Kim Jong Un says US is North Korea’s ‘biggest enemy’


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says the United States is his country’s biggest enemy, and has threatened to expand his nuclear arsenal.
Kim said the US must withdraw its hostile policy towards North Korea if it wants to establish new relations.
Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from Seoul.
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131 thoughts on “Kim Jong Un says US is North Korea’s ‘biggest enemy’

  1. Dragoonseye76 Reply

    That’s too bad. NK is one of America’s smallest enemy

    • 209 smokie Reply

      Yet american don’t dare attack them, I wonder why. I wish american would attack china or russia. It will be a easy win for American don’t you think 🤔😅😅

    • Dragoonseye76 Reply

      @209 smokie short sighted

  2. ash Jojo Reply

    Go nk REGIME’S!

  3. ash Jojo Reply

    Common enemies terrorists war mongering COWARD baby’s KILLER etc & lands theft expansion TOO

  4. ash Jojo Reply

    100% fake ISRAEL to RUSSIA too
    Fake un etc
    VATICAN aka pope
    MYANMAR etc TOO.

  5. ash Jojo Reply

    100% GO NK REGIME’S!

    • shearergeordie Reply


    • ash Jojo Reply

      @shearergeordie vice versa. From same trump to bibis REGIME’S too plus ROGUE PHYCOPATH ETC & WAR CRIMINALS TOO!.

  6. Divya Prakash Reply

    Just let North and South fight it out!

  7. ash Jojo Reply

    Go 🇵🇰🇹🇷🇦🇿🇮🇷🇰🇵🇨🇳🇻🇪 👌🏽 thanks heroes & martyrs again..

    • Its Joseph White Reply

      How are they heros there are evil

    • Wake No. Reply

      All of them will go down, I hope Biden destroys every single of you.

  8. ash Jojo Reply

    Korean; REUNIFICATION & back gold thanks.. aka greater GOOD.

  9. shearergeordie Reply

    NK people still starving as fat chubby kim gets FATTER

    • ash Jojo Reply

      Lol lift the pathetic sanctioned blockade etc thanks enslaved or brainwashed IGNORANCE as usual.

    • ash Jojo Reply

      Meanwhile in fake flops ZIONIST western world ANYONE. From starving to JOBLESS etc & FAT ZIONIST PUPPET REGIME’S or clown Marches on.

    • ash Jojo Reply

      Lol lecture about itself again from starving to JOBLESS etc. Homelessness etc & REAL 3RD WORLD TOO
      Meanwhile peasants fat puppet REGIME’S getting FAT OR obesity problematic as usual. Or CLOWNS MARCHES ON!

    • shearergeordie Reply

      @ash Jojo what is it like to be brain washed, no food on the table, and a ruling DICTATOR and cant leave your sorry state of a country

    • ash Jojo Reply

      @shearergeordie lol brainwashed IGNORANCE ZOMBIES enslaved is lecture preaching barking abouts itself again.. & DUMB DOWN TOO!.

  10. shearergeordie Reply

    weighing 25 stone 6 foot wide its the big fat no brains bully dictator KIM his sister worth is seeing to, kim if you want me to put your sister bun in the over i will happy to help out, but i aint going to 1 of your prison camps

  11. Johnny Sins Reply

    FK USA, they sanctioned iran, Venezuela, cuba, and bombed many middle East nations

  12. Aborah Sarpong Dominic Reply


    • Robert Paulson Reply

      oh no please don’t throw rocks at us 🤣

  13. Shillary Shekelton Steinberg Reply

    This guy is smart he nose the bignose make up most of US congress

    • haseena badshah Reply


    • gavin beacom Reply

      @haseena badshah 😐

  14. Herr tRumpenfuhrer Reply

    Every country is his biggest enemy, excluding Russia. And every country hates Russia, too. And all hate them more than they hate the USA. LoL

  15. Brion Hope Reply

    Off course he did. This men is just evil!

  16. callumfff Reply


  17. jarrod dong Reply

    surrender and sell your rare earth minerals.

  18. Luis Rivera Reply

    I feel very nervous that President of North Korea for his nuclear weapons *Gulps*

  19. Uncle Ruckus Reply

    Not my president

  20. The Shöcker Pit Reply

    Okay this is getting bad we need to find a way to stop them because if they’re threatening the United States what is stopping them from threatening places like Japan or the United Kingdom or even worse Poland

  21. M Russo Reply

    Trump set biden up to have more support to attack n korea when hes in office,by going easy on Kim in the first place.

  22. M Russo Reply

    Nuke them for Otto.

  23. AoiWave Reply

    Should we be surprised?

  24. baboela * Reply

    USA pump up the war machine again!!

  25. messsatsu Reply

    Kim Jong Un: the US is North Korea’s biggest enemy
    Me: *surprised pikachu face*

    • CaptKnots Reply

      Remember when Trump made nice the last time we wanted war w us. Well now that is out… we go again

    • Sayna Sehrish Reply

      @CaptKnots absolutely

  26. Jeff Rasmussen Reply

    This is still a cakewalk, compared to sixties and seventies,. i guess memories are bad , lets not forgets about assassinations , lots of deaths during protests civil rights, anti war. soldiers throwing there metals at lincoln memorial.

  27. CHILL PILL Reply

    Kim for president 2024

  28. waxed link Reply

    North Korea is a rogue state that has implemented an effective strategy to ensure its continued independence from US domination, i.e. nuclear capability. That strategy must look attractive to other countries wanting similar freedom!

  29. Frenchkisssss Reply

    They are really consistent.

  30. garry12777 Reply

    NK has suspended NOTHING. They paused testing because they have nothing new to test. Then they claim it’s suspension. When they advance further , they’ll test and claim it’s due to their demands not being met.

    If their demands are met, they’ll demand more, and test when denied.

    If further demands are met, they’ll claim it’s because of their strength, which must be maintained, and test even more.

  31. Trent Wilson Reply

    Sweet, now can Kim consider Israel an enemy too please? Need more countries against the zionists not just Iran.

  32. shadab manzoor Reply

    America always scared of north Korea 😂😂😂

  33. G G Reply

    He is not wrong! Look at what happened to Iraq and Libya, or what the US tried to do in Syria. Does anyone doubt that if given even a quarter of a chance, the US would either assassinate Kim or start a war with North Korea to topple him and replace it with a puppet state of the US? Anyone who is opposed to the grotesque American Empire is automatically a target for the US regime, so North Korea is obviously right to expand its nuclear arsenal. Nukes are the only language the US understands not to f*** with another country.

  34. Ronald Donner Reply

    Hey Kim watch out.You’re talking about Beijing Biden now-the CCP’s puppet.I am going to tell Hunter (Biden)to complain to Xi Jinping the next time he’s in China!(to pick up his bribe $$$)

  35. Jason Kim Reply

    God have mercy on his soul.

  36. TK Yap Reply

    Provoke the ‘bad’ boy (US) to show by deeds that it’s not that ‘bad’ after all.

  37. Asjad Azeez Reply

    I read this as
    Kim Jong : UN says US is the biggest enemy

  38. Bob Viallo Reply

    At this point he’d be doing us a favor.

  39. Ye Tian Reply

    Kim’s heart is broken because of the failure of his best friend Trump…

  40. FlegSlav //TestPatterner Reply

    Ever since Trump gone, North Korea boosted hatred against ‘Murica.

  41. Maryam Reply

    Who is gonna take him seriously-? Bruh.
    can somebody silence this pig already.

  42. Kim Jong Un Reply

    Don’t worry, I said that just for a reason.
    I’ve told US President.

    • Luka ! Reply

      Reason being?

  43. Sakthi Mohan Reply

    Thats because he knows his country will never be as great as the USA. What a pathetic loser

  44. Solaiman Abdul Hameed Reply

    I mean, not bowing to America will directly make you a villain through media. NK is one of those countries which wont become a puppet of America. Nowadays anyone who stands against Murica is a villain.

  45. Edward De Leon Reply

    American people need some humbling with some help from Russia 🇷🇺

  46. Mae Mae Reply

    Fat rocky men can’t help his people but he can build more nukes.

  47. shearergeordie Reply

    why are you lot scared of 1 man, he is so fat 1 punch and he would roll over, free yourselves, he is laughing while the people are starving and poor health

  48. br1ann88 Reply

    Hello Kim Jong Un’s researchers! I’m from America, please don’t nuke us, thank you, very appreciated!

  49. Aragon Reply

    Here we go again, threats here and there . All it takes for them to shut up is aid from the west. They must be starving again by now for these threats to come again. In reality, they are as afraid to go to war just like the west.

  50. GENgamerX Reply

    He’s a smart man, dont give up those weapons as soon as he does he knows their done.

    • Ibrahim zen Reply

      Good for him, bad for the millions he pounds upon

  51. Estevan Martinez Reply

    Because your always trying to test missle at us dude

    • Its Joseph White Reply


  52. Kobe Dunn Reply

    What does this fat fool want now, he’s just gonna again Allie with America again, he’s too scared to Vs America and its allies

    • Wake No. Reply

      He and all dictatorships are united with China, he says what China tells him to say.

    • Kobe Dunn Reply

      @Wake No. he’s pretty much a puppet to Xi Jinping

  53. Richard's World Traveler Reply

    He knows Sleepy Joe is a wussy.

  54. RT RT Reply

    imma prayed to the GOD tha im praying do not have new missile test please if you do know the future for your people’s don’t do it

  55. D C Reply

    The world has woken up to US’s hypocrisy.
    They are the trouble maker in every war and conflict in the world so far..
    Yes, US is the biggest enemy to the whole world.

  56. RT RT Reply

    Oh Lord I’ve been prey for so many years finally threatened to our lands it’s unacceptable. forgive me for everything I have said about just because forgive me for everything I’ve said in the past I yelled back🙏

  57. Robert Reeves Reply

    How do we know that you are telling us the truth about anything anymore because you are successful at living lies.

  58. JustOTGFrame Reply

    It always has been, they’ve been saying this for years and years, do something more alarming…. Release a nuke

  59. Anoneeemus1 Reply

    Theres reports Kim Jong Un has been dead (in a coma for over 8 mos.Are these old clips of him??? Wife missing as long and reports shes also dead Poisoned.

    • Its Joseph White Reply

      wait I HOPE SO

  60. Ben Frank Reply

    No kidding America N.Korea enemy? How about Iran? Venezuela? Syria? Russia? China?

  61. ben chan Reply

    we HK people supports u NK!!👍👍👏👏👏👏

    • Wake No. Reply

      Nice lie

  62. Char Mc Reply

    He is right about that. In fact the US has become the biggest threat to the planet.

  63. Shah Akbar Reply

    0:16 I make 104 daily with the help of *f u n d a i l y p a y*

  64. Matthew Hogg Reply

    Well he’s definitely America’s biggest enemy

  65. Kito Kito Reply

    Americano style BS and strong arm never worked and never will, see for Cuba, Venezuela and CHINA…. lol

  66. Squat Hater Reply

    I would fight and die rather then surrender to these people if they ever EVER! Get the chance to step foot on the US territory.

    Im a die hard american and im shure lots of of us citizens would do the same. Watch your back and prepare for the unknown!

    • shearergeordie Reply

      same, from the uk, we stand shoulder to shoulder my friend

  67. Ayuu Rashid Reply

    World enemy 💯👎

  68. A guide To Bhutan Reply

    I haven’t seen anyone healthier then him in North Korea.

  69. sky map Reply

    I wonder what kind of deal Trump and Kim Jong Un make during Trump Presidency until Kim Jong Un himself stay quiet for the past five years about US being their enemy?

  70. average joe Reply

    Democrats get ready to send YOUR son’s and daughters to war. Your president your war.

  71. I Love You Reply


  72. AcidBot66 Reply

    Any nation who refuses to be ruled by Washington is an American enemy!

  73. AcidBot66 Reply

    North Koreans watched as Libya was destroyed after giving up their nukes and trusting Americans would not turn against them as a consequence.
    Trusting treacherous Washington’s politicians is a very dangerous undertake for any nation wishing to be free from exploitation!

  74. X ShockWaveAMG Reply

    Kim is doing more to beef up the United states missile defense then any other country or politician. Fear of north Korean missiles will make the us a fort with anti missiles making it impossible for china to achieve parity.

  75. rubbingisracing Reply

    Hes got more sense then to mess with us

    • AcidBot66 Reply

      Kim has enough nukes to keep the Self Proclaimed Exceptional at bay!

    • rubbingisracing Reply

      @AcidBot66 we haevnkre we can out lst him and if we do it quick and off guard they won’t be anything left for him to go back to all his people be dead

    • rubbingisracing Reply

      @AcidBot66 we would be doing his suffering people a good deed tho

    • AcidBot66 Reply

      @rubbingisracing “quick and off guard”
      What a Joke!
      See your shameful military being spanked for nearly 20 years by Taliban Goat Herders armed with little more than rusted AK47s left over from last century’s Soviet invasion to Afghanistan leaves no doubt you are nothing but dreaming!

    • AcidBot66 Reply

      @rubbingisracing “we would be doing his suffering people a good deed tho”
      Of course…
      Like you did by nuking innocent women and children in Japan and by spraying Orange Agent Poison on villagers and their crops all over Vietnam…
      Yes, I am sure you people would not think twice before repeating this “heroic” undertaken against innocents again.

  76. gompo tashi Reply

    I am sure one day we miss my president Trump 🇺🇸❤️when after you which this video

  77. Daniel Dollive Reply

    Oh if I could speak to the world what I would propose would fix so much beginning with a one nation under God movement of government interest. One nation would be 1 ruling class overseeing the world as a universal government to insure life and liberty is protected and sentient beings are able to go about their day to day task’s without worrying about takeovers or destruction. This is our home and we sure cannot walk away from it so we can all exist within and we can all be part of the efforts to have one language and one world governing body that overseers the People and their safety. These dictators have no vested interest in life preservation and as we know we are not the only ones in the galaxy with intelligence so we should act accordingly as to not provoke something more capable or destructive then ourselves, I’m saying end the hate remove our devisions and become one True Nation under God. You will see everything change once we finally remove devision. Goverment had to exist as we are incapable of running everything without system’s and we are incapable of living life if we are keept too busy running thing’s. Let the government govern the people. Just use enough check’s and balances to oversee each one and prevent a group takeover for their own nefarious interests that dose not reflect the will of the people. Enough had been said this is what I hope transpires from all this threat’s and fear mongering. Mind blown yet? 💥 The founding members had this all figured out far beforehand. Let’s form the one world nation.👍

  78. Sally Davies Reply

    He will be causing huge trouble again from jan 20th.

  79. Erina Nagasawa Reply


  80. Gerry Hazelton Reply

    Send in Seal Team 6 and turn this fat clown, along with his dog-face sister into pink mist. What this deranged fuktard doesn’t realize is just one of our Columbia-class ballistic missile submarine can level his cesspool of a country – bring it on fat-man, it’s you’re death sentence

  81. Captain Argonut 24 Reply

    he is actually right

  82. Economic freedom fighters Reply

    Biden: mr president TRUMP! Quickly mr president take your country back boss!

  83. Jesus Velazquez Reply

    We are a free country. It’s been like that for years. Why would we change? If we have to go to war then it would be ww3 I guess…

  84. Tung Yang Reply

    But the corrupted leaders just blaming,stealing the votes and provoking on Trump because of He is against the corruptions…

  85. Ambir M Reply

    Already and bidens not even in we go

  86. The Urban Inbox Reply

    French fries is his biggest enemy fat so

    • Shelly Remi Reply

      The Urban Inbox real fans know it’s the cheese

  87. David Hynes Reply

    Fat Kimmy Hemorids must be acting up again he needs some Preparation “H” so he can walk again

  88. Wake No. Reply

    All dictators are terrified because Biden comes. 😂
    I hope soon all of them get what they deserve.

    • Infamous Marxist-Leninist Reply

      Brainwashed fool..

  89. William Page Reply

    FYI everyone hates the USA. It don’t matter who the president is.

  90. Jo Price Reply


  91. cool cola Reply

    attack South Korea in stead the U.S
    it will be more easy rocket boy

  92. Gerald McDevitt Reply

    I’m sure there will be more saber rattling.. again.

  93. BOOSTER Reply

    Little rocket man is back!!!!

  94. Khan Adam Reply

    Usa is biggest enemy of entry world…

  95. donjz777 Reply

    I think actually China is NK biggest enemy. If USA is no more power, what u think China is going to do to NK.. Traditionally Korea always been like vasal state to China, they had to give tribute n some of their women.

  96. THA G Reply

    Things are in motion. Empty threats from a weak spineless overweight worm

  97. Simon Gunson Reply

    Trump is a far bigger threat to USA than N Korea’s nukes

  98. Olorin Mithrandir Reply

    Kim Jong Un will save the world.

  99. ali shirazee Reply

    Hahahhahahhahahahaha! This telly tubby is so adorable.

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