🇵🇭 🏀 Are Filipino basketball players getting taller? | Al Jazeera English

2020 8/27
🇵🇭 🏀 Are Filipino basketball players getting taller? | Al Jazeera English

People in the Philippines love basketball and wish their team played better.

Many feel it’s the country’s short stature that’s holding it back.

But is a nationwide “growth spurt” about to change that?

Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Manila.

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コメント一覧 (169件)

  • donjon bro says:

    Taller is not a matter but physique does matter

  • Abdirahman Yabarow says:

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Very unscientific. People don’t just get from 5’4 to 6’4 in a generation. These tall players represent a tiny minority of Filipinos NOT the vast msjority who are diminutive!

    • Ayy lmao says:

      @jaquin lopez yes they were.

    • Ayy lmao says:

      @athenstar10 Why cant the guy get his tall genes from the australian dad’s side? You have no clue how genetics work.

    • Jade Burigsay says:

      This is the stupidest comment i have ever seen. Clearly, the title wasn’t referring to the majority of the Filipino population but only to those that are pro and non pro basketball players. You should look first into the context of what is being discuss before you comment something stupid. Thanks.

    • josh otero says:

      Height isn’t completly genetic. And you can have significant changes in a generation when nutrition is involved. For example it is proven that the children of people who lived through famine hand the tendency of being overweight and obese. Their bodies compensating by activating genes that allow storing of fat to be more efficient.

    • Troll77 Neptune says:

      @jaquin lopez Northern Chinese are recorded to be tall. Filipino are even a little shorter than southern chinese

  • julkhanzambrano Zambrano says:

    So racist lol.. But i love filipino player because i am filipino

    • Martina Martins says:

      i dont think this is racist… if so then tell me why?

  • TRONK C says:

    wish him luck 7ft at 16, your already a walking millionaire

    • food says:

      if you want to talk tall let me tell you almost all the new players in the cba China are 6″11 to 7″9 minimum. china has probably 5,000 times more seven footers than the phillipines. china also has a guy that’s 7″11 from inner mongolia. and yet you dont see any China players in the nba. Filipino players the tallest is around 6″7 and they think they made it into the NBA lol what a joke. why do you think that’s the case. it’s almost about athleticism and strength and player iq. china is probably 1000x ahead of the Phillipines in terms of player iq and height and athleticism and yet they have zero players in the NBA. good luck Phillipines with your delusional idea that you will make it to the NBA because you have a few 6″7 players. for each 1 of the 6″7 player that Philippines has, China has around 5,000 of them that are 7″2.

    • Twisting Tiger says:

      Food keep dreaming! Filipinos are 1000000x better at basketball than chinese! china good at cheating tho, fiba proves it all 🏆🏀

    • willie raymundo says:

      @food : What do you mean zero players in the NBA ? They got 2 now and several before like Yao Ming. Oh what an ignorant person you are.

    • NinjalobsterPR says:

      Also a walking corpse. Gravity will wreck havoc on that body

  • asskethchum says:

    Filipino’s love basketball. Unfortunately Filipino’s will and always be short. It will always be a limiter. You can shoot, pass, etc., at a high level, but eventually you’ll get exposed in other fundamentals like rebounding and defense.
    If Filipino’s as a nation, shifted to another sport not so heavily reliant on height, with their passion, they could succeed. Look at Billiards.

    • aa cc says:

      Short? Here’s a look at the futures of Philippine basketball. All are eligible to play as locals in FIBA tournaments

      G Forth Padrigao 6’0 16
      G Remy Martin 6’0 20
      G Dalph Panopio 6’1 18
      G Robert Bolick 6’1 23
      G Juan G’z de Liaño 6’1 18
      G Ricci Rivero 6’1 20
      G Thirdy Ravena 6’2 22
      G RC Calimag 6’2 17
      G Dave Ildefonso 6’3 18
      G Dwight Ramos 6’5 20
      F Rhayyan Amsali 6’4 17
      F Joshua Lazaro 6’5 16
      F Travis Roberts 6’5 15
      F Arvin Tolentino 6’5 22
      F Leonard Santillan 6’5 22
      F Kobe Paras 6’6 21
      F Jeo Ambohot 6’6 22
      F Carl Tamayo 6’7 17
      F Troy Rike 6’8 23
      F AJ Edu 6’11 18
      C Raven Cortez 6’7 16
      C Isaac Go 6’8 22
      C Kemark Cariño 6’9 20
      C Kai Sotto 7’2 16

    • zeth cao says:

      yes, you are correct, Why shift them to other game and yet that is their passion, why not enjoy the play, why deprive them from playing just because they lack height. that’s the problem of being competitive and afraid to lose

    • Joe Dy says:

      Please explain why we are one of the teams in Asia then?

    • asskethchum says:

      @Joe Dy You mean Team Andray Blatche?The best player on the team. Don’t even get me started about Clarkson…

      2018 Asian Games,
      they beat Kazakhstan…
      Lost to China
      Beat a Japan team that banned 4 of it’s players midway through the tournament…

    • Roberto Tampioc says:

      @asskethchum.. still a top 5 teams in asia.. if not political agendas of our leaders eh malamang top3 or finalist pa tayo.. hirap sa inyo gusto results.. tapos pagnatattalo eh sisishin basketball.. at bakit mag shishift ng sports.. president kba nmin para sumunod sau.. kung ayaw mo ng basketball eh pwede k nmn maglaro ng other sports.. but kung mambabash kalang dhil frustreated ka eh manahimik kanalang

  • Ronnie Ray Avila says:


  • Aaron Colusso says:

    I think all basketball players are getting taller. It literally is natural selection.

    • Fezbal says:

      Zexous MLBB well you’ve still got time to grow

    • Amber Spirit says:

      explain natural selection in a simple way

  • Hongbang dynasty says:

    the Philippines’ need to use that money towards the millions of poor people and natural disasters in their country.

    • Packo_ Hubu says:


    • Yue Yee says:

      Yeah budgets but some of our politicians are CORRUPT. Tulad nalng sa bagyong Yolanda , tiba-tiba Yung mga hayop Saka isama mo pa Yung mga gagong NGO!!

  • ABar Lunera says:

    He doesn’t look 7 feet tall.

    • athenstar10 says:

      ABar Lunera Yes he is, the other tall boy in the video but looks a lot shorter than him is about 6’9. Most kids with him in the video are 6 footers.He also had pictures with Lebron James, and the King looked like a midget around him.

    • Earl Dave Tulabing says:

      because he’s 7’2

    • Aj Miles says:

      He’s 7’1.

    • aa cc says:

      Will most likely peak at 7’3, which is good. Like 7-foot Europeans Porzingis, Jokic, & Markkanen. Too tall too heavy not so good for NBA. Yao Ming’s injury & speed-issues w/ Haddadi even if he’s very skilled

  • athenstar10 says:

    In a way, I believe more Filipino kids are getting taller than their parents. It’s about genes and nutrition. The middle class population is increasing so more families can buy more food. More and more Filipino parents can afford to provide their kids proper nutrition, therefore more likely they can maximize their growth potential. Plus, access to basketball training is better nowadays with the way people use social media. We may have tall kids before but weren’t exposed to basketball training at an early age making them useless in thw sport.

  • ItsDwight says:

    I’m a pg but I want to be able to dunk one day!🙏🤪🏀

    • EverythingThat'sViral says:

      NeilTheBaller 11 wee? lol

  • Tom Cruz says:

    5 years from now Uncle Ramon and Tito Chua are shaking your hand to their Teams…

  • Nav Dhillon says:

    Growing up most of the best basket ball players in school were short Filipinos dudes.

  • Seph says:

    yeah, probably. however, the development of filipino basketball is not really hindered by filipino’s height. rather, it’s hindered by the stunted thinking of basketball commissioners in the phil. just look at PBA, what’s the average of age of the players? probably older compared to NBA and euroleague. excellent young players in the collegiate are funneled through the pro league, becauase the commissioners don’t want to make an effort to improve the level of game play.
    that’s just one case. how about the NCAA banning foreign players? you might argue that collegiate tournaments have become akin to pro league, since they try to lure the foreign players with lavish amenities, but that’s a small price compared to providing the local players the experience to play against international level players.

    • aa cc says:

      Just like what Tab Baldwin said. We are too “insular”. Not learning from team basketball & how its being played & how players are being developed as early as high school in other countries not just the USA

  • dab savage says:

    They are always tall eversince the 90s but the Philippines style of play is most advantageous if they use small guards, ( small, being 6feet ) because the faster the player the better.

  • Johny Boy says:

    filipino players height are improving yet the system of coaching is still primitive compare to europeans and americans.

    • Amber Spirit says:

      @food china is ahead in athleticism and IQ? hahahahaha youre dreaming . Im sure you havent seen any china vs PH videos

    • Troll77 Neptune says:

      @Amber Spirit They are ahead of Philippine though. You are the one delusional here

    • Amber Spirit says:

      ​@Troll77 Neptune athleticism and IQ? hahaha…… just gonna laugh LOL

    • Troll77 Neptune says:

      @Amber Spirit Don’t be delusional, on average they have more percentage of higher IQ and athletic people though it’s not really utilize yet.

    • Amber Spirit says:

      ​@Troll77 Neptune havent you seen games where Phil beating China? They are even way taller but they still cant dominate that easily in Asia. Phil is way shorter but we beat some very tall teams because of our high basketball IQ and athleticism.. You can say anything and I can say anything,

  • cesar nebrija says:

    As U see they are now exceptionally tall this time … LUCKY

    • food says:

      if you want to talk tall let me tell you almost all the new players in the cba China are 6″11 to 7″5 minimum. china has probably 5,000 times more seven footers than the phillipines. and yet you dont see any China players in the nba. Filipino players the tallest is around 6″7 and they think they made it into the NBA lol what a joke. why do you think that’s the case. it’s almost about athleticism and strength and player iq. china is probably 1000x ahead of the Phillipines in terms of player iq and height and athleticism and yet they have zero players in the NBA. good luck Phillipines with your delusional idea that you will make it to the NBA because you have a few 6″7 players. for each 1 of the 6″7 player that Philippines has, China has around 5,000 of them that are 7″2..

  • Batibot étoile says:

    How about a basketball program wherein tall PBA players donate their sperm to tall (6 footers) women of any nationality? Train while they young and all they do is just basketball their whole life. What do you think?

    • Garapatang Payat says:

      Advance ka mag isip my friend XD

    • LOLZ Pro says:

      @Calwinston well china might have a program to support marriage between athlete

    • Shermaine Dimapilis says:

      That’s very unethical. What makes you think that the children that would be born in that program would even want to do sports? You’re suggesting that we farm basketball players like they’re livestock. 😂

      Filipinos should just accept that for now, since we are so genetically disadvantaged, we cannot be the best in professional basketball. Perhaps the next generations would result in taller Filipinos. We can always fix the nutrition aspect so that future Filipinos would at least be taller than today’s average.

    • Boom Slang says:

      Selective breeding

    • Jaime Ramir Apostol says:

      the Philippines got tall volleyball players the Santiago sisters are more than six feet tall . Dindin Santiago at 6’3″ and Jaja Santiago at 6’5″ … I wish Jaja would marry Greg Slaughter

  • Gilas Batas says:

    PBA was the hindrance in the Philippines quest in Olympics since in inception of PBA in 1975, only in 2005 that the PBA was convinced to finally send professional players in ABC(Fiba Asia) yet the Philippines suspended during that year because of internal conflict between BAP and SBP (two national federations vying for power). It is clear that PBA was the major reason of the decline of Philippine basketball. Thankfully the PBA now supports national cause but not wholeheartedly due to its schedule that does not allow enough preparation for the national team.

    • Rey Alonsagay says:

      It should reduce to just a two-conference season or even a one full season every year like other countries in Asia (eg. Japan, Korea, China). So that players can better improve their game and reduce risk of serious injuries.

    • Chris Jalandoni says:

      PBA and UAAP withtheir Jurassic way of coaching and development. ADMU and now DLSU with their new coach from NBA DLEAGUE are the only teams that give hope for any future player development for taller players.

    • John Grgorovic says:

      God bless all off the Philippines may they grow strong and tall Amen

  • Grandmastersexy says:

    Ang daming tolonges na mga analyst na nag si lutangan nanaman, those player are selected all over the PH, finding talents with potential check nyo yun under 18 andun ba si EDU??may mga fil foreign ba dun??kai sotto,dave Ildefonso, Carl tamayo ang ang line up dun ah, matangkad??matangkad na pinoy big fight lan lage sya pinas Di yun mga ungas kung ano ano ang pino punto..

  • Noah Ark says:

    tumangkad c kai dahil 6’7 tatay nya 6’0 nanay nya..

    • Amber Spirit says:

      6’8 si ervin sotto

    • my name idk says:

      @Amber Spirit *with shoes

  • D-Uade9 JazeL says:

    Masyado tayong minamaliit kaya, tama lang na maglakihan na sila, LOL… 2020 mlakas na malakas na ang Pilipinas sa International at World competitions!!

  • aa cc says:

    Yes they have indeed on all positions:
    G Forth Padrigao 6’0 16
    G Gian Mamuyac 6’1 19
    G Harold Alarcon 6’1 16
    G Jed Colonia 6’1 19
    G Juan G’z de Liaño 6’1 18
    G Ricci Rivero 6’1 20
    G Harvey Pagsanjan 6’1 19
    G/F RC Calimag 6’2 17
    G/F Kenji Duremdes 6’2 15
    G/F Dave Ildefonso 6’3 18
    G/F Kobe Paras 6’6 21
    F Derek Domangcas 6’2 13
    F Echo Laure 6’4 15
    F Rhayyan Amsali 6’4 17
    F Javi G’z de Liaño 6’4 20
    F Jonell Policarpio 6’4 16
    F Ryan Calamaan 6’4 19
    F Joshua Lazaro 6’5 16
    F Yukien Andrada 6’5 17
    F Lebron Lopez 6’5 15
    F JB Bahio 6’5 20
    F Boga Jamjam 6’5 17
    F Carl Tamayo 6’7 17
    F/C Kevin Quiambao 6’6 18
    F/C Raven Cortez 6’7 16
    F/C Kemark Cariño 6’8 20
    F/C Matthew Aquino 6’9 21
    C Rafael Reyes 6’6 15
    C Justin Palacielo 6’6 15
    C Justine Baltazar 6’7 21
    C Ladis Lepalam 6’8 19
    C Erlan Umpad 6’8 19
    C Jimly Lantaya 6’9 18
    C Geo Chiu 6’9 17
    C JR Pangalanan 6’10 20
    C Kai Sotto 7’1 16

    • Ritche Relampagos says:

      Lhat ng centers na nsa listahan mo si sotto lang at baltazar ang pwede dyan.The rest needs to improve their skills.

    • Apollo Arguilla says:

      Wow ang galing mo sir! Pa update naman yung list mo ngayon 2020, yung latest height and age nila. Isama mo na rin dyan sina:
      14 yo, Vyctorious Miller -6’4”
      14 yo, Christian Saenz. -6’7”
      15 yo, Kobe Demisana. -6’8”
      15 yo, JV Papa. -6’9”
      16 yo, Joemakio Nikoro. -6’5”
      16 yo, Ken Padrones. -6’5”
      17 yo, Lorenzo Schatz. -6’5”
      17 yo, Jordi Gomez De Liano. -6’5
      17 yo, Lowell Briones Jr. -6’6”
      20 yo, Gian Gaspar. -6’9”
      22 yo, Arman Demigaya -6’9”

  • Ginbuko says:

    football is far better sport for filipinos. ..

    • Mc FakeName says:

      Tsaka puro mga laking ibang bansa yung kinukuha sa azkals eh. Wala nmn homegrown sa basketball kahit kahit papaano meron. Wala nmn hilig sa football ang mga pinoy wag na ipilit

    • Roberto Tampioc says:

      @Chris La Torre.. mas mahirap manalo dyan sa football, almost all countries eh dyan nakapokus.. mas matagal na sila nagcocompete kaysa satin na bago palang.. sa asean plng di pa kaya ng azkals ang thailand at indonesia.. at kultura n ng pinoy ang basketball.. di mo na maalis yan.. kahit anung ingay mo.. parang tito, vic at joey sa eat bulaga, vice ganda ng showtime.. haligi na ng buhay natin ang basketball.. di naman tau nag aaim na maging champions sa world cup eh.. masaya na pinoy mag champion sa asia na kaya naman qng may pagkakaisa lng mga lider natin.. mas maganda qng mag encourage kanalang ng ibang pinoy na walang hilig sa basketball, kaysa makipag baliktaktakan ka sa mga may hilig kasi di mo na ma pealese mga yan

    • Chris La Torre says:

      @Roberto Tampioc tinalo na nga natin indonesia eh number 1sport nila Tau Hindi..

    • Haring Aswang Bawang says:

      we are back to back silver medal in fiba asia champoinship in football 0 , bigest achievemant of philippine basket ball is bronze medal in fiba wolrd 1952 football 0.

    • jenny pai says:

      Even with an “all import” team (puro half breeds), olats pa rin sa football ang Pinas sa Southeast Asia. Lol.

  • Ryan Lajara says:

    It is proven that height is on genetics but other factors affects height growth, foods, vitamins, environment. Theres a study that well-off filipinos (may kaya sa buhay) are more taller than their poverty stricken fellow filipinos. And well off filipinos have more tendency to be tall. Among Asian Population the Tallest ate the Koreans which average height of 5″7. But their average height were just 5″3 on 60’s and 70’s thats the time that their economy was poor and people had nothing to eat. So if the Filipinos standard of living increase, Filipinos will surely became taller.

    • John Torres says:

      @Pharaoh Akhenaten yeah it’s true food is ignorant….there are many Asian get to the NBA…

    • Easymoney Dawg says:

      food but Filipinos are just better basketball players than chines

    • Jason Boore says:

      Im Filipino 5′ 8″

    • Troll77 Neptune says:

      @Easymoney Dawg Chinese has a better basketball player on average as compared to the Philippine.

  • DJ Carceler says:

    this kid needs to eat 10k caloriesa. Day to grow, he’ll het there

  • Mark Nervar says:

    it’s not that filipinos are getting taller but the scouts and our basketball organizations are getting better at finding taller players who can play ball

    • Ernesto Galura says:

      Not only filipinos are getting taller, other countries players are getting taller too.

  • Strider says:

    From the days of my grandparent Filipinos are taller before than nowadays.

  • Rex Sales says:

    He cazn, and he has the height and talent for it, but he needs more training and muscle

  • Wendell Solis says:

    I don’t think it’s just the height. Angola is also a short team, sometimes they have like 6’7 centers but they still compete in the Olympics.

    • Rui Shinzo says:

      Wendell Solis Puerto rico and dominacan republic too

  • raja says:

    I stayed with Filipino family, The son plays basketball his height is a big disadvantage in moving forward but his shooting ability is so good. His father doesn’t play basketball at all he shoots like throwing but his basket percentage will be 95. We went for bowling it was their first time, for me its second time. I am a state level player had played multiple sports professionally for me the strike percentage was 40-50 percentage even with full concentration and control in release and spin but their casual strike percentage was 80-95 percent on their first time. Some Fillipinos are extraordinary in aiming the target, If they concentrate on archery, riffle shooting like sports I am sure they will succeed compared to basketball.

  • julius dogta says:

    1:49 NBA? i admire your determination but you have to have the passion and persistence in order to get that level

  • Epoy Pogi says:

    mas modern at advance na ang jakol techniques ng mga kabataan ngayon

    • CHRISTIAN TV says:

      btw im 6;5 and im 15yrs old

    • Donald Trumpy says:

      @Epoy Pogi stupid

  • Adrian's Corner says:

    Tatangkad pa yan pag tinuli.

  • El Supremo says:

    Height doesn’t matter..if you work hard and be your best..why many black american have 5’7 even 5’4 can dunk and play better than taller player coz they are work hard to make them improve.

    • theonlyplace to stare at says:


    • theonlyplace to stare at says:

      Junior robinson 5’4 playing in the nba as a rookie can dunk

  • Mark Rivz says:

    Mia khalifa is the only key

    • Jerome Fecto says:

      Mia Khalifa is the way, the truth and the life

  • PH ETC says:

    mariang palad vs cherifer😂😂😂

  • All Asians says:


  • Enel Theorist says:

    I’m Filipino height of 5’10. I grew up not eating much in my life, but I’m the tallest in my family my parents are Hella short like my dad’s 5’4.

  • equi nox says:

    filipino can’t play basketball… unless they use black american half breeds…. pure Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese are way better coz they already made it big in NBA… just keep dreaming Philippines … LOL…

  • Garapatang Payat says:

    Manny pacquiao is the future of philippine basketball…XD

  • food says:

    if you want to talk tall let me tell you almost all the new players in the cba China are 6″11 to 7″5 minimum. china has probably 5,000 times more seven footers than the phillipines. and yet you dont see any China players in the nba. Filipino players the tallest is around 6″7 and they think they made it into the NBA lol what a joke. why do you think that’s the case. it’s almost about athleticism and strength and player iq. china is probably 1000x ahead of the Phillipines in terms of player iq and height and athleticism and yet they have zero players in the NBA. good luck Phillipines with your delusional idea that you will make it to the NBA because you have a few 6″7 players. for each 1 of the 6″7 player that Philippines has, China has around 5,000 of them that are 7″2.

    • theonlyplace to stare at says:

      There is …jeremi lin zhou qi and a chinese player on mavs

    • food says:

      theonlyplace to stare at you are kidding me right. they won’t even get to play 1 second or 1 millisecond during regular season. I promise you 500 bucks. the day that any of those chino players gets to play during regular season against another team like the Lakers etc I will give you 500. oh btw Jeremy Lin isn’t even from China. he’s from Taiwan born in the u.s. so racially he is chino but nationality he is American.

    • Ayy lmao says:

      @food Currently yes. But historically, people like yao ming and yi jian lian did play a little in the nba.

  • food says:

    that 7″1 player wouldn’t last 1 second in the NBA. lol. skinny as a stick and not very tall. keep in mind there are probably 20,000 guys his age that are taller than him that can’t make it in the NBA.

    • rocky stoney says:

      You are underestimating the kid. We don’t need your opinion.

    • Arjiii TV says:

      bet you didn’t watch any of his plays this kid is averaging double-doubles in the FIBA U-17 world cup at only 16 years old and he has receive so many offers from US and Euro teams like Gonzaga and Real Madrid

    • food says:

      this 7″1 guy has as much agility and ball handling skills as a 12″6 black dude…….fact.

    • Francis d'Alpha says:

      food lol kid listen before you go ask some food to momma, he’s still 16 years old, he’s gonna grow for atleast 3inch about 3 years from now and his body is still developing so just STFU kid, you can’t predict his future if that guy wanted to go to NBA he’s gonna work hard for it. And also listen kid, you better watch his plays and see how talented he is for that age. So just watch out kid,don’t compare him to anybody you don’t know him and you don’t know how he plays, and determined to go to NBA. In short, just STFU and respect him

    • Jaime Ramir Apostol says:

      remember when Porzingis was skinny? Nowitzki was skinny?

  • TIME TRAVEL Yearonehundredthousand says:

    basketball in the philippines is not religion its about money and brainwashing

  • kim s.h : says:

    Lol.. i have 3 friends the one is 6’4 and 6,6 and 6,8.. they are tall.. and im the smallest im 6’3.. and we are pinoys!

    • Ayy lmao says:

      When you say ‘pinoys’ it is just a nationality, the one thing that is truly important is the bloodline genetics. For example, if you’re of dutch ethnic, most likely you’ll be tall.

  • Bisdak Travel says:

    Pati po mga bilihin tulad nang bigas at isda.😁

  • Humphrey Balanay says:

    Dat basketball Australia shirt of kai. Haha

  • Ginnel Estremos says:

    Basketball is a tall person sport,made for tall people. And this obsession with a tall person sport(in a country which is the average male height is 5’4 ) is not the right sport for us .much better to train our youths in football which doesn’t requires height .

    • Shermaine Dimapilis says:

      That still depends on the position in football, though. For example, your goalkeeper should be very tall and with very long armspan to do his job well.

    • Ayy lmao says:

      I don’t think i’ve seen a footballer 5’4 and below at professional level. There are things like heading and so on which height will be important for. Don’t be too sure.

    • Arjiii TV says:

      Ayy lmao smaller players has also big advantages they are agile, quick and has better footwork because of better balance on their gravity

    • Easymoney Dawg says:

      Ayy lmao don’t know Messi?

  • rocky stoney says:

    Tell food that he is the one who won’t last in the NBA since he won’t get even in a local league

  • Ed Rubio says:

    Not its not just the height… its mostly talent. Most kids or almost all dont learn the basics. Kids learn street ball. Training and practice the right way is extremely important.

  • Sunny G’s says:

    They kidnap tall Africans and take their bones

  • John Doe says:

    There have always been tall Filipinos. The question should be are tall Filipinos now picking up basketball? Geez. What a dumbass news outlet.

  • SR Real says:

    1:05 – not a single shot made smh. All talk and getting comfy willing to be taken with some seriousness…

  • Rays Anatomei says:

    Ilalampaso ka lang ng anak ni lebron kahit d hamak na matangkad ka sa kanya..

  • J J says:

    Board Tap

  • Kuya Dhust says:

    PBA team owners is the problem, they dont let the national team borrow their playyers.

  • Lee Powers says:

    Who has seen the University of Cebu Dunk competition? It’s going to be a while.

  • Cod4 Wii says:

    boxing is better

  • Edita Trinio says:

    Kai Sotto is taller because his father who is 6 feet 7 inches in height married his mom who is 6 feet tall. a lot of NBA superstar who are tall but married shorter wife, their children is not tall. Yao ming father is 6′ 8″ his mother is 6’4″, Yao ming height is 7′ 7″.

  • IcyZee says:

    Nagkaroon lang ng isang matangkad na player ang pinas “ArE FiLiPiNO BaSKeTBaLL PLaYeRs GeTtIng TAllEr ?”

    • Young Guns says:

      Compare mo sa height nun late 90’s na sila corinera 6″5 mamaril 6″5, polistico 6″7 at realubit lang ang matatangkad nun bago dumating sila balingit feihl at Aquino..ngaun ay power forward at small forward n Lang Ang 6’7.

    • Young Guns says:

      Makikita mo din ngaun ang anak ni Danny I na si Shaun Ildefonso na 6″5 pero SG ang galawan na pang sentro na ang ganun na height nun panahon pa ni lakay
      ..Ang SG noon ay 5″10 at 6ft.

  • Chinese Virus says:

    It’s because to steroid peds. Manny do it before so it becaming a thing to Philippine imo

  • Chinese Virus says:

    Sotto talks like an idiot. He’s tall but his IQ is low imo

    • Arjiii TV says:

      Rio the Chief Master Boss Idol he’s barely 16 during this interview smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Milos Kovac says:

    way too skinny.

  • Akeem RW Ross says:

    Holla at me where in here holding it down in Canada make it too Edmonton Alberta .. !!!!! dont get LEFT behind!!!! amen… Flipino women holla at me.

  • gobanito says:

    Baseball would be a better sport for Filipinos

  • Joey P. Rebuyon says:

    This kind of sport is the nearest to the heart of every filipino

  • JAN COSA says:

    pati bigas is getting taller

  • kimeli says:

    its because of mixing with foreign blood.

    • J Thomas says:

      He is a pure breed filipino

    • Arjiii TV says:

      nope that’s not the case it’s because of the improvement of vitamins,nutritional diet and healthcare

    • LOVE LYRICS says:

      And thanks for the help of pornhub

  • Ernesto Galura says:

    all basketball players from other countries are also getting taller.

  • Edita Trinio says:

    Kai Sotto is tall because his father is 6 ft. 7 inches and his mother height is 6 ft.2 inches. a lot of tall players in the NBA that married shorter wives has short er children.

  • Freefall Parkour says:

    The difference between north Americans and Asians is diet. Asians live longer. North Americans grow bigger and taller. I believe the Philippines needs more than just rice and fish in their diet. This is just a theory I came up with.. When ever I’m in the Philippines, all they feed me is rice and fish. This is just my opinion

    • Magister רוח חופשית says:

      agree, but aside from diet, genes contribute the biggest factor, just look at the full blooded Fil-foreigners, their size and height stay the same

  • Zexous MLBB says:

    Im a basketball player. I started playing when i was 8. I have not grown well i am 134cm tall.
    ive grown only 10cm for the past 4years. Now im 12y.o going to 13

  • I says:

    yet they still suck and eat pag pag

    • Arjiii TV says:

      You sure about that? Why are you making fun of others unfortunate? They don’t have the money so they get what ever resources they can to survive talk about humanity tskk

    • Magister רוח חופשית says:

      don’t humiliate your own kind, you’re one of them for sure

  • Big Daddy says:

    A lot of tall Filipinos that I see tend to look abnormally lanky, I want to see a tall Filipino that has a regular body type.

    • G1án says:

      I have a friend in the Filipinos who’s like 6’3 6’4 he’s tall and both his parents are midges. But they’re gonna be lanky he ain’t fed enough

    • Jhay Bee says:

      I’m Filipino, but I am 6’5 and 245 lbs. My dad is 5’8 and my mom is 5’3. I was skinny fat when I first started, but started working out.

  • Manuel Sya says:

    our height in reality is 5’6 for males and 5’1 for females, but according to google, our height is 5’4 for males and 4’11 for females.

    • Arjiii TV says:

      I agree, Well I’m 5’6 and I’m still considered short within my peers so if 5’4 is the ave. Height then why am i still considered short

    • Magister רוח חופשית says:

      5’4″ and 4’11” are based from a survey around the country, pls provide a valid stat of your 5’6″ and 5’1″ cuz if you cant, I believe that is just an opinion

  • jenny pai says:

    Wala nang makuwento ang Al Jazeera. Lmao

  • Valentine Corpuz says:


  • rene gomez says:

    1:50 NBA G-League now, NBA soon. He is definitely on the right track.

  • iparty itravel says:

    My D is 7”8 but my height is only 5’8” I wish I could switch.

  • jamescariaga says:

    The kid is slow, he needs speed and a whole lot of stamina.