revenaugh says:

    God bless to all

  • Strong Believer of the Holy Bible says:

    Signs are getting more frequent and intense! Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon🙏🏼❤️🕊REPENT, believe in the Gospel, Be Born Again . No to force vaccinations 💉, no to the chip, no to the mark of the beast!!!

  • Neha Chhabra says:

    Praying for everyone 🙏 god have mercy

  • Dangerous Shark says:

    that earthquake is like a big punch on the earth.

  • Luz Castillejos says:

    Stay strong my kababayan,stay safe.

  • JOSE CEASAR says:

    Have strong faith KABAYANS🇵🇭 from Riyadh Saudi Arabia ♥️🇸🇦

  • Dead Ringer says:

    Wow, he pronounced “Masbate” perfectly. Kudos to you sir.

  • zahid hussain says:

    Ohh sad

  • Zolag says:

    9th earthquake so far this year

  • Youre Road says:

    We Filipinos are resilient to everything but we still need your prayers…thank you❤❤❤

  • jaden summer says:


  • forgive praise be to God says:

    Sorry sorry

  • Wilmer Besitan says:

    Well I thought the year 537 was the worst, but maybe 2020 will beat 537

  • moh Moh.Abdillah Altada canal says:

    kasian filiana

  • reza firman _1st says:

    Pray for Philippines❣ from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • Michael Kirby says:

    Our family live there. They are ok but many homes destroyed.



  • Pat Warburtonr says:

    It’s all so clear and unfolding at a rapid pace. today’s the day of salvation if you are not already saved!

  • JojoTV says:

    This is just heartbreaking… Filipinos have gone through a lot of pain and this is just but one of them. Resilient people as Filipinos are, they will rise from this disaster, smiling, ready to live.

  • JEventures says:

    Im from the philippines. Our province is miles away from the epicenter yet we felt the earthquake .it was very strong and lasted for almost 10 seconds. But we are fine. People of masbate will get through this.thank you for the concern and prayers🇵🇭☺️

  • Pauline Ebanks says:

    Magang dang homarga …

  • PK Backpacker Vlogs says:

    Heartbreaking 🇵🇰🇵🇭😭stay safe everyone

  • Rhodalyn Mangoma says:

    So sad to hear this..Lord help them

  • Mariam Nantale says:

    Yaallah Yaallah

  • Jmzee Jiyara says:

    stay safe Philippines from malaysia

  • alek bau vill says:

    Great, taal volcano, covid rise cases, earthquakes, typhoons what’s next meteor shower??? My country is cursed…

  • Gaia loves horses says:


  • Carlo Jake Hamac says:

    there are warning of aftershocks.. sms blasts are sent several times immediately every after an earthquake.. where did you get your information? stop treating filipinos as incapable citizens..

  • adarbygirl says:

    Help me find my uncle VICTOR MURRAY HES IN MANILA

  • John Pettibone says:

    Another chance for Democrats to steal. Like 3 times before….but you cant say it. Hard to hide for your life on an island.

  • Mosh Daisuke says:


  • Aleeyah ROBINSON says:

    Free the Blacks People in America
    Free the Uighurs People in China
    Free the Kashmir People in India 🤲🏿✌🏿❤✊🏿

  • Bryan Ben Vistal says:

    nagparetoke ba si Jamela

  • Eddy Gold says:

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  • Arnie Denolo says:

    God Bless my kababayans / Philippines 🇵🇭 ❤️🇺🇸🙏💪😷

  • Mr. Mackey says:

    Only thing missing in 2020 is an alien invasion.

  • #Blogs4 You says:

    Worest 2020

  • Pamela Dotson says:

    Prayers for philippines stay safe,stay strong from USA

  • David Lee says:

    The last time i felt a quake was early 2011 .shortly after i discovered the meaning of 666. Since then. I thought im spared

  • Alondra Decas says:


  • Youtube Viewer says:

    She is shaken by an earthquake. She’s in hurry😊

  • Nancy Stephenson says:

    I kmow God will show as the way because of poverty cause by lot on official in tje goverment tjis thing is happinimg but most of pinoy people is believing that God will change and our people will sooner be happy trust in Gof is our eeapon if God do action again devil it is nothing to Gid almighty power i pray for the nation that God will protect us all nation except chinese goverment the worse ccp amen to u

  • BTSArmyNoona kook97 says:

    God is Angry. everywhere you go now NO good news.

  • Teddy Chi says:

    Bangon lang mga Pinoy tyo pa lahat ng pag subok na lampasan na natin, God Bless Filipino people. And Stay safe, Pray lang.

  • Sera Vista says:

    Prayer for the entire Universe.
    GOD have mercy upon US and forgive our sins…

  • anil sharma says:

    Why not any equation for earth quack ???
    Use quantum physics and time dialation and crust mass contraction according to relative frequency so we got actual formula for an earthquake
    Whole world scientists are invited to discuss it with me