What happened on Capitol Hill? | Start Here


A pro-Trump rally gone wrong has shocked people around the world.
The unprecedented event saw thousands of protesters breach Capitol Hill security, resulting in at least four dead and dozens of arrests.
So what triggered the attack? And what’s next for President Trump?

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104 thoughts on “What happened on Capitol Hill? | Start Here

  1. Tahir Majeed Reply

    Looks like Trump inspired by Nawaz Shareef! Vote ko izzat dou (Give respect to votes)

  2. Rizal Elias Mosquera Reply

    Gonna appreciate if you discuss the police force’s double standard.

  3. Wikan Saktianto Reply

    Its really upsetting..No one of them being mentioned as terrorist on slightest. If they are shouting “Allah Akbar” or any Arabic Words, they will get the terrorist label. Just unfair to see that only Muslim and Indo-Arabic people got labelled “Terrorist”.

  4. Selen Reply

    America need democracy
    china should send troops 🤣🤣

  5. Guri Singh Reply

    No 25th, there will be more violence. Let 2 weeks get through.

  6. C Barber Reply

    Liberals started it…now our turn

  7. Jewish Frog Reply

    I wouldn’t expect America to be as corrupted if not more corrupted than my own country, and yet here we are…
    Joe Biden won.

  8. Oumar Rahadjen Reply

    Talk about the regime in Chad, the president has been ruling the country for 30 years and there will be election in April, so you can talk about it.

  9. Alessandro Zurlo Reply

    Guys the music in the background is too loud, please keep it down next time (remembering it also influences the perception of the news) thanks

  10. Litterbox Reply

    It didn’t “go wrong” they did exactly what he told them to do.

    • Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein Reply

      No, moron.

  11. Albert Arellano jr Reply

    I believe Trump should be impeached, and never be allowed to run for any government office.He will go down in history as the worst president we ever had (GOOD BYE TRUMP FOREVER).

  12. Shah Islam Reply

    Trump needs to be locked up now! !!! Also his corrupted family members and Rudy G..
    In this electronically advanced era, we have to take the opportunity to prove US (US-CA inseparable for strengthening our co-existence to an unprecedented strongest ever stand over the globe without the so called allies -mainly UK and Israel) and ourselves to be recognized as ‘the fittest of All Leaderships in the new World’.
    By bringing Trump to American justice soon, Joe Biden and “the honestly thinking, unselfish guys @ his back” should send a breaking “news of alert” to the leaderships of Mango Democratic States of disorderly global communities.
    Putin, Kim, Ruhani, Erdogan, Modi type morally or intellectually low leaders can surely be made personally alerted by jb’s to-be-taken-initiatives re: thuggery and personal crimes by drastically broadcasting the upcoming trials of Trump’s personal criminal offences, although not necessarily have to start with his political criminality, -what the wise; smart folks of the entire world have recently watched and witnessed by unmanipulable electronically captured evidences as media of new age.
    Just to set an example of how the American justice works (of course with insights and inspirations obtained from HGP Platform) suspended life imprisonment for Trump as penalty should be the appropriate option for US department of Justice similarly how the 3rd world States like BGD’s inhumanely humanitarian but disordered justice department is being managed by power-vacuum mechanism; in order to get Bangladeshi criminals on all societal levels under control somewhat successfully.
    Crime rate has increased over 1000 per cent over the last 2 decades in Bangladesh just like dozens of other MANGO DEMOCRATIC States /Nations world-wide.
    Adoption of HGP policies has potentially the better or best solutions to such unstoppable global trend of continuously increasing criminal activities ranging from ‘kidnapping and murdering by State leaderships’ to ‘brutality and killings by petty muggers on global streets’.
    More insights into the solvable global issue:
    Like China, India or Russia, worst of all, the UK is run by so lowly minded moronic small group of disguises thugs that it can be friend with no other nation (* Brexit is what?)
    All is about creating terror with hoaxing conspiracy in old englo-hebruish thuggish design.
    ….. such confusing, cowardly acts in this transparent era still can only be perpetrated by small Islamic or British royalish groups via englo-hebruish-masterminded criminals with inhumanely mischievous mindset -which our jb, jt + must take seriously to work on against for making the world a violence-free, happier place within the remainder of 21st century.
    Exchanges of help between US-CA LEADERSHIPS and HGP Platform is available on mutually beneficial ways.
    Additional insights:
    …… One man’s non-violent Thought-work can positively motivate billions of individuals’ brain act right! Once awareness generation of the mass started everyone has something to gain from these but right now, for example, where are Bangladeshi or UN (or US-CA without any of so called old allies) monitored justice departments to question unruly, barbarian Saudi Authority -that operates a religious business but fails to address the heinous sexual crimes perpetrated against coimtless naive and helpless foreign women as working housemaids from countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and similar states?
    Further insights: Where was justice when Bill Gates, in the recent past, killed countless poor childrens and senior citizens during his virus experiments in almost lawless States like India, even in developped states with ‘too much of dishonestly manipulable laws’ ? So, no one should try to assist in suppressing the truth and sympathize with Bill Gates type virtual criminals when time is up for tjem to be brought to justice before the silently watching world (and *the silent punishment of Cosmic Creator -which has already started hitting back such kind of perpetrators like a BOOMERANG for their secret crimes against humanity).
    The actual facts behind 2019 spreading of virus:
    Yes, the entire world and especially some of the targeted populated areas have vigorously been sprayed with Covid-19 during the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 from the sky in the similar methods -how were taken the real pictures of landscapes seen in Google World Map.
     And the longterm purpose is a pure business of making huge money exclusively at the same time causing global virus terror for immediately helping a few small groups such Bloomberg, royalish, secretive hebruish etc. grab the control on world’s political power vacuum mechanism once again by filthy, elusive means.
     Bill Gates is one of the master culprits -who first successfully made easy earnings of billions of dollars from creating so named computer virus (computer signal jamming cookies) and then selling went unchallenged, mainly through British crooks of the so called computer-anti-virus softwares, a nonsense ‘so called soft product’ without being held responsible by any authority for their defrauding business  practices -which encouged the same elusive group of culprits plot a new evil scheme that involved humanly transmit able flu or anthrax tyoe viruse. Then, tests of human-virus: Ebola was performed in some locations in Africa with satisfactory results -which in a labiratory modified and developed form with a new name: Covid-19 has been tested in recent past on crowded places like Cruise Ships and markets with successful outcome.
     And eventually, at this time in 2020 when sufficient power of Eastern economic strengths accumulated in the brutal hands of Xin.J., V.Putin, and Ruhani, Modi type religiously blind guys in most parts of the world, that shrinking englo-hebruish evil group secretly kept doing the initial phase of heinous job of aerially spraying Covid virus worldwide using wind direction patterns, air flow circulations from higher altitudes on China (Xin.J. was aware), Iran, spain and Italy (unaware) via satelite controlled undetectable space crafts, commercial drone type things, then continues without raising any suspicions of ordinary homeland folks the aerial spraying targeting easily accessible areas like vincinities of “own hometowns of the said group of master culprits” along the coastlines at both sides of Atlantic Ocean such as Gulf of Mexico, English Chennels etc.
    For further understanding, keep thinking logically until you are able to realise that this notoriously clever and greedy businessman Bill Gates has long been involved in the Virus-infection-spreading-business along with that moral characterless, small englo-hebruish group’s laboratory-production of Covid-19 virus germs aerially sprayed from higher altitudes on easily accessible homeland areas such as New York (Readers of this informational thought-work should try to be prudently proactive thought-wise with awreness and help generate alert for the unsuspecting fellow citizens and thereby assist in awakening of average global folks, and ordinary ones in all corners of the world should become aware of a small engli-hebruish old group’s safe haven in the land of England of U.K. -which have perpetrated the heinously secretive jobs of “Covid virus spreading” firstly, inside Cruise-ships, Passerger flights, then aerially on several tergetted, densely populated global ereas in early 2020.
    The best of things, however; Joe Biden must start to do in early 2021 are: 1). immediately implement HGP recommended new trading strategies with China based on BALANCED; DEFICIT FREE annual trading;
    2). get out of WHO and bring Bill Gates type all the crooks to justice that dubiously years ago plotted the “global Virus terror”, elusively spreaded Covid germs from higher altitudes on coastlines of selected areas, in cruise ships etc. and now ready to sell the Antivirus products for making easy billions of dollars down the roads of globally made infected virus recovery.
    The difference, for example, between small Chinese or Vietnamese thief and An American or English “merchant of real estates or virus business in disguise of gentleman (e.g. Bill Gates, Trump etc.) is insignificant.
    However, small or big all kinds of financial criminals must face criminal justice and get punished.
    With copied slogan of ex-potus Reagan) Trump’s leadership was even worse than those of morally corrupted and psychologically unhealthy government operators of Mango democracies.
    Also become aware of the facts that the poor leaderships of thuggery at international levels from Russia to India, from rural policemen to state constituents -who are running some ‘doomed to be failing government mechanisms’ are desperately in need of replacements with better Model as per HGP design and policies of the new generation, fascinating countries like America, Bangladesh, Canada (& D to Z) start transforming to truly humanitarian and electronically secured, real advanced and prosperous nations within a few decades.
    Also smart global citizens have to keep in mind the importance of incurcerating some millions of dishonestly become millionaires along with filthy Arabian Oil-lords, Russian and Israeli bomb and gun-makers, parasitical warlords or so called royals elsewhere, evil leaders like Putin, Kim Jong, insatiably greedy businessmen like Bill Gates, Warren Buffets etc. etc.
    Moreover, new gereration with power of awareness created by HGP Platform would find particular areas where some humanitarian crises exists and a new global model justice system empowered with digitally captured randon evidences and implementation of a completely electronical, remote Vote casting method using personal devices on a globally visible and freely-accessible web-screen for any curious and all global folks.

  13. Jungle Wii fii Reply

    If civil war breaks out Texas be Republican

  14. OxxselphiexxO Reply

    A day after the incident, Trump is saying that he is appalled of the what happened?? Clownery at its finest!

  15. Lee Kh Reply

    It seems these mob people come from all over the places. Think this incident is planned by DT awhile ago. Otherwise, they won’t have the time to travel there. And to leave Capitol Hill not properly guarded while the meeting is going on is very fishy.

  16. sally bryan Reply

    See nothing lasts forever

  17. J P Reply

    What a sore loser

  18. Chura Bhok Reply

    Trump for president yeah!!!

  19. Zulu Mlungu Reply

    US will be sleeping until 2024! Rest in Peace

  20. Kito Kito Reply

    Tyrant Dump enticing Volienc…

  21. Kito Kito Reply

    they call these thugs roits while worst thugs in Hong Kong “peace lovers” STFU hypocrite “international community”

  22. Feba Mohammed Reply

    Banana republic

  23. Leodark Sam Reply

    Civil war! Di it! I’d pay to watch it happen.

  24. Bollywood YouTube News & Fact News Reply

    This shows how common sense of people have eroded


    Hollywood comes to reality

  26. Arrie Sekhon Reply

    What an idiot he is

  27. Jawad Sawal Reply

    Trump was anti war. I dont know why aljazeera is against trump and supporting pro war american establishment

  28. Solution of life all in one Reply

    Shame America Shame because you have elected this Monster, Hypocrite, pathological liar, killer of humanity, justice, democracy &rules of law Your Mob President / Monster Trump.

    For a peaceful America & world of course MOB PRESIDENT TRUMP &his blind slaves/ pets / clawn in Prison next life.

  29. JIN Bo'te Reply

    Neither the none white americans or the world will accept who your corrupt class systems colleges choose as leader

  30. Adnan Khan Reply

    Please cover the Qatar Saudi story.

  31. Jerry Hall Reply

    Trump is like a German leader in the 1930’s in the sense that the situation has played into his hands. The disappointment among the people is justified. Trump didn’t create their anger. He is just taking adavantage of it. Of course now everyone is blaming him.

  32. Michael Fluge Reply

    Trump is simply asking for auditing of the materials used for the election, or is it too big to ask ? Or what are they hiding ?

  33. Well Being Reply

    First time someone says truth in USA history but no body trust him…so sad 😥


    Hollywood has got another superb blockbuster script 😅

  35. Aman singh Reply

    Everyone said Americans were stupid, this proved it

    • see saw Reply

      Not stupid, just being played.

    • Moe L'Sharif Reply

      Smart people realize when they’re being played!!!

  36. Sherbet_Bomb Reply

    Call of Duty : Capitol warfare.

  37. starfreakist Reply

    That’s exactly what Fascism looks like, angry people waving flags and full of hate.

  38. Sammy Kyriakides Reply

    Change the voting system, so this can’t happen again, and more power to the state’s

  39. Shaheer Shabbir Reply

    Beautyfull site to see 😎

  40. Agashe Amina Reply

    What happened to the sound effects, the walk to the white chair, small things make a difference. Sandra

  41. Mario Serpico Reply

    I used to go to theater. Now I don’t have to.

  42. AcidBot66 Reply

    No wonder why Mexican are pretty desperate for the border wall to be finishes ASAP!

  43. Mahesh K Reply

    POTUS is not the custodian of the constitution. This leftist fear mongering is unnecessary. His supporters vented their frustration and now will go back to their normal lives.

  44. Ditiro Motene Reply

    🙄 come on bro we saw the full video
    Dont play us like Cnn

  45. Gerard YouTube Reply

    Pelossi on HK….a beautiful sight to behold.

  46. Indian Andy Reply

    “And I’ll be with you.” He needs to pardon everybody arrested there. 🤬😡🤬😡

    • DuBstep115 Reply

      Criminal pardoning criminals, that’s rich

    • Liam Andreassen Reply

      THE BLM child murders were intentional! Al Jazeera, France 24, CNN, MSNBC, and here RT, etc. forgot to mention that Trump supporters
      do not wear mask!. Those wearing masks and hiding their faces are
      criminals paid for by George Soros and Mike Bloomberg. Remember the tens
      of millions (or was it billions) Bloomberg was bragging about spending
      on criminals in the election? Remember now? forgot to mention that there
      were no murders. France 24 forgot to mention that there were no babies
      murdered here like those murdered babies in Atlanta (5 year old in the
      car), in Chicago, (four year old shot through the window in his home),
      etc. etc. Oh, BTW, France 24 forgot to mention the businesses and homes
      that were burned by BLM, and the stores looted, etc., etc. All to
      support a drug addict criminal with a 25 year criminal record? Not the
      murdered babies who were hardly mentioned. I don’t remember France 24
      mentioning them at all.The recent protest at the Capitol missed ALL OF
      THESE CRIMES! Is there any education or IQ requirement for Al Jazeera, France 24 or HT? Al Jazeera remember the Muslim involvement in slavery? Kidnapping whites in Italy, etc, etc and enslaving them in Africa. Ring a bell?

  47. Indian Andy Reply

    Lindsey Graham must’ve been reading his love letters from John McCain.

  48. Harvey Custodio Reply

    So Trump is planning a Violent Coup???

  49. Eng Dawlad Reply


  50. Jamila Mohammed Reply

    Gone With The Wind !

  51. Ted2020 Reply

    So now you get s taste of the medicine you have been dishing out around the world and you don’t like it,shame on you.
    You have no democracy only corrupt government.

  52. Fida Likhon Reply

    *Sins will chase US to collapse. Possibly after 50 years, most of the people will leave US*

  53. stereosonix2000 Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed the chaos and mayhem that ensued….keep it up America, stay classy.

  54. morocco fifa Reply


  55. synchronicity676 Reply

    Why arent they investigating d voting process? It is true they don’t even have IDs wen voting or system to prevent double voting… like mark d finger with ink after casting vote.. online voting is obviously rigged.. ( probably by both sides)

  56. Erin levere Reply

    Trump should be in jail

  57. Joe Blogs Reply

    Haha, reporter on CNN quoting the last time Capitol Hill was stormed was by the British in 1812, and burned it down. Yanks do it in 2021, and break a few windows, fecking amateurs 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Qing Yang Reply

    I believe we have more than enough technology to make elections proof against contestable fraud, like the way we handle our money and credit history. It feels to me that we purposely choose lousy technology for this important activity.

  59. Jornalista Renata Rosa Reply

    He must go to jail to prevent other dictators do the same

  60. jake 16 Reply

    We will make Mexico pay for the wall…..
    and peoples still believed in him…how stupid can you be.

  61. Melanniaire Reply

    To think.. We Americans are paying for this Super Thug to have Secret Service Protection, for life.

  62. MS A Reply

    Karma returned to USA

  63. Jose Fernandez Reply

    Press and mass media are misleading what happened, the history will show the true.

  64. DI MON Reply


  65. Julian Searcie Reply

    I disagree with most republicans .but senator mcCain was some one I respect .

  66. Michał Rogalski Reply

    Where was this energy when we were raiding area 51?

  67. zaheid tahir Reply

    Just because, you the media are saying these were trumps supporters, should we believe what you say, and even if it’s his supporters, why should he take the blame, he clearly made it clear how he wants his followers to protest. Who gives Facebook and other platforms the right to ban him, there is a small but power country that would like to nuke Iran of the planet, remember in the un when the Israeli prime minister held a cardboard picture of a bomb, saying we need to stop Iran, is it OK for him to use language like that, obviously, they are exempt from any criticism and its been like this for 70 years

  68. Gambu Reply

    This election was a mess. The fact that there is more than 200K votes in Pennsylvania that were cast by no known voter is evidence of voter fraud. You can’t say there is no evidence.

    • Gerald O'Brien Reply

      Go back to your meth.

    • Tarra Sabin Reply

      @Gambu: If such evidence exists, why didn’t Trump’s attorneys present it in any of his 50 court cases to try and overturn the election? When asked by each judge (most of them Trump-appointed) for evidence of fraud, each time the team of attorneys answered, “There isn’t any evidence.” They were working for Trump. So why didn’t they present any of this so-called evidence of “voter fraud”?

  69. Khurshid jr Reply

    is this a movie?

  70. Tony Caine Reply

    The world don’t know this but half of Americans are racist European people. Most are from Germany where Hitler is a hero to them. They are waving the American flag but this flag stands only for White America

  71. Nasir Azeem Reply

    Trump has badly Exposed The US Democracy.
    Twitter and Facebook has permanently banned his accounts, where is the so-called “Freedom of Speech” now ??

  72. DeepCutterz Reply

    I love your voice..

  73. Zaint Breez Reply

    the mask is removed, this is the real america.

  74. dean McLean Reply


  75. Chris Carrasquilla Reply

    Trump belongs in prison. Respect the law

  76. Judith Jackson Reply

    It started in 2016 🥴🥴🤷🏿

  77. Chui Tiger Reply

    Death of democracy. ..we Africans are laughing at Americans with their democrazy. Long live mother Africa

  78. Yasher Khan Reply

    america is a threat to global peace…

  79. AYALA Reply

    Trumpism is here to stay.

  80. MC Your DAD Reply

    Proud of you Mr. Trump 👍 History made

  81. GREER Reply

    Good feeling the FBI & CIA will arrest most of these terrorist/thug’s. Please use all of my tax dollar’s and lock them UP.

  82. R Knight Reply

    🙄 No, what happened was, when Trump was inaugurated the left did everything they could to demonize the people’s choice. The people saw 4 years of lies about Russia, saw riots thaw were called “peaceful protests”” saw Trump supporters ostracized and even beaten and an election that everyone with a working brain and enough nerve to admit knows was fraudulent. But hey media, keep spouting the same narrative and giving Nancy Pelosi legitimacy in her claims that the president is unhinged. In case you haven’t noticed, people are getting more and more angry and they will rise up. You won’t have anyone to blame except yourselves

  83. Hissen Daud Reply

    In this difficult time we. 👲 are all Americans 👤👥👫

  84. Sonam Dondup Reply

    I was to apply student visa to USA , after seeing this news I have decided not to apply now.

  85. James Murphy Reply

    Just think
    History will remember
    White America as
    Narcissistic psychopath Children !
    Instead of a
    Labor Force that supports all
    Americans !

  86. David Marks Reply

    Trump should be in prison

  87. Asus Zenone Reply

    This is terrorist..

  88. Ali Kazmi Reply

    It was what not expected from Usa whose democratic values are a gold standard for rest of the world. It was seamed to be from some third world democracy transition of power. Anyways i hope that peace and high democratic values will prevail.

  89. Karina Romero Reply

    but trump stayed home haha

  90. Byron Mayhan Reply

    perfect video

  91. Ameretards 99 Reply


  92. Tenyo Reply


  93. Syed Fuadin Reply

    Police don’t do their job corretly

  94. Marvin F Reply

    Best reality show award 2021 and proudly brought to you by the Trump production inc.

  95. k. _nf Reply

    Act of Terrorism…

  96. Cazzac111 Reply

    It is not wise for there to be aggression on the energy lines.

  97. Dihydrogen Monoxide Reply

    I can see why the Mexicans want a wall..

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