Urbanisation driving demand for sand in Bangladesh


Rapid urbanisation is increasing the demand for sand in Bangladesh, leaving livelihoods threatened and riverbeds ruined.

Uncontrolled and often illegal extraction of sand and rocks from riverbeds is a long-standing problem and is putting surrounding farmlands at risk.

Al Jazeera’s Tanvir Chowdhury spoke to farmers in the district of Sirajgonj, in north-central Bangladesh.

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161 thoughts on “Urbanisation driving demand for sand in Bangladesh

  1. Utkarsh Raj Reply

    So what’s the problem with illegal sand mining?Please explain.

    • moksh pandit Reply

      river bodies dont follow a same path if its full of lot of water which causes flirt and damages villagers crops and houses

    • M Reply

      @moksh pandit but when you compensate the ppl,, then its oké,, right.? … its al about money..!

    • Flak 88 Reply

      You will understand the problem once you get out of call center scams.

  2. vbsja sju Reply

    This illegal businessmen related to government ruling party….such a shame for this Country

  3. Tzh Reply

    To the point!

  4. Ricardo Morais Reply


  5. Sobuj Sarker Reply

    Negligence of duty and the dominant persons in this area are responsible for this.

  6. TAMiM Reply

    Always negative report about bangladesh.
    Unsubscribed !!!

    • Mahim Jr Reply

      @Utkarsh Raj Rendi here! 😂 far more better than capitalist controlled media because Qatari govt doesn’t have any agendas because its geopolitical importance and interest is less. How a rendi will understand who watches Godi Media? 😂

    • Utkarsh Raj Reply

      @Mahim Jr Aunty

    • Mahim Jr Reply

      @Utkarsh Raj mallu aunty 😂

    • Be Humble Reply

      Learn to accept criticism it’s life, sometimes constructive criticism is good for you.

    • Utkarsh Raj Reply

      @Be Humble but it is wrong.

  7. Mirza Motiur Rahman Reply

    Shame for BD.


    There is no one to watch!!
    Only big projects will be looted.

  9. lili thing Reply

    probably this is the punishment for supporting evil person like shabir ally

  10. Mashrur Ahnaf Reply

    Alzazeera now is doing propaganda to stop Bangladesh economic growth…… How about making video on teesta Alzazeera? Or how Bangladesh economy is booming reports… Huh…
    From Bangladesh

    • d the best Reply

      They like to downplay South Asian countries .

    • Mashrur Ahnaf Reply

      @d the best agreed bro

    • d the best Reply

      @Mashrur Ahnaf you guys have good gdp even though with high population and limited land and resources . Still these guys think we are inferior to them. Anyway who minds it . Let them think anything they want

    • Feisal Reply

      You guys are unbelievable. This is what’s wrong with nationalism

    • Mashrur Ahnaf Reply

      @Feisal did u r u nationalism made Bangladesh grow? If yes I will accept otherwise keep it shut…. Coz I see the difference from where we started at 1971 and where r we do in 2020…..

  11. true fact master Reply

    why u always show negative news about Bangladesh…. Bangladesh is one the greatest nation in the world…..
    love frm india……..

  12. Life at Dhaka Reply

    Want more attention by global media for the world 2nd manufacturing country of the global exports. Please report more to help us live.

    • Md.Mahbubur Rahman Reply

      are you insane? do you want to defame your own country? what will you get by defaming your own country?

    • Life at Dhaka Reply

      @Md.Mahbubur Rahman sorry sir, it’s not trying to defame, it’s a try for some living. If the first world country live with our products, they should take some liabilities too.

  13. Zakarin Naksarrudin Reply

    Extracting sand??? Isn’t Bangladesh going to disapear due to the rising sea level allready? These rich people are insane

  14. sanjuansteve Reply

    Let’s end capitalism as we know it before limitless greed kills us all.

  15. Md rasel Reply


  16. Ferdus Ahmed Reply

    Mr tanvir chowder u always focus on poor quality news don’t know where you get this types of idea 💡

    • Nizar Ahmad Reply

      He always focus on Poor People whom Government ignore.
      What he is doing a great job .I like him from kerala India

    • Ferdus Ahmed Reply

      @xfile hmm 🤔 yes he always representing

    • xfile Reply

      @Ferdus Ahmed He is not lying. Where is your problem?

    • mahfujur rahman Reply

      Lol, he should show the news like BTV do . Always batabi lebur bumper folon ha ha ha

    • Raja Imran Reply

      Idiot sand Mafia

  17. Bangladesh Watchman Reply

    as a bangladeshi, thanks to Al Jazeera

    • Tsunauticus IV Reply


    • Wiz Khalifa Reply

      @Tsunauticus IV are you sick brother?

  18. usman nadeem Reply

    Take some from uae

  19. Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo Reply

    What can suffice the hunger

  20. Bijoy Faisal Reply

    Bangladesh will face adverse climate effects within 2050.

  21. G5SMKR Reply

    Bangladesh is doomed to drown so why not make some money dredging sand

  22. Willie Mark Reply

    Our government has left us with no options I think is time we start investing on ourselves

    • Anthony Cheung Reply

      he’s really the best I have been trading with him for months now and I must say he is really the best

    • Mr Beast Reply

      pls how do i get in contact with him
      I really need someone to guide me through

    • Sheryl kat Reply

      I already recommended 4 of my friends to him and they are making huge profit Mt Ben is really a game changer

    • Anthony Cheung Reply

      @Mr Beast + 1 2 6 7 3 4 1 7 0 5 8

    • Anthony Cheung Reply

      His availability is on WhatsApp

  23. Improve English Reply


  24. Shariya Shajid Reply

    Thanks Al Jazeera.

  25. Zubair mahmud Reply

    Whole Bangladesh is same problem people cannon say anything because influential politician and on the other hand police. Bribes are everywhere in bangladesh spreading day by day very worse than before.

  26. Shrihari Kulkarni Reply

    As an Indian I am happy about Bangladesh economic development but at the same time illegal sand mining is having consequences
    In India too it’s a big problem
    Now builders are shifting towards finely crushed stone as replacement for sand

    • Bangladesh Watchman Reply

      @Aarohi You saying this because you don”t know about BD. the emerging economy you mention , is not from inside development, rather from hard working inhuman labor in Arab countries. Govt is just lavishly depending on foreign remittance. no step is taken to make skillful people. there nothing like healthcare here. oh you probably know Bd people go to India for medical. Do you know why they need to go there? or what are happening to the people unable to go to india? and also there is no police service for poor or middle class people.

    • Aman Rishi Reply

      @Bangladesh Watchman so remittances? I thought Bangladesh had good record in manufacturing textile m

    • Bangladesh Watchman Reply

      @Aman Rishi not textile. BD is an importer of textile esp from china. you may mean garments. garments have good contribution but remittance is way bigger. both exploit the poor in inhumane way. BD govt should make more skillful labor and that would make life more easy. but unfortunately there is no such step.

    • Khalid hasan Asif Reply

      @Aman Rishi Don’t mind him, he is just an anti-Bangladeshi frustrated crook.

    • Jill Sandwich Reply

      @Bangladesh Watchman Can you Pakistanis kindly leave Bangladesh alone?

  27. Zubair mahmud Reply

    All people are hostaged by government.

    • ㄚ卂ᗪ卂乇丂匚ㄖ乃卂尺 Reply

      Nope by people who follow culture and tradition when they start making money while the poor live normal easy and marry easily and don’t waste time either of themselves or start going in sins easily become they know there limits.

    • Abadur Rhaman Reply

      @ㄚ卂ᗪ卂乇丂匚ㄖ乃卂尺 what are you saying?

  28. lost world Reply

    Bangladesh just need to control the population.

    • lost world Reply

      @pm amOnly you said? 😂
      Well,even India has 1% and china has 0.5%. Check out the rank of Bangladesh in population density, it’s 6th in the world. Also it has highest density among most populous countries. Well,why don’t you search a bit yourself before pulling out the trigger.

    • pm am Reply

      @Michi Braun Keine Ahnung wovon redest du. Its an absurd comparison. Germans were aggressor in German invasion of WW2. Why they should flee? Respect German did rebuilt after being punished accordingly. But Germans fled to America Chile or East Asia even recently to Hungary. You failed to make your claim true as you are talking here and there

    • pm am Reply

      @lost world I thought you would share a link but yet put the burden on me. Bangladesh has beaten India not only in population growth index but in every sector. Do not believe this just ask a fellow Indians or google it. Making claim is easy but proving is difficult right?

    • lost world Reply

      @pm am Yes, Bangladesh has beaten India, as it has higher population growth than India. Congrats. So dumb persons come to argue these days without having any knowledge.

    • Purple Cat Reply

      @lost world you are the one without knowledge. The total fertility rate in Bangladesh is around 2 /2.1 that means the population will decline in 30 years time. India , Pakistan all have higher total fertility rates meaning they will continue to grow indefinitely. 2.1 is the replacement level.

  29. max Reply

    India is also suffering from this same problem.
    So we understand this

  30. Boro Sasa Reply


  31. Devil Hunter Reply

    Very good Report

  32. Be Humble Reply

    The local mp’s have a hand in this, they are the ones doing this, corruption at it’s best.

  33. সত্যের পথে Reply

    Love you aljazeera tv from Bangladesh

  34. Commander Red Reply

    With the levels of corruption within the government I’m surprised it can’t even operate

  35. Alfasen Baldé Reply

    Globalists don’t care but they “care” about climate change if they can profit from it.

  36. Jan Bildsøe Hansen Reply

    Some say this issue cause more damage then we can image on a global base

  37. I 'm a Dictator BRO Reply

    I personally hate Al jajeera🙂✌️
    Cause they show false news about Rohingyas been shifting in vashanchar islands…….yup corruption is in you…. Itz in us.. Itz everywhere….
    Itz our duty to erase it.
    Give respect to the country who gave shelter 1.5 million Rohingya refugees…. And try to encounter miyanmar who has done mass killings

  38. Ali Zaidi Reply

    😂😂😂 submerged bangladesh 2050

    • Mumin Miah Reply

      Hahaha why it’s funny

    • Jill Sandwich Reply

      Says a Pakistani lmao. We have the Delta Plan unlike you guys. Enjoy watching Sindh drown because you guys are too poor to fight climate change.

    • Ali Zaidi Reply

      @Jill Sandwich i am an indian chutyai . Thank us for making you an independent nation .

    • Jill Sandwich Reply

      @Ali Zaidi Lol your comment history clearly says you’re Pakistani, no wonder you guys are known for your lies 🤣

    • Ali Zaidi Reply

      @Jill Sandwich just like your ancestors because they were pakistani as well😂😂

  39. Rodger Bloor Reply

    Sand mining is a problem in all fast growing countries like Bangladesh India and China. I think this problem is there in all developing Asian countries.

  40. Anime watch Reply

    Didn’t even explain what they are moving sand around to divert river.

  41. Jef B Reply

    Get sand from the many deserts!

    • ronnel acido Reply

      @P F but they can use desert sand to replace the river sand extracted from them, right? or is that a stupid idea? lol

    • Aman Rishi Reply

      @ronnel acido yes.

    • P F Reply

      @ronnel acido Hmmm… Good question… 🤔

    • Jef B Reply

      @P F I just realised this too, after checking your comment, thanks. Still, with man’s knowledge, we must be able to find a concrete alternative, using other plentiful raw materials.
      Tesla and others have kickstarted the human race away from century old combustion engines, our skyscrapers and infrastructure need new DNA.

    • ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ; Reply

      @ronnel acido If you already don’t bother to pay for extracting the sand in a legal way there also won’t be any money to get any sand to replace.

      The other part of it is of course is that the extraction destroys something that you also have to rebuild. Maybe a top layer of soil so it can be used for farming or other plants to stabilize the sand so the river doesn’t wash it right away.

      Either way that is a cost that’s usually not even up to debate. But at a minimum they ought to buyout the villagers so that they can build a new future somewhere else.

  42. A M Reply

    Urbanisation around the globe, will drain sand ressources.

  43. The Wolf Reply

    the only way bangladesh can save herself is by joining pakistan inshallah

    • Jill Sandwich Reply

      Lmao Bangladesh has a larger economy than Pakistan + Afghanistan + Nepal COMBINED despite being as tiny as Sindh. Our reserves are 4x of yours and you have the audacity to say you guys can save us? Lmao there’s a better chance of Pakistan getting donations from Bangladesh than that.

    • Junied Tazrian Reply

      Look at our gdp per capita and our currency.Why should we join with you?.Your economy is worst in whole subcontinent.Look at our development we made padma bridge from our own resource.We have so many construction going on.

    • d the best Reply

      @Junied Tazrian ooh my god I love how you make fun of them. They think only think in islam is politics and jihad . They lost their faith. They were busy in terrorising while bangladesh was busy in devoloping.

    • Junied Tazrian Reply

      @d the best listen I am also muslim but jihad doesn’t mean hurting others.Some people thing jihad means attack on non muslim but that’s not true.Uneducated muslim think that jihad means attack on others.I don’t think they ever in their read holy quran with meaning and summary.Islam is beautiful religion.Some people take their religion for political reason just like India Pakistan.But look at us.We Bangladeshi are muslim but here terrorism is hardly ever happen. we just want peace.We have no conflict with India or Myanmar.That’s why our economy is booming.

    • Aarohi Reply

      @Junied Tazrian keep it up 👍👍

  44. mawazo selemani Reply

    Sahara desert is full of sand

    • d the best Reply

      You legit gonna use that same for building.

  45. Red Warlord Reply

    I don’t like sand. It’s coarse, rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere.

  46. Freeda Peeple Reply

    It sounds really weird but there is a serious sand shortage in the whole world.

  47. Tsunauticus IV Reply

    You don’t own Mother Earth. She owns YOU.

  48. Hani Queen Reply


  49. Rajasingam Muthusamy Reply

    Every country facing same problem.

  50. Faysal Ahmed Sany Reply

    Corrosive to environment

  51. sarfraz nawaz Reply

    Bangladesh our brother. From pakistan.we are one and will be.

    • Karif jr Reply

      @BOOM BD i agree

  52. Md Sohel Rana Reply

    That’s impossible to reply All jazeera interview because those officials are illiterate

  53. The CAFCL Reply

    Indians, amirite?

  54. Akash Rahman Reply

    Thanks a lot for such report on world media.

  55. Tarif Wasi Reply

    We finna be Arabs with all this sand

    • d the best Reply

      That sand isn’t even of any good

  56. Altaf HH Reply

    For so called free market….

  57. Mohammad Redwan official Reply

    Bangladesh government is kuttar baccha

  58. ANDREW Morris Reply

    Tnx and love from Bangladesh.

  59. ADNAN Allie Reply

    Bangladesh is poor country soon the country will disappear from earth due to climate change

    • Karif jr Reply

      @BOOM BD india is slum country

  60. Sindabad Reply

    Right. Illegal are available in Bangladesh

  61. Siddharth Banerjee Reply

    Bangladesh is more developed than pakistan.

    • Karif jr Reply

      Also India

    • Aditya Chauhan Reply

      @Karif jr more per capita than India but not more developed than India

    • Aditya Chauhan Reply

      @Karif jr which Bangladeshi city will you put for comparing Mumbai,delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata,seperately
      Dhaka is unable to compite anyone of the above

  62. Sukai Penn Reply

    Freedom peace and Blessings 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞

  63. Beans on Toast Reply

    I heard even Maldives want to buy sand from Bangladesh. If they going to use sand then focus on one area rather then all over the country, otherwise the agricultural landscape will be gone. So as the greenery, with only thing left will be concrete building like the west….

  64. Dynamic Bangla News Reply

    This reporter is not smart. Change this person.

  65. Abraham Tsfaye Reply

    That country is small but their population is now over 170 million people.
    They need to control their population.

    • Dizzy Chicko Reply

      Bengali are the 3rd largest ethnic groups in the world

    • ব খ তী য়া র ফ য় সা ল [BAN] Reply

      Look up the stats the fertility rate of Bangladesh (2.0) is among the least in South Asia and similar to Developed countries
      Now we can’t be blamed if the *Bengal Region* is the most fertile region in the entire world, can we?
      This small region has 3 megacities namely Dacca(Dhaka), Calcutta(Kolkata), Chittagong(Chattogram) (GDP > 100 bn $ population > 10 million)
      So u see these three cities contain almost 60 million people (corr. to 22nd most populated country) and generates almost 500 bn $ (corr. to 25th country by GDP)
      Even before 500 yrs (1500 AD) The world’s 5th most populous city was in this region known as Gauda with an est. population of 200,000
      Hope you realise it has more to do with the place and its location not the people
      *Thank You*

    • Dizzy Chicko Reply

      @ব খ তী য়া র ফ য় সা ল [BAN] Bangladesh is 100 times better than Ethiopia


    Save Bangladesh from Dictator Sheikh Hasina and her ministers

  67. Raziul Abrar KhonDaker Reply

    *Good report. Thank you Al Jazeera.*

  68. Rabbi Ahmed Reply

    Today Bangladeshi injustices worse than East Pakistan.

  69. Harris Khan Reply

    Our country has croption everywhere 🇧🇩🇧🇩

    • Aarohi Reply

      If u mean corruption then Every country does……

  70. Remon ab Official - Remon islam Reply


  71. Remon ab Official - Remon islam Reply

    যায়গা মতে দিসে

  72. Born Again Indian Reply

    Their is nothing more disgusting than sub continent folk with those unkept beards and shaved moustaches.

  73. Nazeefa Labiba Reply

    This should get some attention!!!!!!

  74. ศรรา อีนคํา Reply

    มันมีปัญหาระยะยาวการดูดทรายในแม่น้ำขึ้นมาอ่านตามธรรมชาติอย่างเราเคยอยู่เคยสูบขึ้นมาพ่อหัวกะโหลก 7 mวงกว้างพื้นที่สุดสายขึ้นมาความลึกวงกว้างสร้างความเสียหายมากการแม่น้ำธรรมชาติทั้งหิวทั้งทรายดินเหนียวตลิ่งพังเสียหายเวลาเกิดน้ำท่วมจะเกิดปัญหาใหญ่เราเคยทำมาแล้ว

    • Md.Shohanur Rahman Shohan Reply

      What are you saying?
      You are from Thailand.

  75. ศรรา อีนคํา Reply


  76. ศรรา อีนคํา Reply

    ถ้าจะให้มันสมบูรณ์อีกครั้งหนึ่งฝนตกหนักน้ำท่วมฝนตกหนักน้ำท่วมมันจะมีคนมาซ่อมแซมมันก็ตั้งหลายปี30 ปีหรือ 40 ปีก่อนที่หินทรายมันจะมาแทนที่

  77. ศรรา อีนคํา Reply


  78. ศรรา อีนคํา Reply


  79. ศรรา อีนคํา Reply


  80. Md rashed Ahmed Reply


  81. LOGHNY Warriors Reply

    These are all soviet Mukti Bani mental slaves.

    • Jill Sandwich Reply

      Wtf are you even trying to say?

    • LOGHNY Warriors Reply

      @Jill Sandwich Bangaladesh is autocratic state, it was established by Soviet Comrades. the Govt in Bengaladesh doesn’t lesson to people, they follow communist dictation tactics forcing people to erase them from their land. Bengalis have less trust on Autocratic Govt.

    • Jill Sandwich Reply

      @LOGHNY Warriors What? 🤣 You are completely delusional and have zero idea about Bangladesh. Do you even know what communism is?

    • LOGHNY Warriors Reply

      @Jill Sandwich I am not saying that bangladesh is communist state,my point is the autocratic Govt using the force tactics taking land of indigenous population.

  82. Syed Abdullah Mahmood Reply

    BAL Jazeera!! 🤣

  83. Spider Man Reply


  84. Real Eyes BD Reply

    Yess is true

  85. Mohi Uddin Reply

    Journalists in our country do not see these things

  86. Mugib Raju Reply

    Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, etc. are not helpless, they will certainly take the brutal revenge on us!

  87. Robin hood Reply

    There isn’t any law in Bangladesh

  88. RK Tuhiin Reply

    Shame on govt.Oak thu

  89. Rajibur Rahman Reply

    Yes, powerful people doing this illegal business. Very dangerous for river stability. But who would stop them, they run the gov.


    AL JAZEERA is not focusing on global climate change issue that is causing many changes in Bangladesh. This is also an issue but somehow I find it crazy that “Bangladesh will find challenge in growing food that it needs due to this issue”! — Such a poor reporting! River drazzing is a need for survival of river as well but we must ensure transparent disposal of sand. That’s it. It is not that big area. I never expected such reporting from a world class and reputed network like Al JAZEERA that I am a fan and follower.

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