Ecuador faces worst unemployment crisis in Latin America

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Early on in the pandemic, Ecuador took the lead with the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths in Latin America. Now, it is leading the region in unemployment. A shocking 85 percent of Ecuadorans are now either unemployed or in precarious jobs.

Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Abraham Tsfaye says:

    Ecuador sold it’s soul to the US, IMF and OAS.
    It’s a neo-liberal paradise and now it is in the gutter.

    • Avatar Foul Gerbil says:

      All neoliberal countries are in the gutter. It’s a failed ideology.

    • Avatar Dario says:

      B-but they kicked the americans out!!!!

    • Avatar Tu Iochi says:

      ​@Darioemmmm, they still use dollar as currency. So basically, when they encounter any crisis. They even don´t have any method to inject cash into local market. Every country in the world now simulate and inject money, but ecuador can´t. Thats the biggest problem.

  2. Avatar Mike Nguyen says:

    Can’t come to america there’s no jobs here ether. ( NO VACANCY)

    • Avatar Verbally Abusive Clown says:

      Hey out if here dumb yankie.

  3. Avatar Rafael Romão says:

    80% das pessoas estavam sem máscara… Não tem como defender muito desse jeito

    • Avatar Tu Iochi says:

      This is Latam, the third world. I guess same thing happened in las Favelas em Brasil right?

    • Avatar Rafael Romão says:

      Bro … I would be very happy to be able to speak … But unfortunately i can’t read english fluently. But if you are wondering what is happening in the favelas … know that the president who is in power is basically hindering the fight against the covid-19 and the favelas are experiencing many and health problems

    • Avatar Rafael Romão says:

      what I meant is that throughout Latam we have people who are disrespecting the ways to prevent Covid-19 and health standards

    • Avatar Tu Iochi says:

      @Rafael Romão The problem of Latam, I feel it´s more about the difference between rich and poor.

      We don´t even need to look at developed countries such as Germany, Switzerland.

      We just look at countries like Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea etc. They aren´t as rich as Europe (Although Korea with almost 300% GDP per capita compare with Brazil, but just an example)

      But Thailand and Vietnam they doing way better than Latam. there is cultural factor, but Thailand isn´t traditional eastern Asian, like China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan. They are chill, not that disciplined, they love party etc… Just like latinos.

      So if everyone can has a decent job and decent infrastructure where they live, the covid will has less impact

  4. Avatar Juninho Free kick says:

    So sad. Try more creative means of survival. In every crisis, lies hidden opportunities. Best of wishes.

    • Avatar Gordon Gossage says:

      Grow their own food?

  5. Avatar S Hussein says:

    Ecuador doesn’t even have it’s own currency. It uses the USD.
    Ecuador is a example of the failed neoliberal economic model.

    • Avatar Joseph Gutierrez says:

      @Hakuna By the way those coups were done by Citizens of those countries that wanted change we just lended a hand just like in Hong Kong Tibet and Taiwan and India (;

    • Avatar Joseph Gutierrez says:

      @Hakuna By the way the ICC did conduct investigations of allegations of the CIA and American troops torturing captured terrorist

    • Avatar Hakuna says:

      @Joseph Gutierrez. First of all, the members of the ICC pursuing the case against the US have been sanctiones and called CORRUPT AND ILLEGITIMATE by the USA. Keep up

    • Avatar Hakuna says:

      @Joseph Gutierrez. I have never seen someone write so much without any point. How on earth do you think Iran interference in countries work if citizens of those countries are not the ones who are working with Iran. Why is the US innocent and Iran guilty for committing same crime?

    • Avatar Hakuna says:

      @Joseph Gutierrez. Thirdly, you were never supposed to be in middle east. Have the USA not destroyed enough lives over there. The leadership of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan don’t want you there. Why not leave?

  6. Avatar Verbally Abusive Clown says:

    I was going to retire here next year😑

    • Avatar Masterr Laster says:

      You still can if you don’t mind all the civil unrest.

    • Avatar Verbally Abusive Clown says:

      @Masterr Laster well I do mind…. 😂🤣… I mean who wants to buy a property in a country with a unstable govt.

      I’ll probably give it a miss. 🤷‍♂️

  7. Avatar Robert Brown says:

    Get a dinghy.

  8. Avatar Jose F G says:

    The whole history in brief is this the previous president waste all of the money on infrastructure and more public employees, he put in debt the whole nation more than can pay, and even sell oil the main commodity until 2024 to china, just to inaugurate more and more schools, universities, hydroelectric plants, highways, free houses, oil subsidies, social welfares, etc. basically populism, so you see they have less revenues and massive public debt, and the actual president was spending the first year, but it was already bankrupt. That is why he turn the back on the previous president

  9. Avatar franco luis sotomayor says:

    Expen$ive dollar

  10. Avatar jinny wazen says:

    and this is the worst channel you will ever see!!

  11. Avatar Sandkey says:

    India left the chat…..

  12. Avatar Gerd Wiesler says:

    Just resume your normal life people. Wear masks. Don’t let yourself be fooled by this CCP virus.

  13. Avatar Tu Iochi says:

    They are using dollar as thier currency. So basically, when they encounter any crisis. They even don´t have any method to inject cash into local market. Every country in the world now simulate and inject money, but Ecuador can´t. That’s the biggest problem.

    • Avatar sfasfasfaf asfasfasfasf says:

      They can print it, no one will ever know you print dollar😁😁😎😎

  14. Avatar Joshua Mcdonald says:

    You can thank THE CCP FOR THIS

  15. Avatar Mukesh meena rahul says:

    I think this is happening cos govt hasn’t sufficient reserve funds of money due to govt bad policies in VENEZUELA ..ONCE THE OIL RICH COUNTRY WAS ,NOW FACING FINANCIAL CRISIS ..

  16. Avatar Isahak says:

    How will Argentina handle the pandemic since they’ve faulted on their debts so many times

  17. Avatar Salim says:

    Case or example

    I feel that the state can print more money and less debt .. Army buildings or spy buildings but it prints money inside .. the money can be used to buy weapons, conduct research, prevent country debt, invest in other countries, make loans to the country other .. because the military building is a secret which should not be known by others … can you investigate for that ..

  18. Avatar Joana Cano says:

    Glory to the brave people of Venezuela -ecuador !

  19. Avatar Eddie De Leon says:

    good afternoon Mam

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