Turkish president calls for sweeping boycott of French goods

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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for a boycott of French goods following French President Emmanuel Macron’s call to fight “Islamic separatism” in France.
Macron comments come after a teacher was beheaded earlier this month for showing cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.
Several Muslim countries have joined the boycott against French products.

Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Vall reports from Doha, Qatar.

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  1. Avatar Kamal Roy says:

    All ediat he’d of now

  2. Avatar Heena Ghafoor says:

    Macron how dare you insult our beloved prophet S.W.S.W..😡

    • Avatar chris chow says:

      Your question insults us.

  3. Avatar maggie stardawg says:

    france is finished

    • Avatar chris chow says:

      Because you guys won’t buy French wine from this day onwards? How’s Israel doing nowadays?

  4. Avatar Prasun Bajpai says:

    Islam teaches only Tyranny, belittling Women, Slitting Throats of other religions, and gifted terrorism to the whole world.

  5. Avatar mo_ped88 says:

    Turkey’s economy has dropped by nearly 10%. Unemployment rate is up and getting worse because of corona effects on tourism. The lire hits all time lows day by day. This is also why the popularity of Erdogan’s party has dropped. Erdogan wants to play in the league with Trump and Putin, but the Turkish economy does not support it.

  6. Avatar Madeleine Maje says:

    Long time back when I used to endorse for Al Jazeera, my friends would often question me if that’s a Islamic terrorist organisation, and I used to laugh at their ignorance. Today, what a drastic shift over the years. Al Jazeera now has become what they falsely assumed then, a violent terrorism supporting network.

  7. Avatar Jack Sparrow says:

    Muhammad paigambar son of pig

  8. Avatar m. n. a m. n. a. says:

    Bycatt France products

  9. Avatar tahseen ahmad says:

    Love you Palestine from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🙂🙂🙂

  10. Avatar Omar Farique says:

    Top 10 French Products to Boycott

    1) Air France
    2) Dior
    3) Cartier
    4) Sephora
    5) Carte dor
    6) E. leclerc
    7) Louis Vuitton
    8) Vichy
    9) Evian
    10) Perrier

    France has lost over $26 Billion on the first day of the boycott and they have lost a total of $100 Billion due to the boycott. This is what happens when the Muslim Ummah unites.

    Let’s boycott these 10 company products. It’s the least we could do for our Prophet Mohammad (SAW). And share this post on social media to get good deeds.

    • Avatar chris chow says:

      Nice, you guys kill their teacher and boycott them. Really sensible thing to do. I am sure your prophet is proud of you. And don’t be so full of yourself.

  11. Avatar kasih saputra says:

    France Macron : “We are supporting Freedom of Speech and Expression”
    Also France Macron : “Why do you people do that?!”

    Me : “Don’t you support Freedom of Speech and Expression? 😑”

    • Avatar Michael says:

      It’s a bit dumb to say that, though. They are using free expression to try to remove free expression. I personally agree that they have the right to do that, but surely you can see how ridiculous it is.

    • Avatar kasih saputra says:

      @Michael I do believe muslim just play the game with France’s Rule.

      If France (Macron & people) feel unpleasent about it, well… he should know how muslim feel and think again about what he call Freedom of Speech & Expression.

  12. Avatar Ioanna Mariz says:


  13. Avatar Ariana Music HD says:

    France is one of the most brutal colonialist demon ever exist in history. They murdered some 300 millions people around the world since 500 years ago.

    • Avatar chris chow says:

      That is still less than the Ottoman Empire does over a weekend.

  14. Avatar Md Maktoum says:

    Yesterday ALLAH Boycotts Turkey in the form of Earth Quake ,.

  15. Avatar Jawaria says:

    Great president 🙏💕💕💕💕 of Turkey

  16. Avatar Eustache Mirrabel says:

    Do you know that Boycotting french products will not affect France, it represents only 1% of our exports haha. It is unacceptable that some of you agree with the guy that killed the French teacher (RIP). Charlie Hebdo made caricatures of every single religion of this planet and yet you are the only ones reacting like this. The freedom of speech is embedded in France’s culture and if you can’t learn to respect it and if you can’t assimilate to our country and values you should leave France! VIVE LA FRANCE and long live our Freedom of speech

  17. Avatar Uhtred Bebbenberg says:

    Please do boycott french citizenship..
    but they always boycott some apparels and pastries, that too for a short time..

  18. Avatar Omar Cees says:

    I Love Prophet Mohamad

  19. Avatar Tam A says:

    Macron extrémiste

  20. Avatar Tam A says:

    Macron dictateur

    • Avatar christopher chow says:

      Tell your Muslim friends in France to boycott their French citizenship.

  21. Avatar Tam A says:

    Macron fachiste

  22. Avatar Nomaan Momin says:

    Now don’t Eat Frence frise Just don’t

  23. Avatar levner brown says:

    Islamic separatism makes life hard for all. These people protesting are no different from Isil

    • Avatar Robin Virchosky says:

      What do you mean by Islamic separatism?

  24. Avatar Edmund's Universe says:

    Mental patients of religions

  25. Avatar Hy Hy says:

    Devil macron enemy of peace

  26. Avatar Eustache Mirrabel says:

    France will never be at the mercy of Islamism and their “Prophet”! We will defend our Freedom of speech, our culture our democracy, our president against the extremist and radical Islamists, against terrorism and against fundamentalism!

    • Avatar başkan baba says:

      People who protesting france are not radical islamist. They are saying you should respect to my religion. This iş very different. Be avare of it.

  27. Avatar IMRAN FAROOQ BEIGH says:

    I love turkey 🇹🇷

  28. Avatar SuhhhDude says:

    Islam has plagued humanity, a religion worse than faeces.

  29. Avatar kids pets says:

    Bientôt, Dieu détruira la France. Le temps de la destruction de la France est maintenant commencé. Les musulmans ne harcèlent la religion de personne. Maudit soit le peuple de France et le président de la

  30. Avatar Faheem khan says:

    Macron enemy of peace…. Macron is mentally sick…

  31. Avatar Neelum Faran says:

    Nobody has the right to ridicule our religion Islam and our Prophet Hazrat Muhamad (peace be upon him). The Muslim countries should end diplomatic ties along with the boycott of French products. It is the least a Muslim can do in respect of Allah and Prophet Hazrat Muhamad (peace be upon him).

  32. Avatar lady. az says:

    ALLAHU AKBAR!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  33. Avatar Gideon - Gidon Skop says:

    Viva Muhammad pedophil and merderer

  34. Avatar YS S says:

    Boykot france!!!!

  35. Avatar b L says:

    And for the Ouïgours??
    The big manipulation of peoples

  36. Avatar about sue tv says:

    the nerves, so it’s okay for someone to kill a person over religion but when the country protests suddenly they are the evil ones? really? yall going to other people’s country imposing Islam and you have the balls to get mad when we fight back? for real! the reason why many people hate Islam with passion is because of how you try to impose your religion on people and try to change laws in a country to fit you! this is not the middle east it’s Europe! European countries should stop catering to you because they want to avoid conflict! It’s time for the European government to starts fighting you head on! if you don’t like our laws too bad, you can leave the same way you came! nobody asks you to come to live here in Europe!

  37. Avatar Me Rodriguez says:


  38. Avatar Domas A says:

    Deus vult✝️

  39. Avatar Bang Aja says:

    Boycott Prancis
    Usir kedutaan besar Prancis dari semua negara islam

  40. Avatar hiten goyal says:

    2:35 says…solidarity with prophet Mohammad. Are you literally serious ?? A teacher was beheaded and your solidarity is with someone who hypothetically existed hundreds of years ago.

  41. Avatar Ramaswamy Ramakrishna says:

    Erdogan is diverting the attention of the Turkish people from the crumbling Turkish Economy and alarming unemployment. Now France has become handy to divert the people’s attention.

  42. Avatar Frederic De Keyser says:

    Mohammed was a pedofile..

  43. Avatar ItzKyut says:

    erdogan is just too good

    • Avatar chris chow says:

      So good that Allah is giving him an earth quake

  44. Avatar Ragnar Lothbrok says:

    hidra sikmiş

  45. Avatar Mr Barker says:

    They want freedom of speech taken away and don’t care that people have been killed. Islam = cancer

  46. Avatar Mohammed Jaffer says:

    We love our prophet mohammed peace be upon him

  47. Avatar cheats gamer says:


  48. Avatar Chris A says:

    SO there ganna boycott bugatis cuz bugatis were made in france

  49. Avatar In kognito says:

    Dont blame
    the cavemen for the bad

  50. Avatar Stef Alexandra says:

    There’s a video about a muslim getting owned by a professor when he called out the Muslim woman for her ignorance on “holy killing”.

  51. Avatar Shooka says:

    I’m an ex-Muslim. Islam needs to be stopped and revised. There’s no other solution! Don’t expect others be tolerant of you when your religion is not tolerant of others! Period

  52. Avatar Indiaexpress says:

    Boycott Turkey

  53. Avatar Keran Kerai says:

    There goes Turkey entering the eu as france can veto them

  54. Avatar altaf khan says:

    We cut more had like this if you not Respect the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) inshallah we boycott all france product and al jazerrah please show the world we Muslim are not terrorists

    • Avatar chris chow says:

      You already showed that it is.

  55. Avatar Ajmal Spurs says:

    Erdogan and imran didnt say a word against china, this is real double standard

  56. Avatar omar solomon says:

    Big up my maghribi Algerian brothers and sisters from London 👊👊

  57. Avatar MUHAMMAD ABDUL RAHMAN says:

    Boycott France boycott France products

  58. Avatar Shiva Tej says:

    We support France

  59. Avatar Shiva Tej says:

    Islam only producing terrorists

  60. Avatar 777Rose Sharon says:

    All refugees should go Turkey and Pakistan for Asylum seekers.. they are halal

  61. Avatar Afghan Sarbaz says:

    Allah O Akbar

  62. Avatar Srs Alan Arsaln says:

    Sallah allah alayhi wasallam alayhi sallat wasala

  63. Avatar Abadan Ali says:

    Insulting normal person? Against law.
    Insulting Islam and prophet? Freedom of speech

    • Avatar chris chow says:

      Are you insulting Hindus when you eat beef?

  64. Avatar Sumaya Abdul wahed says:


  65. Avatar Jonniex Naalu says:

    Allah F**kbar .. says the screaming crazies!

  66. Avatar Андрей 'Снайпер' Кузнецов says:

    They are doing this because France is boycotting Turkey in support of Armenia.

  67. Avatar Stephen Rodgers says:

    I don’t hear this Turk condemning the terrorist attacks regarding this!

    No no they’re too busy trying to please they’re imaginary prophet!

  68. Avatar Rahim Sa says:

    Maybe they should make a cartoon of catholic priest rapping a child ,it does reflect their own society.

  69. Avatar Aditya Pratap Singh says:

    Ban French goods thats good but what would protesting yield. Why would france even care

  70. Avatar Abhishek Patawari says:

    Yeah and when china pulled a genocide on Muslim they didn’t even bother to react

  71. Avatar shobit gurung says:

    Y no protest against China for the treatment of Uyghurs…. jus double standards….

    • Avatar Mohamed Meesham says:

      China Is Good Country

    • Avatar shobit gurung says:

      @Mohamed Meesham oh yes… we all know that 😂

  72. Avatar Unknown Dwt says:

    France wants the white flag again

  73. Avatar Ian Paul says:

    Hahaha let see how long they can survive without France product, what a hypocrite!

  74. Avatar Uzi Muzi says:

    Yes nice and all muslim leave france now giwe your passport end leave france boycott france germany end don’t ever come back

  75. Avatar Stepan Beglaryan says:

    Erdoghan is my biche

  76. Avatar Shamim Ahamed says:

    Thank Al Zajira media

  77. Avatar Aditya says:

    0:58 This guy is indirectly making Macron’s statements look legit by threatening . Such a fool !!

  78. Avatar Goutam Real01 says:

    Nonsense morons, they say Earth is flat 😂😂 now what can you expect with these peoples 😂

  79. Avatar yojojo jojo says:

    UK please ban their products what country makes fun of others but won’t let anyone take the fun of them .

  80. Avatar haniros abdmalek says:

    Tq turkish

  81. Avatar Bastian Mungai says:

    Live long France……. What if at the judgement day you find Macron beside Angel Gabriel and others who are defending the arabian dead in the Jehannam

  82. Avatar Shahzadi BK says:

    How fascinating that these people and their leaders never protested against china for uighur genocide.Don’t u wanna boycott them?

  83. Avatar Eric Temple says:

    French voters & government invited in all this kak, they had ample warning, the can’t walk it back.

  84. Avatar Rust2Riches 786 says:

    Islam is not in crisis. Islam is in 2088/ france is in 2020. Islam is way ahead of todays medievil ways

  85. Avatar Selam Tsegaye says:

    Kulu alem eze betsmaù ateluna Ethiopia amara people’s fi kitir hamile welade matu fejeru aleyon alahi yesaedina yareb

  86. Avatar Tynshain Krem says:

    Evil defeat good.

  87. Avatar what want? says:

    We love Muhammad saw.
    Boycott french all products..

  88. Avatar Laris Manis says:

    we support boycotting French Products forever…

  89. Avatar Abhilash D'souza says:

    All hypocrites everywhere. Biggest religion is humanity

  90. Avatar jam man says:

    Mixing religion and politics is dangerous. Very dangerous

  91. Avatar tania herbst says:

    Do you honestly think the rich will not buy the high end French brands, I doubt it very much

  92. Avatar Masum Masum says:

    Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) our honour ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    اللهم صل على محمد

  93. Avatar Masum Masum says:

    Role Model of the world our prophate اللهم صل وسلم على سيدنا ونبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين MOHAMED PPUH

  94. Avatar macdanta qaaliga ah says:

    We should boycott all western products

  95. Avatar saied hassan says:

    Love 💗 you islam

  96. Avatar Hilale Hilale says:

    Masha Allah al Muslim 🤗🧕❤

  97. Avatar Mujahid says:

    Kashmir stands with turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  98. Avatar Hussein Hassan says:


  99. Avatar opa aloys says:

    look here , whe have in the Westbank and the Gazastripe free speece and free demonstration. No tear gas , No teaser. It looks like a french live matter movement.

  100. Avatar Angelito Planada says:

    This cult is getting out of hand

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