Wuhan on alert again: Flooding poses threat to 11 million people

2020 8/01
Wuhan on alert again: Flooding poses threat to 11 million people

It has been nearly seven months since the world’s first coronavirus infection was reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan.
Its 11 million people were forced into a strict lockdown for two months. Many people died of COVID-19.
Those who survived the pandemic have been struggling to recover from its effects. And, flooding comes as a new threat for them.

Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu reports from Wuhan, China.

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  • M C says:

    1.5 billion Chinese are eating animals like never before. Traditionally only small fraction of Europeans ate some animals and mother nature tolerated that.

  • Ashish Tandon says:

    It does not matter i am Indian they chinese borders separate us but pain loosing loved ones remain the same. Don’t know how to conway…

  • Kathy Martin says:

    thrown any dogs to the alligators?

  • Nemesis T-Type says:

    The belly of the dragon will drip water.

  • ACB 2K says:

    Am sure is still sold those dead critters.

  • Chui Chu says:

    More corruption to follow after the blood during rebuilding. The officials are going to get richer, common ppl suffer.

    • Tytionna Deronna says:

      放你ma d pi

  • amorsa1 says:

    I am very sorry for the people of innocent Chinese paying the price for all the evils done by CCP.

    • Charles Ponzi says:

      The belief in “authority,” which includes all belief in “government,” is irrational and self-contradictory;
      it is contrary to civilization and morality, and constitutes the most
      dangerous, destructive superstition that has ever existed. Rather than being a force for
      order and justice, the belief in “authority” is the arch-enemy of humanity. (Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition)

    • Virtue Lee says:

      CCP do what?i living in wuhan。。

    • Virtue Lee says:

      With the exception of some cynics, the vast majority of Chinese think that CCP is good

    • Unknown L says:

      Virtue Lee The whole west is here to fk China over.

  • Dark Age of 2020 and Beyond says:

    Ccp already cremated wuhan resident alive now they flooding the evidence of the origin of their bioweapon in wuhan lab.

    • Unknown L says:

      There is no evidence of the virus coming from the lab, and the earliest trace of the Covid-19 was found in 12March2019 in the sewage system of Barcelona.

  • hulamei137 mei says:

    CCP officials and family need to help the people!

  • Adam Figueroa says:

    WHO launched an investigation???? Hahhahaha funny joke

  • Ros Blessing says:

    2020, la reunion mundial sobre humedales, que no pudo ser.

  • True North Strong and Free says:

    Once the CCP claimed to have won the war against the Chinese Coronavirus, no one was allowed to claim to die from the virus! That’s why China stopped counting at 4632 deaths!

    • Virtue Lee says:

      I living in wuhan,I know the situation better than you. Don’t spread rumors. Thank you

    • True North Strong and Free says:

      Virtue Lee Your kidding right? People are dying all over the world yet miraculously, ALL DEATHS immediately stopped in Wuhan 2 months ago. I have friends in Wuhan who don’t believe you. I sent them your post! They tell a different story of families receiving money to pay for their loved ones cremation and extra “hush money” to not speak about the death and certainly NOT link it to the Chinese Coronavirus. We know how the CCP goes to great lengths to cover things up don’t we!

  • Alex Wu says:

    CCP is evil.

  • caseclosed93 says:

    Don’t worry Biden will sell the US to China

  • Steve Garwood says:

    Now they are moving the famous Wuhan Lab is moving to Pakistan to develop biological weapons that contain Anthrax.

  • Silvia Logan says:

    Wuhan, China has been unlucky so far in 2020 with the coronavirus first and now all the floods.

    • Friendly Old Bum says:

      Both a result of the CCP corruption and lies

  • Joey Caridi says:

    March 29th 2020: Wuhan China has got over the Coronavirus. Congratulations you just completed the Tutorial!

    July 26th 2020: Level 1: Flooding

    • Robin Banks says:

      The place that started the pandemic in the first place doesn’t deserve to be COVID free while the rest of the world has to deal with it.

  • Mike G Chronicles says:

    Why this guy look like One Piece though? 🤔

  • Big Deeper says:

    There is only one way for Nature to take pity on the Chinese people. The Chinese should destroy the CCP.

  • Tipsy Tricksy says:

    U want Our sea therefore God will give you one

  • Sim Sarkar says:

    Persephone is totally cursed and suicidal and causes random deaths everyday even her own.. 🤮🤮🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥⚡⚡⚡

  • full sender says:

    Xi Jinping, you like to own the South China sea. Ok, here it is!

    • My Love says:

      This winnie the Poo wants to control the world

  • pawpaw&domo desilva says:

    fake news

  • Yuet Lee says:

    The water in Yangtze is among the most polluted in the world. More so after flood waters washing in more to the river. We’re talking septic systems and animal waste.

    • pauldoogle810 says:

      Did government do this to get rid of biological weapons evidence?

  • Chris Ng says:

    let hope china will emerge ever stronger as the west trying its best to cripple them

  • Jessie Garcia says:

    Thats the effect of the ccp laws

  • Jason Kim says:

    Imagine living as that man….

  • Sita zonou says:

    Trump : say CHINESE VIRUS
    GOD BLESSED WUHAN covid-19 in floors

  • turpan aksu says:

    Floods ,earthquake, loctus invasion ,tornados and chin virus-

  • Sam Yang says:

    Prayers for all people. Let things get better soon for everyone.

  • Vũ Nguyễn says:

    The people in Wuhan province need GOD bless more than ever before 🙏🙏🙏

  • Vincent OConnor says:

    All they had to do it’s easy just tell the truth

  • Karthik says:

    0.51 she walk like she has piles… LOL.

  • Luke hua says:

    Guys, don’t you wonder why there is no images inside the city……if flood is so terrible. Pay attention to 0:45, the riverside park is flooded, but water has not crossed beyond

  • OnitsukaTiger82 says:

    Some would say it is karma against this aggressive, arrogant and pushy government.

    • I don't look at replies says:

      Floods, locusts, and COVID are hitting Japan, Korea, India, and many others…

  • Alex says:

    Mother nature doing her own KARMA!!!

  • sarasa guptha says:

    China people are good .only government is insane.God only help us to maintain good relations between our 2countrys thanks. By Gupta

  • RollDen - Russ says:

    I only pity the people of China, not the government.

  • BM Logistics says:

    China is doomed if they don’t turn back to God and repent… not only China though..

  • Lucky Johnny says:

    Wuhan need deliverance…Land of evil

  • Lucky Johnny says:

    Wuhan for Christ 2020

  • greg mcpherson says:

    China has been building mega structures all around the world and totally neglecting urgent needs at home

    • D Kenneth says:

      Sub standard attempts at building,

  • Zyaire Rice says:

    Wuhan should stay submerge under water look how many lives got lost to corona pandemic

  • ethereal51 says:

    Bless that farmer’s broken heart. And the daughter’s.

  • Naomi Smile says:

    Whatever T shirt😭😭

  • Pat Rec says:

    Question. What is a guaranteed way of removing evidence?

  • The everything Channel says:

    Wuhan is having a bad luck this year

  • Aditya M says:

    Being chindian can say none of ccp memebers are going to suffer with this only suffer are under poverty people’s and civilians

  • Lynn says:

    Lei❤stay strong. Fight for your country!

  • Ujang Kasep says:

    Only imam mahdi can be stop it

  • Tom Tom says:

    So sad. What a tough year for so many. All the best from Canada.

  • Chief Rocka says:

    Chinese be like 2020 ay.

  • malik mohammedrehan. says:

    It’s working of HAARP Technology possess by CIA & Japan fukushima nuclear power plant burst was also their doing

    • D Kenneth says:

      Sounds good ,, nice work

  • daniel woldu says:

    I think Chinese should think about nature and impact

  • UDominic baite says:

    This is CCP tricks first corona virus weapons now water weapons.
    CCP never cares their own people they cares only 💰

  • ding174 says:

    Today July 27, 2020 on THE WEATHER CHANNEL app the satellite radar photo show that the Three Gorges Dam has a major breach on the South end. Zoom in slowly to see the image. The image reverts back to a 2019 image if you zoom in too close. The time now is 1254 PST and the image is still there. Weep for China. Kill the CCP must die.

  • Margaret Kaufman says:

    They use the flooding to spread more corona bullshit. UNBELIEVABULL.

  • DYI-n-SAVE-FROM A-Z says:

    Jesus christ is very mad!!!

  • mrk107 says:

    Jesus is near at the doors, Since 1914: Matthew 24:3-14, Matthew 24:32-34, 2Timothy 3:1-5. nwt bible

  • Qurat ul Ain Abbasi says:


  • Ngoc Ng says:

    people around the world doesnt want to help chinese citizens because ccp are so devil, maybe better to change government and election new leader

  • Menon Krishna Prasad says:

    The Chinese people revolt against the communist government .The Communists are fluent liars and heaping injustice to the whole world

  • Dog Speak says:

    Contained? These people think they contained it?

  • Ben Hill says:

    With all this flooding this will increase the spread of covid

    • D Kenneth says:

      Only in China, floods contains the spread to China , see Beijing wuhan viruses spreading across the dry areas

  • Cryptixal YT says:


  • ultimate truth says:

    Nature giving a helping hand to eradicate viruses and made a virus free (CCPCHINA) China.

  • wawa san says:

    That is great to have more floods & more rains in china.

    • Leng Ong Tan says:

      South china sea dispute latest

  • wawa san says:

    nice movie…this movie.!

  • James Somah says:

    So sad,God going to protect your life.

  • onii-chan's manko says:

    CCP virus is never going to get figured out since $$$ is paid to who to prevent anything from being found out

  • markx seng says:

    It is better for the CCP to think of what is within the country than the south china sea

  • Mark Freedman says:

    Dynastic change is often preceded by natural disasters that regular folks see a sign that present government must go along with its failed policies.

  • Juniel Esparas says:


  • Rosmawati Sanusi says:

    Where youre president?

  • Beasts Trone says:

    Hope it’s not the Africans fault this time…hope everyone out there are safe though

  • Airbus A220-300 says:

    Feeling HAPPY to see china destroyed by nature 🤣🤪🤣😂😂🤪🤪

  • Ken Man says:

    CCP virus

  • My Love says:

    CCP virus and CCP floods

  • Corona Virus says:


  • Brenda Luu says:

    We go to eat fish when float water in Wuhan .👍😁😉😲

  • Deborah Desanto says:

    China can drop dead for all I care!🤬😤😤

  • Maniesh kakka says:

    Jaisa karoge vaisa bharoge,bhagwan sab dekhta hai

  • renato mendoza says:

    death to china

  • sivam jayapal says:

    Natural water bomb…

  • zabag says:

    Wuhan must pay for their deception

  • Angelina Huynh says:


  • Fire Tube says:


  • Vinchi Polo says:

    The CCP should be removed from power

  • heat broker says:

    It’s okay they’ll be on alert again next week.

  • jabulani6666 says:

    Why are they wearing masks if the Coronavirus threat is over?

    • Санук Сабай says:

      Asians always wearing the masks, especially girls. It is normal.

  • jung lee says:

    wuhan is chinese godam city

  • Marktuyet says:

    The whole world suffers as long as the CCP exists . Evil !

  • Chloe Lin says:

    The whole world (in so many different countries) has natural disasters, more or less this year! Open your eyes before spilling out something silly.

  • Jiyon Min says:

    China why you eat everything that crawls, dont bring your food to my country, I really dont like crawly things.

  • Joyce Jackson says:

    40 days 40 nights. This is biblical. God help Chinese people.

  • Jiyon Min says:

    China why couldn’t you follow us south koreans and Japanese by eating rice and vegetables for 100s of years, 1000 years at least.

  • Ray Cis says:

    Mandate to heaven

  • H H& says:

    CCP is a fraud organization,CCP lied, people died!!!

    China is the biggest prison of the CCP. Today turned to HongKong If the CCP is not eliminated this year, the CCP will turn the United States into the second largest prison in the world!

  • wormwood69 says:

    What has the virus got to do with the flooding…..???

  • Ariel Malsi Real says:

    China/CCP: Wait? It’s All Floods?

    Also The Whole World, God & Nature: ALWAYS HAS BEEN…