Mexico uncovers biggest collection of ice-age mammoth skeletons

Scientists in Mexico have uncovered the biggest collection of ice-age mammoth skeletons ever found in one place.
The bones were first found by construction crews working on a new airport at an air force base just outside the Mexican capital.
Al Jazeera was granted special access by Mexico’s armed forces for a firsthand look.
Our correspondent Manuel Rapalo reports from Mexico City.

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31 thoughts on “Mexico uncovers biggest collection of ice-age mammoth skeletons

  1. CJ's tube Jack of all trade Reply

    Wow. Good job.

  2. Anuraag Bukkapatnam Reply

    I can imagine Yuval Noah Harrari taking notes vigorously rn

  3. Sani Ibrahim Iyayi Reply

    And some people will still denied climate change

    • American Me Reply

      I know right. Where supposed still be in the ice age.

  4. mindxcircus Reply

    They found Manny!!!
    (It’s amazing in 2020 we still find new fossils! Good job!)

  5. Touphne Kallum Reply

    may be the mammoths were killed by viruses brought in by european christian supremacists…hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • MadMofo123 Reply

      What is “hhhhhhhhh”

  6. byebyebaby tRump Reply

    Why isn’t the Mexican Gov’t as diligently hunting & looking to exhume the dead bones of the thousands of innocent Mexican’s who have been murdered & butchered?

  7. Alien X Reply

    My dream.job

  8. Zabi Ullah Reply

    Imagine if these giants still exist!

    • Chinaco Kamikaze Reply

      I hope so

  9. gusha King Reply

    US will act now friendly🤑🤑🤑

    • Gusha Yare Reply

      They always put their interests first

    • Fatuma Yare Reply

      Europeans too especially France uk Germany and Spain will act friendly😅

  10. Maliha Rahman Reply

    It’s 2020. Anything can happen. What if we find a giant mammoth alive!

  11. Serenity Reply

    Been hearing about these revelations several times the past months. How many mammoths and ancient fossils are buried beneath Mexico?

  12. Mekonen S Reply

    Mexico needs US Democracy. “Mexican Spring” to begin soon

    • Mekonen S Reply

      @Georgies51 will that happen?

    • Georgies51 Reply

      @Mekonen S If the U.S decides we need “freedom” 😂

    • Mekonen S Reply

      @Georgies51 Joking. I love Mexican people and wish them nothing but Peace

    • Georgies51 Reply

      @Mekonen S Thank you. You aswell. Wherever country you are from I wish peace there

    • 42 nanotech Reply

      @Georgies51 You do need freedom………..

  13. Sharmake Abees Reply

    Caronavirus is still around

    • Alec nolastname Reply

      It just reached the schools in my city, 4 cases in the elementary in my neighbourhood.
      “Still around” it’s still spreading.

  14. zain mudassir Reply

    Reminds me of the Ice Age movies

  15. Backpack PePelon Reply

    Large herd die a sudden death, or a tarpit deathtrap?

    • Candace Weatherlow Reply


  16. Macaw Parrot Eggs ForSale Reply

    This is surreal

  17. Delight Loves Movies Reply

    Thanks for sharing Al Jazeera.

  18. Candace Weatherlow Reply

    That means lots of oil underneath

  19. Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler Reply

    Mammoth’s are kinda like elephant’s though…

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