Saudi Arabia overturns death sentences in Jamal Khashoggi killing

Saudi Arabia has reduced the sentences of eight people involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.
Last year, five of them were given the death penalty for the killing, but that has been overturned.
The court handed 20-year sentences to five people and three others were sentenced to between seven to 10 years, state media reported. The eight convicted were not identified.

Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports.

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115 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia overturns death sentences in Jamal Khashoggi killing

  1. Jean Aiplu Reply

    How can you impose another justice from outside, especially in a country on which so many of us depend for their oil?

  2. Jon Turk Reply

    So the Saudi prince imprisons he’s own assassins lol typical.

    • Siyabonga Mngomezulu Reply

      @Truth Seeker Very progressive and democratic 🙄

    • Truth Seeker Reply

      @Siyabonga Mngomezulu Yes HRH MBS is the reformer . He has give woman the right to drive. He has also been busy organising music events. What a lovely guy even if he gets rid of one or two bad dudes

    • Truth Seeker Reply

      @Syed Ahmed That’s a lovely place to have a informal trial. Then a relaxing stay for a few years and then pardoned for good behaviour

    • Siyabonga Mngomezulu Reply

      @Truth Seeker You can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs right ?

    • Samar Ibrahim Reply


  3. Robert Brown Reply

    Saudi does whatever it wants just like Putin.

    • TheResearcher Reply

      Putin is hope , MbS is criminal

    • Bruh Moment Reply

      @TheResearcher well MBS made it Legal for women to drive

  4. Danish Z Reply

    Bin Salman must go if world peace is to be ensured.
    Countries supporting him should know that you are only supporting a snake that will bite you as well when he is done with others.

    • محمد الجابري Reply

      @Mohamed Yusuf exactly they are only benefiting from the Yemeni war

    • Ghufran Reply

      World peace won’t exist ecen with salman gone when you have western warmongers. Chinese commies. Russians. And iran ect.

    • mumad usman Reply

      @Mohamed Yusuf 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    • mumad usman Reply

      @محمد الجابري abdul fata sisi the 🐍

    • Bruh Moment Reply

      he made it legal for women to drive and made movie cinemas legal you western fool

  5. TheResearcher Reply

    MBS is israel lapdog

  6. White Wolf Reply

    This is the same country that chop people’s hands and heads,lashes women in public.
    This so called ally Saudi Arabia is worse than North Korea.

    • Masha Scream Reply

      Hear hear ,
      They still use crucifixion too.
      And Paralysis from the neck down OMG ,
      thing is ,last year ,they beheaded 35 activists just for protesting ,and marching through the streets , calling them ,spys ..
      One boy was 12 ,they locked him up for 5 years then beheaded him .
      Not one word from america or uk ,on this gross act of human rights abuse .
      America and uk are as sick as SA.

    • Anonymous 1 Reply

      @Alter Kooper stop making politicians religious when they’re not, and democracy isn’t necessarily the best option, I mean look at America, it’s a mess, look at Iraq. In any place where democracy was forced is now in pieces, Libya, Iraq, Syria…etc. democracy is hypocrisy, and for hypocrites, hypocrisy is the best policy. So don’t bring religion into this, because Trump is a Christian and uses it to get votes, same case here.

    • Alter Kooper Reply

      @Anonymous 1 ha ha! Look at America, the dream of every third worlder to get a green card

    • Ali b Reply

      Shut up mate id cut your hand off if you stole from me idgaf Saudi Arabia is corrupt and fooked up

    • Ghufran Reply

      And whats wrong with strict laws. If UK umhad it then you wouldn’t have donkeys not wearing masks in public or acting like dirty drunk rats at night.

      You mess around then its only right you get punished by the law.
      In the west they let killers off with 5 years half the time. Sometimes childkillers even get shorter sentences if they ‘behave well’.

      In a fully sharia compliant society. You kill someone then the victim/s can seek death penalty. And lets not misconscrue saudi with Islam when they mix with culture.

      Anyhow saudi is saudi and Islam is Islam.

  7. OpaSann0 Reply

    Nobody is surprised 😂

  8. Alter Kooper Reply

    Why do Arabs always seem to be so clumsy?!

    • Alter Kooper Reply

      @יהושע יהושע You didn’t answer the question!

    • Saeed Reply

      How many did the US kill so far? USA deserve killing awards.

    • Alter Kooper Reply

      @Saeed a lot less than the butcher Assad… that’s for sure

    • Saeed Reply

      Alter Kooper not true but it’s ok. We all know how the western hypocrisy works

    • Will Walker Reply

      You are poorly educated Ibn Saud founded the dog try in 1932 through a series of conquests with the 4 country’s bringing them together under 1 rule. The US had nothing to do with it. And the US in its majority could care less about your religious belifes.

  9. Make Racists Afraid Again Reply

    Their victim is still dead.

  10. Kweli Walker Reply

    Gee, that’s directly from the Donald Trump playbook of Unjust Dirty Tricks.

  11. MU30 Reply

    01:59, the dude in the thumbnail, hahaha

  12. Danial Nikoo Reply

    Ah yes, good old Saudi Arabia, never changes. Tbh im not surprised at all Saudi Family doing these kind of shits.

  13. Shantanu Chatterjee Reply


  14. Nassan Sousa Reply


  15. Tea Becker Reply

    Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  16. Merv Eleazar Reply

    Too much money and still has oil. Once you have either, you have the power of influence.

  17. AA RC Reply

    This was such a stupid think to do. This is why you don’t put a 35 year old in charge of Trillion dollar monarch.

  18. naveed pasha Reply

    He protecc
    He attac
    But most importantly
    He imprisons his own man

  19. Khan Baachaa Khan Reply

    I don’t like MBS😠😠😠😠

  20. Leon pedro Reply

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  21. Let there be Peace On God's Earth Reply

    Good to see justice done finally SO HOW MANY YEARS DID MBS GET.?

  22. Masha Scream Reply

    Poor man , RIP Jamal Kashoggi 🙏

  23. Truth Seeker Reply

    HRH MBS can pardon anyone . Well MBS has given blood money to Jamal s family .

    • Tmrats Reply

      Thats not how that works. Victims family decides if money or blood. If it is blood saudis had to give one life. Since no one probably ask that question bcuz laws are for poor people like here in the US mbs got to do whatever je wants. This is not going to be like this forever. Mbs is not gonna see it coming.

  24. No Name Reply

    Qatar use the same tactic in killing any opposition, but Al Jihadzeera is control by Qatar government, so they won’t talk about their own dark side. hypocrite media!

  25. Evelyn Chickree Reply

    Saudi Arabia are veamos cobrar. They killed and they free criminals killers.

  26. Turbo Charge Reply

    Present day Arab monarch are just saving their kingdom , they really fear democracy.. be it uae or Saudi ..

    • FOURTH RIGHT Reply

      Islam and democracy cannot coexist.

    • Turbo Charge Reply

      FOURTH RIGHT who told you that ? Look Sudan is coming out of Islamic law after 25 years ..turkey is a democratic country since last 97 years .

    • FOURTH RIGHT Reply

      @Turbo Charge compare the numbers to other religions

  27. jermaine petty Reply

    they flew in McDonald’s for the killers…they should have chopped their heads

  28. jermaine petty Reply

    they have allowed the assassins to go free…the prince is a killer keeper

  29. Mr Perpetual Reply

    Fake trial. Nobody is going to prison.

  30. Abid Dossaji Reply

    This is because the support they get from USA, it’s all about money and oil

    • Teaisfantastic 1965 Reply

      Is about same think like Israel is killing innocent children women and men in PALESTINIAN ,because they get support from USA

  31. Monte Bank Reply

    Didn’t spare the philipino poor workers who get beheaded.

  32. Shakeel Khan Reply

    It’s just America want to put pressure on Saudi Arabia for there interest.

    • sadrmajid Reply

      😂😂😂and they will while making millions off weapons sales😇

  33. Tmrats Reply

    History is full of people like mbs and his family. They lose the neck eventually. My condolences to victims family.

  34. David Carter Reply

    What a surprise !!!

  35. Prince Lenny Reply

    Prince Bonesawman wins again…what a joke.

  36. Anomaly Reply

    Mr Khashoggi will have his revenge in the day of accounting it seems. This world is too messed up to serve justice.

    • Anton Anton Reply

      For the English, killing and dismembering a corpse is considered more humane than poisoning a Noviсhok

    • Ray Ray Reply

      Mr. Khashoggi and his family have a very colorful history. Before you feel sorry for him, look up his and his families connection and involvement in organized crime, spying, and secret weapons deals ( including the Iran- contra fiasco).

  37. leather Guy Reply

    We knew this would happen . No democracy in that country .

    • Fahad Aldowseri Reply

      Who wants democracy when he has Islamic laws?

  38. LJS Luke Reply

    No condemnation from the US Lawmakers especially the Republicans. If happen in Russia or China they will quick to condemn them as evil and murderers and their justice systems are a big joke. The US and EU are quick to accuse Russia of poisoning people. Yet, when come to Saudi Arabia, they are as quiet as a mouse. The murdering of Jamal Khashoggi linked to the Saudi Royal family is proven by Turkey and even the CIA. But the US government kept very quiet. This showed as long as you have money and those US Lawmakers can benefits from them, they will keep both eyes closed. This is the US way of human rights, that is, the US has the sole right of defining who can cheat, lie, steal and kill or murder.

    • White Wolf Reply

      The problem is Arab lobbyists,they pay most people in Congress and Senate to hide human rights abuses in Arab world.

  39. Ebrahem 1 Reply

    US is built on the blood of billions of natives and still living on the blood of people in Muslim countries.

  40. John Milonas Reply

    Why is this is this even News.

  41. Flavius Tudor Reply

    True killers. House of Arabia, not these amateurs, caught underpants…

    • Hasan Ali Qadri Reply

      Not house of Arabia but house of Saud.

  42. ARCSTREAMS Reply

    no real justice in saudi arabia? what a shocker

  43. Karma Lodro Reply

    It’s been a farce since
    Al jazeera broadcast live from in front of the Saudi embassy in Istanbul as the cleaning crews with mops and buckets were coming and going. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Stranger than fiction.

  44. Norman Heslington Reply

    A full pardon is only a matter of time

  45. Rob Babcock Reply

    Saudi Arabia’s government is as corrupt as that of the USA.

  46. H C Reply

    What goes around comes around.Even though peoples justice has failed here; i believe every wrongdoing will meet its ending in Almighty s justice sooner or later.


    I wonder if Trump wasn’t in bed with the Saudi’s if this type of nonsense could go on

  48. Hysminai Reply

    Wow. What a kangaroo court.

  49. Akhlaque Sadique Reply

    سعودي برينس دنيا ك مسلمان ك لي خاطرة حي إسلام ك لي خاطرة حي |

  50. Tony Reply

    Bin Salman should have gotten the death penalty. The arrogance of that man is unbelievable. Saudi Arabia needs regime change more than Iran.

  51. Biji Sibi Reply

    No need to surprise. This dangerous country will manipulate everything. Mistry Babylon.I lived in this country more than 25 year.

  52. Jonathon Furman Reply

    Saudi Arabia: friends of Trump. This was the plan of the Saudi dictators all along- justice was never going to be served. Just remember this injustice when you’re in the voting booth come November.

  53. quark doctor Reply

    No justice no where!!

  54. Unending Destination Reply

    🤣🤣2:00 This One killed me

  55. FOURTH RIGHT Reply

    Great job mbs. The world supports u. Stay strong

  56. tr rahman Reply

    They just don’t want MBS to be king.

  57. Spider Khan Reply

    saudi arabia has become a terrorist country under dog mbs

  58. john doe Reply

    Yeah nah mate, western countries woudnt intervene because its not a communist country.

  59. DAILY TRUTH Reply

    Am waiting for this on inside story

  60. Menon Krishna Prasad Reply

    Mockery of judiciary .

  61. abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim Reply

    Everyone knew the outcome of this case.

  62. abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim Reply

    As we expected

  63. Paul Gandesa Reply

    MBS is a murderer, that’s it, open and closed!!

  64. Five gold star Reply

    Saudi Arabia, America ally and friends.

  65. Justin Hudson Reply

    Well… the majority of western countries that were appalled and horrified by the murder of Jamal Khashoggi also do not believe in the death penalty. The only problem is applying this Saudi Arabian interpretation of a death sentence to all Saudis equally (everyone is suppose to be equal under the law).

  66. mert maeva ܣܧ Reply

    MBS is a failure

  67. Rakyat Biasa Reply

    shariah law😂

  68. D L Reply

    Free CGTN Journalist Cheng Lei (Australian Citizen) detained in China Prison

  69. Sreeraj Puthalath Reply

    MBS is great . You biased Al Jazeera can’t do anything . Let truth prevails . The day he became in charge you cowards are behind MBS @ support Mohdbinsalman👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  70. Spectral lim Reply

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha

  71. Hakuna Reply

    Yeap. This is the islamic justice that they are trying to transport all over the world.

  72. Khurram JuTT Reply

    MBs should be behind the bars!!!!

  73. Ray Ray Reply

    Mr. Khashoggi and his family have a very colorful history. Before you feel sorry for him, look up his and his families connection and involvement in organized crime, spying, and secret weapons deals ( including the Iran- contra fiasco). You play with fire, your going to get burned.

  74. MEGIDIOT Reply

    Death to all monarchies

  75. Rich Shackleton Reply

    Big shout out to all my gay friends in Saudi

  76. zodiacbells * Reply

    how do you go from death to 20 years, you’d think you’d stop maybe at life or a little less

  77. Vern M Reply

    The Rich ( Saudi Arabia) can do what ever they want, if you question them, they kill you. This is a Sad outcome

  78. G G Reply

    Ew. I’m Mexican American, I met some Saudi Arabian men in Dallas university. One asked me if I wanted to go to Saudi Arabia for my birthday.

    Me: NO‼️😳😳😳

  79. Danny chong Reply

    This is what implied inview of rules that exist in Saudi. And if you want to question a civillian death under such rules mean you heading nowhere.

    You just wasting your time unless such rules already overturned by circumstances or why you will never agree, family said could overules death sentence.
    Somemore what happen to the victim in this case were directly eating into interest of people that can could killed him by opening his mouth.

    You want the truth to prevail, only have one way. Made the king utter the magic word and not keep judging the issue like you in power.
    (Google “Danny Woo Vk” in Bing for book of life and cure for coronavirus, if you cannot see any link below)

    • Danny chong Reply

      Worst thing happen before in Saudi, whereby women were rape and killed by prince yet this kind of abuse doesn’t end there or what happen to the ruler of Dubai, which died from mysterious disease at age of 32 till body cannot be viewed by public after his decision caused abandoned worker exist in Dubai.

      You presume kings around the world unaware of such circumstances or why ruler have boundaries that one cannot cross, when dealing with his people. Crossed that line mean consequences were expected.

    • Danny chong Reply

      What happen to Qatar King just few years back already forgotten?
      Sure its not about Hama, Hezbollah or Brotherhood but providing base and legal document for ISIS movement around Arab region.
      Go ask your emir, what he learned in 2017.

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