North Korea leader makes rare admission of economic failure

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North Korea’s leader has made a rare admission of failure.
Speaking during the country’s largest political event, Kim Jong Un said its economic plan had failed significantly and acknowledged painful lessons have been learned.
Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from Seoul, South Korea.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar John Smith says:

    He atleast had the gut to admit his guilt and is trying his best to make the situation better, unlike our corrupt and greedy politicians here in the states. I hate all dictators, but i guess that’s a +1 for Kimmie boy,..

    • Avatar Miss uppy says:

      Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Avatar Tanish Jain says:

    Is he dying?

  3. Avatar Townsend Nolan says:

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  4. Avatar Billy Thomas says:

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  5. Avatar Sudarshan says:

    my respect for kim jong un has increased. it takes lot of courage for a leader to admit his mistakes, no other leader in the world has the courage top do this. i am sure north korea will rise again

    • Avatar Harry Maxwell says:

      And I’m sure the great Roman Empire will also rise again

    • Avatar Miss uppy says:

      The only way to solve N Korea problems, is to end the dictatorship. Fool.

    • Avatar Ohad Szobel says:

      Imagine respect a leader that treats his people worst than stalin

    • Avatar Hristian Novev says:

      You OK dude?

  6. Avatar Rahul Kumar says:

    Its really astonishing to see dictator admitting his fault in the arena of economics.. Other democracies should take this is an epitome and try to accept their wrongdoings especially economically and morally….I wish global leaders and even leaders of mine own country India do accept their mistakes nd help to make world a more sustainable place..
    Happy new year✌

    • Avatar Jerome Tabiri says:

      They actually do admit to failures every once in a while, you guys and your news sources insist on denying to acknowledge it unless it fits into your narratives. It is about time we start applying the same level of nuance we apply to our own governments to them. It has become apparent from current events that Western leaders are no different from so-called dictators if you apply the same black and white perspective to them.

    • Avatar Miss uppy says:

      The only way to make the world a sustainable place is to cull the human plague. Dumb Dumb.

    • Avatar Aaron Colusso says:

      @Jerome Tabiri What? ‘We’ DO place much more ‘nuance’ on our own Western Democratic Governments than these dictators. Western governments are criticized daily, or even hourly, by their nation’s news networks and there own citizens. There is not one Western Democratic Country where this is not the case.

      Wake up. Autocratic communism has been devastating to North Korea. The standard or living and life expectancy for the south is immensely higher than that of the north. The losers are the North Korean people, and this must change for their sake.

    • Avatar Jerome Tabiri says:

      @Aaron Colusso I am awake brother, I hope you are awake too. We quickly look past all the atrocities committed around the world and even in their own countries, by so called shining examples of democracy and point fingers at so called dictators. We know north koreans are suffering under their dictator but will we acknowledge for once that it’s just as bad or worse with our shining examples? It is that quick justification you’ll make for your democracies to justify why they behaved just as badly or worse, is what I was referring to. I never said western governments were not criticized, they are but with sizeable amounts nuance we never give the other side.

  7. Avatar Mkenya Halisi says:

    Long live great leader

    • Avatar Miss uppy says:

      Wow you are a idiot.

  8. Avatar John Gough says:

    There will be no biden now come on wake up.

    • Avatar Miss uppy says:

      Not to smart are you little man.

  9. Avatar fuzail nadim says:

    Lol my mans here spent his entire pocket money on the military parade:(

    • Avatar Art Man says:

      Poor guy became broke as he had to spend all his money on luxurious Swiss cheese and French wine.

  10. Avatar Art Man says:

    He doesn’t have to face any consequences for admitting failure. It’s not like he will be voted out for it while his opposition relentlessly attacks his record if it was a democracy.

    • Avatar Dustin Olsen says:

      The important thing to be asking is not one of political judgements, but if that type of thinking will lead to better and stronger beliefs that things must change. Sorry but your statement seems pessimistic, and we dont really need that.

    • Avatar Miss uppy says:

      @Dustin Olsen The only way to solve N Korea problems, is to end the dictatorship. Not to smart are you little man.

  11. Avatar Agubuzu Chisom says:

    Admission that you have a problem, is the foundation of solving the problem.

    • Avatar taohid du says:


    • Avatar Random Videos says:

      Surrendering to solve problem created by others is not wise either

    • Avatar Mercede says:

      @Miss uppy you must be a Democrat

    • Avatar hanief karim says:

      Miss uppy . And they say gaddafi was a dictator to, but look what he did for his country and his people until America and it’s stooges destroyed it .

  12. Avatar Dustin Olsen says:

    Honesty is a great thing, it builds more than any lie could.

    • Avatar IKtheVS says:

      The running narrative in North Korea is that it is the greatest country in the world and nobody should feel any jealousy toward the lesser outside world. The ideological foundation of the entire political party is a lie… So you will excuse me if I don’t praise the honesty of Asian Trump.

    • Avatar Dustin Olsen says:

      @IKtheVS with that mindset, things will never change. I think that he should consider stepping down in regards to policy decisions that he might not really have the best understandings of, or how they even curb the outcome of North Korea. He should allow other organizations to rise in his country that specialize in bringing about more robust and thriving communities and not see them as a security threat.

    • Avatar IKtheVS says:

      @Dustin Olsen That’s nice in theory, but in practice dictators ONLY survive by keeping all the power and killing anyone who threatens them…. It’s not a system that allows peaceful power sharing.

    • Avatar Dustin Olsen says:

      @IKtheVS so hopefully he will get that message, by showing not only empathy for his people, but also how the rest of the world views him. I do know that being judgemental and shaming in response to his behavior will not influence him in the way that we would hope would change such behavior, it would only further delay any progression.

    • Avatar Elizabeth Brown says:

      Healing 🙏

  13. Avatar Jim Xantham says:

    Sorry everyone, he was getting high with James Franco and I – Seth Rogan.

  14. Avatar Lord Farquaad says:

    As a North Korean I have to be truthful our country is very bad I could even get sent to the hole for saying this but it’s truth I would much greater be in china or uk

  15. Avatar Kais Er says:

    fresh haircut

  16. Avatar Water Malone says:

    Remove all the sanction let’s see the spirit of north korea

  17. Avatar Delon Thomas says:

    Stop western sanctions and this garbage report will stop

  18. Avatar Nesmoth Design says:

    Maybe they could invite Trump to rule there, he´s the greatest president of all the world….

  19. Avatar A CHICANO’s OPINION says:

    Just toss the nukes bro

  20. Avatar Chris Hughes says:

    I feel like he says the same thing every year. The media covers its the same way.

  21. Avatar Career review says:

    Just imaging if one of them was caught not clapping

    • Avatar touhid abir says:

      Just imagine the propaganda you consumed

  22. Avatar CRUX SHADOWZ says:

    NORTHSTAR why no WIFI ? ? ?

  23. Avatar Naeem Ahmad says:

    And literally they know how to get out of these economic crisis.

  24. Avatar kxmode says:

    1:12 I like the way he says disappointed. It sounds so polite. “dis. ah. point. teh’d.” 😄

  25. Avatar Brandon Jacque says:

    They about to kill him

  26. Avatar Michael McFeely says:

    South Korea has an economy that is _40 times larger_ than the economy of North Korea, and twice the population. The South Koreans can provide for their own defense.

    • Avatar Mint coke says:

      60 times larger than the economy of nk

  27. Avatar Pee Boy says:

    Very nice video, from your biggest South African fan

  28. Avatar Rayyan Akber says:

    Oh hi Mark

  29. Avatar Mohammed Abdul Khader says:

    Communism is dumb

  30. Avatar I C U says:

    Why not someone offered to help him and teach him a better way to live regarding his people and war is so boring these days 🙈 as a child of God I can forgive him if he is willing to humble himself before the LORD Jesus Christ from Nazareth 😍🤗 it’s simply poor advice that has got him where he is.

    • Avatar Miss uppy says:

      You need to grow a brain little girl.

  31. Avatar Pasang Lama says:


  32. Avatar Gauthaman Gautier says:


  33. Avatar Yahya Nassar says:

    With everything going on, I think a lot of people are getting distracted from the real purpose of life. You must believe and have faith in God, and only take what God has ordained for you. Do not walk on this earth a bigot, like a bully in the sandbox, playing with toys that are not yours, just because you can. This is devilish behavior and God does not like an arrogant disbeliever.

    Life beats you, wears you down and tests you until you are at the breaking point. Then, after the test is over, the pressure is relieved. Unfortunately, some people are too fragile spiritually and succumb to their evil desires, in an attempt to fill the void inside of them and silence their guilty conscious, even if momentarily. All this while forgetting the blessings they have. So God curses them, he gives them everything they want, but leaves them never satisfied. This is God trying to show you the most important thing is your soul, not material worldly possessions or pleasures.

    Mankind was made capable of sin, and capable of doing good. There’s the good path and the evil path. Sin is part of human nature, don’t feel in despair because you think you’re too far gone down the wrong path. There’s always hope. The decisions you make is the path you decided to follow. Think of the forbidden tree and the original sin. Adam & Eve were curious about the forbidden fruit, even though they had all of heaven to go on about. They still took a bite of the fruit from the forbidden tree, forgetting all the blessing the have. God still forgave them, after they repented. This is the image we were created in. On the flipcoin, one good deed will be rewarded 10 times. This is the mercy of God. Take one step in his path, he will take 10 towards you.

    For if God didn’t give you the option to sin, we would all be angels and there would be no need for the trails and tribulations we face, and existence would be meaningless. Humans were created weak, but in return God treats his creation with great mercy and compassion. All you have to do is repent sincerely.

    But what happens when you lose faith? Then you lost it all. Once you lose faith in God, you will try to find the path back but you can’t. God will abandon you like you abandoned him. What follows is a steep descendance into a life of evil and arrogance. Why you may ask?

    Because you lost faith not only in God, but also in redemption by God. This is the biggest mistake. For God is the most merciful, most benevolent. After all, why did God create us and give us a chance at life if it wasn’t out of pure belief and admiration for Adam & Eve, our original mother & father.

    God is great, merciful, all seeing, all hearing.

    So, if you are one of those people that lost faith, repent sincerely and God will forgive all, if he wishes. Your job is to find that deep seeded love for the creator in your heart. Then, genuinely ask for forgiveness. Keep believing that God hears your call for help and all your problems will be resolved. Once you do this, and just when you least expect it, God will bestow his mercy upon you and ease all your problems. God is with those who are patient.

    May God make this year blessed for everyone

  34. Avatar Syed Anzar Imam says:

    Last he apologized to Koreans for not providing good lifestyle,
    Now he admits about economic development.
    Hope to see North Korea in good condition soon

  35. Avatar mighty warrior says:

    It does not matter. They dont have option.

  36. Avatar Miss uppy says:

    The only way to solve N Korea problems, is to end the dictatorship.

  37. Avatar Billal Hossen says:

    Very sad

  38. Avatar DCLXVI says:

    시간이 변경되었습니다. 2021 년에 모두에게 😷

  39. Avatar I3ORG HARVEY says:

    Man is like putin with his nuke bs and faken invasion reason’s both descusting saps.

  40. Avatar Rocky 689 says:

    They would have more economic success if they stop wasting their money on bullets for show of strength and start actually spending resources on theor people

  41. Avatar Elizabeth Brown says:

    The Right Stuff 🙏🇱🇷

  42. Avatar BTS_army_TXT_moa_ENHYPEN_engene says:

    Imagine one person sneezeduring that clap 👀

  43. Avatar Rfftdsrfvgg G6yrtrt says:

    Great leader…

  44. Avatar Sebastie Cortes says:

    Things must be worst than they actually are if he’s confirming the fallout

  45. Avatar Jack Mehoff says:

    That time he died but resurrected, or when he scored a double century opening the batting for North Korea,my favorite Kim jong moments

  46. Avatar David Oh says:

    Maybe his sister killed him and this is his body double. I dont think the real Kim would ever admit to failure

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