‘I’m so tired of this’: Peru youth vow to remain on the streets

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Tens of thousands of Peruvians continue to protest, against the impeachment of former president Martin Vizcarra and his removal from office.
They are accusing Congress of staging a coup, and are demanding the interim president steps down.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez reports from Lima, Peru.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar David-KC says:

    2020 the year of pandemic and protests.

    • Avatar Jeffrey Cobena says:

      Fr tho, my country is in crisis and as will in pandemic

    • Avatar Edward T. says:

      Plandemic caused protests.

  2. Avatar Y K says:

    Press resetting button in year 2020. 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Avatar Mahadzir Abd karim says:

    Youths around the world also tired of

  4. Avatar Magnus Bjørløw says:

    Wouldn’t it be correct English to say “Peruvian youth”? I ain’t nagging just asking a question lmao

  5. Avatar nilo72594 says:

    Thank you for sharing with the world what Peruvian press won’t show!!! The youth is truly tired of a corrupt congress that only steals from the country.

  6. Avatar Diego Sparrow says:

    Viejos dinosaurios!

  7. Avatar DAVE J says:

    Thanks for show the reality 🙂

  8. Avatar Wallace Ahtone says:

    Always notice that the leader of most of these “Latin American” countries never looks like most of the people who live there?

    • Avatar brisa del mar says:

      yep. We peruvians need to change that!!!

  9. Avatar Vinod idhate says:

    So nice i like. Through him out.

  10. Avatar Angela del Pilar Mini i says:


  11. Avatar X Xx says:

    The peruvians have already won and over thrown this currupt government . Took them a week lol

  12. Avatar Svetlana Koreckaya says:


  13. Avatar Jeffrey Cobena says:

    My country…so sad…

  14. Avatar Sohaib N. says:

    Why the politicians are so stubborn why don’t they leave when their people on the streets turn against them and seek their disposal. They hold placards on which they make and relate the politician with dogs. How pathetic

  15. Avatar MrYtuarte says:

    Corruption occurs in all institutions across the world, We the citizens of the world must unite to stop this corruption.

  16. Avatar 100domathon says:


  17. Avatar Jose Dante Silva Gonzales says:

    Viva mi Perú 🇵🇪 libre de ratas corruptas, estos políticos ya están advertidos, estos jóvenes saldrán a rendirles cuenta.

  18. Avatar 전이섭 says:

    Ya sacaron a la rata! Peruanos unidos jamas serán vencidos! Fuerza Peru!
    Que los asesinatos no queden impunes!

    No le crean a los canales televisivos que no difunden la verdad!

    Nunca olviden!
    Esta lucha aun no acaba!

    Demuestrenle a todos que siendo uno nada es imposible!
    Anonymous ayuda!

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