Hurricane Iota batters Colombia, displacing hundreds

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Hurricane Iota is gaining strength as it heads towards Central America.
It is causing severe flooding in Colombia, where at least three people have died and hundreds forced to leave their homes, just a week after Hurricane Eta devastated the region.
Al Jazeera’s Raheela Mahomed has more.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Cora Glenn says:

    Father God mercy on your people and their children praise God

    • Avatar Mario M says:

      Why? What are we saying with this? Do we want the prophecies already written not to happen? I never quite understand this. People have to wake up that if it is written, it will happen eventually. Its selfish to ask for more time. God knows the time and will do what needs to be done, period. Stop asking for more time or mercy. People don’t look to God but only when things go wrong. Not good. Its good to ask but just remember, eventually it has to come. the Bible indicates 1/3 of people will die. Are we going to ask for this not to happen? Why? Are we as humans changing and asking God for his mercy? Are we repenting from our sins? Last I looked, no.

    • Avatar Fly Freely says:

      The ways of God are a mystery to mankind. It’s good to cry out for mercy. He will hear and answer in his way. Even the thief on the cross received mercy. Things must fulltime and come to pass as written but we cannot limit how God moves. I have in the past and was corrected by Him many many times. Ask God for help. It shows that you trust him no matter how bad the situation you’re facing. Ask with faith.

    • Avatar Mario M says:

      @Fly Freely it seems you missed my entire point.

    • Avatar Fly Freely says:

      @Mario M No I understood it. But telling people to stop asking for time and mercy. That’s not up to us to say that to others. We redeem the time and what’s happening around us according to God’s word. He is the Judge who decides if he will extend such a request not us. God is merciful.

    • Avatar Mario M says:

      @Fly Freely You are right but how does one tell people to not wait for a catastrophe for one to look towards God? Its quite frustrating and so I guess I was just venting. It irks me that the majority of people just reach out to God only when one is in trouble, then they remember that there is a God.

  2. Avatar john adams says:

    Columbia didnt even receive a direct hit imagine what is in store for those that do.

    • Avatar Job Wesley Cox Jr says:

      @International Harvester you’ve been saying this for over 200 years lol

    • Avatar Robd1 replies says:

      @International Harvester …when the skies go dark red moon for 3 days…ill believe it

    • Avatar Jaime Suárez says:

      San Andrés island is colombia,

    • Avatar maria p Zea says:

      Colombia has hurricane impact too. San Andres and Providencia island are on the path, as well, as cat 5. There is no communication with Providencia yet.

  3. Avatar Arnaldo Lebron says:

    Dios los bendiga a todos 🙏🙏❤️

  4. Avatar Belle Ange says:

    This is very sad. I pray for strength and help in recovery.

  5. Avatar A Christian Report says:

    This 2020 just keeps it coming! Prayers to those affected in Central America!

    • Avatar Jesus ruft die Toten aus den Gräbern says:

      JESUS CHRIST will come very soon! Repent!

    • Avatar EARTH IS HOME says:

      @Jesus ruft die Toten aus den Gräbern Jesus Christ is not coming at all. Don’t believe in what people say. Use common sense and logic.

    • Avatar Andre Garcia says:

      @EARTH IS HOME people think that by praying the hurricane will stop, silly people.

    • Avatar Jesus ruft die Toten aus den Gräbern says:

      @Andre Garcia Every storm is a warning from God! Repent!

    • Avatar EARTH IS HOME says:

      @Andre Garcia Exactly. However it help to ease stress when people pray.

  6. Avatar byebyebaby tRump says:

    I hope Hurricane Iota didn’t disrupt my Christmas & New Years supply of cocaine to party with & usher in the new Joe Biden era!

  7. Avatar reih alondres says:

    South Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Sudan now Colombia … Climate Change is real

    • Avatar Whilbert Rodriguez says:

      Is not climate change its called geo engineering

    • Avatar Ruth Rosa says:

      What about Honduras y’all keep forgetting them they really are gonna go through a lot same for Guatemala they are in the most danger mostly cuz they just got off another hurricane!! Just sending prayers to all those countries♥️!

    • Avatar Cristina Gonzalez says:

      @Ruth Rosa Also Panama and Costa Rica

    • Avatar You Can't Handle Fanxy Child says:

      Panama and costa Rica too both hurricane hits us and cause severe damaged…

    • Avatar Gabastus Seponpoika says:


      Here is your god 🖕🖕

  8. Avatar Buscando Colombia says:

    Weather weapon lets be honest. Al Jazeera is main street media rag!

  9. Avatar Serenity says:

    These regions commonly exposed to natural disasters should build out technology and safety mechanisms to mitigate the effects from these hurricanes, floods and landslides. Walls, barriers, tools to deplete areas filled with water, and rapid evacuation capacity. Good luck, Cambodia.

    • Avatar Emmanuel Strasser says:

      These are third world countries, the government doesn’t care about its people in these places.

    • Avatar Cristina Gonzalez says:

      We need transnational corporations out. Yes, there’s corrupt governments but we need people to hold their “democratic” developed governments accountable for their extractivist activities policies and profiting in our countries. Corporations are responsible for over 75% of global emissions. We have to decolonize our region. Take a look at what The US, Canadian and European corporations have done throughout these regions. The world profits off of these regions and poor take the hit with natural disasters. Everything is connected. That’s part of the mutual aid, we need. The world keeps placing more value on profits rather than people. We need international solidarity look into your governments foreign policies and activities in what you all call developing or third world countries. In order for the “1st world countries” to thrive, they need to ensure we are third world. That’s why they back up the corrupt governments in Latin America and back up/plan coups throughout the region. We need more than prayers, we need you to hold your governments accountable and look at how everything is connected.

    • Avatar Darryl G says:

      Cambodia? You mean Colombia.

  10. Avatar Kitty R says:

    They need to GTFO like asap

  11. Avatar Mehedi Hasan Zain says:

    So sa

  12. Avatar Mehedi Hasan Zain says:


  13. Avatar Tmb1112 says:

    This is just the edge of a H2-3, and it’s now a 5 on a direct path for Honduras and Nicaragua. ;(

    • Avatar Cleo says:

      And Honduras is already a country struggling severely. 😞

    • Avatar EARTH IS HOME says:

      Wow……. Nicaragua….

  14. Avatar Stephanie Washington says:

    Poor people first this🥺

    • Avatar ConrrHD says:

      Second one in 2 weeks ffs

    • Avatar Stephanie Washington says:

      @DeepMind of X because now they r in shelters..they might catch covid and I’m sure they will b short staff in hospital if there is a hospital was the same worry in USA when they hit Texas🤦🏽‍♀️

  15. Avatar Poetic Justice says:

    Its cat 5 now, 160mph sustained winds,gusts of up to 195mph. This is what climate change looks like

    • Avatar Mike Farina says:

      @Nathan De Bartolo climate change is real. Today was a sunny day by me. Tomorrow we are looking at rain….

    • Avatar angizoink says:

      @Nathan De Bartolo Yes but not to this extent or frequency. You burk

    • Avatar Nathan De Bartolo says:

      @angizoink Why do you delete my comments?

    • Avatar Nathan De Bartolo says:

      @Lacrimosa It’s down to 30 percent now dumbfuck.

    • Avatar Lacrimosa says:

      @Nathan De Bartolo That’s because it just changed, you idiot.

  16. Avatar omobuan kenneth says:

    Achievements, success and happiness is not something ready-made, it comes from your own actions. Join the illuminati organization today and have even more than what you can ever imagine. Contact Germany’s Agent on WhatsApp: +4915218007361…

  17. Avatar tata tante anne says:

    so sad Prayers

  18. Avatar Adrian P says:

    Something is not normal about this year and it’s just gonna get worse year after year for a while

    • Avatar Denzel Carbajal says:

      Yup! and people think I’m a negative Nancy

    • Avatar Lacrimosa says:

      The people who called you a negative Nancy are delusional and living in a bubble. They just don’t want to hear the truth that things aren’t going to get any better.

    • Avatar Sophie Diboke says:

      @Lacrimosa we need to sick God’s forgiveness 🙏

  19. Avatar Katie Kidman says:

    May God bless you and give you strength and comfort. My heart goes out to you. I’m sending you each a little a little heart with love from my heart. Don’t give up the Lord is with you!!!

  20. Avatar Wendy Hughes says:

    What is the Seventh day Sabbath in the Bible?
    The Seventh-day Sabbath Was Made for Everyone. A multitude of Christians call God’s fourth commandment the “Jewish Sabbath.” But nowhere is this expression found in the Bible. The seventh day is called “the sabbath of the Lord,” and it is never called “the sabbath of the Jew” (Exodus 20:10).
    There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. – Luke 21:25 There are only two signs in the entire Bible called “great signs” (σημεῖα μεγάλα in the Greek) and these are found in Revelation 12:1–2 and Revelation 15:1.

  21. Avatar Richie Woo says:

    World Population gone be 0 pretty soon ! (:

  22. Avatar J Maraboli says:

    This isn’t climate change this is god saying enough is enough. Drilling for oil, burning down rainforests, depriving people of their simple freedom & liberties for the love of money.

    If you don’t step up & support change, things like this will continue to happen.

    • Avatar Cristina Gonzalez says:

      Extractivist corporations need to get out of these regions.

  23. Avatar Executive Restoration LLC GOTMOLDWEHAVETHECURE! says:

    Wow. Lets all be in prayer for them.

  24. Avatar Alejandro Cortes says:

    The world really ending

    • Avatar EARTH IS HOME says:

      The only world that is ending is yours.

  25. Avatar Owen says:

    Al Jazeera lol. The terrorist’s choice

  26. Avatar uhadme says:

    Covid-19 enters EYES, nose or mouth. Nobody is protecting or covering the eyes.
    Think of Covid like pepper spray.. you don’t want to get it in your eyes.
    THAT is why Covid still spreads even while you wear a mask
    If you notice the mask doesn’t stop Covid from getting in your eyes and infecting you

    • Avatar Executive Restoration LLC GOTMOLDWEHAVETHECURE! says:

      It can also enter the ears and other opened body openings that may not be addressed to some.

    • Avatar Samantha Beaucage-Meszaros says:

      ya but the masks still stops droplets and is socially important if you or someone else has a bad cough. Lately people without masks are getting sick faster. Masks do help.

    • Avatar Samantha Beaucage-Meszaros says:

      and this video is about the hurricane not covid

    • Avatar DeepMind of X says:

      @Samantha Beaucage-Meszaros masks do nothing it’s a placebo

    • Avatar DeepMind of X says:

      What does Covid got to do with this?

  27. Avatar Ashachy says:

    I’m so confused how did it hit columbia? Isn’t it going towards Nicaragua?

    • Avatar EARTH IS HOME says:

      Yes Hurrican formed in South and then heading to Nicaragua

    • Avatar Elknnth says:

      Actually Colombia is pretty near to central america, the north cost is in the Caribbean

  28. Avatar Honesto Ako says:

    Last 2 weeks ago Category 5 Super Typhoon Goni made landfall in Catanduanes, Philippines with a maximum sustained winds of 195 mph with gusts up to 235 mph strongest at landfall anywhere on the earth this 2020 also the rival of Haiyan for strongest landfall in the world. 90% of catanduanes and other parts of Bicol region Philippines were destroyed! Also, the Philippines has already received 7 back to back Typhoons for only just one month! The latest was 4 days ago with Typhoon Vamco that destroyed Bicol, Central and the hardest hit was in Northern Luzon, Philippines and until now retrieval and operations is ongoing because a alot of houses, buildings etc. were submerged in flash flood. The fatalities are continuosly rising! And yesterday, 6.4 magnitude earthquake strucked Mindanao, Philippines. Stay safe!

  29. Avatar Naomi Perreira says:

    Unbelievable this many hurricanes have hit (30) this season so far in the Atlantic. AND, this HURRICANE Iota is a Cat 5 over St Andres Island, and Nicaragua dumping tons of water and causing massive flooding.
    On St ANDRES ISLAND they didn’t have enough fuel for as many boats as needed to EVACUATE EVERYONE before the hurricane landed onshore.
    Over the weekend Barbados got flooded out. AND the Dominican Republic & Antiqua had a lot of flooding too.
    Recently Central America and the Caribbean have really been struck with many natural disasters, and they ALL need a huge break as well as LOTS OF PRAYERS.

  30. Avatar Hairy Legs says:

    God Bless You!

  31. Avatar Escape From Zombie Island says:

    Weather warfare. They always go after the good people of the world first. The US will be last bc it’s sick in so many ways.

  32. Avatar Mark Anthony says:

    They say that , these hurricanes are forming more frequently today, then they were 20yrs ago. Climate charging could be ,behind all these storms. Nature is mysterious.

  33. Avatar Joy M. says:

    Typhoon Rolly and Typhoon Ulysses just hit the Philippines a few days ago and left some of the areas totally devastated. Winds roared literally like a lion, floods rose up to 2nd and third floors of some houses, and even celebrities’ houses were not exempted. Imagine, those parts that were most affected are cities and not usually a flooding area. Until now, people there are still coping. 30+ people died, some because of electrocution while rescuing. It was really heartbreaking. Dams were opened to freed some excess waters to avoid total destruction of the dam that may lead to death of thousands, or maybe millions of Filipinos nearby. However, opening of dam water gates caused the floods to rose quicker. May we all be guided by Jesus in this time of crisis all over the world.

  34. Avatar Miracle Fifita says:

    WOW 🙏♥️🙏🙏🏽the people

  35. Avatar lili smack says:

    this punishment for allowing rohiya make citizenship

  36. Avatar Nathan Strawbridge says:

    Yes daughter’s your dad is Jeremiah the weeping prophet because he has the world’s blood on his hands

  37. Avatar Ferret Gal Belinda B says:

    God Bless you all. We need to help immediately. Our local stores in the area make it so easy to help by putting items already together right there at the register to pay for then they even cover the packing & shipping. There’s nothing they won’t need. All baby items, medicine fr Peroxide to bandaids…and during covid !!! Here in Louisiana we can relate to the fear of these big ones approaching but I’ve still never witnessed this kind of destruction after Katrina back to back like year 2020 – my heart poor’s out to you –

  38. Avatar Stephania Pierce says:

    As usual the devastated are shown as Black; the rescue worker they interview is Not.

  39. Avatar Trinidad Seloveres says:

    The great tribulation period really starts with calamities, viruses, wars, earthquakes. And the moral principles breakdown .Jesus Christ words – 1St century C. E or Christ’s Era. @JW. ORG

  40. Avatar Ela66 says:

    Bardzo przykre… 🙁

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