Body parts, debris found at Siriwajaya Air plane crash site


Rescuers are looking for wreckage from an Indonesian passenger plane believed to have crashed into the sea minutes after takeoff from the capital, Jakarta.
A total of 62 people are feared dead.
Rescue ships have been dispatched to the Thousand Islands chain, which is just north of Jakarta where authorities believe they have found debris of the plane.

Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington reports from Jakarta.

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104 thoughts on “Body parts, debris found at Siriwajaya Air plane crash site

  1. Hafy Salam Reply

    I am sad to also enter international TV about the Sriwijaya Air SJ182 accident. By the way, I’m from Indonesia🇮🇩

  2. Carl Weidman Reply

    I have no sorry for them people that’s what you get when you fly , why would you put your life in someone else’s hands

    • Mohammed Voneza Reply

      If u terminaly ill why bother to do surgery? Why would you put your life in someone else’s hands? See you logic doesn’t make sense

  3. mgdarenz Reply

    So sad. Tower of Siloam. Heartbreaking.

  4. Gous Uddin Reply

    Really it’s so hurt I can’t control my cry

  5. Ross cooper Reply

    This is another Boeing 737 how are they allowed to be flying!!! Thoughts and prayers to all the families.

    • crownvic 8888 Reply

      But this would destroy most air traffic, as most airlines in the world have a good amount of 737s, there is about 300 airlines and various military operators of the 737 and it’s many types around the globe so yeah, this would kill air traffic

  6. Annika Reply

    4 minutes after taking off? So something must have been wrong with the plane that they didn’t know about, otherwise it’s the other option that I really don’t want to consider about the pilot

  7. Ernesto Jr. Acosta Reply


  8. Ching Rella Reply

    *Hi po sa lahat kami po ay small YT na mahirap lang, tulad ng iba kami po ay nangangarap. Pamilya po kami at ngayon nangungupahan lang. Maliit lang sahod ng asawa ko kaya halos hindi kasya samin. Sana tulad ng iba supportahan nyo po kami at tangap. nyo po kami kung ano buhay namin. Maraming salamat sa lahat at God Bless everyone 💕💚*

  9. natarajan Reply

    Sad for Indonesian brothers and sisters who lost life and condolences for their family..prayers from India

    • Arip Menu Reply

      Thanks my bro 😭

  10. aamenah khan Reply

    25 yrs old aeroplane

  11. D D Reply

    May they all r.i.p this is really upsetting..

  12. World Anthems Reply

    Embraer E-series > Boeing 737

  13. Yayie Ali Reply

    Condolences and prayers from Malaysia.

  14. Aaron Madulara Reply

    So weird it went down so fast… not trying to judge but with all the financial problems going around in the world now i wouldn’t be surprised that it was a pilot suicide…

  15. Elangbam Reply

    I hope some survive. Please keep searching for survivors.

    • crownvic 8888 Reply

      I don’t think anyone would live that, as the plane going that speed would be like it hitting concrete, like vaporizing most of it and if not that, breaking it down to tiny pieces

    • Elangbam Reply

      @crownvic 8888 miracles do happen guys, please don’t lose hope. Unless we find all the dead bodies, search operation should continue.

  16. Red Rex Reply

    Only garuda Indonesia,citylink and batik air thats very save and the pilots are very well trained, they also use Airbus.

    Edit: thats not Boeing 737 max
    This boeing 737 classic first flying in 2003

  17. Pl Wjk Reply

    again a Boeing??????

  18. Foxy Lady Reply

    Condolences to all who have lost loved ones..

  19. kingsley unoga ozirigbo Reply

    Free West Papua or death of Indonesia

  20. Christina Phillips Reply

    Prayers for all people

  21. Çağlar Coşkuner Reply

    Very sad 😭

  22. Ershen Lin Reply

    737MAX, 737-500, what next?

  23. Lubna Tariq Reply

    Inallilahi wa ina aleyhi rajeoon

  24. Jusida Delic Reply

    I m sorry for the families 😭
    Indeed we belong to Allah and indeed to Him we will return 🕋🤲Allahu Akbar 👆

    • Pangna Thy Reply

      You belong to me baby

  25. DeBora Reply

    This is heartbreaking. We are devastated with you.🥀

  26. Mabok Laut Reply

    Mr.Yaman zai Lost 3 Daughter & wife on the accident, mr.yaman working at pontianak borneo, and his family lives in jakarta, his family came to pontianak to meet because they haven’t seen each other for 1 year. So sad, 😭

  27. Kim Jong-un Reply

    The Supreme Leader is 😥 🙏 🇮🇩

  28. Talal Ahmad Reply

    Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Ilaihe Rajion…
    My condolences to the family members 😞

  29. King Jag Reply

    Condolences to the family. Very devastating.

  30. Steffi Haich Reply

    This is just devastating… our prayers and hearts go out to the victims families … RIP to the ones that lost there lives to something that wasn’t there fault .. prayers from Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺🙏🙏

  31. kunal sangtani Reply

    Rip innocent souls ☹☹☹

  32. Mr Xavier Reply

    Watching that father hurts….

  33. 90 - Minutes Reply

    Terimakasih doanya 🙏 i’m from Indonesian ❤️ kita semua saudara 🙏

  34. Dutch Schultz Reply

    Prayers 🙏

  35. joysxi Reply

    Condolences to the bereaved family. May the Lord grant their souls eternal peace.

  36. M T Reply

    Boeing should be banned from making planes. Rubbish company should only make wall sockets.

  37. Amir Yousaf Reply

    Very sad

  38. 313 Reply

    May God give peace to the heart of those who lost loved ones and a blessing placed in heaven for those that left the earth. We belong to you God, our destiny is you God. Make passage to you a peaceful one for us

  39. Steve Swope Reply

    This is the year that god will clean up humanity, you’re ALL the devils spawn!

  40. Maricar Patubo Reply

    Ohh dear ohh dear hope they all OK

  41. Jeremiah Tien Reply

    I’m sorry for the lost love ones. Pilot training need to be improved.

  42. Ahmadhika Maulana Reply

    اللهم بعزتك ادفع عنا البلاء وبرحمتك اغفر لهم و تجاوز عن سيئاتهم 🤲🏽😭

  43. Rob Shaw Reply

    poor souls……………..

  44. Shah J. R. Reply

    This is so pathetic, beyond one’s imagination. How many lives were lost in just a fraction of seconds! Grievously shattered upon hearing this tragic news.
    We offer our deepest condolences and courage to the bereaved families for their irreparable losses.
    Kashmir stands with Indonesia at this heart wrenching moment.

  45. Zeinobee S Reply

    ASLM…Remembering January 2015.. .Never elucidated !

  46. Alhazrie wijaya Reply

    Pray for sriwijaya air sj 182

  47. Warr3n L33 izzel Reply

    All planes sud have a gaint red ballon that pops up when it crashes into the sea ..when the plane sinks the ballon wud drift on the ocean so that rescuers cud find it easly

  48. Abbas Bazzi Reply

    what kind of plane was it? was it a Boeing?

  49. Irwan Santoso Reply

    those who died need our collective prayer so their tormented souls can get release

  50. Terri Mabrey Reply

    So sorry. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  51. fren emy Reply

    4 minutes after take off

  52. Abdulrehman Ghazi Reply

    Heart breaking news💔💔…

  53. RF Ansyah Reply

    FULL OF MYSTERY SJ182= S=Saturday J = January 18:2 = 9 (saturday january 9) 🔥😱🔥

    • valpanig Reply

      it (2+8)-1= 9

  54. AA's Gaming Point Reply

    My condolences go with the families who lost their loved ones and may Allah bless them with highest place in jannah Aameen 💔
    Prayers from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  55. Robert Payne Reply

    You have to make sure, You expose V shape.

  56. zeroTOzero Pangkalpinang Reply

    Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiuun

  57. Harry Wong Reply


  58. Ameretards 99 Reply


  59. Lilian Lily Reply

    sending My condolences to there family 😢

  60. Thomas ABABA Reply

    I hope the company apologies to the people who lost family because they didn’t do safety checks 😕

  61. elen marquez Reply

    We express our solemn condolences to the families

  62. Ahenbong Bong Reply

    I was also devastated by the fall of Sriwijaya Air flight SJ 182, hopefully the bodies of the passengers and crew are found

  63. Daniel M. Reply

    I feel for these people. This really hurts.

  64. Ethio Fact Reply

    Please watch on Ethio Fact about how Indonesian plane crashed into the sea with simulator and inspired by true events.

  65. Kazuya Mishima Reply

    Sympathize and compassion to the victims family. God be with them. Stay strong. 🙁

  66. J.S Reply

    4 minutes of flight to impact and the authorities only able find that piece of so called debris????? Really I feel very sad for those lives on that plane!

  67. Stellar Cris Reply

    Boeing 737 again..

  68. Rox Guy Reply

    R.I.P all……you were warrior souls😭…..❤️❤️🙏

  69. Legend Power Reply

    Can’t trust America

  70. heather smiley Reply

    This is the first of what I believe will be many aircraft crashing after furloughed aircraft are returned to scheduled flights.

  71. Rickybong S Reply

    I am so sorry for the loss. May their soul rest in peace.

  72. Flame zodiac Reply

    God can everyone can the cameras out of his face ffs

  73. Aisyah Asyh Reply


  74. Mysterious Kris Reply

    Condolence to all of the family have lost their loved ones. Its trend even in our country.

    prayers from philippines

  75. Bekim zejneli Reply


  76. DigitalSolutions Reply

    And Boeing keeps killing people.

  77. Maggie Jenkins Reply

    So sad, prays for the loved ones lost and the ones who will carry the pain of losing them.

  78. DsrTrey Hab Reply

    Boeing 737-500 25 years old air plane?????? What?!!! Really??!!

  79. Samantha Obrien Reply

    I will pray for the family’s,they look so absolutely heartbroken ,understandably!🌼🙏🌺

  80. arnold the great Reply

    Boeing 737 will make you go to heaven

  81. ALI JA'FAR Reply

    @me from jakarta😭

  82. Mochamad Rizki Muchlis Reply

    I ask for your prayers for the tragedy of the Sriwijaya Air SJ 128 plane crash in my country, Indonesia🙏

  83. Hasan yılmaz Reply

    My Indonesian brothers, as the Turkish people, we share your pain with great sorrow, may Allah bless those who died, inshaAllah, thanks.

  84. HarleyCharley Reply

    Deepest Condolences💐💐

  85. Reska Salsabila Reply

    Condolences over the crash of the plane Sriwijaya Air SJ 182😢😢😢

  86. Mohd Talha Reply

    Shocked to hear May Allah have mercy on them & grant them highest place in jannah. Yr bro from🇮🇳😪

  87. Sheren Sharif Reply

    Oh God 😭

  88. Mr N Brown Reply

    2nd passenger jet… Malesia now Indonesia now… Something fishy in the air…

  89. Bassudev Sawock Reply


  90. Alicia Bessonette Reply

    🙏♥️🙏🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸condolences for family members from the U.S.

  91. Bama Babe Vlogs Reply


  92. dizdimples Reply

    so its the Boeing 737 again, these 737s planes are bewitched and it doesn’t matter whether it was years old. after those 2 crashes years before these planes should’ve been all recalled and blown up sheesh.

  93. Siddarth B S Reply

    What malfunctioned?

  94. Nurgül Ve Orhan Fethiye Reply

    Inna lillahi wa’inna ilaihi rajiun.
    Allahumme salli ve sellim ala seyyidena Muhammed.

  95. Ameliamasdukihasan Hasan Reply

    Yaa Allah ! It was exploded ! Astaghfirullah Wa AtubuIlaih

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