Indonesia-China diplomatic row escalates over fishing rights

Indonesia says it has rightfully captured a Chinese fishing vessel in the South China Sea after it was caught fishing illegally in its waters. China had issued a protest with Indonesia after the vessel was captured and crew arrested last week. This is the second incident in the past three months causing a diplomatic row between the two countries.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Jakarta.

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117 thoughts on “Indonesia-China diplomatic row escalates over fishing rights

  1. Denis Alhamidi Reply

    China is Satan..

  2. Viet Reply

    Suuport Indonesia from Vietnam. China becoming more invasive, greedy and bully to all sea front countries. They have no humane and no care of UNCLOS

  3. ysf Channel Reply

    Asean kroyok cina yuk..

  4. SMAN 1 Bajawa Reply

    China is not just faking machinery products, the world map is also falsified by China

  5. David Casling Reply

    People moan at the u.s.a.chinas no better.

  6. Acho LaGaligo Reply

    Freezz all china project in indonesia n stop nikel export to china…

  7. Arif Nur Hidayat Reply

    what is the purpose of China entering the Natuna, Natuna belongs to Indonesia and has been recognized by the world

  8. Mohd Hassan Reply

    China was.stealing fish.

  9. Raden Apriyanto Reply

    China sucks
    China sucks
    China sucks
    China sucks
    China sucks
    China sucks
    China sucks
    China sucks
    China sucks
    China sucks
    China sucks
    China bad
    China bad
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    China bad
    China bad
    China bad

  10. Expert Reply

    Natuna is inside SCS. China has fishing rights.

    • Plant based Plant Reply

      Shut up

    • Plant based Plant Reply

      Is between it sea

  11. rizal mulya Reply

    Comon asean countries kick china together(im indonesian)

  12. Plant based Plant Reply

    China : I claim this sea is mine now

    Indonesia : trigerred

  13. Enrico Reply

    China think just because the South China Sea have “China” in it they can claim it whatever they wanted. If so then India should claim the entire Indian Ocean theirs then.

    • Manish Lodh Reply

      Who gona say that to China?

    • Global Mask Penguin Reply

      Good one!

    • Edy S Reply

      @Aji Setiadi Njirr… Komen lu gak nyambung, bambang…
      Maksud ts tuh “China pikir cuma gara2 namanya “Laut China Selatan” ada nama “China”-nya trus mau klaim semaunya. Kalau gitu India harusnya klaim “Samudera Hindia” karena ada nama “India”-nya dong”

    • Aji Setiadi Reply

      @Edy S iya tau sperti Komen orang india itu.

    • Michael Aaron Lee Reply

      Hundreds of Somalian pirates bypassing their ocean and yet they’re lazy to patrolling the ocean…Indian Ocean?? What a disgusting name


    Idk man what if the whole Asia just attack china

    • kimeli Reply

      by using global firepower measurement rest of asia will lose. that is why the US navy is needed there.


      @kimeli then the whole world attack China

    • Nine tail Fox Reply

      @ZRACKOV BEAST ah,yes some ww3 refence

  15. Pirdaos Daos Reply

    Go indonesian

  16. Freedom woman So lovely one be cool now Reply

    Actually Indonesian President Joko Widodo is getting slave by america so that Joko Widodo has lack of knowledge can’t think at all, but don’t move according to other’s Idea in South China sea!!! go on by own idea it will be better forever.

  17. hugo maria kwartiandono Reply

    I heard Indonesia has capability to produce nuclear bomb… recently they have nuclear reactor already.. Indonesia have Uranium mine…and plan to have nuclear power plant but most society / people do not a agree.. now people must consider & think that they probably agree with government to agree develop a nuclear bomb as well as China.

    • Shit just Bout to happen Reply

      Asean wouldn’t allow nuclear weapons , bruh

  18. Yoga Tirtamas Reply

    Natuna Island is Indonesian territory. Never dare to disturb the sovereignty of our country … whoever you are. All Indonesian people are ready to defend it. Until the last drop of blood.

  19. Akio Yukiko Reply

    Greetings from 🇵🇭💪🇮🇩

  20. Dion Lesmana Reply

    its simple, just ask the native people of the island. Who are they? which citizen are they? can they speak chinese?

  21. Shia Labeouf Reply

    China: Harasses weaker ASEAN countries.
    Indonesia: I’m gonna end this country’s whole career.

  22. Indonesia people Reply

    Yooo everyone
    In the end 2019 china do that’s again until now 14-01-2020.
    I hope china understand thats they are soo greedy

  23. Noguchi Kikuchi Reply

    👎👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈indo will be lost

  24. Karina Putri Reply

    China Does Not Know Yet if Indonesia has not commanded Kopaska and Kopassus

  25. Audisakawp Yunuz Reply

    Asean United again Cina

    • kimeli Reply

      if military ASEAN would lose.

  26. Uus Sambo Reply

    China 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
    Indonesia 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  27. Tetova Tetovo Reply

    Indonesia we are with you 🖕🏼🖕🏼 china

  28. Powerboy 24 Reply

    I salute Indonesia 💪

  29. harry setyadi Reply

    Oh China please be advised, this matter can be escalates quickly, just a spark of boycott idea will cause damage to Indonesia China trade, and you will suffer bigger loss

  30. Abdillah Sanad Reply

    The simple solution for Indonesia and Malaysia is close Malacca Strait to China.

    • Ezwan Haafizh Reply

      They cant do that. They lack war ships and missiles required.

  31. Omega Springfield Reply

    It’s only a matter of time when ASEAN brothers fight back.

  32. Macky Kintanar Reply

    The bully is lurking all over the place. If nobody checks her, eventually she will declare it is hers !!

  33. Don't Me Reply

    Fvck u china, we r not stupid we know what u want

  34. Alvian Hermawan Reply

    China sangat melanggar wilayah ZEE sah negara Indonesia, belum lagi ekonomi indonesia makin memburuk, harga pangan sangat mahal, pengangguran meningkat, juga beberapa hutang china, imigran china berdatangan, alhamdulillah beberapa gubernur bijaksana

  35. Juan Tamad Reply

    Soon phil, indonesia, viet will become province of china..

    • MUHAMAD ALI Reply

      No way !!!

  36. Norman Vincent Kong Reply

    If China can easily impose their will and bully the Philippines, Indonesia is far different type of specie and a hard nut to crack by the Chinese. I fully admire Pres. Widodo stance of bravery and firmness against the Chinese Incursion. Sorry to say our Phil. Leader is only brave in words but not in action ..Kudos to you Pres. Widodo !

  37. G. Mendoza Reply

    Indonesian president is very smart and brave! Philippines president have no guts to defend WPS! Sad case and useless Philippines president!👎😣👎

  38. ronald tv Reply

    Meanwhile the Philippine is nothing at all’
    Even Chinese coast guard harrassed the Filipino fishermen .
    The Philippine government ignored protest to chinese government,

    And last week,
    The Chinese coast guard ship visit to the manila,
    The official of the Philippine Coastguard welcome with red carpet honored to tthe chinese coast guard.

    That’s why,
    Im salute to the Indonesian government to protect its territory agains chines.

  39. kuloSOBO cS Reply

    Boikot produk china , ekeekek saya aja pake hp china

  40. indra kusuma Reply

    China crazy country, I feel shame for China

  41. Gelo Gelo Reply

    china island grabber they don’t know their map?

  42. ダビッド百合 Reply

    Death to CCP.

  43. Sunarto Sunarto Reply

    Indonesia adalah negara cinta damai,tetapi jika ada negara luar ingin mengivansi maka bangsa dan rakyat Indonesia siap untuk perang,…!

  44. 劉劉 Reply

    A country with a sinking capital !

    • Mezoth Reply

      A country with a corona virus!

    • Mezoth Reply

      yall should die with that virus

    • Satella TheWitch Reply


  45. Kilmer Nierras Reply

    Indonesia is brave dont be bully by china

  46. Trịnh Thăng Tiến Reply

    i hate China but i love Indonesia
    support bro Indonesia
    from Vietnam 🇻🇳

  47. Ibad Kain Reply

    in respond for stubborn cinese fisherman… we will send reynhard sinaga

  48. Adville747 Reply

    China boang pakyu!

  49. srikanthan kandappan Reply


  50. Mein Kanal Reply

    as a people Indonesian we are not affraid with china, they “sell” we “Buy”. In the past (when the kingdom era-tarumanegara Kingdom )we kick and cut the ear of messenger of china, we’ll do it again, become a martyr of indonesia. The North Natuna sea is Ours.

  51. Prawoto Woto Reply

    hai china china gk usah belago lho kau akan hancur

  52. Norlyn Manibpal Reply

    China is so greedy country.

  53. kala batara Reply

    Traditional fishing ground???what a foolish. Then If indonesia also claiming traditional fishing ground, australian sea is belonging to Indonesia due to the people of Bugis had already sailed and did fisheries activities since 1000 years ago.

  54. EmZ'thE'grEat17 Alaji Reply

    All the Asean’s country must be gather together against China… China often bullying to the other country like Philippines, Indonesia and other country as well,,, China has claim all the sea but not belong to them…they think they are powerful country… Shame on you China…

  55. Mohd Hassan Reply

    Nothing is normal with chinese behaviour. It is forcing itself to take others properties.

  56. DD IO N InoI Reply

    Natuna utara, bukan laut china selatan.

  57. Mohammed Voneza Reply

    If China claiming it as History Aspect, then Indonesia can claim all the teritory of Nusantara


    The thing is why Chinese don’t fish on their own EEZ or their backyard?


    The kay is ASEAN must unite against China’s illegal fishing and poaching of natural resources in other contries EEZ and maritime sovereignty and territorial integrity. China doesn’t care and no respect at all!

  60. kirt david Reply

    Good job indonesia show those other south asian country they can blow away china . If SEA cohntries would have each other then china wont be bullying anymore .

  61. DELETE Reply

    cge mang,agaw pa kayo panay pasok kayo sa hindi nyo lugar wala na bang isda sa inyo insektong kaya cguro madami nang nanirahan insektong sa pinas dahil wala nang isda dyan..

  62. original fightfan Reply

    Why its called south china sea anyway? If media say reports naming south china sea chinese claiming it .. because its name south china sea…lol…

  63. Jervis Soriano Reply

    I wish the PH government do the same of fighting its sovereign rights in the west Philippine sea.

  64. He Man Reply


  65. NICK 1 Reply


  66. santiago h Reply


  67. Eko Santai Reply

    Kayak gitu kok ada yang muja-muji Tiongkok … saking rakusnya Natuna mau diembat

  68. Victor Joy Barcinal Reply

    China is fake

  69. Glenn Soriano Reply

    China think owned the world.

  70. jojo cater Reply

    China is crossing the rules and laws of the world time to stand for china there breaking every laws time to stop that

  71. jojo cater Reply

    China only thinks about themselves they dont care about the test of the world time to stand to china and put a stop to this

  72. Zed Lauresta Reply

    Illegal Fishing is Illegal. How do you Chinese Spokesperson describe illegal?

  73. MasterRoshi Ar. Reply

    China has different opinions of the water between Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, Australia, Africa and them. It might be down to China thinking the whole World is their backyard.

  74. asaka616 Reply

    Only one way to deal with a bully like China and that is to push them back.

  75. Laurie Wise Reply

    Go indonesia. Stand up to these bullies

  76. Simone de Silvestro Reply

    Natula island is so far from China, which ever vessel from China that is caught there,Deserved to be punished

  77. me august Reply

    If every nations want to do with theor ancien acenstor story… the one who can claim all the china is mongolian… Gengiskhan already conquer all the chinese



  79. Shiv Naryan Reply

    Go Indonesia 🇮🇩don’t allow China to bully you

  80. Sultan gunawan Reply

    I am from Malaysia support indonesia 🇮🇩 to kick china out from island natuna sea

  81. Herry Chandra Reply

    You just new comer in militry international china! Don’t think you strong, you always lose with you war experince.

  82. Sayad Kik Reply

    we indonesians are ready to die to defend our country we will continue to defend the island of natuna and we will not be afraid of dying for the war against china

  83. Gecko Tan Reply

    There is a common saying that what is yours is what you can successfully defend. While I do not subscribe to this in this day of law and order, you cannot deny it is at work all thru the centuries. That’s why Australia & NZ belong to the whites and not the aboriginals, USA belongs to the whites and not the red indians etc etc. China is also doing this now because it knows its neighbors are weak. But why are these SE Asian countries weak?
    Indonesia is the largest country in SE Asian, the supposedly big brother. Even in the late 60s, it even waged a war against Msia and S’pore. With such a large country and so much natural resources such as oil, timber, natural gas and human resources, you would think it is a rich and powerful country. But in reality, it is even militarily weaker than the island of Taiwan. Why? Because of rampant corruption all through the years resulting in money going into the pockets of bureaucrats & other individuals instead of the coffers of the nation. So now, it lacks the funds to even build up a strong and formidable navy to deter foreign intruders.
    It would be big news and also shameful news when the day comes that the big brother of Asean has quietly ceded its territorial waters or even islands to China because it lacks the ability to defend them. When that day comes, Indonesia only has itself to blame.

  84. firman GGMU Indonesia Reply


  85. G McD Reply

    Arrogant Chinese. Sink their illegal fishing vessels.

  86. Gangan Imam Reply

    Hua chunying says Chinese fishing boat was conducting normal operation on the water.
    What da heck, mam ur sailors was stealing fishes from other countries territory. How could you say this is normal?

  87. Charlie Tango Reply

    once you allowed china to go inside your territory they start to owned the place because they are greed and arrogant..

  88. Raylee Brown Reply

    CCP think all lands and seas are theirs ! They disgust me bullies….

  89. jimmy lung Reply



  90. Muhammad Khotibuddin Reply

    Natuna is similar to Guam or Hawaii. It’s very strategic to secure the claimed region. China will save Natuna for the last part of campaign


    China itu buta huruf bener….Keliatannya teknologi nya bagus tp gk bisa bedakan mana wilayahnya…bodoh…

  92. Reaz Bipul Reply

    Hiow many fronts Chinese want to fight 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  93. Media Umum YT Reply

    Dragon vs Tiger

    Hmm intersting

  94. Budi Santoso Reply

    Hey there china commy..why you are not claiming north /south pole also as your teritory?

  95. Adrian Karlsen Reply

    Indonesia should have sunk the fishing vessel. Don’t give the Chinese any chances or they will take advantage completely.

  96. Adrian Karlsen Reply

    Chinese vessels are stealing fish from many countries. They must be stopped immediately.

  97. alejandro isabela Reply

    thats why this fisherman behave badly because protected by government… this is there way o have lots of money

  98. No Merced Reply

    Sunk that fishing boat

  99. Ma. Marly Cortezo Reply

    prepare for war

  100. Ken Davies Reply

    All ships from China should be sunk.

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