Pakistan-US relationship: A double game? – UpFront

2020 5/23
Pakistan-US relationship: A double game? - UpFront

Earlier this month it was revealed that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) suspected its Islamabad station chief may have been poisoned by Pakistan’s military intelligence service, the ISI, following the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

While the reports have not been confirmed, some say such level of suspicion points to growing distrust between the two countries.

Those within US intelligence argue Pakistan is playing a “double game” by saying it supports the US’ role in the region, while also supporting the Taliban.

Pakistani officials have denied these long-standing allegations, while others believe double games are essential because their interests do not always align with those of the US. Such distrust, however, has left many to wonder about the future of relations between the two countries.

In this week’s Arena, we bring together former heads of the two countries’ intelligence agencies to debate their sensitive relationship.

Michael Flynn, former Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama and author of, The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies, is in debate with Asad Durrani, the former head of the ISI, and one of the main architects of Pakistan’s Mujahideen policy in Afghanistan.

Editor’s note: The Arena was recorded prior to the US drone strike in Pakistan that killed Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour.



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  • Saad Malik says:

    Great General Durrani

  • Watan Mari jan says:

    We love pakistan I not like usa and afghanistan

  • P P says:

    pakistan is a pimp …probably they need more money or arms for full support.

  • Asif Mahmood says:

    US what about Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan. So much of bloodshed by your government. How can you justify. If you have changed the meaning of peace with killing fields that’s OK.

  • michael jhon says:

    Pakistan help terrorist and use them as proxy war against neighbouring countries for there selfish and national intrest.

  • Saira Ali says:


  • Erwin Rommell says:

    All world preference to non pashtoon afghanis in afghanistan and ignoring 70% pashtoon of all afg population. Only and only Pakistan give them support,shelter and even without visa living in pk but in return they hate pak without any reason

    • Mu5ty Laghmani says:

      That’s coz pakistan destroyed their country given them visa and shelter will not compensate them

  • Aamir Khan says:

    1 billion + population & non systematic distribution of resources is india’s reality and herr they are telling us what we should do 😂😂
    I pity indians 🤣🤣🤣😭😭

    • Prashant Singh says:

      Your well distributed resources are heavenly working for your economy …apni aukat me rah ke bolna ..jitna tumhara defense budget hai utna hum farmers Ko fertilizer subsidy dete hai ..ab has😂😂😂😂

    • Ali X says:

      Aamir Khan not indian randians

  • Hallow! says:

    I never really understood the alliance between Pakistan and US in the 21st century. It just seems like a sad remnant of their cold war relations, which were honestly quite destructive when we consider their effects today.

  • oneKhalil Miah says:

    ISI have played Kipling great game very successfully with USA .

  • Falcon says:

    Hhhhhhhhhh,go American for sleep but must take wine realese ur tensions

  • - Rise Of Pakistan says:

    People are jealous of Pakistan’s importance in the region

    • SHOSH Uz says:

      We should think about the rest of Islamic Ummah, not nation states!

  • Mian Muzammil says:

    Long Live Islam.Long Live Pakistan Army

  • Rene Gonza says:

    terrorist will control u and use u if u do not stop them

    • Romi Shah says:

      Rene Gonza control who USA or Pakistan?

  • Rashid Khan says:

    The main problem is with Pakistan that the US supporting India in Afghanistan and Pakistan will not allow it at any price

  • Ajay Paul says:

    American has still soft corner for Pakistan left.

  • Prajyot Thokal says:

    Pakistan ke maa ki chut

    • Romi Shah says:

      Prajyot Thokal Hindustan ke ma ke chut ma Pakistan ka lun.

    • Rostam Sunny says:

      Gandu hindu spotted.

  • Lareib Khan says:

    Go out from Afghanistan USA.

  • puma ring says:

    US is a terrorist state.

  • Grim reaper says:

    Balls of ISI are Big … father of USA

  • shahzad ahmad says:

    Pakistan army’s isi zindbad

  • TheKory123 says:

    Yo! Indians!!!! Go play outside with your Barbie dolls…go on!! Big Boys talkin here. You ain’t welcome.

  • baa ghi says:

    Koi Pakistani America ka sath nhi denghe

  • Umair Ashraf says:

    Afghan Taliban zindabad

  • Umair Ashraf says:

    All Pakistani support Afghan Taliban

  • King Khan says:

    Pakistan a greater country

  • Rashid Khan says:

    Afghanistan our brother country ❤🇦🇫🇵🇰🇦🇫🇵🇰🇦🇫❤I fuke USA army

  • Yaqoot Diamond says:

    If America supports racist Israel, then why not Pakistan support his brother Afghanistan….?

  • Usman Sahi says:

    long live ISI🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • why name? says:

    I told u😎 it’s a virus

  • why name? says:

    It was 9/11 , after which Geo politics changed. And Osama was found in Pakistan

    • congo jander says:

      So what we achieve what we wanted. USA going back

  • Sparks Man says:




    SHIP 1971 / AFGHANISTAN WAR 1988



  • Mirza Ali Mughal says:

    Live long pakistan💗

  • Nomi Multan says:

    Not a virus you can call that Muslim brotherhood its a natural bonding and no power can undo that bonding

  • Autumn Bus says:

    No solution whatsoever on American terms.
    This is my land and I have the right to choose my friends.

  • Lucky Jat says:

    US deserve double game because US has two faces..US is double gamer but pakistan is his daddy in double gaming😂😂🤣🤣

  • Talha Talha says:

    nice short gen…

  • samhouston2000 says:

    Do you think CIA will ever do anything for Pakistan which is not in best interest of United States?. EXACTLY!!.

  • Asim M kashmiri says:

    Don’t worry about Pakistan we are most resilient people and we are very adaptable

  • saad SAAD says:

    In 2019 no Pakistan agencies are operating in Pakistan only India, American & Israel agencies, now Pakistan’s interest is to remove terrorism from Pakistan (75 percent removed) & to have peace with Afghanistan, Iran & India. No IsI is operating in any other country again their law.

  • EStore4U says:

    American blaming Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan, was there any Pakistan near Vietnam? Is there any Pakistan near Lybia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq & many more where Americans are poking their noses and sponsoring terrorists. Pakistan is just trying to get rid of Americans from ts neighborhood because no one trust US anymore.

  • Action Reaction says:

    America failed in Afghanistan peace process due to Pakistan involvement, Because USA has not stable Policy to Resolve the issue , and finally America create the history to negotiate a Terrorist group in Afghanistan.

  • congo jander says:

    Yankies made a mistake by playing with Pakistani fire tgey didn’t understand Pakistan is not dumb arab country where u will go kill and achieve what u want.
    Pakistan will make you bleed badly 😊as we are doing for last 15 days

  • Syed Imran Shah says:

    A double-game is essentail part of the strategy to eliminate extremists from India, Pakistan, Iran and even Bangladesh. Extremists and fundamentalists need to trust their Govts and leadership in order to follow their orders of sending them to Afghanistan and other such areas of consumption. Americans need to read the history of British administration of colonies and they would understand what is this double-game all about. The tribal chiefs in India had to maintain a friendly relationship with the British but had to listen to their own people too, therefore, double-game was necessary. Even the King of Jordan, who had confidential good relations with USA and Israel, had to maintain such a strategy. In 1967 war, when he sent troops against Israel due to domestic pressure, he informed Israelis that he is doing so on public demand and it was okayed by the Israeli leadership. Sometimes, it is not possible to win a war without double-game. The ruler of Afghanistan, Dost Muhammad Khan had issues with Sikhs over Peshawar city and he had made an alliance with British. But he convinced Sikhs of his loyalty to them and sent his troops for helping Sikhs against the British in Second Anglo-Sikh war (1848-9). These Afghan troops did nothing to secure victory for Sikhs and even contributed to the defeat of Sikhs.

  • Mian Muzammil says:

    Long Live Pakistan .

  • Jamal Khan says:

    There is a very strong and true believe in Pakistan that America is not a trust worthy friend and past is a very clear evidence of this believe. If America has the right to defend its national interests then Pakistan has the right to protect her national interests.

  • Rajesh K says:

    Real News , Real View and Al Jazeera? Isn’t there a double game? Shut up Al Jazeera, we know you are Sympathisers of ISIS and Pakistan. Stop your Islamic propaganda.

  • AB mangrio says:

    Funds offered by USA was not utilized….it went into corruption.

  • Maneeb Mirza says:

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  • Indian Muslim says:

    Well done Pakistan

  • Swapnil Rane says:

    useless country pakistan ..only known to produces terrorist graduate

  • 123 321 says:

    Ha ha I love it , what you give you will get back TTP or extra 😉 . This is not call humanity this is a game for their national interest ha ha

  • Dark Archer says:

    Are there any Russians or Chinese here? What do they think of this interview?

  • ARSLAN AZIZ says:

    Look back history US roles in Arab Israel War

    Are you joking that is war not a football match

  • Zartasha Riaz says:

    We will play triple game if necessary😜 …why should we fight with afghanistan when they are good with us except few US puppets😏???

    • Abdul Basit says:

      Most of em’ are actually not

  • Zartasha Riaz says:

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  • mehreen jahangaiz says:

    Soviet Union left and now US is leaving. 😜

    • Abdul Basit says:

      Insha ALLAAH… But i don’t think they gonna leave AFG that easily

  • Farhad Helmand says:

    Nice question about afghan concerns…

  • sher ali khan says:

    in this arena general ASAD beat CIA officer

  • Eastern Yankee says:

    So when is the Next Army Removal of BULLSHIT PM ? Or will TALIBAN DO THE BEHEADING ?

  • Hasnain Rehmat says:

    Lol TTP was your creation Mr American if want proofs then here’s my book I’ve met with TTP one of their chapter emir was from my family
    I’m from fata and seen with my own eyes and now writting a book on it… to exposes these enemies of Islam

  • Zinda Jutt says:

    Daddy is playing double game 😂

  • Zinda Jutt says:

    It’s triple game

  • Samya Noori says:

    This Pakistani is a war criminal. Their minds are so extremely twisted

    • Abdur Rahman says:

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      Dogs of Donald Trump
      Death to America

    • congo jander says:

      Hahah we won the war welcome to 2020

  • Abdur Rahman says:

    Death to America

  • Qasim Raja says:

    Just think 250000+150000+Afghan forces + best military weapons technology fail because of ISI and 5000 taliban

  • LOGHNY Warriors says:

    Haha Cristian fair is next target for isi.

  • Amir Khan says:

    ISI is no 1st in the world right now

  • Stand for justice says:

    One of the best videos of this show I think…..

  • sadia malik says:

    GeÔ MarkhóòRR””s😎🔥
    ….. ALLAH PAAK 💞💞 Bless & Protect U & give u alloot of success our un-sung Hero’s on ur each STEP against 💚🇵🇰 Enemies
    … Ameen 😊🌷

    💖❤💖🇵🇰💚 FORCES ISPR 😎 🔥 💖❤💖ISI 😎 🔥 😍 Zindabad

  • Sarosh Khan says:

    And now MICHAEL Flynn is in jail

  • LOGHNY Warriors says:

    Afghan national resistance (Afghan Taliban are moral Freedom Fighters. Zoinist baby Americans occupation forces are needs to be removed.

  • Ali Sher says:

    Where is TTP now?? Talibans are in bargaining position now with USA( although, they will be worst alternative of USA.), US seems to like they are living Afghanistan. Pakistan out of invasion threat. What more you expect from ISI.
    Big games take time and patience and are not for weakhearted people.

  • Zinda Jutt says:

    It’s so many ball

  • aftab ahmad says:

    gen durrani as always act like a boss.

  • aftab ahmad says:

    this is what actually the narrative of Pakistan.

  • Muhammmad Umer says:

    5:55 international national forces will know what will happen if they try to kill the The Taliban 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • juveman123 says:

    America is just frustrated that someone else is defeating them at their game.

  • talha khan says:

    Foreign policy discussed by military leaders? Definitely not a conversation with the right people.

  • Ramzan Ups says:

    Don’t ever mess with ISI.
    Why they are Crying now like a baby?

    • normal human says:

      Do U Guys really justify terrorism 🤣

  • Sshel Sahel says:

    Usddr , USA and now Pakistan- welcome to the graveyard of powers. Pakistan is not considered as a power but as a headache. We will free from this headache the whole world

  • Bilal Ahmed says:

    When questioned about TTP(Pakistani taliban) see how US General gave a vague statement twisting the entire story.

  • Shakeel Ahmed Gujjar says:

    TTP is a sponsor by usa & india

  • asif bajwa says:

    Afghanistan….” the graveyard of empires”

  • aqib mahmood says:

    Pakistan and America Stopped Russia to Attack Afghanistan but What next ? America attacked Afghanistan and Pakistan tried to stop America…
    who is in favor of Afghanistan decide yourself

  • Anwar Ahmed says:

    They both are true. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Usama Ahmed says:

    Its Pakistan’s agency why should they care about USA’s interest, obviously they will take care of Pakistan’s interest.

  • Junaid Ahmad says:

    What a nice, clear and solid reply from Gen. Durrani. I am glad to hear such a confidence in a Pakistani general

  • sheraz ahmad says:

    Does any other country has such power to show eyes to USA, its only Pak.

  • Asad Zaman says:

    You can not buy our national interest by giving aids and your dollar’s, you can buy the global leadership as you destroyed all instead of ISI
    I love Pakistan
    My best wishes with ISI zindabad

  • khalid sadat says:

    6:25 that is what he is saying listen idiot americans

  • Mahabir Yadav says:

    Pakistan is also a Terrorist Country

  • Akhtar Khan says:


  • Vc Hat says:

    Great general durrani ❤️🌹👍😁

  • Universal Peace Humanity says:

    It’s not fair to discuss Afghan’s affairs but not have an Afghan official or politician part of the discussion, journalism 101.

  • Qasim Raja says:

    Hi super power how was your match with ISI today ISI prove that we won and super power is crying 😢

  • Qasim Raja says:

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  • normal human says:

    Pakistan is Terror State

  • MX 09 says:

    This how debates are done between gentlemen. Agree or disagree with each other but nobody shout at one another.