Typhoon topples trees, knocks out power in South Korea

2020 9/09
Typhoon topples trees, knocks out power in South Korea

Typhoon Haishen made landfall just north of the South Korean city of Busan on Monday morning, cutting power to homes and factories, toppling trees, and forcing trains to be cancelled and flights grounded.
Haishen has brought heavy rains and strong winds, but was downgraded from a Typhoon to a tropical Storm.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Mcbride reports from Pohang in South Korea.

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  • Georgia Ball says:

    Haha 🤣😆🤣 2020!

  • Xi Jinping says:

    South Korea is bankrupt now and they need our help.

    • Christopher Ramos says:

      They got America $$$, cause china and their $4k salary a year cant do nothing against American $67k🤠

    • Eva K says:

      미친 시진핑이네 너 죽을래? 대한민국은 멀쩡하다 문재인 빼놓고.

    • user says:


  • Chinese-Russian nationalist friendship says:

    South Korea lol it is the American colony and it can’t build anything. The storm revealed it

    • EJ Kallejo says:

      I found you again bot, how’s the income?

    • Pak De says:

      @EJ Kallejo the bot hunters


      Who told you they can’t build anything?they are superb in technology

  • Veronica Labrador says:

    God bless South Korea.

  • abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:


  • abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim says:

    Nature is simply sending an educative message to humanity.

    • A Moron whom lives on the internet says:

      For what? We already have alot this year from said Nature

    • Alex Aquino says:

      A Moron whom lives on the internet wake up

    • A Moron whom lives on the internet says:

      @Alex Aquino I can’t I’m stupid.

  • Christopher Ramos says:

    People have to adapt to more destructive storms

  • 宴は終わったが says:

    The video also refers that Kyushu area is also damaged. Recovering is subject.

  • Dr Zakir Naik Speeches says:

    Asslam o Allaikum Muslim World!

  • Best Vietnam says:

    South Korea deserves it. They spread the virus in my country. Kill it!

  • facite non victimarum says:

    Good luck to the people of Japan and the Korea’s.

  • Nelli S says:

    South Korea is a beautiful country. To all those affected by the typhoon, stay safe & take care. 🙂

  • Jaron Ng says:

    2020 is still not giving us a break..

    • Nation P says:

      First we must give the earth a break.

    • Jaron Ng says:

      @Nation P some of us did go out of our way to give earth a break. So why has earth punished us unfairly?

    • Nation P says:

      @Jaron Ng unfortunately it must be a collective effort to bear any fruit.

  • Pak De says:

    It’s pointless to build sea walls. Before the concrete is dry the ocean is already taking them apart in places. Move back to higher ground. Those who make a living from the sea should keep their relative position and move whole population centers to a safe distance.

  • Lau Kok Hun says:

    To built and protect tge peoples rather buy more weapons from America instead.

  • Life Piece says:

    There are nothing news here.Mother will reclaim what was hers. Good luck humanity!


    Japan and south Korea will over come anything.. Their willpower is amazing…love both our brothers from India

    • Wandrative says:

      North Korea is Korea too…. their people are the most innocent who’s suffering because of the Chinese. Why explicitly exclude the north when the typhoon damages the lay people, not the government?

  • kingpin outlow says:

    Crazy weather all over the earth

  • Gay lord Focker jr. says:

    Kim Soon Ran must evacuate as quickly as soon as possible 😂

  • Jtbil seniwisk says:

    Tribulacion in Earth! Jesus Cristo, vuelve…🙄🤗🤔

  • Mobile Gameplay says:

    Impact of global warming

  • Aaron Monroe says:

    Stay safe and well wishes to South Koreans from Haiti.

  • Gaming Tonight says:

    We should have a level 6 and even 7 for hurricanes as the climate is going to make storms stronger.

  • Scott David Lucas says:

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