Al Jazeera obtains recordings of fugitive wanted over 1MDB fraud

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Al Jazeera has obtained recordings of one of the world’s most wanted men attempting to negotiate immunity from prosecution.
Billionaire financier Jho Low is wanted over the role he played in the multibillion-dollar 1MDB fraud scandal in Malaysia.
Interpol has issued a global warrant for his arrest but he is still on the run.
Al Jazeera’s Mary Ann Jolley has this exclusive report.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Nita Zayne says:

    “to move on”…. all you moving to is jail

    • Avatar Lalla Mariam Habibi says:


    • Avatar im nnts says:

      haha we will see whether he & gang will really go to jail….there is no such thing as karma in this world

  2. Avatar Romer Villareal says:

    he’s in Cyprus

    • Avatar Tycoon says:

      That was in the past but now he’s in Macau or Hong Kong or somewhere in mainland China. Chinese authority also refuse to share about him or deported him back to Malaysia. They use him as a future political leverage.

    • Avatar Billy Tanner says:

      @Tycoon What is in it for China? It makes zero sense.

    • Avatar The Muslim Apologist says:

      @Billy Tanner He’s ethnic Chinese. Plus he has financial knowledge which China could utilise.

    • Avatar Tycoon says:

      @Billy Tanner Malaysian authority has confirmed he’s settled in Macau but Macau local police seems reluctant to co-operate despite he is a subject to the INTERPOL red notice. You can google this information, its everywhere.

    • Avatar abdullah harith says:

      @Billy Tanner if you watch al jazeera documentaries a chinese company is also involved in this scandal so that’s why

  3. Avatar Trevor AngELo StryderZ says:

    You have the fact wrong. Najib was convicted of the SRC international cases involving KWAP fund not related to 1MDB. The 1MDB cases are still ongoing.

  4. Avatar Lalla Mariam Habibi says:

    I see Aljazeera is stepping it up lately

  5. Avatar Serenity says:

    Corruption runs rampant in the world. Affluent officials such as this guy can easily exploit the tendency for authorities and personnel to accept bribes. Hard to root out.

  6. Avatar Bartosz Brozek says:

    It’s not a secret he’s under protective umbrella of chinese “communists”

  7. Avatar MEGIDIOT says:

    the quality of this dub over is low

  8. Avatar Shahrulhanuar Md Aris says:

    AlJazeera got paid with huge sum of money for this report

    • Avatar clip012 says:

      Al Jazeera is money. Al Jazeera is own by Qatar government, the have endless access to money. They can use media to kill or promote anyone/anything.

    • Avatar Budak Nakal says:

      A stupid najib supporter paid for nothing… And still accept paying 1MDB’s loan until 2039.
      Maybe najib got paid too when he accepted the interview with Mary Ann Jollie in 2018 here in Malaysia.
      Sadly Najib stepped away when she asked Najib about 1MDB’s cases.
      I’ve watched the video. Did you?

  9. Avatar Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang says:

    Now PN government in power, Najib the shameless crook still can go into Parliament talking bullshit. A convicted guilty man still wandering around fooling the naive, gross. He should have gone to prison already, just like his equally guilty counterpart, Jho Low!

  10. Avatar Achilles Fury says:

    The real fugitives are all in America called war mongers who keep committing war crimes and they have the nerves to send out their FBI to mind other peoples business! 👎🏿

    • Avatar CherLloyd ByCherLloyd says:

      not disagreeing with your first point, but your second point is incorrect. it’s a joint operation as funds were used in America involving Goldman Sachs.

    • Avatar Achilles Fury says:

      @CherLloyd ByCherLloyd I hope no one is niave enough to think the FBI is serving the best interests of Americans if 911 is anything to go by. Ha ✌️

    • Avatar CherLloyd ByCherLloyd says:

      @Achilles Fury i dont disagree with that. but the reason fbi and interpol are involved is because the crime also occured in the US. so it isn’t the USA butting in another countries business in this instance.

    • Avatar Achilles Fury says:

      @CherLloyd ByCherLloyd so your saying the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia by American pilots should be brought to China for trail ? 😍🤛

    • Avatar CherLloyd ByCherLloyd says:

      @Achilles Fury 🤦‍♂️

  11. Avatar razktrg says:

    The timing of this is pretty amazing.

  12. Avatar Puluit 3301 says:

    Innocent huh??So why you runnning away?? Move on?? Sucka!!! Just rot in prison!

  13. Avatar Drpeppa says:

    Boo hoo

  14. Avatar cnn says:

    In Malaysia, crooks run the show

  15. Avatar clip012 says:

    I wonder how expensive is his underwear, paid by my money.

    • Avatar im nnts says:

      hahaha does it smell nice sir? our money :3

    • Avatar clip012 says:

      @im nnts I am not a man.

  16. Avatar Peter Tan says:

    Show u have balls .come back !

  17. Avatar LIBERAL Elitist says:

    Make a movie of this… Ken Jeong as the lead 😂 come on Netflix yall can pull this off

  18. Avatar PRIHATIN TV says:

    Care to visit our channel coz we do cover Najib 1MDB VS Borat 2..
    Who between them puts greater shame to their respective countries?
    Check it out..

  19. Avatar Black Eagle says:

    JHO LOW is smart then smart phone. Future tec will knows as I Low phone more smarter then I Phone.

  20. Avatar PRIHATIN TV says:

    Kepada peminat Al Jazeera dari negara serumpun bahasa senunsantara
    Malaysia, Singapura, Brunei dan Indonesia.. tontonlah video di atas
    yang telah diletakkan sarikata Melayu supaya boleh dikongsi dgn kurang
    kefahaman bahasa Inggeris dengan menekan butang oren di sebelah..
    Bantu like dan subscribe kami supaya kami boleh terus memberi video
    dari Al Jazeera dengan sarikata Melayu.. terima kasih.

  21. Avatar 1MoreLine I'mSuperhuman says:

    Remember kids even prime minister got scammed by them

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