Family, friends of Indonesia plane crash passengers await news

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A search-and-rescue team in Indonesia has found human remains and twisted wreckage in the Java Sea.
The discovery comes a day after a passenger jet disappeared shortly after takeoff from a Jakarta airport.
Authorities say they are also close to finding the aircraft’s flight recorders.
Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington reports from the capital, Jakarta.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar burritos are nice says:

    thing is, they don’t even know if they are dead or alive :<

    • Avatar Ethan's Aviation says:

      They do know now, body parts were found with pieces of the aircraft

  2. Avatar US-Zionist Rusty says:

    Pls stop telecast this news. This country had an plane crashes every year (military or civil) so this is not a really news

  3. Avatar Tristan Tecson says:

    Check at Flightradar 24 App, flight No. SJ182, Jan.09,2021

  4. Avatar Aditya Ubale says:


  5. Avatar Md Sharim says:


  6. Avatar Jemi Hidden says:

    This is sorrow.

  7. Avatar Felix Frost says:


  8. Avatar Ahmed Omar says:

    😭😭😭😭 tragic yaa allah give them jannah🤲🤲

  9. Avatar ChillSthetic says:

    May nabuhay ba? 🥺

  10. Avatar beth 9891 says:

    So so horrible. I’m so sorry for all those grieving today.

  11. Avatar John Healer says:

    So sadly news in the beginning of the year,may the families of the deceased be comforted by Almighty God!

  12. Avatar Raghavendra R says:

    Such a sad and devastating news. My condolences to affected families 🙏

  13. Avatar Kellen Wong says:

    Indonesian Aviation cannot be trusted!

  14. Avatar David Large says:

    Sympathies to all who have lost loved ones ,but it’s time to have an organisation that is responsible for all nations airlines safety no aircraft is allowed to fly unless the organisation gets all the paperwork on servicing and can do spot checks on any airline in any country and have the power to shut the airline that cuts corners .

  15. Avatar love, peace And joy says:

    Is there any survivor? Or none? Rest in peace from Philippines 🇵🇭

    • Avatar Ivyella ! says:

      none poeple have found body parts crushed in the water because the plane exploded underwater

    • Avatar nathania - hwang hyunjin says:

      none.. the plane is explode..the rescue team did not even find a complete body..

  16. Avatar Safiyyah Abdul says:

    Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun .. My condolences to all family members ..

  17. Avatar Fullbright says:

    Avio companies should be criminally charged. There is no place for old Planes and risky ways for profit. Corruption must end and peoples lives must be protected. Shame.

  18. Avatar fredrick oduor says:

    Not Indonesia again!!! My prayers are with you and your families.

  19. Avatar Yoke Sim Tan says:


  20. Avatar Nayzubirie says:

    My deepest condelences to the victims’s families

  21. Avatar Block's Life says:

    These planes need check up EVERYTIME they land AND take off dont they? But does indonesia do this on a daily basis? I dont know

    • Avatar Cylo red says:

      Indonesia does this on a daily basis, so we dont know what happend so far, But Sriwijaya has won multiple awards for Safety maintenence

    • Avatar Block's Life says:

      @Cylo red Oke i see, but than we gotta wait for the blackbox too see what happened.. So unfair to die in a planecrash…. rip to the passangers 🙁

    • Avatar Ethan's Aviation says:

      @Cylo red hmmm I don’t know about that one when people who live there say it’s bad

    • Avatar Afif S says:

      @Ethan’s Aviation I live in Indonesia and no, the plane has went trough multiple checks for it to be legal to fly. Also, based on the reports the plane wasn’t in a bad shape either, so the reason for the crash is still in investigation.

      As far as I know based on the news that I’ve heard, it is said that the plane was flying normally with speed at about 250 knots below 10000 ft before losing contact. The coordinates of the black box have been found and they are in the process of recovering it.

    • Avatar jessica edenberg says:

      the govt is so corrupt, without control of govt, the` company will ignore plane safeness

  22. Avatar Raden Bahagia says:

    Enought is Enought Will president of aviation of lndonesia step down until further notices …….

  23. Avatar Raden Bahagia says:

    At the moment Hatta Soekarno airport closed pls except foreign Airlines are most welcome …….

  24. Avatar Zheng Zheng says:

    The plane probably stalled

  25. Avatar ANDES INDONESIAN says:

    Pray for Our Country, INDONESIA 🇮🇩

  26. Avatar Humayun Kabir says:

    AMIN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  27. Avatar Norway FromYT says:

    condolence everyone

  28. Avatar Dave David says:

    No one survived everyone on bored has died rip please check all your planes in the future this has to stop

  29. Avatar American Nomad News says:

    May Allah have mercy on the families of the Lost.

  30. Avatar Mani Thangavalu says:

    How spooky PONTIANAK?

  31. Avatar Pisces girl says:

    Another heart breaking begining of the year 😭😭

  32. Avatar fallen one says:

    Horrible news… very sad.

  33. Avatar Osman Kinglay says:

    this is the sad news starting from2021,, May qgod bless you and mercyfull😭💔😭

  34. Avatar i ahmed says:

    very sad

  35. Avatar Jhamany says:

    Boeing seems to be a problem plane, remember in 2019 in africa one crashed and killed everyone onboard.

    • Avatar Emily Marlow says:

      @Ice Bluez boeing have lots of planes, I think they are the most used commercially in the world. Its not really a problem with Boeing and more a problem due to the plane itself, its old. But yes the 737 max was a problem with boeing and they are fixing it now.

    • Avatar Ice Bluez says:

      @Emily Marlow I know they the 737 is the most used plane ( mainly the 737-800) and sriwijaya air have really good safety record and I know its not boeing fault for this crash. Im just pointing out things and not saying that every boeing airplane crash is boeing themselve.

    • Avatar Ice Bluez says:

      And also, dont say its bacause the plane its old, there are no clear reason as to why the plane crash into the sea. There are other factors to be counted too. Plus every plane are maintain everyday.

    • Avatar Emily Marlow says:

      @Ice Bluez sorry, i didnt mean to aim that at you, what you said was 100% correct. And yes I heard the weather was terrible too which probably played a part.

    • Avatar Ice Bluez says:

      @Emily Marlow its fine, it was just a bit missunderstanding.

  36. Avatar anna nova says:

    “body parts” imagine how the family will identify it. it will not be full limp, maybe a piece of skin or meat, eyeball, scalp, finger and stuff. scary stuff.

    • Avatar LimpoDragxon says:

      why did you say that… I just imagined and OMG NO..

  37. Avatar Zenariangrapes says:

    condolences to all who lose their love ones so sad 4u.

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  39. Avatar Lim Aaron says:

    My thought of how it crashed is:
    1. Stalled
    2.Tail ripped off
    3. A fire which broke out and burned the aircraft apart.
    4.Pilot error.
    5. due the plane being too old. The functions of the aircraft broke apart.

    These are the only ways that a plane could drop that fast in my opinion.

  40. Avatar Norehan Long says:

    Yg Mal 370 tu langsung tak jumpa sebab laut terlalu dlm.

  41. Avatar lady Everglott says:

    what a terrible 2021 beginning for those who lost their loved ones… hope they will find the strength to go through this difficult situation..

  42. Avatar DeadlyDanDaMan says:

    What news? They’re all dead. There isn’t any news to be had for them anymore.

  43. Avatar jessica edenberg says:

    إِنَّا لِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ‎إِنَّا لِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ‎

  44. Avatar krigi says:

    Good to see that the Indonesian authorities are investigating etc. However, I wish they would put this energy on airplane maintenance etc. instead! They investigate to find the same answers: Lack of maintenance, lack of maintenance, lack of maintenance. Solve the ACTUAL problem please!

  45. Avatar Factual Term says:

    So sad 😥😥😥
    Like if you are feel hurt to hear it

  46. Avatar Ina 002 says:

    Rudy Baldwin’s prediction just last week. 💔

  47. Avatar Xoxoxo Xoxoxo says:

    Who else been watching plane crash videos by smitheon on YouTube and realize this actually happened a couple of days ago……

  48. Avatar Hana Michi says:

    heartbreaking news😔😭😢
    Our deepest condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones..From Philippines

    Stay Strong and God bless

  49. Avatar Lightsquid62YT ❶❸ says:

    May Allah (swt) have mercy upon them and us. Ameen

  50. Avatar fpshooterfull says:

    Just hope there is a quick investigation into what caused this issue before there is any more accidents.

  51. Avatar Zeeshan Chattaroo says:


  52. Avatar Irvin Peter says:

    So sad😫😫😫😩😩😩🙁🙁🙁😢

  53. Avatar Annie Oakley says:

    I wouldn’t fly any of them!!!! Sad!!! Sending condolences

  54. Avatar Dinov Ginting says:

    i’m from Indonesia, thx guys for all your prays 🙏🙏🙏

  55. Avatar Vivo Y15 says:

    I really sad

  56. Avatar Oretha Kerkula says:


  57. Avatar deep nainani says:

    Really sad and unfortunate. RIP the victims.

  58. Avatar kalivia paengrord reed asyanna says:

    Sorry for your loss pray for your family and God bless you all stay safe everyone

  59. Avatar Arid Arona says:

    My deepest condolence to all the families, from Greece Europe 🇬🇷

  60. Avatar yogi raj says:

    Boeing did this😈😈😈😈😈😈

  61. Avatar Hanna Lectern says:

    Why every time Garry Maurice’s Mama get close to Saint Thomas to get her braids, all the hair salons dissapear in the ocean?

  62. Avatar Julius L. Angeles says:


  63. Avatar Julius L. Angeles says:


  64. Avatar Irelma Da Costa says:

    So sad 😭😭😭

  65. Avatar Morgan Phanchang says:

    Belasungkawa Untuk keluarga dan kru yang kehilangan semuanya Dari orang Thailand

  66. Avatar Alfred Wang says:

    Boeing again?

  67. Avatar MiketheLord says:

    Made in USA

  68. Avatar ZA WARUDO says:

    My cousin was there in the plane crash rip

  69. Avatar Abalabal says:

    oh man, its really bad. feeling sad,

  70. Avatar Xavier Purwadi says:

    Pray For Sriwijaya Airlines 182 🙏😭😢

  71. Avatar hi hi hi says:

    I’m prey to your country and I feel sad too 😭😭😭😢🥺😩. 🇨🇳🇮🇩

  72. Avatar Ash Diaz says:

    Im from Philippines but i feel so heart breaking, everytime l see the video and passger l cried so sad ,,rest in peace to all passgers ….i hope all of those go to the near of God ,,,

  73. Avatar Jit 8 says:

    Mysterious ways…

  74. Avatar Cosmo says:

    Not first Indonesia flight to face problem like this. More stringent attention is require.

  75. Avatar Tin Tinlol says:


  76. Avatar Paul says:

    Never fly anything Indonesian…..

  77. Avatar Nola Francis says:

    God again so so sad 😢😢😢😢😢

  78. Avatar Kelz YT Channel says:

    Mat condolence to all family of victim.

  79. Avatar ÃņşãřìÄřşhàđ-ťhé ØŽÝMĂŅĐĮÁŞ says:

    Inna lillahi v inna ilahi rajeeun.
    May Almighty Allah have mercy on deceased ones. Praying & Suplicating for those who lost precious lives.😥

  80. Avatar saahjidaamod9 says:


  81. Avatar kmanekh hanjamkmanek says:

    In Timor-Leste we dont trust Sriwijaya air because its an old plane, there was an incident with one of Sriwijaya air’s plane which luckily it didn’t crash, resulting in trauma. When the flight from Dili to Bali, one of the planes engine created a smoke but the pilot continue to decide to go on to the destination.

  82. Avatar Emmad Hashmi says:

    May Allah give them jannat

  83. Avatar Pete Ong says:

    Very sad. With sincere sympathy to Indonesia.

  84. Avatar Suresh Mohan says:

    Its sadest news in world in new year. Let all unite as humans in their sorrows. May the souls rest in peace.

  85. Avatar Dev Bdr. Roka says:

    My deepest mourning to the victims and families. Why the government of indonesia isn’t taking serious steps to minimise the accidents again n again.

  86. Avatar Gabriela Herrera Ana says:

    😨😨😨🤔😭😭😭😱😱😱 what sse just

  87. Avatar Jeffrey Dela Cruz says:

    rest in peace

  88. Avatar Keane Maximillian says:

    rip passenger and crew 🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷

  89. Avatar Maricar Patubo says:

    Are they all dead oh dear oh dear

  90. Avatar mohammedpilote669 haddad says:

    It is a 737 again will we blame Boeing or the rain

  91. Avatar Niggascrotum Fungus says:

    The “String And Chewing Gum” plane “maintenance”, fly-blown, Islamic Republic of Indonesia.

  92. Avatar Pisces girl says:

    On Trending all about Sriwijaya airline.
    My deepest condolences for the victims 🤲😭😭😭

  93. Avatar kill trocity says:

    Who cares about these fools..

    • Avatar Jiwo Darmawan says:

      Look mom, here is the example why teaching children emphaty is more important than ever

  94. Avatar Nas says:

    May Allah Swt give them all jannatul-firdaus and give sabr to their familys

  95. Avatar 낌ᄏ ᅡ다시안 says:

    It’s really heartbreaking. There was an incident in Korea where many students died. At that time, I was so thankful that many Indians prayed for Our. We’ll pray for you, too.
    I want everyone alive and in the arms of the family. I’ll pray to everyone on the plane.

  96. Avatar D Moriaty says:

    Rip poor souls, from Australia 🙏🇦🇺

  97. Avatar RUDI OFFICIAL says:

    Im from indonesia

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