China orders closure of US consulate in Chengdu

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The diplomatic crisis between China and the United States is deepening.
Staff at the US consulate in Chengdu, China, are leaving after Beijing ordered its closure.
It is in response to the US ordering the closure of China’s consulate in Houston, Texas.
Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu reports.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar sgpwwj says:

    China should increase nuclear weapon to 5000 asap

  2. Avatar angelo pandan says:

    When U.S sanctions become worthless. 💯

  3. Avatar Aris says:

    The Vodka Factory does good work.

  4. Avatar Ramakrishna Babu says:

    China released virus and destroyed gulf countries economies and looting gulf oil at cheap rates… ban china products

  5. Avatar tino v says:

    All empires have fallen through out history. US will not be an exception and we are witnessing the historic downfall. Brace yourselves for the ride…

  6. Avatar kuya- Ed Vlog says:

    Go to WAR!!!! US vs China……..

  7. Avatar Double Den says:

    Both the countries must go to war atleast once.🤷

    • Avatar CN AYaBuYaoDaWo says:

      only if the us start it

  8. Avatar Paul Putyong says:

    US should stop doing business with spy China in the first place.

  9. Avatar Max Soon says:

    Nothing to lose for US but for China, you cant spy on US on they home turf now. Spying on US technology is wrong.

  10. Avatar Meri See says:

    China has been stealing /copying what US does. “COPY AND PASTE” That’s all they’re good at.

    • Avatar chen qindu says:


  11. Avatar Dennis says:

    babies waa you close our spy headquareters in texas we getcha back waaaaa.

  12. Avatar Robert Yong says:

    Imagine USA go out full out war to China to force China out of Hong kong

    • Avatar CN AYaBuYaoDaWo says:

      china is home to hong kong, hong kong people remember their ancestors.

    • Avatar CN AYaBuYaoDaWo says:

      plus: hong kong is a part of china just as beijing and shanghai and so on, despite the shameful occupied history.

  13. Avatar Deepika B says:

    OK it’s OK better for USA.

  14. Avatar Asim Gupta says:

    This came 20 years too late….

  15. Avatar pm2020 _ says:

    Finally the USA is taking action. After over a decade in China I’ve seen how China operates. The CCP is a diabolical authoritarian regime; it’s the last thing the world needs now. Xi Jinping must be stopped. The world has at last realized this.

    • Avatar 韦观 says:

      Finally the China is taking action. After over a decade in USA I’ve seen how USA operates. The USA is a diabolical authoritarian regime; it’s the last thing the world needs now. Trump must be stopped. The world has at last realized this.

    • Avatar pm2020 _ says:

      韦观 great example of the chinese copy everything 👏

    • Avatar 韦观 says:

      @pm2020 _ You’re reversing the truth

  16. Avatar burger monster says:

    And so it begins, world war 3…,

  17. Avatar Teh Mu Jin says:

    Well done, don’t let the CIA spies escape.

  18. Avatar Alizza Lovely Samonte says:

    I hate China more…I don’t need US to hate them. China is worst once they become superpower in the world…they don’t account themselves to God but only to their government.

  19. Avatar P K De says:

    Chinese smartness is also copy.

    • Avatar CN AYaBuYaoDaWo says:

      an eye to an eye. it cant be more fair

  20. Avatar devon diggs says:

    It’s going to be awful for you China no more copycat ING other nations inventions their is no power in chop sticks.its just my opinion

  21. Avatar Matthew Vincent says:

    This is China always copying others .. they dont have that they call themselves that we are the one who made it… Copycat of the World

    • Avatar batman forever says:

      And people of world love China products.

  22. Avatar Paul H says:

    Who cares let this relationship end

  23. Avatar Don P says:

    American’s hate Muslim and Chinese but are so concerned about the wellbeing of the Chinese Muslim in China and the Hong Konger while killing innocent black peoples on the street in the day light. Got it.

  24. Avatar Maricel Matias says:

    is this the response for all the covid 19 propagation, when tourists, many from Wuhan, were sent to the world…when whisteblowing doctors were just muted and never seen, when the vehement and over the top covid 19 investigation called by Australia, when Wuhan was flooded and flooded?

  25. Avatar Nice-oscar says:

    Honestly speaking, everybody should go back home. Maybe tensions will ease.

  26. Avatar Kassim Borhan says:

    Must be fair trade. China wants all and dominance, nothing less. That’s make the US nervous. Losing trades etc… and now countries began to dump the dollars 💵. War ahead 👦

  27. Avatar caro tan says:

    Remember the wars in Korea and Vietnam, U.S. never win China after 1949.

    • Avatar JK says:

      What the Vietnam wars had to do with China? Its the Russian that supplies the equipment.

    • Avatar JK says:

      Plus, the reason US reluctant to use an atom boms on PLA during the Korean war was due to afraid of the Soviet power. Both of the wars were single handed won by the Soviet. You are claiming the wrong credit. Its was the Russian people that defeat the US.

    • Avatar Kristie Wang says:

      JK Well now China has nukes too. What’re you gonna do?

  28. Avatar ergl mrvn says:

    US make big mistake china make US get bussy on middle east and china underground digging amerika in United states have more than 1 million spy Chinese all undercover restaurant or messages salon

  29. Avatar anu anu says:

    DEAR Chinese.
    DEAR American.
    DEAR Indian.

    when will you both start to war? do not just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.
    in media in media in media in media in media.

    don’t waste your times.
    why don’t u go start to the *REAL WAR* *REAL MILITARY WAR* ?

  30. Avatar S西伯利亚废猫 says:

    The United States slaughtered Indians, oppressed blacks, killed a million people in the Middle East, and killed 145,982 people with arrogance and lies. Now it is going to war with China; an evil country full of original sins 美国屠杀印第安人,压迫黑人,在中东杀死百万人,傲慢和谎言杀死145,982人,现在又要和中国开战;充满原罪的邪恶国家

  31. Avatar InsideOut says:

    Hope this will inspired more Asian countries to stand up for their own national interests instead of keep letting US bullies them from time to time……hope Durtete will be the next Asian leader to do so.
    Let’s make Asia great again 😉

  32. Avatar Dainis Stranga says:

    Respect will lead to a common national agreement BOICOT AGRESORA – CHINESE Commodities – let’s win

  33. Avatar Money Talk says:

    Ww3 please 😁

  34. Avatar BPMF bilibili says:

    Come on America, let us close the Hong Kong consulate for more reasons

  35. Avatar Thomas Nappo says:

    China is an outbreak waiting to happen….disease country

  36. Avatar Manzurul Haque says:

    Trump has done many nasty things. But his worst deed is that he has set a trend whereby a State cannot be trusted by an individual anymore. Any person visiting any country can be arrested by that country without legal relief or legal protection. The sanctity of a State treaty is null.

  37. Avatar Bongo Fury says:

    I hope this doesn’t affect our soy sauce supply.

    • Avatar Christian Blessing Balbio says:

      How about the Szechuan sauce?

  38. Avatar bonam Nageswara rao says:

    Good step..

  39. Avatar T says:

    Unilateral??? Haha US…joking me

  40. Avatar Marek says:

    adult people dont be children. this is nonsense.

  41. Avatar sushant rathor says:

    CCP is getting its people into trouble.. China cannot survive without west..

  42. Avatar M vs says:

    CCP game over. No-one trust game..

  43. Avatar Le Chen says:

    I’m curious if a country takes the lead in beating the United States, will Iraq and other bullied countries beat the United States?

  44. Avatar Aaron Kim says:

    It’s time to shut down Hong Kong Consulate!

  45. Avatar Jesse Espinoza Jr says:

    Make all chinese consulate in the usa closed let see how bad china would get nervous.😆😆😆😆

  46. Avatar The comment squad says:

    one small for usa n china,one big step for world war 3

  47. Avatar Traves Stane says:

    China the biggest babies on earth what a bunch of losers 😭😭 😂😂😆

  48. Avatar Joker Day says:

    Trump is lucifer

  49. Avatar adie boto says:

    Trust is gold when we lose it we crush May they get back to the drawing board where they started from there is hope for the best to offer humanity

  50. Avatar Connie Wu says:

    US economics will fall rapidly, have fun Trump.

  51. Avatar El At says:

    America has been stealing intellectual property for decades though

  52. Avatar Antone Valenzuela says:


  53. Avatar Dolly Schwall says:

    Yes Arrest those wicked scientist working for Ccp leaders. .America did the right things to save the rest of the world from Ccp viruses. .and bio warfare. .

  54. Avatar Kenneth Chege says:

    Two pple very alike

  55. Avatar 阿松 says:

    The evil CCP should be taken down!

  56. Avatar Asim Asghar says:

    USA I’m number 1 Powerful Country

  57. Avatar 张Michelle says:

    Trump:China China China China…………

  58. Avatar 张Michelle says:

    Build a trump toilet on it🌚🌚🌚

  59. Avatar Faizan Yameen says:

    Fk off us 🖕🏿

  60. Avatar Lilia Bartling says:

    If the USA, president Trump,,, doing it is to protect the United States assets,,, so bit… Let the silent war 😜😜😜…start for economeys…

  61. Avatar Sarini Kim says:

    Everything America do first no matter what

  62. Avatar matthew mann says:

    The dent trapts are backfiring on China slowly and slowly

  63. Avatar The Watcher says:

    The USA has already destroyed Huawei ,because most tech if not all uses US technology to exist, 80% of CHINA military equipment is stolen US secrets the CCP are not brilliant they’re just brilliant thieves counterfeit everything, Now they’re collaborating with IRAN ,so you think the US ,SAUDI ,ISRAEL is gonna sit back and not respond?? Shut be quiet and watch the fireworks coming

  64. Avatar Adville747 says:

    Let the war begins .

  65. Avatar Marcus Jibril says:


  66. Avatar Mr Fantastic says:

    Just close them all be done with it

  67. Avatar 夷夏一家 says:

    Foreign dog holding “copy” can’t finish chewing!以君子之道待君子,以小人之道还小人!!

  68. Avatar jeffrey dsouza says:

    it’s like a street fight between two babies

  69. Avatar Marcia Ramos says:

    Any Americans residing in China right now had better get out very fast, trouble is brewing.

  70. Avatar Jastine rhian says:

    I will support USA from Philippines china stop claiming other territories like our island get it out

    • Avatar Maurice Khalil says:

      Why your people work and making money from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Macau

  71. Avatar Shantie Maharaj says:

    D world people can only benefit from riddi g dis ccp megalomaniac ambition

  72. Avatar BGP PLAYS says:


  73. Avatar Sunny Xie says:

    In 1999,we went to the Consulate General of the United States in Chengdu with tears to protest against USA bombing the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Today we took smiling faces and firecrackers to witness the closure of the Consulate General in Chengdu. The world has changed!

  74. Avatar Rollan_Royce says:

    saw 2 dogs walking along the streets of India, I named them Trump and Pompeo.

  75. Avatar Rollan_Royce says:

    Both America and China need oil.
    Us: War for oil.
    China: Trade roads, railways and Bridges for oil.
    It goes without saying who is right

    • Avatar Edwin Love says:

      🇺🇸 We Have Oil ✌
      More Over You Country

    • Avatar El De la Chevy says:

      Kinda true

    • Avatar Sione Folau says:

      China buid bridges Aneeica build barriers, that’s say it all

  76. Avatar WinMind Sports Psychology says:

    China is turning into evil with his greed to become rich and powerful. Lending debt to poor countries like Pakistan and creating a debt trap and making people fool, by acting faith sympathiser. This is what they done to Hong Kong and Taiwan. China will pay back one day, you see.

  77. Avatar mark angelo abad says:

    No impact with US. Chinese citizen will suffer. Xi is doom 🤣

  78. Avatar Moonlight says:

    So much BS in this video.

  79. Avatar tahir hussain says:

    Palastin and kashmir issues are on United nations security council table for last 70years, where faciast terrorist state in the world called AMERECA keep vetoing against it ,and support financially military too,

  80. Avatar BRYAN HALLIGAN says:


  81. Avatar Prayog Acharya says:

    I could smell disaster. Third World War is on the way.

  82. Avatar Xin Lian Zhou says:

    Start Nuclear War now.

  83. Avatar cwy says:

    just go to war already, everybody hates the US, let’s get rid of this hypocrite country.

  84. Avatar Mr. Mry says:

    Donald Trump will be the reason for the fall of US🤣🤣

  85. Avatar Randy Corrales says:

    China will collapse soon. Nobody wants to trade a crooked trader.. this is what happen, whn u dnt play the game fairly.. CCP are good whn it comes stealing intellectual properties.. claim land and sea without legal basis.. because of your greed, u want to control all the water ur wish is granted.. make china a crocodile breeding ground..US dnt care if u close all the consulate.. Americans dont like to liv there.. but u guys love to come here in the US.. CCP keep criticizing the US but they keep sending student’s to study here in the US.. dnt send ur kids in the US, let them study n china

  86. Avatar ragnor1980 says:

    Warships to South China Seas ?? Australia India US Germany France Holland Sweden UK etc etc = Nato Navies going to get some action at Last ??

  87. Avatar Bob Belman says:

    Who cares

  88. Avatar No Name says:

    Thats is just a tensions 😆

  89. Avatar Jcl says:

    Who cares,?u.s can survive while China down

  90. Avatar Frank DiMeglio says:

    The embassy of the RACIST, PARASITIC, AND APARTHEID colony called Israel OUT of the USA !!!

  91. Avatar Frank DiMeglio says:

    Netanyahu is thoroughly corrupt, and he is a known war criminal.

  92. Avatar Bull Moose Progressive says:

    All I have to say is that I am an American currently living in Taiwan trying to figure out how to end up in Norway or New Zealand.


    • Avatar Dad Gaming says:

      Dang you’re in the middle of a crossfire, Taiwan should be able to hold the fort. S.E.A countries also might get hit by stray bullets.

  93. Avatar Van Marx says:

    And they both prey on vulnerable Venezuela

  94. Avatar George MacDonald says:

    whatever. no surprise

  95. Avatar Dao Her says:

    honesty China government visa fraud 3 Chinese send to American science development Vaccine, American arrest 3 Chinese vaccine stole from American , China have no money pay development Vaccine, China don’t have money pay to Flood damage cost $400 billion , china have money pay to China navy Type-075 Assault Carrier, Type 002 aircraft carrier Shandong, Type 003 aircraft carrier.

  96. Avatar venkatesh kamarapu says:

    China down down 👎👎👎 USA should teach China good lesson

  97. Avatar Christian Dumagat says:

    War war👍

  98. Avatar Dude Rider says:

    wow Trump really know how to get all vote from his Citizen

  99. Avatar Sieu Luong says:

    Guess like I need to stock up on DMT and vape coils… War is coming soon and I ll be chilling with some good stuff while dying peacefully.

  100. Avatar Sione Folau says:

    China busy lifting its ien people from poverty and helping poor around the world, but America only playing hatred and trying to undermine China’s good work. America is the biggest evil in the world. Xi is the best leader in the world by a miles and than Putin, they care about their people not other countries affair. All the white countries need to come clean and tell the world that they confiscated the lands that they are sitting on from the indigenous people, America, Austrslia,Canada,New Zealand and South Africa etc, China never done thing like that. Stop trying to brainwash people maybe work in those white countries because they don’t want to lose their domination in the world, but the rest of the world are awakening

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