Mexico uncovers biggest collection of ice-age mammoth skeletons

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Scientists in Mexico have uncovered the biggest collection of ice-age mammoth skeletons ever found in one place.
The bones were first found by construction crews working on a new airport at an air force base just outside the Mexican capital.
Al Jazeera was granted special access by Mexico’s armed forces for a firsthand look.
Our correspondent Manuel Rapalo reports from Mexico City.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar CJ's tube Jack of all trade says:

    Wow. Good job.

  2. Avatar Anuraag Bukkapatnam says:

    I can imagine Yuval Noah Harrari taking notes vigorously rn

  3. Avatar Sani Ibrahim Iyayi says:

    And some people will still denied climate change

    • Avatar American Me says:

      I know right. Where supposed still be in the ice age.

  4. Avatar mindxcircus says:

    They found Manny!!!
    (It’s amazing in 2020 we still find new fossils! Good job!)

  5. Avatar Touphne Kallum says:

    may be the mammoths were killed by viruses brought in by european christian supremacists…hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Avatar MadMofo123 says:

      What is “hhhhhhhhh”

  6. Avatar byebyebaby tRump says:

    Why isn’t the Mexican Gov’t as diligently hunting & looking to exhume the dead bones of the thousands of innocent Mexican’s who have been murdered & butchered?

  7. Avatar Alien X says:

    My dream.job

  8. Avatar Zabi Ullah says:

    Imagine if these giants still exist!

  9. Avatar gusha King says:

    US will act now friendly🤑🤑🤑

    • Avatar Gusha Yare says:

      They always put their interests first

    • Avatar Fatuma Yare says:

      Europeans too especially France uk Germany and Spain will act friendly😅

  10. Avatar Maliha Rahman says:

    It’s 2020. Anything can happen. What if we find a giant mammoth alive!

  11. Avatar Serenity says:

    Been hearing about these revelations several times the past months. How many mammoths and ancient fossils are buried beneath Mexico?

  12. Avatar Mekonen S says:

    Mexico needs US Democracy. “Mexican Spring” to begin soon

    • Avatar Mekonen S says:

      @Georgies51 will that happen?

    • Avatar Georgies51 says:

      @Mekonen S If the U.S decides we need “freedom” 😂

    • Avatar Mekonen S says:

      @Georgies51 Joking. I love Mexican people and wish them nothing but Peace

    • Avatar Georgies51 says:

      @Mekonen S Thank you. You aswell. Wherever country you are from I wish peace there

    • Avatar 42 nanotech says:

      @Georgies51 You do need freedom………..

  13. Avatar Sharmake Abees says:

    Caronavirus is still around

    • Avatar Alec nolastname says:

      It just reached the schools in my city, 4 cases in the elementary in my neighbourhood.
      “Still around” it’s still spreading.

  14. Avatar zain mudassir says:

    Reminds me of the Ice Age movies

  15. Avatar Backpack PePelon says:

    Large herd die a sudden death, or a tarpit deathtrap?

  16. Avatar Macaw Parrot Eggs ForSale says:

    This is surreal

  17. Avatar Delight Loves Movies says:

    Thanks for sharing Al Jazeera.

  18. Avatar Candace Weatherlow says:

    That means lots of oil underneath

  19. Avatar Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler says:

    Mammoth’s are kinda like elephant’s though…

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