Georgia bank robber escapes after hostages freed

Local media in Georgia say an armed man who held dozens of people at a bank in the west of the country has escaped. Police say they freed 43 hostages after a tense standoff that started on Wednesday. The assailant is reportedly armed with a hand grenade.
Al Jazeera’s Robin Forestier-Walker has more.

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128 thoughts on “Georgia bank robber escapes after hostages freed

  1. shalva keghoshvili Reply

    it was near the election period, in the pandemic where government can not lockdown because their win in election is more important, so they needed another “attention remover” act and so done.

  2. MU30 Reply

    Best way of getting money from these greedy incompetent political elites…

    • zz ll Reply

      While giving innocent people severe mental trauma and phobias for the rest of their lives.

  3. Donnas Atkns Reply


    • Dick Richads Reply

      look at this guy’s gear, he’s not a poor guy

  4. Mr. Kromm Reply

    Georgians will blame It on Russian.

  5. Donnas Atkns Reply


  6. Mario Carrizales Reply

    ties with the police chief of course

  7. niva zero Reply

    100% not fake

  8. imnakib07 Reply

    Money heist season 5🤭

  9. Khristian Grey Reply

    Good. I’m happy he got away

  10. Circuit Tutorial Reply

    I really appreciate how the government of Georgia save the life of the hostage’s they give what the demand of terrorist for the sake of the hostage’s inside the bank

    • Alex Zasokhashvili Reply

      there are actually people on social media we are not happy with that..

    • jemo sefishvili Reply

      bank gave money not government

  11. rouel wilson Reply

    Ok same time next week mate

  12. Sarfraz Naqvi Reply

    GTA V starting scene 😂😂😂😂

  13. andrew mutie Reply

    Looks like an ex military…..

    • Alex Zasokhashvili Reply

      yup, random gansgter do not behave that way

    • Alex Bort Reply

      Nah, the georgian military are famous for dropping weapons and running fast

  14. X ShockWaveAMG Reply

    All the criminals are running to russia. during the soviet days no criminal would dare run to russia.

  15. अर्जुन तमांङ Reply

    no one hurt
    Happy ending

  16. BOB BOB Reply

    If this was someone who shouted Allahuakbar and did everything he did, he would have been on every newsoutlet by morning

    • Ibrahim Pasazadə Reply

      Beautiful 👍 love it


      What to there is good reputatiOn as it is mostly used by isis and other terror outfit. So cannot change mondset of others..btw. what are ur opinion of isis and other teror oitfit sir

    • Bro Reply

      @Biobele actually no need to answer a stupid Satan worshiper

    • Hattori Hanzo Reply

      If he shouted allah akbar he would have blown up

  17. Syed Ahmed Reply

    Should have followed him with a drone.

  18. H N K Reply

    Zero hostage dead? Those police value lives above money. I think I mostly heard about some hostage always end up dead in the past.

  19. ahsan panhwar Reply

    Potty on georgia 😂😅😀😂

  20. Rasta Dadir Reply

    He must had been an agent from Georgia government and they let him safe pass, so latter the president will use the money to campaign next election and the bank robber will be his deputy.

    • jemo sefishvili Reply

      nah oligarch from lurer party just spend 15 million of election campaign which coming in 31 this month. also they spend 150 million on covid restrictions(not in hospitals), and we had not first wave yet 😀

  21. Shaxnoza Shaxnoza Reply


  22. warren Reply

    Now if you use your brain the robber is prob def a cop /ex cop or government trained military he knew exactly how the police deal with the situation involving hostages also knowing this he will never be caught as least he’s not going to appear on world’s most dumbest criminals lol I so wish they would make a show called world’s most smartest criminals tho half the world’s governments people would be on it

  23. Kamal De Animata Reply

    Bank Lives Matter….

  24. Leodark Sam Reply

    Lmao! This guy is the real thug. Kudos to you for actually getting away with it man!

    • დროის კარგვა Reply

      Hostages’ reported that he was a nice guy BTW 🙂

    • Aleph Null Reply

      He is an ex-military

  25. Omar baw Reply

    Georgia Done The Right thing. Human life are more important than money

    • Aiden Banana Reply

      True but with 500,000$ gone many people are going to be affected in the hundreds

  26. neo Reply

    Looks like a clip ,Inspired from Hollywood movie ..executed well ..

  27. Ali Mohammad Reply

    money is just money, life is far more important. he might have escaped but at least no family is mourning their dead.

    • Larry David Reply

      In the USA they would have killed 5 wounded many officers and that’s just a gas station robbery 😄

  28. Ausgang Reply

    This could be made into a film.

  29. felasfer3d Reply

    Welcome to Hollywood movies

  30. thangstheking Reply

    Now some idiots somewhere around the world would copy his blue print😂🤣

  31. Shaman Kajak Reply

    Stalin made a bank robbery in Tbilisi in 1907.

    • XDumo Reply

      @giorgi SOVIET GEORGIA! Rebs yleob she biji

    • giorgi SOVIET GEORGIA! Reply

      @XDumo რა იყო პატარა ბიჭი?

    • giorgi SOVIET GEORGIA! Reply

      @XDumo რატომ უზრდელობ? გგონია შენზე ნაკლები გინება ვიცი>?

    • XDumo Reply

      @giorgi SOVIET GEORGIA! patara ara siri soviet georgia ro gaweria eg kaia stalinma saqartvelos mosaxleoba mokla da ugalata mis qveyanas

    • giorgi SOVIET GEORGIA! Reply

      @XDumo აზრზე არა ხარ არაფრის ბევრი იკითხე და ნუ იმეორებ კაპიტალისტებმა და ნაბიჭვარი დასავლეთის პროპაგანდას ზეპირად
      მოკლა არა კვატა

  32. Anal Dikshit Reply

    This would never happen in india, goverment would a surgical strick.

    • Aravind Reply

      Indian traffic is so bad,that robber will never arrive at the bank on time.

  33. namik121 Reply

    Does this incident have anything to do with the war in Karabakh?

  34. Rico Delpiero Reply

    They have been practice with watching Money Heist and Playing GTA 5 before they do it.

  35. Ele Monix Reply

    I am surprised the Georgia government did not switch sides in favor of the robber

  36. zam M.A Reply

    This looks excellent like in the movie.

  37. White Wolf Reply

    Bank itself has been robbing people off.
    I’ve seen how the bank ruined so many lives with auction.

  38. Firstname Lastname Reply

    500k sounds a bit low to be honest

  39. Shoeb B Reply

    He is dead, if anyone believes that he was let out in the woods free then you need to wake up.

  40. Raihan Ahmed Reply

    Easy way to be rich and protect himself from suicide

  41. Rikas Refai Reply

    This forsure have played grand theft auto v lol 😂😂😂

  42. Liangmai Newmai Reply

    Finally it’s movie it’s real…money heist movie motivation I guess

  43. Matovu Robert Reply

    This guy was inspired by professor in money Heist.. but how on earth was he able to attack the bank alone.. he must be a nave seal

  44. KUPREX Reply

    He was kind robber,he gave everybody a food,and he asked people if they were hot,then he will turn on the air conditioner 😆

    • Dan Ewing Reply

      Did he actual ?

    • I. S. Reply

      @Dan Ewing yes, he did. one older women asked him also, hey my kid let me out i am not good here, and he let her out

  45. Ani Tagvoryan Reply

    Find out, maybe he went to Azerbaijan.🤔

  46. Evelyn Chickree Reply

    The police are apart of this. Let’s say they are 4 road to escape. Police could have setup trap, like explosive. Police should have been in different spots on the road with communication links. But no the police chief brain is dead. This is a planned event by the police.

  47. Secret Society Reply

    I just wanna going to there

  48. Lil Keinan Reply

    Iwas one of hostages

    • Benjamin Bingaman Reply

      I am so sorry that happened to you

    • Vira x Reply

      tell us about the guy, sounds pretty badass, did u stockholm on him?

  49. Rocco Reply

    new gta 5 update is really sick, can’t wait to try it!

  50. Luka Titirashvili Reply

    Fun fact: As hostages said, at first he was aggressive, but than everything calmed. He started to communicate and joke with them and even demanded meals for hostages. He also asked for 500$K and also helicopter or car and safe exit.

  51. scott hariss Reply

    he took 4 million $ including 500k police gave to him

  52. Black Gold Reply

    Defo has military background. Look at how he moves!

    • The Gentle Guy Reply

      He is a Russian Spy.

  53. JAKY Reply

    Ballz of steal

  54. Bellazme Reply

    All this for 500000? What a joke..this was more than just one man. What a lawless country for letting it’s criminal go ..that is not law enforcement. This guy was connected.

  55. N S Reply

    This is the funniest Bank robbery i’ve ever seen 🤣🤣 guy robs a bank only to find out there is no money and then asks for Half a Mill🤣🤣 then he manages escape, wow this is better than the “Inside Man” 🤣🤣

  56. Jj Reply

    On his way back to serbia.

  57. Mike Mike Reply

    I love how some COUNTRYS stage RUBBERY

  58. Marcus Muriithi Reply

    Dead man walking, that was ballsy why lie

  59. Buy Albino Sulcata Tortoise Reply

    Now I wanna steal

  60. Alex Villarejo Reply

    With a little help from the police. Everyone got their cut


    “Scam in Tbilisi”

  62. Sly Jon Reply

    He got a big stimulus check lol.

  63. maxamed yasin sicid Reply

    Seriouly, is like movie come to real life

  64. JAy Alam Reply

    It was the professor

  65. குலாப் ஜாமுன் Reply

    He must have seen Heist. 😱

  66. Imaduddin Hasan Reply its really happen just like in the moviee..

  67. Biobele Reply

    The good guys don’t always win but somehow this guy won

  68. Biobele Reply

    I’m I the only one who doesn’t exactly know how to feel, I’m a little happy that this guy, a total stranger is 500,000usd richer wow lucky soab

  69. Benjamin Gonsalves Reply


  70. Shamir A Reply

    Mission Complete. $500,000. Your cut : $100,000. First time bonus: $100,000. Platinum. Elite Challenges: all complete.

  71. Babar Khan Reply

    was the culprit christian?

  72. Mak Rahman Reply


  73. Ken Reply

    That’s called earning your money. He’s more honest than the government. Run Forrest

  74. K C Reply

    I would like to rob a bank some day,

  75. Aiden Banana Reply

    Am I the only one cheering the bank robber to escape?

  76. gio chkhartishvili Reply

    Wow we Georgians went internationally 🤣🤣🤣

  77. Clay Banks Reply

    Good show ole boy!

  78. Ali Salim Reply

    What a heist

  79. Quincy Ileh Reply

    Low budget bank robber

  80. RandyArmy Reply

    Just print another money done clear everbody happy

  81. Rashid Khalid Reply

    Small thief stole money from the big thiefs

  82. Zen ki Reply

    Wow…. Some one actually learned a thing or two from LA casa de papel

  83. pavkrn Reply

    They need a leader like duterte in their country.

  84. Kapten Kei Reply

    If this was Russia, MiG will run over the bank building, gunner and hostage.. 😂

  85. Gautam Reply

    What a Good script…. For a 🎥

  86. Capo Don Reply

    What a joke

  87. Raymond Walter Reply

    The most important of them all is that no life was lost, we can make money as long as we are alive, but life can’t be replaced…

  88. Sam Sam Reply

    Well done

  89. eX196 Reply

    Bet he was Russian

    • giorgi SOVIET GEORGIA! Reply

      he was georgian (mingrelian)

  90. Aaron Lewis Reply

    🤣🤣 so the cops didnt send an undercover to tail the guy sounds really stupid or an inside job they know him personally.

  91. blue beach Reply

    Ad georgian chef police share the money with the rober 💰💰✌️

  92. Realhumanbeing Khan Reply

    TV shows like money heist influence robbers big time

  93. mohamed buthul Reply

    Gunmen or aterrorist

  94. Sardar Muhammad Abdullah Reply

    a real movie

  95. Rama Lord Reply

    If that robber sees this comment my cashapp is $Its50centt ❤️

  96. The Gentle Guy Reply

    He was DB Cooper Jr, doing the same exact thing like his father.

  97. The Gentle Guy Reply

    Probably the Police captain was involved somehow, gonna get his cut.


    What a terrible police force lol
    Made out of legos police

  99. Bro Reply

    Wait for the movie next year by Brad Pitt

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