FBI pursues Trump supporters involved in Capitol siege


More pictures are emerging from the moments the United States Capitol was overrun, and they appear to reinforce perceptions that a sparse police force was outnumbered and overwhelmed.
At least one officer was killed in the melee.
Al Jazeera’s Andrew Chappelle reports.
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172 thoughts on “FBI pursues Trump supporters involved in Capitol siege

  1. Garden City Reply

    I’d be curious as to how many BLM and Antifia members the FBI is in pursuit of after their riots and destruction of property?

    • Ariam Zerep Reply

      Those violent agitators are Paid Crisis Actors or members of Antifa disguised as Trump supporters who infiltrated the peaceful protests. They were alerted from someone inside the Chamber of the Capitol Building to storm the building during the raising of objections to the electoral votes.

    • Hello There Reply

      @Ariam Zerep antifa did this that bla bla. Your useless fox news conspiracies aren’t helping.

    • Xviper 786 Reply

      I am sure antifa is not in this one

  2. FUNNY LIFE Reply

    People are made to suffer this is nothing but anger and suffering of common man politician should take note of this otherwise there will be utter lawlessness because handful of security personnel will be crushed by the mob.

  3. malc Y Reply

    I guess non of them are terrorists…

  4. Gar Sm Reply

    Magga has to face justice. The world is watching.

  5. Sidick Badat Reply

    The funniest part is, they are quick in saying that their intelligence is so good that they find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq 🇮🇶 and chemicals in Syria 🇸🇾 But the so called intelligence didn’t even manage to stop their mobs destroying the Capitol Building.

    • Bat Hombre Reply

      And took 2.5hrs for national guard to get there. If this dumbfuckery can happen now, how can 911 and JFK not happen?

  6. Elangbam Reply

    Rise up people! This is the beginning of our revolution. Its time to take back America to its people.

    • Hello There Reply

      Ah yes. The inglorious magatard revolution 😂😂

    • Elangbam Reply

      @Hello There you democrats sell out this country to china! We won’t give up! Democrats get cancer

    • Molakun Bankole Reply

      Take back America to its people? You mean the Native Americans you slaughtered just so you could steal their land and call it your own? Yeah I guess that’s who you’re fighting for

  7. Muhammed Imthiyaz Abdhul Jabbar Reply

    America is tasting its own treatment 😂😂

    • kidd7359 Reply

      Accept 330,000,000 americans aren’t informed enough to realize that. Still laughing?

  8. Aseel Khan Reply

    What a double standard policy US police have, imagine if the protesters were minorities or African americans they’d have shot and killed on the spot, but these people are special because they’re Trump supporters. Terrorize the country but still don’t call terrorists🤔🤔🤔. But also Karma 😂😂

  9. Αλέξανδρα Azabache Haare Reply

    “La Iglesia Católica está en progreso rápido. Hemos tenido un presidente Católico (Kennedy) y sin duda tendremos otro”.
    Una Exposición de Las Siete Edades de La Iglesia – 9 – La Edad De Laodicea
    Rev. William Marrion Branham.

  10. DaedalusHelius Reply

    Russia and China should impose economic sanctions on the US for killing peaceful demonstrators

  11. Shaheer Shabbir Reply

    Beautyfull scenes loved it 😂😂👌👌👍👍💩💩🇺🇲

  12. WIEWIE Reply

    These are freedom fighters, fighters for democracy 😂😂😂😂 hypocrites

  13. Meren Jamir Reply

    Trump must be jailed

  14. Prashanth B Reply

    Give them harshest punishment.

  15. Serenity Reply

    If only the FBI and our authorities/politicians took the BLM violators as seriously as they’re hunting down these Trump supporters, we’d be a stable and more of a decent nation then.

    • Sam Reply

      😂 Here you go again

    • Jean King Reply

      BLM is fighting for social justice not overthrowing the government

  16. You Tuber Reply

    If blue eyes matters thn black lyfs also been matter

  17. nasus nasus Reply

    Laugh at America for one day because it sure will laugh at you for the rest of the year ……..

    • Syed Ali Zaidi Reply

      We are laughing on america since 1979 …. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Robert Z Reply

      @Syed Ali Zaidi cool


      @Robert Z Cool ? Really ?

    • Tsukiyo Reply


    • baba Jaga Reply

      We been laughing for lot longer then that.


    Y CONTANDO …!!!

  19. Hello There Reply


  20. Frank Njoga Reply

    We are barely 10days into 2021,and you end up dead fighting for a president who locked himself up at the White House

  21. Tha GameReview Reply

    This isn’t wrong, the American citizens have their right to stand up for their self.
    No need for corrupt politicians or central bankers, pharmaceutical companies or insurance companies.

    First they’ll need to put the politicians in their place and then go to central banks. This is great to show that politicians exist only to serve the country not the opposite.

  22. The Ford Wolf Reply

    God bless my hero Trump! We’ll come back to power again! Insha Allah!

  23. w surfer Reply

    What i see is just like what happened in Hong Kong, and just like Pelosi said “What a sight to behold”

    • baba Jaga Reply

      No not really. But you can still think its exactly like that. LOL

    • Jean King Reply

      @baba Jaga It is exactly like that

  24. C. Lincoln Reply

    There’s blame on both sides.
    Those were very fine people.

    • Molakun Bankole Reply

      You mean the terrorist who badged into the capitol wearing clothing that praised the Holocaust. Yes very fine people indeed

  25. ULF THE STORM Reply

    good i had my mask on so they cant get me

    • Molakun Bankole Reply

      Then you’re a coward

  26. AR TV Reply

    US All Taim
    e territories Frame

  27. Clinton Wills Reply

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  28. K M Reply

    Thomas Jefferson
    “If people are afraid of the state, we have tyranny, and if the government is afraid of people, we have freedom.”
    People entered the Capitol and these politicians fled like rats into the basement. It was the moment when they were afraid of people, they should be afraid of us all the time, those rats sitting there in the basement. All they could do there was run away like rats to the basement. People were allowed to enter the Capitol because it is the “People’s House”.

  29. K M Reply

    People who are frustrated by corruption in the government of the US state at the highest echelons of power. These were the patriots who entered. There are 5 deaths and it is sad that is the price of corruption in the highest authorities of the American state. These are the consequences of decades of corruption in the highest American government. People have absolutely the right to demand freedom from the government, and that freedom does not exist today. The whole system has collapsed for only Baiden to become president. This is not a credible president.

    • kidd7359 Reply

      Hope this gets the hundreds of hours of investigation that the five deaths in Benghazi did

  30. Dead Last Reply

    How stupid can this people be? They’re doing an illegal act and wear no mask? If I was gonna do that I would have wearing a mask and a hoodie. No one can be this stupid it’s too many of them and now I’m thinking it’s another Democrat plan to get him out and have him impeached and go down in shame

    • Sophie Belvedere Reply

      Well apparently “this people” are extremely stupid seeing how they, themselves are all over social media proudly taking personal responsibility for their actions. Still with no masks, mind you.

    • baba Jaga Reply

      They Trump supporters IQ cant be that high.

    • Jean King Reply

      They elected orange idiot what do you expect?

  31. Syed Anjum Reply

    This how modis friend trump is , spreading hate like dividing people

  32. Altaf Shekh Reply

    Why can’t you call them terrorist

    • Dave Curnv Reply

      Coz they r not killing innocent people like terrorists

  33. Min Bajunid Reply

    China is laughing

  34. Mohammed Madani Reply

    Make America great again

  35. wilson wu Reply

    The world is going to a reset everyone is in this.

  36. Dr Farhan Ahmed Reply

    2020 was a trailer. 2021 is the real deal

  37. Armani Spice Reply

    A revolution in a first world country…really!!!

  38. 김은영 Reply

    POOR’S !!!, WILL BE

    • Jean King Reply

      Yes God is punishing USA for all its crimes

  39. JP 17 Reply

    Surprisingly the cops weren’t in the fears of they lives

  40. Daniel M Reply

    What a self lie! Shame on the government, does not see what ppl are seeking.

  41. JT Paulann Reply

    There was a military operation during the so-called rides in Washington DC which were staged the military now has all the evidence they need to convict me at Sea Pelosi and many others this is why she is panicking and wants to impeach Donald Trump

  42. Sidick Badat Reply

    Hope they have started making the movie 🎥 on this on.

  43. Jeff Spam Reply

    More or less violent than the arranged BLM protests?
    How many TV s were stolen this time?

  44. Imran Ahmed Reply

    Trump is dangerous man..as same as wild vampire

  45. Moe Reese Reply

    The veteran who got shot and killed should be posthumously dishonorable discharged. Treason

  46. andree france paquette Reply

    Disgusting! There are no words.

  47. John Gable Smith Reply

    The bombs though. These people are insane.

    • Barb Dallaire Reply

      Trumps people only carried American flags, Antifa and police carried in sprays, guns, rubber bullets, force, hammers to bust windows, and an ok from
      Pelosi to cause the peaceful marchers to look like rioters, which were not. The police were instagators just like the bused in agitators were. God save
      USA from this chaos that is coming due to this fake Pres. coming in, the liar, thief Biden.

    • baba Jaga Reply

      @Barb Dallaire hehehe i guess u were not there and you spewing.

    • Peter Reply

      @Barb Dallaire Those were violent traitors supporting the orange clown. FBI has caught a few. The majority have spoken, the orange cancer is gone

    • Molakun Bankole Reply

      @Barb Dallaire they only carried in American flags? So the Molotov cocktails and other HOME MADE explosives which were photographed at the scene were brought there by police yeah? The only fake news here is you and your sore loser soon to be impeached one-term president, and the other people like you who still find a way to justify this atrocity. I mean you can actually sit there and confidently say they only brought in American flags (which is not true by the way as we have all seen) as if even if that were true it would be a justification for breaking through doors, shattering windows and police barricades to the point where officers are purposely squished up against broken doors leaving them to cry out for help, attacking with fire extinguishers and so much more. YOU ALL LOST!! GO BACK TO YOUR HOUSES AND GET OVER IT.

    • Molakun Bankole Reply

      They are not just insane they are out right terrorists! Call a spade a spade.

  48. Barb Dallaire Reply

    The violence was due to the police and coordinated by them. They let the bus load of agitators thru and those agitators called to the Trump supporters to follow after
    them and they stupidly did. The Police were working for the Democrats to make the peaceful march look bad. Trump only wanted a peaceful demonstration and that
    was not what Pelosi wanted. They were wanting it to look like a riot, which they are good at. The Police could have kept people back, but they had orders to let
    what happen, to happen just the way they wanted so they could call a peaceful assembly, a RIOT. The agitators, BLM and Antifa busted windows and forced their
    way in with a great deal of experience. Hope they are not let go the next day when they are arrested this time. Pelosi should be Impeached not the President Trump.
    And cheater Biden should go screw himself with his new domestic terrorists law, as he never let BLM or Antifa to be called domestic terrorists. The police better
    choose sides which they will protect, demorats liars, or the people of these United States of America who are peace loving and devoted to their Constitution. It looks
    like a tea party is coming to USA.

  49. Barb Dallaire Reply

    Notice you Billionairs that China doesn’t love you and I am waiting for the day they will think big Tech giants are too big and will disappeared them just like China did to their’s.
    Then the gov. will control the tech, media, the laws, the finances, the markets, the economy, the food, the people. Democrats, mark my words, you got what you wanted,
    but you will not like what you get.

    • Leo Reply

      I’m sorry, if the government does not control tech, economy and food etc., then who should control it. So in your opinion, you’d rather let giant companies and billionaires control the food safety than the FDA? I promise those super riches would think giving us decent food ought to be luxurious for us. If you are not a super-rich upper class, then I’ll say you can’t even look after your own interest. BTW, do some fact checks before commenting, china has more and more billionaires and they are growing fast. Some trump supporters should read more literature and spend less time on the Internet

  50. Ali Alrashidi Reply

    I think afghanistan or iraq should open a military base in washington to make sure terrorists will not attack again

    • Jean King Reply

      NK should send election observers 🤣

    • Dusty Rhoads Reply

      Goodluck with that.The U.S would stop them before they made it off their own cursed land

    • Dusty Rhoads Reply

      You mean the same U.S that took care of their leader for them a few years ago.That makes alot of sence lol

    • ali Lovelock Reply


    • ali Lovelock Reply

      Biggest Hypocrites on this planet 🇺🇸

  51. ismaila Ceesay Reply

    America is totally disgrace

  52. Videos4fun Reply

    Arrest them all

    • La Belva Reply

      Not enough space

    • Naman yadav Reply

      Not possible

    • La Belva Reply

      @Naman yadav how ?

  53. Peter Reply

    Trumps “good people”

    • Peter Reply

      @Abide DOJ has already determined it was not Antifa. Why would trump tell all these people they were special if he was going to blame it on Antifa. So far all arrested are not Antifa. Sorry brah these were trumps traitor cult

    • Abide Reply

      @Peter its been the same all year on every topic/issue. Two sides two stories. I try to look at both sides and weed out the bs but using the word “sides” makes it too simple to misunderstand facts. We say right,left,conservative,liberal,etc
      But the truth never has an agenda. Its just a matter of fact. Lies have an agenda to persuade, cover-up, fool, deceive.
      Its up to us to do our best to finish life well. It would be nice if we could all be content Americans .
      But there’s an issue with good vs evil. God help us ! 🇺🇲

    • Peter Reply

      @Abide They were not Antifa, I wish the right was not so gullible, boggles the mind who no one facts checks on the right, very scary

  54. Sama A Reply

    If that was BLM they would have been massacred

    • BrutalHawk Reply

      @Sama A I saw alot of that and it’s horrible but still your comment does not add to anything. It only brings useless discussussions between pro trump and BLM.

      I’m not American btw.

    • Sama A Reply

      @BrutalHawk discussing these things doesn’t mean toxic as used today to dismiss what i am saying. This is the reality and you don’t have the perspective black man like myself has, you are just seeing it now and these differences between white America and black americans have always been highlighted through history from nation Islam in 20’s, civil rights movements in 30s, hip hop in 80’s and 90’s, now all we have left mainstream media controlling the narrative ! yes its shock you the way i speak but it is bitter reality and bitter truth based on the facts. Trump Rioters were literally being escorted out of building, even probably receiving an apology on way out. It shows you the entitlement and complacency of white of America. White America has to ask itself, is that what they want their children to see and give them that understanding of their privilege’s? this your country and make as many mistakes as you want?

      i speak the truth dear, and i don’t prophesize but i could imagine what would have happen BLM starting rushing that building it would have been different conversation we would be having

    • BrutalHawk Reply

      @Sama A you can’t speak the truth about something that has not happened and probably never will. you are completely right on the history and the current racism problem in the USA.

      It still is useless to advocate something that again has not and probably never will happen.

      Bringing up heated discussions about things that never happened has no value and will only make [eople mad at both sides when a discussion starts.

      We cant fix this problem worldwide with fighting. only with educating

    • Sama A Reply

      @BrutalHawk unfortunately history only proves might is right , all good and thx

    • Dusty Rhoads Reply

      NA BLM protest involve catching the church down the street on fire taking over city blocks and police stations burning down buildings and killing innocent people and police.I dare these right wingers to take it to the heart of tyranny its self.Crazy mobs and thugs they should be more like them BLM peaceful protesters protesters.Damm them racist.

  55. Shuat Klein Reply

    Lol , remove this kind of people

  56. Story Gordon Reply

    Go get them and prosecute. Their buddies may not change their views, but they want to avoid criminal records and prison.

  57. Zahir ADATs Reply

    Next will be the shooting of FBI officers..😶

  58. JT Paulann Reply

    Everyone must Google Nancy Pelosi’s laptop General McInerney

  59. Alpha Beta Reply

    Such a beautiful sight …as Nancy pelosi describes riots in other countries. Now other countries are saying the same about america 😂😂. It’s just been a good start to 2021

  60. Zakerie Khire Reply

    Home grown is.more deadlier in the us and have killed then any other terrorist org

    • Execute Beadledom Reply

      Hi, Where are you getting your statistic? I thought 9/11 still held the terrorist fatality record….or are you saying that 9/11 was a false flag situation?

    • Zakerie Khire Reply

      @Execute Beadledom 911 hold the record for attack but if you compiled all home grown attacks there more attack from home grown terrorist then overseas

  61. Cheng Pat Meng Reply

    Why arrest them. They are hero of pro democracy

    • Cheng Pat Meng Reply

      @BrutalHawkbull, Hong Kong was annex by the British during the opium war, with the unequal treaty, you still want to dictate how china rule. How about we annex California and 150 years later tell u how to rule

    • Jean King Reply

      @BrutalHawk And you’re not taking away any freedoms?


    • BrutalHawk Reply

      @Cheng Pat Meng China agreed and signed for it. that’s how things like that work. and i do believe that the people living in HK are more entitled to set the rules then China is.

    • BrutalHawk Reply

      @Jean King What freedoms do I take away? Please eleborate! 🙂

    • Jean King Reply

      @BrutalHawk The freedom of self-determination. Just like HK protesters

      Why? Cat got your tongue when shoe is on other foot?

  62. Dusty Rhoads Reply

    Funny how the media is just now recognizing rioters and mobs of thugs doing acts of violence.Where have the been the last six months while our city’s have been burning neighborhoods taken over innocent people and police killed in many ways.Does in seem like they are trying to entice anger in your heart get your blood boiling lol.They are because after months of their side inflecting way worst quote on quote peaceful protest there side experienced two hours of what freedom loving Americans have been sitting back quietly watching and dealing with sence summer.A.T.M -Abolish the media.D.F.M – Defunding the media.Bring the protest to the media then there shouldn’t be any say towards the left or right opposition between parts or within if the media plays no favors,no bias or any agenda.Imagine peaceful protest outside media studios with media journalist filming themselves in their sanctuary being held accountable for their acts Demanding reform.The best part is who is who who’s to say what side who’s on left right who’s to say its not just all freedom loving Americans seeking our GOD giving right to seek truth.Before Justice must first be Truth.Basic knowledge says there can not be multiple truths.Not your thuth then my truth only one TRUTH.

    • Jean King Reply

      The truth is you lost

    • Dusty Rhoads Reply

      @Jean King I have lost nothing my truth and trust is in JESUS.I have gained everything

    • Jean King Reply

      @Dusty Rhoads Jesus is coming for your sins

    • Dusty Rhoads Reply

      @Jean King Jesus already came for all of our sins.The choice to accept that is up to you and I.

    • Jean King Reply

      @Dusty Rhoads So why haven’t you accepted?

  63. whats in name Reply

    And USA is strongest nation 😂 the best intelligence ? FBI instead of spying on other nation is they know what their own people are doing it would have been better

  64. Dusty Rhoads Reply

    If America falls their is No opposition to dictatorship.Nothing for dictators to fear besides losing power to another dictatorship.Which all people suffer

    • Suttichart P Reply

      Hahaha hahaha hahaha

  65. Dusty Rhoads Reply

    I’m amazed how every imagrent I’ve been blessed to meet hear in America has a better sence if what freedom means its values and its rarity in this world.And a better understanding of how socialism destroys country’s. Ashame the media doesn’t let their voices be heard their story’s unless they have turned elite and dont oppose their views.

  66. Tofayel Reply


  67. Israel Is An Apartheid State Reply

    These people are freedom fighters!

    • Suttichart P Reply

      Someone should nominated these protestors for Nobel Peace prize.

    • Georgia Ball Reply


  68. evelyn sy Reply


    • Jean King Reply

      God is coming for your crimes!

  69. Siceli Puoltana Reply

    Donald Trump is the

    Chief Rabbi of

    and must REMAIN as President FOREVER.

  70. Chris Ng Reply

    American down

  71. AnAtoly FurmAn Reply

    We must pay tribute to the Levaks. Everything went like notes. Falsification of elections, the introduction of rioters in a peaceful demonstration, and much more. Well-organized, managed by highly qualified specialists, control over all ships, power structures, unlimited financing. All this was above the LAW and Trump and his team and PEOPLE could not resist the huge money!

  72. 김아루 Reply

    America is the center of the world.

  73. 김아루 Reply

    The United States is the best country in the world.

    • Ikramul Hasan Sohel Reply


    • Peter Sinclair Reply

      Norway is the best place to live according to the HDI. The US is up there.

  74. manny34100 Reply

    The irony of what this FBI is incapable of, they allow domestic tax fraud and non-compliance to be the way of life in America 🇺🇸 costing the State Billions in Dollars of unrealised tax revenue through non-compliance, and now the so-called super-rich (monetarily, not morally) want the IRS to tax them even more, are they scoffing at the incompetence of their government and its incapable agencies in carrying-out their mandate, at least I think they are?

  75. Foreigner Students Life in China Vlog Reply

    i think America Nuclear weapons is also in risk, let’s give permission to world forces to save american weapons from these people.
    Same like what they did it in Syria, Iraq, Yamen, Afghanistan.

  76. yucrane宇鹤 Reply

    “Bull Demon” is a hero! At least he stood up bravely to prove that American taxpayers raised a lot of animals in Congress!

  77. Abide Reply

    You didn’t say anything about who was infiltrating the patriotic majority that was there all day. Stop twisting the narrative to make Americans look bad. You know the truth, and that there were paid provocation instigators.

  78. ualuuanie Reply

    LOL won’t it be funny if China and Russia were to come out and say they would give sanctuary to those ” Democratic Protesters” like what US and other western nations are offering to those Hong Kong protesters.

  79. benedict dewa Reply

    American “democracy” is over rated

  80. Suttichart P Reply

    Nancy Pelosi was the first to run away from this beautiful sight

  81. Peapod Peeps Reply

    I call 🐂

  82. Ikramul Hasan Sohel Reply

    For decades you are infiltrating other countries with your filthy politics to protect your so called “National interest”, now your turn buddy. Let’s enjoy it and send some secret spy to bring them down like you did in the middle east. Your time has ended.

  83. jeromesims Reply

    Why is Al Jazeera’s coverage of this story so thin?

  84. Jack W Reply

    The most tragic thing is that America has taken so long to see the truth about Trump that the entire rest of the planet has seen for years.

  85. Md Hasmat Ali Mondal Reply

    Now Iraq should send army in USA to make some democracy .

  86. Nilma Ali Reply

    People who rioted in the capitol and have not yet been identified, are now pooping their pants. hahahaah

    • Silver Dragons Reply

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  87. Gordon Gonzales Reply

    The government mourns for the dead officer, but not Ashley Babbitt now that’s a murder cold blooded on tape. BS I mourn for her and her family. The cop knew some day he would meet his maker.

  88. Nick Z Reply

    When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

  89. My documentary channel Reply

    How did Aljazeera get this material? Was a reporter involved in this action? I find that very strange

  90. carr16k Reply

    When HK starts cracking down on rioters: “threat to democracy!” “No freedom of speech!”
    When US starts cracking down on rioters: “save democracy!” “-“

  91. moe Derky Reply

    these kinds of people are the reason why our world is hellish. not obeying the law thinking everything is a conspiracy theory. the ones who don’t have jobs and don’t want to. and of course the most stupid and racist

  92. Dusty Rhoads Reply

    How is one side having all the power a democracy?

  93. CVEIWKID Reply

    Paid actors are real

  94. Lauren Sanor Reply

    This is all trumps fault

  95. earth save Reply

    Fight for Trump and rushed into Capitol hill, but Trump returned to the White House

  96. abroamg Reply

    Basically a peacefull protest just like those in the 7 months in 2020

  97. Hero Jiro Reply

    Why does this news service not cover more about the genocide going on in China by the CCP on the Muslim community

  98. ali Lovelock Reply

    This is USA

  99. Chris Mc Gowan Reply

    If this attack/terrorists act had been orchestrated by another country against the American capitol their would be war and all members of parliament would immediately support taking action against the aggressors, the demonstrators/rioters would be their to defend the country and would have no issue supporting their government to do the same. This in itself should make a clear statement to the American people that action needs to be taken against those who were involved and those who incited the action that occured, it is time for America to stand up and be noted for doing just that and holding the people who were involved accountable and this means President Trump and thos who supported him aswell, if this terrorist attack had been orchestrated by non Americans the actions taken would be vastly different to what has occurred, its time to write that wrong ad the American public and the rest of the world are now watching, this was an event that could under any other situation be a declaration of war through a terroristact, please consider that point alone

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