Mandarin over Mongolian: Students protest against language policy

2020 9/09
Mandarin over Mongolian: Students protest against language policy

Students and teachers in the northern Chinese province of Inner Mongolia are taking part in rare protests against a new policy requiring that certain classes be taught in Mandarin.
The main language used now is Mongolian and is spoken by a fifth of the province’s population.
Al Jazeera’s Katrina Yu is in Beijing.

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コメント一覧 (136件)

  • Zhang Qian says:

    I won’t be surprised that CIA is behind this!

    • Manduul Bakhdal says:

      Zhang Qian *if

    • Manduul Bakhdal says:

      And shut up! You CCP slave.

    • Khiêm Nguyễn says:

      @Manduul Bakhdal Don’t argue with her, they are beyond saving.

  • funny maker boy says:

    Very famous person will be say = who have internal problem in a house go and fight with your neighborhood because your internal problem Hide . 😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Automatism says:

    since no one knows mongolian and understand what they are speaking, which makes it easier to make fake news.

    • Dark of the knight says:

      Mongolian still knows how to speak mandarin and the struggle is real. If you know chinese u can show you a video of a teacher talking against CCP officials

    • Automatism says:

      @Dark of the knight i am Chinese i dont need you to teach me what China really is. 装什么大尾巴狼,反共就回国反,在YouTube上反共,挺有意思啊。

    • Dark of the knight says:

      @Automatism 有啊。評論都被刪除罷了。😂 你要被抓也可以啊

  • Joydeep Ghosh says:

    Good. Inner Mongolia had been forcibly annexed by China.

  • William J says:

    China 🇨🇳 is evil….

  • Anand kumar says:

    No , Only Mandrin because Chinese has dictatorship leader…..

  • Azat says:

    CCP is the most thick faced lier in the world. They are shameless and brutal. They are the threat to the free world.

  • Azat says:

    While you have millions of population, you are called minority in China where the Chinese are more than a billion. What a curse!

    • deep state says:

      Cantonese (Guangdong) has 80 million speakers, Wu (Shanghai) has 60 million speakers but they are minority in China.

  • None of your Business says:

    there are 917 MILLION mandarin speakers in the world and only 3.6 million mongolian speakers. If you want your children and grandchildren to be unable to function in the world sure teach them mongolian. If your want you descendants to have a chance at making money and having a prosperous future then teach them mandarin

    • deep state says:

      917 million Mandarin also speak minority language like Cantonese (80 million) & Wu (60 million)

  • Dioskoros Iakobos Makarios says:

    China get out of the planet

  • BG Low says:

    Wait until common Mongolian man started to unite neighbouring tribes.

    • Prince Gani says:

      China will be theirs again

    • Dragon52 says:

      Are you a Chinese Separatist Traitor or Fucklun Goon member or an Indian using a fake Chinese name?

    • Jacob Frye says:

      @Dragon52 ok commie

    • skyline says:

      I think you live in the 1200 century. The modern age is too fast pace for you.

  • jc 97 says:

    Meanwhile Mongolia use Russians lol😂 And inner Mongolia using traditional Mongolian language lol

  • jen jurado says:

    CCP is so sick!

  • Alvin CYK says:

    Fail Mandarin examination. It is free. 😁

  • Skul ov Lebenski says:

    You can’t speak mongolian, but not learning it in school… Simple as that. Same in germany. Thats totally normal. I support china on this issue.

  • Bernard Tan says:

    Just anti-China propaganda when your commentator refers to Tibet and Xinjiang, as the Tibetan and Uygurs languages and cultures have been preserved in promoting tourism. As citizens of China with Mandarin as the official language, it would be natural that they need to learn Mandarin so as to find suitable employment, participate in trade and commerce on a equitable playing field. Do Qatar not required their citizens to learn the Arabic language, regardless whether they are Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, etc., ? That goes for every countries as well, like Russia, the EU states, India, Korea, Japan, the US and every nations for that matter.

  • H W says:

    Tbh, the worst treated are Han Chinese , all these so called minorities would be given huge discount on their entry test to universities .

  • lin Ricky says:

    Down with CCP

  • Kurmi Nachle says:

    Han Chinese don’t have the concept of unity in diversity. China has become Han Chinese racist hegemony. China will fall down simply because of the narrow minded Han Chinese. Han Chinese are digging their own grave for country called China. It is matter of time for China to become history.

  • ilhamrj says:

    Why, Foreign Minister giving comments on domestic affair??? I often sees this lady giving statement representing CCP.

  • Sanjay Thapa says:

    If it was english will they protest ..

  • Fran Park says:

    Humanity suffer when small group of people has too much power over rest of population. This is not sustainable anymore.

  • Lali Lata says:

    I’m from inner Mongolia. I don’t know what you western news tripping on. Mongolian was never taught in the public school. There’s Sunday school you take, but never in public schools

    • Broadcast Journalist says:

      I see, I am a Mongolian too ( outher) in U.S. Majority of Mongolians have worried about inner Mongolian’s brother sister’ safety since this language ban break.I hope you searched the news and protester all around world. As Mongolian we only can support the way. Those all happens because of China is implying the one China policy in Hong Kong ,Inner Mogolia Tibet, Uigur Shinjian addition Taiwan.

    • Lali Lata says:

      @Broadcast Journalist well, I can’t say I know all the inner mongolian’s life, but in huhehaote, mongolian are actually treated as important citizens, and they get extra support from the government, and they can have more than one kids, while the han are only allowed one. Of course there were different types of confrontations, and language teach in public schools has always been on the top topic, but nothing was ever done about, I’m most certainly are not saying Chinese School shouldn’t teach mongolian’s language, I think that would be wonderful.
      What I am saying is western media is making something that’s been going on for a very long time as some news, and it’s not, it’s something that’s always there.

    • Broadcast Journalist says:

      @Lali Lata i see, I’m happy if they r fairly treated as first class citizen in China. Yeah,I think Chinese some people more educated than before, and kinda opened their perspective of divercy culture through business. I hope ongoing happens in inner Mongolia same as what you referring here. But I heard that 5 provinces still teach subjects on traditional Mongolian language in primary grades. Isnt true ?

    • Lali Lata says:

      @Broadcast Journalist I know there’s private schools for mongolians, but I’m not very sure about the 5 provence teaching mongolian’s culture you are speaking of. I mean culture of mongolian are taught in public schools, just not the language part. Which in my opinion, it should be more important.

    • Lali Lata says:

      @Broadcast Journalist also, I have to address the idea of “first class citizens”, from what I can recall, mongolian are one of the largest minority in china, while inner Mongolia also have a lot of Chinese Muslim, it’s probably one of the more diverse region. While China has 56 different cultures, I don’t think mongolian were the first priority for minority benefits, I think the central and south region has some very small and old tribal are probably considered the most protected people. They have more land rights, and they can keep outsiders away from their tribes.

  • Your Majesty! says:

    In my country there are more than hundred languages but we learn only our national language and English at school. We learn our native language at home. This is a similar situation.
    You can guess my country.

  • Cactus66 Arizona says:

    hongkong not part of china as well as Tibet East Turkestan and South Mongolia

    thanks Deutsch Bank of ChiNazi… criminals against poor Tibetains, Uighurs and Mongols!
    Boycott Angel of MerHell, boycott china, boycott germany

    • TK Wong says:

      Cactus66 Arizona

      Your brain is totally f’ed up.

  • leather Guy says:

    Typical dictator in China

  • Ich Nemesis says:

    Good old China

  • Real Guy says:

    I have no opinion on this particular issue. But the sad part is that these people are going to be branded criminals, no right to express their concerns. How “some” Chinese people can continue to support the CCP is the greatest travesty here.

    • Real Guy says:

      TK Wong …. I’m not anti-China. I see nothing wrong with China rising. In fact, I think China rising is a good thing. But the murderous SOB’s behind the wheel, that’s not good for the rest of the world. Yes, I think 60-80 million is too high. I also disagree with those numbers.

    • TK Wong says:

      Real Guy

      You may have your freedom of thought about China or anything. Just don’t lie. You are making it obvious.

    • Real Guy says:

      TK Wong …. I didn’t lie about anything.

    • TK Wong says:

      Real Guy

      Good……bon bon for you.

    • Real Guy says:

      TK Wong … 谢谢!

  • UNFORE SEEN says:

    May the locusts of the Bible destroy the USA, Russia and china for spreading war disease death destruction and pollution, Now all that is needed is the birth of artificial general intelligence in a small country to reshape the balance of power in the world and a new conflict to destroy these power hungry countries for good!

  • A. Ahmed says:

    Huh? Why are they being forced to learn mandarin in Mongolia. Isn’t Mongolia its own sovereign nation?

    • Khatansaikhan Margad says:

      Inner Mongolia which is part of China

  • Joshua Aldus Hobbs says:

    Protect the Mongolian Language, Culture, and Traditions! All Lives Matter, That includes their Identity!
    Do not let the CCP overrun the underdogs.

  • Ed Lee says:

    China is so unwanted, even its own people do not like china.

    • Vick Nad says:

      China is basically North Korea on steroids.

    • sanjay pandey says:

      @Vick Nad 😂😂😂😂

  • Future Begin says:

    Satan spelled backwards
    National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

  • TS! Gem says:

    United Nations has always been useless when it comes to situations like these…we all know they’re going to let China have their way because UN people can’t get enough of their money. They’ll easily turn their eyes away to let a superpower have their way every single time.

    • A Sherif says:

      What do you want them to do invade china with what army. Plus you do understand that the un is an accumulation of world countries and around the world china has many debtors so.

  • Bhoepa Tsangma says:

    Cultural Genocide has been happening in Tibet, East Turkistan, and Mongolia. Communist China dominated by Han Chinese is now systemically Ethnic cleansing the so called minorities. These are all Colonized lands who have their own culture, language and traditions very different from Chinese. Only Han Chinese languages are taught in schools. Language advocates are given long prison terms for inciting separatism. Communist China’s repression over these minorities are unbelievably harsh and excessive. Find out what happened to Tibetan language advocate Tashi Wangchuck.

    Show less

  • Pak De says:

    People think that there aren’t any protests in China but actually they happen fairly often on a small scale but they seem to have very little influence on decision-making and if the protests become too big it doesn’t end well for the protesters.
    Now, we’re going to hear the Wumao version of how the Han Chinese make up the majority of people in inner Mongolia without mentioning that it’s the result of transmigration policy aiming to assimilate the ethnic Mongolian people just as other ethnic groups were assimilated and now self identify as Han.

  • Han Han says:


  • Ani Gabriel says:

    Why China interfering to Mongolia it is unnecessary

  • Jake Bryant says:

    We love you mongolians.. fight for your freedom

  • T James says:

    3 million population. And this is about the language of instruction for critical knowledge.
    So how are you going to compete going to a Chinese university and how do you accumulate knowledge?
    Is it feasible to translate crucial knowledge into Mongolian?
    Meanwhile in China, Chinese want their children to learn English so they can send them overseas.

  • keyzoro 95 says:

    Just for confused people…
    They are talking about language changing problem of Inner mongolia .

    As you know these is outer mongolia and inner mongolia.

    Outer is it’s own country
    Inner is chinese part of once mongolian land that mongols lost after the empire’s fall.

    • TK Wong says:

      Looks like you are causing more confusion. Mongolia used to be part of China. Under the pressure from the former USSR, Outer Mongolia broke away.

    • keyzoro 95 says:

      @TK Wong Aren’t you the one?
      If you going to say
      “was part of”
      Who was part of what?
      The both countries has big history of empires.
      China was concured by Mongols empire under khublai.

      And next both china and mongols conquered by manchurians?
      So what’s the deal?
      Are we really gonna talk about who conquered who?

      Mister smart chinese.

    • keyzoro 95 says:

      @TK Wong Plus they broke away why?

      Outer mongols did asked and agreed with USSR… it wasn’t USSR pressure or forced it’s more like they didn’t wanted to be with y’all and i think it was the best choice ever 😂😂😂

    • TK Wong says:

      keyzoro 95

      Calm down mongol. I was simply elaborating what you said.

  • Khruhuto Venuh says:

    Once upon the time we the nagas (india)are the race of Mongolian. Long live Mongolian.

  • Stupid Ass says:

    why dont you teach indian language in the us?

  • midcent73b says:

    It’s clear that the Chinese are pursuing ethnic cleansing, culturally and biologically, so that there are only Han Chinese.

    • Nickson Sicnawa says:

      Who invade other countries’ U. S is bombing or invading countries and displace millions of people. While China is building roads, railways, airport, bridges, hydro dam, port and invest in other countries. Idiot

    • Aedin Ridmash says:

      @Nickson Sicnawa 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Rusher War says:

    Don’t let chengis khan take birth again

  • Dukun AS says:

    This is a poorly made propaganda. Every nation have their own national language, and China national language is mandarin language. Second language is also can be taken such as your mother toungue or if you want to pick foreign language such as english. Usually mother toungue you can learn at home and surroundings.

    The worst nations that destroy mother toungue are actually those who claim that they are democratic, such as US and Australia. How many of the local Americans (Indian american) or Australians ( aborigins) know their mother toungue?

    By learning national language and their own mother tounge they can open many job opportunities. You can see that shanghai still talk using shanghainese that is not tought in school, and when they talk to fellow shanghainese.

  • Lee Richard says:

    They need tuong lu kim!!!! War dance

  • Being Republican says:

    China is brutal.

    Shame on CCP

  • Being Republican says:

    I request Mongolia and Tibet to rise against China.

    Moral values and protection of our identity is important

    • Powersettings M says:

      Near impossible mind you.
      Han popoluation numbers over a billion.
      And in inner mongolia it’s 80% Han Chinese and only 20% Mongolian. This partly has to due with the fact that china colonized inner mongolia :/
      Better idea would be to pull a hong kong and destabilize the region to slow down further government influence. This wont fix the problem but it will allow for an opportunity to present itself in the future

    • Junjie Pan says:

      @Powersettings M Actually only 17% Mongolian in Inner Mongolia. And even less Mongolian in Inner Mongolian in 1947. Actually, even 2000 years ago, Han Chinese were living in the land of today’s Inner Mongolia and there was no Mongolian at all at that time. The Mongolian people today in China’s Inner Mongolia are the Later generations of the Mongolian aggressors.

    • Junjie Pan says:

      ​@Powersettings M I think you know that Mongolian invaded many countries in the history. They invaded China, invaded Russia, middle Asian countries and even Europe. The Mongolian invaded these countries and the Mongolian people also live in these countries since then.

    • Powersettings M says:

      @Junjie Pan yeah thanks for clarifying to someone who knows all this and is even mongolian. Wow so much help

  • Being Republican says:

    Rise mangolia rise.

    We don’t want china to rule us.

  • Rodney Mark Estrella says:

    China needs to learn english well. They need to adjust for the world not the world to adjust on them.

  • 黄语 says:


  • pro looser says:

    Xinping is a hitler ⚠️⚠️⚠️

  • wingchou CHOU says:


  • Faruk Mhamood says:

    CCP reform policy affect all Chinese equally and it is betterment for all.

  • Effill Wei says:

    It’s not Mandarin, it’s simplified Chinese ☹️

  • Lilia Chan says:

    Americans always sending so much hate to China. Meanwhile Americans are telling Hispanics to learn English. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • ᜉᜒᜇ᜔ᜎᜐ᜔ ᜈᜅ᜔ ᜐᜎᜅᜈ᜔ says:

    I bet they will not show this in chinese media and tell people that everything is good in the occupied inner mongolia

  • ᜉᜒᜇ᜔ᜎᜐ᜔ ᜈᜅ᜔ ᜐᜎᜅᜈ᜔ says:

    Treat them like north korea pullout our businesses.. theyre biting the hands that fed them

  • Real Learner says:

    Irony is: this inner Mongolian people in China , Tamil people in India are ready to embrace English ( foreign language) but don’t accept their own home grown languages. Shame on you

  • jk says:

    natchi all over again

  • FlyingTiger says:


  • True North Strong and Free says:

    *Words of wisdom from a previous leader of China*
    China is not a superpower, nor will she ever seek to be one… If one day China should change her colour and turn into a superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world, and everywhere subject others to her bullying, aggression and exploitation, the people of the world should identify her as social-imperialist, expose it, oppose it and work together with the Chinese people to overthrow it.
    Deng Xiaoping
    On that note, it’s time for the PLA to fulfill their ORIGINAL mandate and “LIBERATE THE GOOD CHINESE PEOPLE FROM THEIR OPPRESSORS”

  • Tarek says:

    Ccp showing its true face again.

  • myo zaw zaw says:

    Should Respect in differentiation

  • Chuka Amur says:

    I don’t punch women’s however everytime i have seen this ccp woman i really want to punch 😤

  • JAGE MIDU says:

    A Mongolian man is seen speaking English which language has not yet eradicated his Mongolian language and culture, so why would Chinese… This is insane thinking..

  • NOEL BLASH says:

    To be completely objective, as much as I dislike China’s political agenda, placing a greater importance on a language that is becoming more and more essential for business and job opportunities, is a good thing

  • Soudip Sanyal says:

    Tibet, uighyur, inner-mongolia, all are captured territories by china.

  • Jon Graves says:

    Ghengis Khan approved.

  • PIS BIAK says:

    I think they should keep their own language but they also need to learn mandarin, english because to be honest, how many foreigners that understand mongolian language?. Anyway, is there any apache or sioux language being taught in the US school?.

  • Dragon52 says:

    In Malaysia, the Chinese were told to speak Malay in Parliament. How come Al Jezeera did not whimper a single word? In India, Modi wants all school to teach Hindi, what about the Tamil speaking southern Indians and the Silks language? The US force the indigenous people to speak English. All former colonial rulers force the people of their colonies to speak French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. How come westerners didn’t utter a single word?

  • misdrevenous says:

    Genghis Khan must be so proud

  • Dragon52 says:

    China should follow Egypt, UAE, and Saudi Arabia to ban Al Jazeera because it is a Western presstitute.

  • Abdullah Muhammad says:

    So Hua Chunying is saying these people are risking the lives by protest, for no obvious reasons?

  • Jinbin Lv says:

    Mandarin is national language, every minority should learn Mandarin, every Han has to learn Mandarin too because they only speak dialect at home, then Han has to learn English so it’s USA wipe Chinese culture!

  • Pharaohs Afro Medjay Warrior BOMANI says:

    Mongolians Don’t Need Your Languages They Need Support And Help The Chinese Just want to out Dominant Them in an Control Resources

  • Cactus66 Arizona says:

    红火树 Grand Tibet (including Qinghai Sichuan Yunnan…) East Turkestan & Mongolia as well as HK, are not part of CCP Hans territories almost stolen by innvaders dogs eater sent from Beijing.
    Time to Independency & Freedom up to 2/3 of china.

  • Spencer Ko says:

    (Inner) Mongolia independent movement was none existent before now but the CCP managed to jump start it, good job!

  • Major General Siad Barre says:

    China is at yet again

  • bruce chung says:

    I bet these Mongolians if we’re living in the U.S.A., then they have to use English in the public for a better communication, hence they have to learn English for that without any objection !- Certainly they dare not go for any form of protest for sure !

  • Johney Smith says:

    China, should check Christian churches. The US missionaries have long penetrated the Outer Mongolia, I will not be surprised that Mongols from Outer Mongolia have established many churches in Inner Mongolia and converted may Mongol Chinese. This protest have the character of those HK protesters, who were supported, financially funded by Christian churches.

  • xXAuronXx says:

    CIA been working really hard these days

  • Akarsh Sharma says:

    विनाश काले विपरीत बुद्धि 🙃

  • Hayden Ho says:

    Genghis Khan is rolling in his grave right now

  • True North Strong and Free says:

    Good News….according to my friend in Beijing, this teacher AND the principal were fired!

  • Tr4ns D0n4ld says:

    everyone one om earth needs to just learn English already. what an amazing way it will be to unify the world if we all spoke one language

  • Nickson Sicnawa says:

    I hope China will slap tariff on Qatar products or sunction ALJAZEERA. because of Fake news.

  • Azimuth next says:

    its really great to see people fight for their language, we bengalis know what its like to have someone try and destroy your language

  • sanjay pandey says:

    Someone bring ghengis khan back

  • All Weather Cat Lover says:

    Mongolia is Mongolia, Inner Mongolia is China, two different countries!

  • Josiah Yahuda says:

    Mongolia will be China’s downfall. If they are the dragon, the Khans blood in Mongols veins will rise and be awaken then the dragon slayer’s blood will completely annihilate the red dragon. Fear will come upon the land of Han and hordes of horses again will bring destruction and unpathomable horrors upon the sons and daughters of the great red dragon.

  • Hungry Panda says:

    Pakistan will be introducing Chinese over English as their second language soon …

  • Vincent Lam says:


  • Nilesh Bhattacharya says:

    USA behind this

  • Mercedes Benz says:

    We need another Genghis khan from Mongolia..

  • Mercedes Benz says:

    China has already taken much of Mongolian land..

  • Hullo Pillow says:

    How are they going to get a job if they only speak mongolian.

  • Sanjeevi Rao says:

    Mother tongue is “non-negotiable”.