Qatar Airways seeks $5bn compensation from blockading quartet

2020 7/24
Qatar Airways seeks $5bn compensation from blockading quartet

Qatar Airways has launched international arbitration seeking at least $5bn from four Arab countries as compensation for blocking it from their airspace and removing it from their markets.
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have essentially banned the airline since June 2017 when they cut all ties with Qatar and imposed an air, land and sea blockade on it over accusations of supporting “terrorism”. Doha denies the charges outright and says the quartet aims to infringe on its sovereignty.
Qatar Airways said in a statement on Wednesday the measures specifically targeted the carrier with the aim of closing its operations in the four countries, destroying the value of its investments and causing widespread damage to its global operations.

Al Jazeera’s Dorsa Jabbari has more.

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  • Prophet Mohmmed sucks my dick says:

    Qatar should go bankrupt.
    That’s all I wish

    • Popeye says:

      I agree

    • محمد الجابري says:

      Lool Qatar is one of the richest country in the world u fool

    • Triggered gaming says:

      Must change the name of your channel otherwise m going to change you.

    • Popeye says:

      @محمد الجابري And they finances terrorist groups with it

    • Prithvi Raj says:

      @محمد الجابري Qatar has just 1 billionaire. How it’s rich? City I live in has 30.

  • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

    the real reason is qatar dont plays the saudi war monger game thats good but the problem is the saudis has the usa in their pocket

    • Lemon O says:

      soon electric cars will destroy Saudi Arabia just wait 10 years and see

    • Ozone Turtle says:

      @Lemon O saudi has a plan tho. look up vision 2030. its a plan to diversify its economy

    • Kaleem Ul Haq says:

      I think USA has Saudi in their pocket

    • ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

      @Kaleem Ul Haq i gave this comment a like

    • Niku Sokoli says:

      @Ozone Turtle bullocks

  • S Biswas says:

    Pisslamic ummah

  • mehrdad baradaran says:

    Good Qatar, keep fighting. These countries are all sell outs to what the superpowers tell them to do. I like it when countries decide what to do based on what is best for their country and the region.

    • Omar Sayer says:

      Qatar is the biggest sellout. It hosts the biggest American military base in the Middle East (Al Udeid) and the only Israeli embassy in the Arabian Gulf countries. Don’t worry, Iran’s turn is coming up and it’s destruction is going to be historic.

    • Ozone Turtle says:

      @Omar Sayer wut will iran do?

    • mehrdad baradaran says:

      Omar Sayer nice joke, the only way to actually gain anything against Iran is through Soft Power. It is a big bite even for the US, not impossible to defeat Iran but very costly. That is why US or any country will not attack Iran directly cause at the end of the day Iran has nothing to lose but they have a lot to lose. Even after they get rid of the regime which Iranians actually are against, the new government will still not favor foreigners in the Middle East region. Way before any of these Arab states in the Persian Gulf were created as puppet states Persia (Iran) with Ottomans (Turkey) were playing the game with the big superpowers. Even before that Iran had been battling others to survive which it did for almost 7000 years. Qatar is doing the right thing, Saudi’s think they are the Arab leaders and everybody has to listen to what they say. Smart strategic move was to move away from the toxic GCC. Saudis think they can rule by new shiny weapons but remember this, guns don’t win wars, people do.

    • Sharishth Singh says:

      Chill everyone, every country is a sellout when it comes to geopolitical interest.

    • ادم محمد says:

      mehrdad baradaran You people seem to be hungry for wars and you’re not even from the region you treat politics as if it is a football match well it’s not, as a Saudi I don’t want a war with Qatar nor with Iran and hopefully diplomacy will prevail.

  • Asif Dutchmaster says:

    I hope Qatar wins the case.

    • ShadowDark Pro says:

      It already claimed the victory and now they can fly over Egypt, KSA and UAE

    • Dave says:

      @ShadowDark Pro lol no they cant

    • ShadowDark Pro says:

      @Dave read the news plz

    • Popeye says:

      Airspace are within a countries border. It’s illegal to enter without authority

  • Nazeem Matthysen says:

    Qatar you deserve the right to claim these are all MUSLIM COUNTRIES THAT BLOCK QATAR UNDER WHOS ORDERS ONLY FROM THE WEST

    • Crazy Frog says:

      Nope from Saudi Arabia

    • mx_gamiG says:

      Crazy Frog nope from there master the WEST

  • Sindabad says:

    Illegal blocked

  • Alamgeer Zaheer says:

    Take that Saudi Bully

  • Sammy Hamawi says:

    Qatar has more money than rgypt

  • nim ajji says:

    Al Jazeera finally does a story about qatar

    Doesn’t cover the funding of terror activities in different countries and human rights violations in their own country

    Al Jazeera still will continue to be hated by Malaysia and Indonesians alike.

    We hate your propaganda news channel

    • asterixis says:

      @Sharishth Singh you are being delusional, what you are doing is not criticism hence why I reply to you. You are just flaunting false arguments that need to be addressed. I’m not Qatari so is ‘not my media’. I’m fully aware why AJ doesn’t report on Qatari issues, they would go biting the hand that feeds them.This doesn’t change the fact the their reports on other countries are legit. They report on many countries and they don’t cry like a baby like you. Malaysians need to just suck it up.

    • Unicorn Jqk says:

      @asterixis AJ needs to be recognised for what it really is – a propaganda channel

    • asterixis says:

      @Unicorn Jqk ok fine, propaganda against?

    • ادم محمد says:

      asterixis If Al Jazeera wants to be respected they should also criticize the Qatari regime but we all know that they would never do that so I will never understand why are they respected and al Arabiya and al Alam news channels are not, they are all doing the same thing criticizing other countries and not covering the atrocities and human rights violations inside their countries, this is ridiculous and unacceptable.

    • asterixis says:

      Y@ ادم محمد yes I understand your point. My point was, only because they decide to hide and not cover their own issues, the rest of their reports cannot be considered automatically fake news/propaganda .

  • Jay Al-Ali says:

    With Qatar 🇶🇦. Keep up the fight. Inshallah they get the whole $5 Billion. Those other Arab nations respective leadership are all reprehensible repugnant reprobate dictators.

  • Iaaf athletics VAR says:

    Love ❤️ Qatar

  • Muzammil Khan says:

    Both Egypt’s Sisi and MBS are absolutely Abominable beings,

    But it’s their Airspace,
    Qatar can’t do anything legally, Anything

    • Jarrod Yuki says:

      @Muzammil Khan for peace to exist in the middle east: 1. the us must be guaranteed its oil supply. 2. israel annexation of palestine must be recognized. 3. any nuclear reactors built in the middle east will have to be registered with the UN. 4. the sunnis and shias need to sign peace treaties. 5. territorial disputes have to be resolved 6. belt and road 7. qatar blockade lifted.

    • Muzammil Khan says:

      @Jarrod Yuki

      If there was an Eutopia,
      You would be king,

      Besides such Childish Words,
      It’s Slavery and Subjugation.
      Not in our Blood Son.

      We treat Yankees no better than Nazis.

      And it took me more to realize you are a Child

    • Mi Movil says:

      @Jarrod Yuki legit question: according to international law, this would be illegal?

    • Jarrod Yuki says:

      @Mi Movil you mean palestine well the us supports it so it will go through.

    • Mi Movil says:

      @Jarrod Yuki My bad. I meant the blockade, but I am guilty of commenting before watching the video. All good.

  • Cosmin Contra says:

    It’s like suing Ethiopia over their dam. I don’t think we could argue against territorial rights

    • Skander Helali says:

      There are binding treaties and ICAO regulations regarding airspace access. Nothing to do with “territorial rights”.

    • 晚夫京理 says:

      Skander Helali and so ? If US can break deals why others dont. U think there is a way to force a country to let they air open for everyone ? Mark mine words, They wont get even an $ back.

    • armija says:

      Actually you are not right and your comparation is stupid. Freedom of civilian navigation both trough airspace and territorial waters is regulated by many treaties that all countries involved in this crisis have signed. Ethiopian dam has nothing to do with this and is not similar problem in any way.

    • Trust in God says:

      晚夫京理 @. 👍👍👍

  • Mr Express says:

    the western governments have created puppet governments in the middle east. they want you to fight with each other to further weaken you. then the west will take your resources. israel is taking more of the west bank and slowly it will take all your lands. Rise up to fascism and zionism and stop fighting with each other. topple your puppet governments.

  • maxamed Ibrahim says:

    qatar we love you from Somalia

  • Popeye says:

    Countries have the right to refuse access through its airspace to anyone they want

    • Lemon O says:

      yet you cant do that to the water ways

    • Omar Sayer says:

      @Lemon O *International water ways

  • Dimos Pant says:

    Stop spending money to Turkey and other extremists then….Well done to the others ancient and proud countries who know their history…good job blocking them..🇬🇷 🇬🇷 💙 🇪🇬 🇦🇪 🇸🇦

    • hadi gari says:

      @Dimos Pant I wrote English.What happens if you put “agia” in the name of what doesn’t belong to you? We put “Aya Sofya” first, then prayer rug.We also call Aya Sofya MOSQUE since 1453.Your history knowledge is good, you have not forgotten.We will give you many more unforgettable moments because of this your stupidity.

    • Punisher says:

      @Dimos Pant Your ancestors sold it to us blame them not us 🙂

    • Dimos Pant says:

      @hadi gari you are totally in a mess mate….AGIA ( ΑΓΙΑ ) means holly and SOFIA ( ΣΟΦΙΑ) is ancient Greek world means wisdom we say it until today…You just didn’t have the courage to change the name…This massive and stunning monument means much more than you and you middle age logics to go an pray in it when you have next to it other mosque….and remember ΑΓΙΑ ΣΌΦΙΑ

    • Dimos Pant says:

      @Punisher they didn’t sold you took it with blood and sword like the pirate moves you making today against all your neighbors not just Greece..We dont care where you are go to pray honestly..we care about a worldwide UNESCO monument you are going to ruin again…You only destroy from the past until today like in Syria Iraq and Libya and Armenia and Cyprus and Greece and Egypt and Saudi Arabia and UAE and and and ..You are no good for nothing..wasting time with you living in the Ottoman Empire in 2020..

    • Punisher says:

      @Dimos Pant Blabla do you even know what you typed there nonsense you hate us bcs we took constantinople now {istanbul}. So don’t act like your care about the world.

  • Men In Black says:

    Unfortunately, Qatar will not be able to collect if it wins the case.

  • Siyawash Nishat says:

    Death to devil nests( House of Saud and UAE).

  • Ricardo Ferreira Miranda says:

    Qatar airways has an excellent reputation among the passengers. I hope the restrictions are lifted soon and only good exciting news come from them.

    • Popeye says:

      @Ricardo Ferreira Miranda call it what you like, my comments are fact.

    • Ricardo Ferreira Miranda says:

      @Popeye well, I’m afraid you ought to be Fact-Checked

    • Popeye says:

      @Ricardo Ferreira Miranda They literally get away with murder

    • Ricardo Ferreira Miranda says:

      @Popeye you are watching Dateline and got confused

    • Popeye says:

      @Ricardo Ferreira Miranda We don’t have that where i’m from. Try again

  • Ikram rony says:

    We love Qatar,,,,,😍😍

  • Buy Albino Sulcata Tortoise says:

    They have to pay for this. Egypt is a tyrannical State

    • ادم محمد says:

      And Qatar is a democracy

  • walker tanner says:


  • Omar Al kayal says:

    Bahrain and the UAE have reopened the air space it’s no big deal

    • Crazy Frog says:

      👀👀 such an idiot

    • Dwika34 says:

      Crazy Frog true

    • General vlog says:


    • Ooof Oooofooof says:

      What about Saudi Arabia and Egypt, oh and the cost damage of those 4 years

  • Qazaqşa Kanal says:

    Go go Qatar 🇶🇦
    Down down Saudi

  • udin hakim says:

    Fake news alert

  • Abe E says:

    Why is everyone below supporting Qatar and Saudi etc. None of them are paying you, stop acting like they deserve your support.

    • Magezi Bashir says:

      Since no one is paying u to hate them, then stop hating them.

  • Muhammad MH says:

    Shame Egypt,saudi arabia you all flowing Israel….. i love Qater…… from Bangladesh

    • Popeye says:

      Qater is a virus that spreads

  • Tolgz says:

    Don’t worry Qatar, us Turks will do better for you. We will give you all of UAE 🇦🇪

    • Novak says:

      You guys are failing to win in Libya who after many years of conflict.

    • ادم محمد says:

      We will give? Countries are not for you to give.

    • Prithvi Raj says:

      Your currency is now worth of toilet paper

    • Omar Sayer says:

      LOL, as if you can. Turkey is nothing more than the the global powers puppet in the Mideast region.

  • SAIF & SAMMA says:

    We Support QATAR 💐❣️✌️

  • HARIZ HASNAN says:

    Saudi Arabia the most powerful country

    • Novak says:

      Just ask Yemen.

    • Popeye says:

      How powerful? They usually pay other people to fight their wars

    • FAHIM TAJWAR says:

      @Popeye thats the true definition of power

    • Popeye says:

      @FAHIM TAJWAR That’s not the definition of power, it’s the definition of being a coward

    • FAHIM TAJWAR says:

      @Popeye you clean your own toilet, you are brave, and i pay someone to clean my toilet. same.

  • Mak Teb says:

    I don’t see any impact. They can fly all over the world, except Africa, which is dominated by ETHIOPIAN!!! Thanks Egypt for that. Lol

  • Junko Sama says:


  • S M says:

    Look at what they did in Yemen they are coward

  • Shaheed Griffin says:

    Don’t support Iran or Yusuf Qaradawi, simple!

  • Shaindy Tyberg says:

    Hypercritical do they let Israeli airlines flight over Qatar??????

    • Omar Sayer says:


      And yes, they do. Qatar has excellent and open relations with Israel. The only Israeli embassy in all of the Arabian Gulf is in Doha.

    • Pat Dalager says:

      Why would they want too?

    • armija says:

      @Omar Sayer Do not lie. There is no Israeli embassy in Doha, Israel has embassies in Egypt and Jordan and very close relations with UAE and Saudi Arabia. Of all states mentioned in this crisis Qatar is the country with worst relations with Israel.

    • Azwad Ahsan says:

      @armija yes that’s a good thing right? Who wants to maintain ties to an apartheid illegitimate country anyways

    • armija says:

      @Azwad Ahsan Good or bad, let others decide. My comment is directed to a blatant lie about Israeli embassy in Doha and “excellent and open relations” between Qatar and Israel. While situation is completely opposite and it is this group of nations that blocked qatar who are cooperating with Israelis much more than Qatar.

  • Turki Alhusaini says:

    Qatar should in that case compensate Bahrain for the losses incurred due to the problems it sowed in 2011.

  • okacet says:

    $5billion is not sufficient, $10billion should be reasonable.

    • Mary A says:

      okacet yeah Qatar should pay to Libya for financing turkey to wage war I think that’s fair

    • Nazeem Matthysen says:

      Thats peanuts NOT ENOUGH

    • Nazeem Matthysen says:


  • All in Bangalore says:

    Qatar will laugh now….

  • Wealthon Ngo says:

    I urge the people of this world to support the qatari gov’t. And qatar airways in their endeavor.

  • Ashish Watkar says:

    Al jajira is Qatar funded channel

    • Abdul Qadir says:


    • Ashish Watkar says:

      @Abdul Qadir it will always post pro islamic pro Qatari news

  • Warid Hasan says:


  • scorpioninpink says:

    Egypt can’t afford that. All the money of Egyptians goes to the pocket and belly of Sisi.

    • Popeye says:

      They all do that in the Arab world.

  • FATMA RASHID says:

    الله يحفظ قطر ❤

  • ab mehar life says:

    Qater is better than other arab

  • DILAN wRx says:

    If you can hire and fire so many employees you can cover that amount by now.

  • Yusuf patel says:

    Sue their pants off.Quatar air wouldn’t have made that kinda money with th Covid pendemic going on.

  • ANGITH K says:

    Qatar 💪💪

  • Sharif Saidi says:

    We love Qatar’s

  • Stone W says:

    Isn’t it completely hypocritical for Saudi Arabia to ban the Qatari airline because they allege Qatar as promoting terrorism and supporting Iran when Saudi Arabia has been a proven ground for terrorists since before 9/11 even until recently with the murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Kashoggi? Politics as usual…..

  • Chiara Paladin says:

    Bad bad bad!!!!!!

  • 500,000 Views says:

    Egypt is broke let their Husband UAE and Saudi pay on her behalf.

    • 7mad 7mad says:


    • Ruum T says:

      7mad 7mad what does he mean

    • 7mad 7mad says:

      Ruum T it means that Egypt doesn’t have money or bankrupt and let their wife – Saudi and uae to pay her

  • Sharishth Singh says:

    اصنع السلام

  • Prithvi Raj says:

    I thought Qatar was rich.

  • bella frances says:

    The world is so naïve about what China is doing to destroy democratic values. China is preparing for war to subjugate the world. Chinese theme is to put the blame to the west to gain sympathy from other countries. They discredit international law – like UNCLOS, commit massive human rights violations, steal intellectual property, exploit resources, kill poor fishermen, conduct espionage, subversion, then blame it on colonization. Colonization has not totally bad. Hong Kong was benefitted by it. History would say that the danger of colonized countries is internal rifts. China caused massive destruction of other nations by inciting rebellion and communist insurgencies to pursue its own vested interests. China should be stopped early, else it will damaged values of democratic nations by inciting internal rebellions and insurgencies. China will go for one-to-one arrangements to destabilize regional stability, like the ASEAN, EU and African Union. XI IS A SCHIZOPHRENIC OPPORTUNIST TRYING TO PROJECT HIMSELF A GOOD MAN BUT AT THE BACK IS HATRED, EXPLOITATION AND MURDER.

  • whateveausaid says:

    Good luck getting even a penny. GCC states have traditionally flaunted international rules given their close ties with the usa

  • mighty warrior says:

    looks who is crying

  • Kevin Wellwrought says:

    Crafty Qatar!

  • Plan Net says:

    Boycott qater….. Boycott qatar airways

  • Sajid Khan says:

    Great news God bless Qatar!Shameless UAE, Yehudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt.☹☹☹😡😡😡

    • Omar Sayer says:

      LOL you being a “Bobs and Vagene” kind of guy would get treated like a slave in Qatar along with the rest of your country men.

  • peter320vn says:

    Must be nerve-racking using Iran airway after the incident.

  • No Name says:

    😂😆 What about compensatition for the millions of innocents killed by qatar terrorism around the world.

  • IL VLOG says:

    we as malaysians request that you be responsible and bear all your faults and tyranny for accusing malaysia as a cruel country … we want the truth … do not accuse at will !!! we as citizens are very kind to foreigners even if they come to our country illegally … you should apologize for your mistakes openly on your social site … we want you to redeem the good name of our country … you redeem return our good name in an open way that is to apologize again so that the good name of our country can be cleared of the accusations and nonsensical accusations … the accusation is very serious and can not be accepted even by any Malaysian … we want you to redeem your dignity our country … and stop spreading fake and cheap news that your channel does for the sake of popularity and money on viewing … such garbage channels should be banned by google or youtube and related because it can split the peace of a country and the world. ..please take it seriously … withdraw their licenses … call on the relevant parties to take action against them … please understand that this channel makes many false accusations and spreads false news that can affect world peace and fight a country … please understand !!! I, as a true citizen of Malaysia, forbid them to enter our country after this … as long as it is not completed, then it is forbidden for you to set foot in our country … an apology must be made openly and made properly and correctly so that the good name of our beloved country cleaned immediately !!!

  • Zain Ayoub says:

    Qater support terrorist. 4 terrorists were cought and they said that Qatar and Turkey were giving them all their financial support. Qatar helps terrorists. The terrorists even said that.

  • Jencikova Jenkis says:

    the boycott was all because we have a new saddam hussein but now ruling saudi arabia………..his name is MBS (muhammad bin salman) and he likes to use the chainsaw on his opponents!

  • Yaser Hussain says:

    Saudia, Egypt and UAE are supporting the real terrorists. being proven now.

    • Mary A says:

      Yaser Hussain wrong is the other way around Qatar pays jihadis via turkey ,

  • Seba Plays says:

    I never want to go to UAE I Love Qatar and if I would have to choose between them it would be QATAR

  • Launch Journey in Bangladesh says:

    Obviously Qatar should seek the compensation.

  • mo Babylonian says:

    Long live Egypt

  • Abnur nuab says:

    Qatar was lucky wen turkey stepped-up n Somalia said we’re neutral stance…..the evel they can’t do nothing anymore …..I wish Qatar will never forget that

  • WASIM864 says:

    Qatar zindabad

  • Sakil Ansari says:

    Saud has done a very wrong job by blocking Qatar and it has been proved that Saud wants to run his rule

  • Mary A says:

    Qatar proven they are terrorist supporters better to be contained ,

  • Sepilok Fui says:

    Good for Qatar, having the best servicing airline I can say so far.

  • Sai Teja says:

    Just fly over the blockading countries. They are not going to shot down passenger planes

    • ツRoyalPillows says:

      Then that will just help the countries case then in the law suit..

  • Md Dulal says:

    When open normal international flight from Dhaka to Doha?please tell us tricket amount.I love Qatar Airwase

  • ツRoyalPillows says:

    How ironic..Most of the comments criticizing the countries included in this video are foreigners that know nothing that is happening behind the scenes..Relax at the end of the day the countries will open up to each other it may take 10 years or it make take 4 months but either way they will still open up.

  • MalluManiti VLOG says:

    Egypt support terrorist organizations

  • MalluManiti VLOG says:

    Bann Egypt visa in qatar

  • WaW TV says:

    if this Al jazeera keep on destroying countries images like what they did to Malaysia maybe soon even south east Asia will consider

  • Nas Mohamed says:


  • Faraz khan says:

    Very good journalism.keep up the good work. Love from Islamabad Pakistan.

  • Elius Islam says:

    If you follow the right way then nobody can’t defeat you.

  • Abu Bakar says:

    Hahahahahah get 10 b$ from these…..